Absolute Great Teacher
405 Champion?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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405 Champion?


“Teacher Wei, we are cheering for you!”

“Crush him!”

“Exterminate them!”

The students from Huanian shouted, filled with confidence toward Wei Ze who was at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm. Among the new teachers, he was only weaker than Ming Xian, Beitang Ziwei, and a few others. He was absolutely in the first-tier.

Because they had lost a spirit dagger, these students really hated these people from the Central Province Academy, wanting nothing more than for them to die. Hence, they cheered in their loudest voice. However, after they heard Sun Mo announcing his cultivation base, it was as though there was a gigantic metal cudgel piercing into their throats. They weren’t able to say anything.

Divine force realm? (Did we hear wrongly?)

What joke was this? If one fully focused on cultivation, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to reach this realm. However, this fellow was a teacher. Didn’t he need to give lectures and also study to accumulate knowledge?

They must have heard it wrongly!

That must be it!

Gradually, the expressions of the students from Huanian slackened. They mutually smiled, encouraging each other. (That’s right, we must have heard it wrongly.)

Wei Ze stared dumbly at Sun Mo. For a time, he didn’t know how to reply. As for rushing over and starting the fight? Stop joking, he didn’t want to die yet!

So, the words of that flat-chested girl ‘Wow, fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, so terrifying’ were to ridicule him.

The other three teachers felt an extremely strong sense of relief flooding their chests after their initial shock. (Luckily, I didn’t jump out, or the one being embarrassed now would be me.)

Sun Mo’s tyrannical announcement caused the entire student group from Huanian to be stunned. However, the Central Province Academy’s side also didn’t cheer because they were in a daze.

(Right now, there’s a 20-year-old divine force realm expert standing before me? I’m not dreaming, right?)

“Te...Teacher Sun? Yo..you...is this real? Oh...Sorry, I don’t mean anything by this. It’s not that I don’t believe you. B...but...”

Qian Dun was completely incoherent.


Wang Chao gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“Yes, the divine force realm!”

Sun Mo nodded.


Gu Xiuxun hastened her steps forward. She lifted her arm and elbowed Sun Mo’s back. (No way, I have to beat this fellow up, or I won’t be mentally healthy.)

“Teacher Gu!”

Sun Mo smiled bitterly.

“You are so outstanding, how can we still live if we compare ourselves to you?”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. After that, she punched Sun Mo’s chest lightly. She involuntarily praised. “You are really excellent!”

Although she only said a few words, they contained her worship, admiration, envy, as well as helplessness.

She truly wasn’t able to catch up to such a genius!

“Teacher Gu, you underestimate yourself too much. Until we reach the very end, no one would know where our limits are!”

Sun Mo consoled.

“It’s just that my luck is better and I reached this level a step earlier than you. In my heart, you are always a competitor that deserves to be treated seriously!”


A golden light erupted from Sun Mo.

Priceless Advice was activated.

Gu Xiuxun’s body trembled.

The condition for Priceless Advice to activate was that the speaker had to be sincere and true. Their emotions must be intense because ‘Priceless Advice’ represented the purest intention of the speaker, indicating that when the speaker said something, their words were as heavy as gold and their emotions were as pure as jade.

No one could feign this!

If the great teacher was not sincere and was filled with malicious intentions, they would definitely not be able to activate Priceless Advice.

“Teacher Sun!”

Hints of tears appeared in Gu Xiuxun’s eyes. She didn’t expect she would have such an important position in Sun Mo’s heart.

Honestly speaking, when she had first arrived at the Central Province Academy, she had looked down on Sun Mo. But gradually, she started to worry if she would be the one being looked down upon.

After all, Sun Mo had the God Hands, was an ancestor-level spirit rune grandmaster, and was teaching several excellent students. He also led the student group to consecutive victories in the competition, aiming straight for the championship and suppressing the other 107 schools...

Even though Gu Xiuxun was the top student since she was young until now and was a genius in the eyes of others, she was completely outclassed by Sun Mo. Such a psychological impact was extremely great to her.

After knowing that Ming Xian had been defeated by Sun Mo and the darkness gemstone illusion had been obtained by him, Gu Xiuxun had wanted to congratulate Sun Mo. However, she felt an extremely huge sense of disappointment in her heart.

(I’m no longer ‘the number one’ Gu Xiuxun).

However, after hearing Sun Mo’s words, Gu Xiuxun found a little of her self-confidence back. (So, I can still be his opponent.)

“I like that confident and arrogant Gu Xiuxun, instead of the one that feels self-inferior and has a face full of disappointment.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Come, how about showing us a smile on your face?”

After hearing this, Gu Xiuxun couldn’t control her emotions anymore. She covered her mouth, but from the angle of her eyebrows, she was smiling indeed.

All of a sudden, a fragrance could be smelled in the air. It was fragrant but not overpowering, smelling like the fragrance of pearflowers that just bloomed in spring.

“Go to hell!”

Gu Xiuxun lifted her fist and punched Sun Mo’s stomach lightly.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +1,000. Respect (9,000/10,000).

(Teacher, isn’t it bad that you flirt with a female teacher before so many students and teachers?)

(The main point is that you have a fiancee!)

(I will absolutely not expose this secret, but I don’t dare to guarantee no one else would do the same!)

Various thoughts flooded Li Ziqi’s heart. She rapidly glanced at the surroundings. (How should I ‘save’ the situation? Or should I just give up?)

“Teacher is so impressive!”

Lu Zhiruo had a look of worship in her eyes when she looked at Sun Mo.

Not only was her teacher good in guiding students, but he could also console his colleagues. Look at how influential her teacher was!

“I feel that Teacher Gu would surely fall in love with Teacher!’

Ying Baiwu mumbled.

“That’s for sure!”

The papaya girl nodded heavily.

“Is this the time to be discussing this now?”

Li Ziqi kneaded her forehead, feeling a little headache. The current scene was extremely ambiguous and filled with a hint of intimacy. Even if Sun Mo kissed Gu Xiuxun, everyone here would feel that it was reasonable.

As for Gu Xiuxun, with that bashful look on her face, there was no need to doubt that even if Sun Mo took some over-the-top actions, she wouldn’t reject him.

“Teacher, are you really in the divine force realm?”

A sudden voice interrupted the intimate atmosphere between Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun.

“Good job, combat addict!”

Li Ziqi silently praised Xuanyuan Po.

Xuanyuan Po was only interested in cultivation and combat. As a student that always followed Sun Mo, he could faintly sense that every time he met Sun Mo, the latter seemed to be slightly stronger.

So this wasn’t an illusion. It was real.

“It’s all due to that darkness illusion gemstone. It wanted to kill my soul and seize my body. In the end, it was counter-killed by a great teacher halo I cast.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Things were indeed so. Those jellyfish that entered Sun Mo’s body contained large amounts of pure mental energy. In the end, the gemstone’s consciousness vanished and all its accumulations benefitted Sun Mo.

Naturally, because this source of energy was too vast, Sun Mo couldn’t absorb it completely. Hence, a lot of the energy dissipated due to ‘overflowing’ and was wasted.

“The collapse of that spire was done by you?”

Wei Ze suddenly came to a realization.

“That’s right!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Teacher Wei, do you still want to fight?”

“Fight? How?”

Wei Ze smiled bitterly, he had a dejected look on his face. “Teacher Sun is magnanimous. It was I who offended you blindly!”

At this moment, Wei Ze felt very embarrassed. Sun Mo’s group had been about to leave, yet he had had to provoke them.

Honestly speaking, at the divine force realm, Sun Mo could crush everyone. There was no need for his enemies to think about leaving.

“Teacher Wei is too serious!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he summoned the students and left.

Wei Ze clasped his hands. Sun Mo’s open-minded and humble attitude caused him to feel even more ashamed of himself. This was then the style of a great teacher!

Not only was he strong, but his character had no flaws as well.


Favorable impression points from Wei Ze +500. Prestige connection unlocked: Friendly (500/1,000).

As the new student group of the Central Province Academy left, the students from Huanian gazed at their departing backs and didn’t react. Their earlier anger had faded.

When you were playing a game, you might be extremely angry when you lost to a newbie. But if you lost to the champion, not only would you not be angry, but you might even boast about the match to your fellow classmates after it, something like ‘I’m also an expert that fought 300 rounds with the champion!’.

“It’s truly tragic to live in the same era as such a character!”

A teacher sighed.

“On the contrary, I feel that it’s a type of glory for us to live in the same era with such a genius!”

Sun Mo had already disappeared, but Wei Ze was still staring into the distance. “Maybe, we might witness a brand new era emerging!”



Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 5,000 favorable impression points.

After exiting the ancient castle, when they were passing through the area guarded by the giant apes, Sun Mo heard the notification. He had earned another bunch of favorable impression points.

“Zhiruo, do you want to capture that giant ape king, making it one of your spiritual beasts?”

Sun Mo asked. Right now, he was confident enough to be able to subdue the giant ape king.


The papaya girl shook her head. “It’s too ugly!”

“Teacher Sun, do you think that we...we should be able to become the champion, right?”

Qian Dun’s tone was filled with trepidation as well as some yearning. Champion. The sound of it was so beautiful.

“Teacher Qian, be more confident. If the championship doesn’t go to us, who would it go to?”

Wang Chao was a conservative person by nature, but at this moment, he was in high spirits. Having put a lot of effort into this championship as well, he would be able to brag about this incident for three years.

Moreover, this was a huge achievement. In the future even if he wanted to look for jobs in other academies, he would be viewed by the headmasters more favorably.

When he thought of this, Wang Chao glanced at Sun Mo and felt a little discouraged.

Under Sun Mo’s lead, the Central Province Academy would only climb higher. ‘C’ grade, ‘B’ grade, ‘A’ grade, and even into the ranks of the Nine Greats...Given his strength, Wang Chao would most probably become insignificant in the Central Province Academy’s future.


In the large public square outside of the White Dew Building, the line demarcating the endpoint had already been drawn. All the explosive shots to be blasted in celebration of the first group returning had been prepared as well.

In the building, there were many headmasters present.

“Everyone, the competition will only end in a day. Why are you guys here so early? Are you all not too anxious?”

Vice Alliance Leader, Liang Hongda, teased them and smiled harmoniously.

“In any case, we have nothing better to do!”

Headmaster Zhang of Sky Orchid replied.

Zhang Hanfu had had no qualifications to be in this circle, but because the Central Province Academy had performed very well in the previous two rounds, he gained a lot of face. This was why he, as a vice headmaster, could sit here among the headmasters.

(Headmaster Ming is not talking and he looks a little stressed. Seems like his mood isn’t too good? But if I was in his shoes, I would behave like that as well. After all, Mingshao is the number one school in the hearts of many people. If they aren’t able to become the champion, it would really be too embarrassing.)

Zhang Hanfu silently analyzed.

However, there should be no unexpected accident. After all, Ming Xian was too powerful!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》