Absolute Great Teacher
406 Sorry. He Is Just a Newbie to Sun Mo!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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406 Sorry. He Is Just a Newbie to Sun Mo!


Seeing how Headmaster Zhang could speak so casually and at ease with Liang Hongda, Zhang Hanfu was incomparably envious. He also wanted to have a conversation with a major character like that. It would be for the best if he could leave an impression in Liang Hongda’s heart.

The Saint Gate covered all academies in the world. Their authority was extremely great, and their prestige was very high as well.

Although this Liang Hongda was just a ‘vice’ alliance leader, he was completely different from a vice headmaster. If he stomped his foot, all the schools in ‘D’ grade would shiver.

(I really hope Sky Orchid’s student group is annihilated!)

Upon seeing Headmaster Zhang laughing uproariously, Zhang Hanfu’s mood turned gloomy, wanting nothing more than for the Sky Orchid Academy’s student groups to be crushed.

However, he also understood that this hope was not too realistic.

Sky Orchid’s situation was the best. They only needed one more step to become the champion. Even if they screwed things up, they would still be in the top ten and there was no need to worry about them not ascending to the ‘C’ grade.

Hence, this was why Headmaster Zhang was so relaxed.

“Vice Headmaster Zhang, are you not worried about your school’s result?”

Liang Hongda glanced at Zhang Hanfu.


Zhang Hanfu didn’t expect Liang Hongda would suddenly speak to him. He was directly stunned. Only when Liang Hongda asked again did he hurriedly reply.

“Yes. I’m worried. I hope we will be able to ascend to the ‘C’ grade this year!”

After Zhang Hanfu finished speaking, he silently cursed himself for being so dumb. A major character was taking the initiative to chat with him, yet he was in a daze. Now, he must have left behind a bad impression on Liang Hongda.

“Vice Headmaster Zhang is worrying too much. Given the results of your esteemed school, you can rest assured,” Headmaster Zhang spoke.

Headmaster Zhang looked at this fellow who had the same surname as him. His lips involuntarily curled in disdain. Zhang Hanfu’s attitude had truly lost the face of the Central Province academy.

However, he could also understand why the old headmaster of the Central Province Academy would choose a guy like this as the vice headmaster. If the old headmaster had found a powerful 5-star great teacher instead, An Xinhui’s position would surely not be stable.

“In that case, I will thank Headmaster Zhang for your auspicious words then.”

After Zhang Hanfu spoke, he added another compliment. “From what I see, the teachers and students of your esteemed school are all extremely exceptional. They have a very high chance of being able to get the championship this year!”

Headmaster Zhang laughed reservedly after hearing this.

If there was an opportunity, one must grab it. This was Zhang Hanfu’s creed. Hence, he racked his brains and wanted to liven up the atmosphere. He did his best to leave a good impression of himself in the hearts of these major characters. However, before he said anything much, some staff members came over to make a report.

“The student group from the Central Province Academy has returned!”

The headmasters in the surroundings immediately pricked their ears.

“Mn, understood!”

Liang Hongda nodded. After that, he clasped his fists. “Headmasters, I’m leaving first to make the preparations!”

This was already the last round of the competition. Hence, Liang Hongda had to personally head to the endpoint to encourage the teachers and students of these student groups while also making them remember his existence.

“The Central Province Academy has returned so quickly? This is the speed of a champion school!”

Some headmasters were shocked.

“Forget it, maybe their group was annihilated?”

Some headmasters were rejoicing in the misfortune of others as well. After all, this competition was too difficult. Before this, seven student groups had returned because of accidents. Basically, these schools were doomed to drop in ranking.


Zhang Hanfu gulped a mouthful of saliva. He was so nervous that his heart was pounding. Their student group wouldn’t have screwed things up, right?

Headmaster Ming was frowning.

“Headmaster Ming, let’s go and take a look!”

Headmaster Zhang’s invitation was filled with malicious intentions.

If the Central Province Academy obtained the top-grade secret treasure, Headmaster Zhang would be able to see Headmaster Ming eating a bitter pill. However, this shouldn’t be the case, right? No matter how strong the Central Province Academy was, it was impossible for any of their teachers to be stronger than Ming Xian.

In the past competitions, the schools might not be able to encounter each other, and victory or defeat couldn’t be decided between them. But for this round, over ten strong schools had chosen the ‘A’ secret realm. This meant that there was an 80 to 90% chance that the schools would meet.

All the headmasters walked out. They stood at the stairs and looked straight toward the long street in their 12 o’clock direction.

Very soon, the new student group from the Central Province Academy appeared in their vision.

Four teachers, twenty students. All of them returned unscathed.

Upon seeing this scene, Headmaster Ming felt his heart sinking.

They had no casualties and returned in advance. This indicated that the Central Province Academy’s student group was confident that they could win the championship.

Headmaster Ming didn’t understand Sun Mo, but he knew how to analyze human nature.They definitely wouldn’t return this early unless they had a true top-grade secret treasure.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

72 shots rang out, blasting into the air.

This was the preferential treatment that only the first student group who arrived at the endpoint could receive.

The countenance of Headmaster Ming became extremely unsightly because from his point of view, this honor should belong to the Mingshao Academy. But now, it was seized by the Central Province Academy.

“Hmph, I don’t believe that the secret treasure you guys obtained would be better than what Ming Xian has!”

Headmaster Zhang revealed a smile when he thought of Ming Xian. That child had never disappointed him before.

“Teacher Sun, how’s your harvest?”

Even if Liang Hongda wasn’t an astute judge of character, when he saw this student group, he could guess that Sun Mo was their leader.

To speak bluntly, Sun Mo was now in the ‘main dps’ position.

“Alliance leader!”

After Sun Mo exchanged greetings, he smiled. “Not too bad!”

“Haha, from your smile, I think your group most probably bagged a huge harvest!”

Liang Hongda praised. He couldn’t help but feel silently joyful in his heart. Sun Mo’s way of interacting with others was completely unlike a new teacher.

Those new teachers were either boundlessly enthusiastic and didn’t hold any regard for anyone, or they would be extremely cautious, deeply afraid of taking a wrong step and antagonizing the wrong people.

Sun Mo’s performance was very good. Although he only uttered a few words, his expressions were ‘correct’, neither servile nor overbearing and even exuding a hint of amicability.

(This Sun Mo has a bright future!)

Liang Hongda, who originally had his status in mind, involuntarily patted Sun Mo on his shoulder.

Zhang Hanfu immediately got jealous. Since such a close behavior was displayed, this meant that Liang Hongda admired Sun Mo a lot.

Upon seeing Sun Mo and Liang Hongda idly chatting together, the headmasters here felt some shock. For young people, especially those filled with talent, they would definitely be arrogant. Only until they were ‘bitten’ and ‘injured’ by experienced ‘old dogs’ would they finally learn to be sensible.

To put it in another way, it meant that Sun Mo was very mature.

Sun Mo looked at the large face of Liang Hongda and silently mused. After he had graduated, he was ‘tempered’ by the cruel reality in his old world for several years.

When Tong Yiming, who was standing at the side, saw Liang Hongda chatting with Sun Mo, he couldn’t help but remind him in a low voice, “Vice alliance leader, we still have to carry on with the procedure.”

“Ah, look at my memory!”

Liang Hongda clapped his hand to his forehead. “Teacher Sun, I’m sorry. I have delayed all of your time.”

“Teacher Sun, according to the procedure, our treasure appraisal group will have to identify and evaluate the secret treasure of darkness you obtained to ascertain its value and grade its level!”

Tong Yiming introduced.

This treasure appraisal group was formed from ten 5-star great teachers who were extremely knowledgeable in archaeology, history, weaponsmithing, etc. If even they couldn’t gauge the secret treasure’s value, the Saint Gate would temporarily invite even more proficient great teachers to come over to ensure fairness.

“Naturally, in order to guarantee your benefits, you can choose two teachers to follow the treasure appraisal group.”

The Saint Gate was very magnanimous and would never covet the treasures that they discovered. But it was hard to avoid gossip if they appraised it alone. Hence, they might as well choose to let the student groups send teachers to accompany the treasure appraisal group.

“There’s no need for that. We trust the treasure appraisal group!”

Zhang Hanfu hurriedly rejected, wanting to show his magnanimity.

He wanted to show that both parties should be modest so both sides would have face. But right now, Gu Xiuxun stood up.

“Judge Tong, Teacher Sun and I will accompany the treasure appraisal group. We will have to trouble you to make the arrangements then!”

After Gu Xiuxun spoke, she looked at Zhang Hanfu. “Vice headmaster, it’s better for us to decide on this matter.”

Zhang Hanfu’s expression stiffened and his countenance fell. He felt so embarrassed that he could die. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to kill Gu Xiuxun with a single punch.

They were currently in the presence of the vice alliance leader and head judge, yet his words were refuted by a new teacher. How great of a humiliation was this?

“Teacher Gu, what do you mean? Do you feel that the Saint Gate would have designs on your group’s secret treasures?”

Zhang Hanfu couldn’t control his mouth due to anger. “Some great teachers might covet your treasures in the treasure appraisal group. However, there are so many people working together. How can they take it for themselves even if they wanted to?”

However, the headmasters didn’t feel that Gu Xiuxun’s words were over-the-top. Instead, all of them glanced toward Li Ziqi. This girl seemed to be the student leader? In that case, the secret treasure should be on her, right?

“Sun Mo is very confident, seems like the secret treasure he obtained must be very valuable!”

“I wonder what it is?”

“There’s suspense with regard to who will become the champion this year!”

The headmasters whispered to themselves.

Gu Xiuxun wanted to argue, but Sun Mo stepped in front of her and faced Zhang Hanfu.

“Vice headmaster Zhang, please conduct yourself with dignity!”

Sun Mo felt somewhat moved because this darkness illusion treasure was his battle spoil. Gu Xiuxun was only saying that because she was thinking with his benefit in her mind.

“Conduct myself with dignity? You guys are the one judging a gentleman with pettiness!”

Zhang Hanfu’s face was suffused with anger.

“Teacher Zhang, please pay attention to your attitude!”

Sun Mo also changed his tone. He hated people like Zhang Hanfu the most. What was this called again? Helping outsiders instead of one’s kin?

(If you want to fawn on Tong Yiming, just go ahead. But why the hell are you trying to use my secret treasure to do so?)

When Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo’s broad back, she smiled gently and involuntarily stretched out her finger, poking him. This fellow was quite manly indeed.

When Li Ziqi saw this scene, her eyelids twitched.

(Should I pretend that I saw nothing?)

“Isn’t this pretending to be magnanimous using someone else’s effort?”

Qian Dun ridiculed.

“Teacher Zhang, your actions are a little too much!”

Wang Chao spoke.

Some headmasters noticed that Zhang Hanfu’s term of address had changed. They called Zhang Hanfu ‘Teacher Zhang’ and not ‘Vice Headmaster Zhang’. This meant that they no longer regarded Zhang Hanfu as the vice headmaster.

“Yo...you guys...”

A green vein throbbed ferociously on Zhang Hanfu’s forehead. It felt like his blood vessels were about to burst from rage.

“Teacher Zhang, this treasure concerns the rise of the Central Province Academy, and it’s able to dictate its future for the next 1,000 years. No matter how cautious we are, it wouldn’t be too much.”

Gu Xiuxun was also a very intelligent girl. She verbally shot down Zhang Hanfu, indicating that he couldn’t see the big picture while also explaining to the other headmasters why she and Sun Mo had to follow the treasure appraisal group.

The headmasters naturally wouldn’t care for the face of a 2-star great teacher like Zhang Hanfu. After hearing Gu Xiuxun’s words, all of them revealed shocked expressions.

Either this girl was talking nonsense or the Central Province Academy must have obtained a great treasure.

“Headmaster Zhang, stop arguing. This treasure was brought back by Teacher Sun’s group. In that case, they have the authority to decide!”

Liang Hongda persuaded. He then looked at Gu Xiuxun and smiled amicably. “You guys are the first group that returned. Can you introduce the secret treasure you obtained and allow everyone to broaden our horizons?”

“I also don’t know what effects it has, but I know that it’s the most precious treasure in the entire category ‘A’ secret realm!”

Gu Xiuxun had no way to conceal this because once the treasure appraisal group started to inspect the gemstone, they would know everything. So, she might as well reveal it now to enhance the reputation of their school. She wanted to let those headmasters know that the Central Province Academy was about to rise.


After hearing Gu Xiuxun’s words, several headmasters took a deep, cold breath.

“How boastful. Do you think Ming Xian is a newbie?”

Because Zhang Hanfu’s head was filled with anger, he didn’t think before he spoke.

“To me, Teacher Ming is a formidable opponent. But to Teacher Sun...” Gu Xiuxun shrugged. “Sorry, Ming Xian is a newbie!”


A commotion occurred. The gazes of the headmasters all turned to look at Headmaster Ming.

The consequences of Gu Xiuxun’s words were too serious. It could provoke a life-and-death battle.

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