Absolute Great Teacher
409 Victorious Return, Shaking the academy!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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409 Victorious Return, Shaking the academy!


The Central Province Academy was usually filled with withered fallen leaves and bleakness in the air during autumn. However, after the snow that fell yesterday, the campus looked like a new bride with her white wedding gown on.

Xia Yuan opened the door and walked into the office. He immediately saw his colleagues chatting animatedly.

“I really didn’t expect that we managed to obtain one championship out of the two segments of the league tournament!”

Du Xiao was very emotional. If the school ascended to the ‘C’ grade, her status would naturally increase as well. In the future, even if she wanted to look for a new job, she would be able to say things proudly when she introduced herself to the interviewers.

(I’ve once taught in the Central Province Academy before.)

It was like you were an official employee of the top 500 companies in the world. This status alone would gain you some face and cause many to envy you.

“Yeah, Teacher Sun is really strong!”

Zhou Shanyi was filled with a multitude of emotions.

During last year, the Central Province Academy’s new student group had screwed things up. And during this year, it was said that during the second round, both the group leader Fan Yao and the main strength Song Ren had all ‘crumbled’.

One must know that these two were teachers An Xinhui had very high hopes for. In the end, they were not of any use at all to the great picture and everything depended on Sun Mo. He tried hard to solve a desperate crisis and pulled through, leading the new students to obtain the championship!

“They screwed the Haizhou Academy, exterminated the Sky Orchid Academy, and even suppressed Mingshao Academy with force. Zeze, Teacher Sun’s performance isn’t in any way inferior to graduates from the Nine Greats!”

When Gao Cheng spoke, his heart was filled with envy. (I also want such an impressive achievement on my record!)

“Teacher Sun is none other than the greatest dark horse of this batch!”

Xia Yuan giggled.

No matter what, An Xinhui had been a headmaster for quite a few years and she deeply knew the importance of dissemination of info. Besides, the performance of both student groups wasn’t bad. After the first round, she had arranged for someone to send the information back to the school.

Right now, the Central Province Academy was immersed in an ocean of joy.

It was like when a student came to a specialized school to study. In the end, that school was upgraded and became a legitimate university. In the future, the student’s resume would surely shine brighter and they would have more face when they bragged about their education. No matter who it was, they would definitely be extremely happy. There would be a feeling of joy stemming from the fact that they benefited from something without needing to do anything.

“Speaking of which, if our school ascends to the ‘C’ grade, would the school’s benefits and treatment to us be better?”

Pan Yi interjected.

He was already old and it was impossible for him to increase his star-rank. He was simply idling his time away and could be considered to be in the phase of planning his retirement. If the benefits of employment could be increased, that would be an unexpected joy.


Xia Yuan glanced at Pan Yi and couldn’t help but mock, “However, the competition and pressure would also be greater. After all, we are a ‘C’ grade academy now.”


Pan Yi started. His body trembled subconsciously, feeling a little unease.

If a school’s grade improved, its attractiveness toward great teachers would increase. There would surely be more people seeking employment here. And in order to stabilize the school at the ‘C’ grade, An Xinhui would definitely recruit more impressive teachers. However, the slots of staff in this school were limited. Since that was the case, teachers with low capabilities would surely be eliminated.

“Could this mean that I have to find a new job?”

Pan Yi mumbled, suddenly speechless. He pulled his drawer and took out a book that hadn’t been used for a long time – [100 Questions about Weapon Smithing] and started to read through it.

If it was in the past and if Pan Yi lost this job, although he might feel some regret, he wouldn’t feel heartache. But now, he knew he would feel great pain in his heart if he really lost this job.

Given his capabilities, it was impossible for a ‘C’ grade school to hire him even if he begged his entire life.

“I didn’t expect to become a teacher at a ‘C’ grade school given my age?”

Pan Yi decided to buy a 20-year Nv`er Hong (wine) and two roasted geese from the marketplace to properly enjoy himself and celebrate this.

“However, that Sun Mo actually managed to obtain the championship. He’s truly impressive!”


Favorable impression points from Pan Yi +100. Friendly (300/1,000).

Du Xiao, who was currently extremely agitated, immediately felt a huge sense of pressure upon hearing Xia Yuan’s words.

“All teachers and students in school are to pay attention. Our school’s competition group is about to return. If you guys are free, you all can head to the school entrance to welcome the heroes who are heading back in a victorious return!”

Liang Cheng’s voice suddenly rang throughout the academy.

He was using an instrument created from knowledge excavated from the Darkness Continent. Through this instrument, he could increase the volume of his voice.

After Liang Cheng repeated thrice, he stopped speaking.

“Teacher Xia, want to go together?”

Du Xiao called out.

“I’m going too!”

When Zhou Shanyi spoke, everyone in the office stood up.

Xia Yuan saw that even Xiao Hong, who only focused on cultivation, wanting to break through to the Longevity Realm as quickly as possible, also stood up.

Such a welcome actually wasn’t compulsory. But since Xiao Hong was doing it, this could prove that the school’s position in her heart had risen.

“As expected, results are everything!”

Xia Yuan’s lips twitched. In the past, Xiao Hong would absolutely not participate in matters like this. She also wouldn’t feel any collective sense of glory or honor.

Everyone left the office and walked out of the teaching building. They could already see many teachers and students standing at the school’s entrance. Even the 4-star great teachers, which were rarely seen in usual times, also appeared.


500 meters away from the school entrance, Qi Shengjia was standing on tiptoe as he gazed into the distance with an anxious look on his face.

“Stop looking, they will be back soon!”

Zhou Xu yawned.


Wang Hao patted Zhou Xu’s back. “Even someone as lazy as you also wants to take Teacher Sun Mo as your personal teacher?”

“If not being lazy can allow me to become Teacher Sun’s personal student, I would cultivate until late night every single day!”

Zhou Xu sighed.

“Forget it. Shengjia stays up until 4 a.m. every night. Can you do so?”

Wang Hao rolled his eyes.


Zhou Xu shook his head.

Right now, Sun Mo brought the championship back to their school. Wanting to take him on as a personal teacher?

He didn’t even dare to think about it!

After that, he sneakily glanced at Qi Shengjia and felt so envious that his expression convulsed. Ever since the honest guy received Sun Mo’s guidance, his improvement had been extremely rapid and he would often stay in the battle hall.

(Back then, my eyes must have been blind to fail to see Sun Mo’s talent. If I fawned on him then and received his guidance, my name would also resound famously through the Central Province Academy given my aptitude!)

(With such fame, how would I fail to pursue any girls?)

One must know that even an honest guy like Qi Shengjia, who was a yokel, had received love letters.


Favorable impression points from Zhou Xu +500. Friendly (882/1,000).


Sun Mo wanted to rest, but the system notification kept ringing out.

If this continued, he might be able to get 50,000 favorable impression points by the end of the day.

The carriage stopped outside the school’s entrance. The students got off the carriage and started to line up.

“Sun Mo, you should go and hoist the flag.”

This mission was originally left to the headmaster of the school, but An Xinhui passed it to Sun Mo because his contributions were the greatest.

After hearing this, Liu Mubai’s eyelids twitched.


Sun Mo rejected. The sequence of the processes was for the group to hoist the champion flag and head to Honor Hall, planting the flag there.

This sequence was actually for the teachers and students to enjoy the cheering and recognition of the school. However, Sun Mo didn’t really care about this.

“What’s wrong?”

An Xinhui teased. “You couldn’t be afraid, right?”

“You must have waited for this moment for a very long time, right?”

Sun Mo smiled.

After a soccer team won the championship, they would sit in a bus and go around the entire city. This was a very glorious thing.

“Little Momo!”

An Xinhui’s heart felt a current of warmth. Ever since she became the headmaster of the Central Province Academy, she had been anticipating this moment. She wanted to let her grandfather see that she didn’t let his expectations down. “Don’t you want to do it together?”

Sun Mo shook his head. He patted An Xinhui’s back heavily. “Go quickly. Everyone is already anxious from waiting!”

An Xinhui staggered a few steps forward. After that, she turned her head and rolled her eyes at Sun Mo. However, she no longer insisted.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +200. Respect (5,402/10,000).


Li Ziqi who was waiting at the side immediately came over after she saw An Xinhui leaving. She then passed the championship flag to Sun Mo.

“You should be the one hoisting the flag!”

Sun Mo rubbed the little sunny egg’s hair. “Don’t argue anymore.”

“Even if Teacher is to hoist a flag, that would be when we get the championship in the ‘A’ grade league tournament!”

The papaya girl felt that this flag couldn’t match up to their teacher.

At this moment, on the campus, many students were already gathering.

After the gun salutes were blasted off, An Xinhui started to lead the groups to the Honor Hall.

Fang Yan was behind her, holding the third-place flag.

The students from the main student group were behind them.

If it was in the past, the glory of getting third-place was also very shocking and was enough to make students cheer and dance wildly in joy. But this time around, third-place was not sufficient to ignite their emotions because the new student group behind them got the champion!

When Li Ziqi hoisted the flag and entered the campus, the freshmen there immediately started to cheer with sky-shaking volume!

“The new student group is invincible!”

This was the honor and glory of the first-years.

When everyone was facing external opponents, they were all students of the Central Province Academy. But when having friendly competition in the school, that would be between students of different years.

One could say that the freshmen, Li Ziqi and her group, were now so famous that their fame even exceeded their seniors of the higher years!

How cool was this?

“I suddenly feel that being able to join the Central Province Academy is truly a good thing!”

On the campus, Lu Qi felt a multitude of emotions when he glanced at the surroundings, looking at his group members and students following them to the Honor Hall.


Shi Qiao’s eyes were a little wet. He felt a sense of belonging to the school like he was one with it.

“Why are you guys acting so emotional? Look at how calm Zhang Yanzong is!”

Chu Jian reminded them, “Right now, we are the champions. Can you guys restrain your emotions a little?”

Just when the few students wanted to calm down, they suddenly saw Zhang Yanzong, who had always remained silent, started to roar.

“May the Central Province Academy be ever victorious!”

“May Teacher Sun Mo be ever victorious!”

Zhang Yanzong’s voice was filled with vigor. His shouts directly ignited the emotions of the students.

“May the Central Province Academy be ever victorious!”

“May Teacher Sun Mo be ever victorious!”

Gradually, Sun Mo’s name started to suppress the sounds of the other cheering. This was because Sun Mo was the one who had led the group to become champion. In addition to the things Sun Mo did previously... saving students, expelling the school tyrant, purifying the learning atmosphere of the school...

Naturally, the most important thing was still Sun Mo’s teaching capabilities. He also had God Hands, was a spirit runes grandmaster, and was at the Divine Force Realm. Hence, Sun Mo’s fame instantly catapulted to the next level!

“Teacher Liu is awesome!”

“Teacher Liu is invincible!”

Up ahead, several students from the higher years were shouting Liu Mubai’s name. The majority of them were female students.

After hearing these cheers, Liu Mubai felt much better. But he soon became unhappy because the cheers for Teacher Sun Mo started to resound throughout the entire campus.

The words ‘Teacher Liu’ were soon drowned out and faded completely.


“Should I smile now, wave my hands in thanks, or act more restrained and put on a cold face?”

Sun Mo was a little conflicted.

“Aiya, I’ve no idea what I should do!”

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