Absolute Great Teacher
407 No Matter Whether You Guys Are Convinced or Not, You All Have to Accept This Reality!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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407 No Matter Whether You Guys Are Convinced or Not, You All Have to Accept This Reality!


Who was Ming Xian?

Ming Xian was the number one new teacher in Mingshao Academy. He was a genius that everyone in the upper echelons of the school decided unanimously that they must headhunt using a large amount of money and would nurture with all their efforts.

One could say that Ming Xian was Ming Shao’s headmaster candidate.

(Now, you are telling me that such a genius is inferior to Sun Mo?)

The headmasters in the surroundings really felt like laughing. That female teacher was quite pretty, but her words were a little clueless.

Upon hearing Gu Xiuxun talking nonsense, Headmaster Ming’s eyelids twitched violently. He almost couldn’t help but curse back.

However, as someone in his position, his emotional control skill was extremely good. Also, he was very experienced. He sensed some clues and felt a sense of unease from the expressions of these teachers and students from the Central Province Academy.

Besides, the one being verbally shot down was Zhang Hanfu. That fellow would surely retaliate.

As expected, even before Headmaster Ming jumped up, Zhang Hanfu already couldn’t control himself. After all, this was an open insult to him while Headmaster Ming was merely implicated.

“Ming Xian is a newbie? Teacher Gu, you really dare to speak. Have you fought him before? Don’t assume that because Sun Mo obtained quite a good secret treasure of darkness that it would allow him to look down on everyone in the world.”

Zhang Hanfu admitted that Sun Mo was very impressive and would definitely obtain above-average secret treasures with his strength. However, that wasn’t a reason for his swelling ego.

In order to obtain a good result in the competition, Zhang Hanfu had collected the information of many participating teachers from the various schools, and Ming Xian was ranked one out of all the participating teachers. He was someone publicly proclaimed as the strongest opponent by everyone.

“Teacher Sun is at the divine force realm.”

Gu Xiuxun spoke.

“Do you know Ming Xian is at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm? His cultivation base is so dazzli...Eh, what did you say?”

Zhang Hanfu was stumped. He glanced at Gu Xiuxun in astonishment.

The other headmasters all had shock and fear on their faces as they stared at the masochist. (You must be joking, right?)

“Teacher Sun is at the divine force realm.”

Gu Xiuxun smiled elegantly.


Zhang Hanfu was dumbfounded. His mouth was wide open and looked like a carp on the verge of death. He wanted to say many things but wasn’t able to say any of them.

“How is this possible?”

A headmaster who was spectating involuntarily exclaimed.

“There’s one possibility. Teacher Sun must be a teacher that focuses completely on cultivation.”

When the headmaster spoke half-way, everyone else already understood.

Some schools would allow teachers like this to participate in the league tournament for the sake of getting a good ranking.

Such teachers would have extremely strong combat strength, but they were extremely inferior when it came to learning and teaching others. Their futures in this path were ordinary.

Yes, there were such people in the great teacher world. Although they had comprehended the self-taught halo, they had no interest in being a teacher.

“Headmaster Zhang, the strength of our Teacher Sun isn’t something you can understand!”

Gu Xiuxun wasn’t fond of Headmaster Zhang’s tone. He was too full of himself.

Why couldn’t Sun Mo win against Ming Xian?

“Headmaster Zhang, you would be better off worrying about the ranking of your school!”

Qian Dun reminded him.


The students of the Central Province Academy started laughing. (If this Headmaster Zhang knew that his school’s student group was crushed by us, I wonder what expression he would make?)

(Sigh, we really feel like telling him but wouldn’t it be a little impolite?)

“What are you guys laughing at?”

Headmaster Zhang frowned, his voice was filled with unhappiness.

“When the student group from Sky Orchid returns, you will know!”

After Gu Xiuxun spoke, she turned to Zhang Hanfu. “I can tell you for sure that Sun Mo defeated Ming Xian fairly when they were in the darkness spire, and he obtained the most valuable secret treasure in the ‘A’ category secret realm.

“I dare to say that the championship this year will be ours for sure!”

Upon saying this, Gu Xiuxun stared around, her gaze swept past the headmasters in the surroundings.

(Regardless of whether you guys are convinced or not, you all have to accept this reality!)


Her words were beautifully spoken and the students involuntarily cheered. As for the headmasters here, their expressions were filled with awkwardness and a little depression.

However, the most awkward person was still Zhang Hanfu. He was the vice headmaster of the Central Province Academy and logically, if Gu Xiuxun’s words were true, a part of this glory would be his. But now, all this glory had no connection to him.

“Alright, let’s relax!”

Sun Mo consoled Gu Xiuxun. “Headmaster Ming, Teacher Ming Xian is extremely impressive and he has a very good character. He is an opponent worthy of respect. I’m looking forward to having a spar with him again.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at Tong Yiming. “I will have to trouble the main judge then.”

“Follow me!”

Tong Yiming, who had always been strict and solemn, revealed a smile now. This young man handled things very well. He wasn’t overbearing and gave Headmaster Ming a way out of the awkward situation. However, this also proved that he really won against Ming Xian.

“I didn’t expect the dark horse this year to be the Central Province Academy!”


Favorable impression points from Tong Yiming +50. Friendly (100/1,000).

This matter had nothing to do with Liang Hongda, but he also followed after them. There were no disadvantages in interacting more with a rising junior like Sun Mo.

“Let’s return to the hotel for a rest!”

Li Ziqi spoke, completely ignoring Zhang Hanfu.

Zhang Hanfu’s face immediately turned as red as a pig liver. He wanted to roar in rage, but after thinking of the little sunny egg’s identity, he didn’t dare to do so and could only vent his anger on others.

“What sort of expressions are these? There’s no arrogance in victory and no despair in defeat. Have you guys not heard of this saying before?”

Zhang Hanfu roared.

“Vice Headmaster Zhang, I think it’s best to let Teacher Sun guide us.”

Zhang Yanzong replied.

The students then left together.

“Come back. You guys, come back now!”

Zhang Hanfu howled in anger, but no one listened to him.

“Zeze, a vice headmaster like you is really a failure!”

Someone ridiculed him.

Zhang Hanfu couldn’t bear it anymore. His vision darkened. He coughed up blood and fainted on the spot.

He knew that his career was over. In the future, even if he left the Central Province Academy and sought employment at other academies, no one would want to hire him.


The appraisal process lasted for eight hours.

In the past, the great teachers in the treasure appraisal group would surely find an excuse to take a break. But today, they were all incomparably hardworking, reluctant to even spare time to go to the toilet.

“It’s my turn to do the appraisal, right?”

A great teacher squeezed his way through the crowd, wanting to touch the darkness illusion gemstone with his hand.

“You are from the alchemy branch, what do you know about this?”

The great teacher that specialized in history looked at him and tightly clutched the gemstone in his fist, not wanting to release it. This secret treasure had existed for at least 100,000 years. He could sense a trace of mental energy lingering on its surface.

“Teacher Sun, here are some pastries from Lucky Bakery. You should eat some!”

Gu Xiuxun passed a bag of pastries over.


Sun Mo wasn’t polite.

An instant later, Tong Yiming entered.

“Everyone, is the result of the appraisal out?”

Tong Yiming asked.

“This is an extremely powerful secret treasure. We temporarily know that it has the ability to create illusions so real that one can pass them off as the real deal.”

“It’s a mental-type treasure and it’s extremely rare!”

“Its past owner should be a great teacher from an ancient empire!”

The great teachers here spoke and started discussing, giving their own views.

“Everyone, what about the result of the appraisal?”

Tong Yiming asked urgently.

The great teachers here exchanged mutual glances and spoke together, “We can’t be sure yet, why don’t you give us a few more days?”

Actually, they could already confirm that this treasure was exceptionally strong, but once they ascertained the result, if they wish to touch this gemstone again, they would have to seek Sun Mo’s approval.

Tong Yiming was also someone astute. When he saw the expressions of these people, he already knew their thoughts. Hence, he couldn’t help but urge, “The student group from Weima Academy has returned too. We need you guys to appraise their secret treasures.”

“Teacher Wang, you go!”

“My leg is in pain, I think Teacher Liu would be a better choice!”

“Let the gemstone go right now! It’s agreed that everyone would have half-an-hour time to appraise it. Why do you keep holding onto it?”

The ten great teachers started arguing.


Tong Yiming was speechless and felt a little awkward. He could only apologize to Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun. This situation was already very clear.

The secret treasure of darkness obtained by the Central Province Academy’s student group was an unparalleled top-grade treasure!

One must know that the great teachers in the treasure appraisal group were people who had seen many excellent treasures before. Right now, even they were insisting on studying the gemstone longer. There was no need to describe its value.

“Everyone, don’t forget your responsibility!”

Tong Yiming started to pressure them.

The great teachers exchanged glances and could only sigh. They stood up with regret in their hearts, but before they left the room, all of them went toward Sun Mo to chat with him.

“If there’s a chance to, please come to Caoliu for a visit!”

Teacher Xiao patted Sun Mo’s shoulder and issued an invitation.

“Cao...Cao what?”

Sun Mo suddenly heard of a familiar phrase and felt somewhat taken aback.

“Caoliu Academy!”

Teacher Xiao was currently working in that school and he mainly researched weapons.

“I will definitely pay a visit if there’s a chance to.”

Sun Mo dipped into a slight bow.

“Young fellow, well done!”

“Continue to work hard, you can come to Yuewei Academy as a guest too!”

“During spring next year, you should hurry and become a 1-star great teacher.”

These teachers didn’t chat so closely with Sun Mo because they wanted to build up a good relationship, nor was it because of the secret treasure. Their actions were purely from the standpoint of a great teacher looking at a genius junior.

They were encouraging Sun Mo, hoping that he could achieve something.


At the public square of the White Dew Building, before the endpoint.

“Beitang, second place. Well done!”

Headmaster Wei laughed uproariously and gave Beitang Ziwei a hug. He was very satisfied with this result.

“As expected, the first place was taken by Mingshao Academy!”

Beitang Ziwei sighed.

“Eh, it isn’t Mingshao but Central Province Academy!”

Headmaster Wei corrected.


Not only was Beitang Ziwei stunned, but the other teachers and students were stupefied as well. What the hell was the Central Province Academy?

“What about Ming Xian?”

Beitang Ziwei asked.

“He hasn’t returned yet!”

Headmaster Wei smiled and he casually teased. “Right, the teachers and students of the Central Province Academy seemed very confident. Everyone felt that they would be the champion.”

Everyone wanted to be the champion.

Headmaster Wei also hoped the championship would be his school’s.

“If the group that returned first is the Central Province Academy, then they must have obtained the secret treasure from the darkness spire. If that was really the case, they would be the champions!”

Beitang Ziwei’s tone sounded very assured, and there was also slight regret within it. At that time, she had to take care of two heavily injured students and had no way to leave. If not, she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to fight against the other schools to obtain the treasure.


Headmaster Wei’s lips twitched. (Do you have to be so certain?)

“Oh right, the Sky Orchid Academy’s new student group was annihilated!”

Beitang Ziwei revealed another piece of info.

Headmaster Zhang who was observing the situation was about to head forward to congratulate Headmaster Wei. But in the end, he abruptly heard these words and involuntarily stumbled, falling onto the ground as a result.

“Is what you say real...?”

Headmaster Zhang’s countenance paled, his lips trembled as he asked. Actually, he already had the answer in his heart. A person like Beitang Ziwei would definitely not run her mouth off about something like this unless she personally saw it.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》