Absolute Great Teacher
410 Top-grade Mission Reward
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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410 Top-grade Mission Reward


On the way to the Honor Hall, a series of numbers that kept refreshing appeared in Sun Mo’s vision.





Close to 50,000 favorable impression points rapidly flowed in.

“Looking at the ‘profits’, I will soon be able to purchase ‘Sharp Tongue’!”

Sun Mo was very happy.

After placing the championship flag in the Honor Hall, An Xinhui announced that the teachers and students who had participated in the league tournament this time around would have seven days off.

After that, everyone was dismissed.

The students didn’t dare to disturb Sun Mo, but those great teachers wouldn’t be worried to do so. Hence, all of them came over and congratulated Sun Mo on his achievements.

Sun Mo was someone overflowing with talent and would surely be a high-ranked great teacher in the future. Besides, he was also An Xinhui’s fiance and there was an 80 to 90% chance that he would become half-an-owner of the Central Province Academy.

There wouldn’t be any disadvantages in getting acquainted with this new rising star that was destined to have a boundless future.

Sun Mo spent close to half an hour before he finished dealing with these great teachers. After that, he headed back to his villa.

Dong He, the serving girl sent by Zheng Qingfang, had been prepared and was waiting at the stone pavement leading to the villa’s entrance.

“Congratulations to master on becoming the champion!”

After seeing Sun Mo walking over, Dong He directly knelt.

Right now, she was very agitated. Her choice was indeed not wrong. There were countless strong schools among the 108 schools in the ‘D’ grade, but her master had suppressed everyone and become the champion. How impressive was this?!

“Xia He, do you see it? You missed out on the chance to change your fate!”

When Dong He thought of Xia He, she felt a sense of superiority as well as a sense of crisis. Right now, she was the only maid of her master. Since that was the case, she had to make good use of this chance and become his trusted aide.


Favorable impression points from Dong He +500. Friendly (750/1,000).

“Just get up, there’s no need to kneel in the future!”

Sun Mo casually instructed. As someone from the modern era, he didn’t like to see people kneeling to pay respect to him.

Dong He hurriedly stood up. She bent her waist and hurriedly opened the door for Sun Mo.

Speaking of which, a maid like Dong He, who was specially nurtured by a major clan like the Zheng Clan, was truly flawless in terms of looks and figures.

Dong He was very tall, but she would always bend her waist slightly before Sun Mo. This was humility, the self-awareness of a servant.


The door opened.

“Master, I have brewed some tea and prepared some pastries!”

Dong He smiled prettily.

She was wearing a yellow maid outfit today. Her meticulously prepared hair-do and attire were very pleasant. And when she was moving, one could see her waist swaying.


Sun Mo suddenly felt some impulse when he looked at Dong He. If she existed in the modern era, he wouldn’t be qualified to speak with her.

At most, he would only be able to search online for pictures of beautiful women on the idol websites.

Such women would usually only appear on the yachts of the second affluent generations, overseas shops that sold luxurious groups, or be linked to male superstars in sex scandals.

However, in the Nine Provinces, Sun Mo was her master.

(Speaking of which, if I sleep with her now, I won’t need to take any responsibility, right? Wait, looking at her appearance, it’s clear that she wants me to sleep with her!)

Sun Mo’s soul was stuck in between the suggestions of his angel and devil.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and patted his face.

“You can go out first!”

Sun Mo instructed. Right now, he wasn’t an ordinary person anymore. He was someone aspiring to be a great teacher. How could he casually sleep with his own maid? Wouldn’t that be too lowly?

If he wanted to sleep with someone, he would at least pick a beautiful great teacher!

It was unknown why, but such a thought suddenly appeared in Sun Mo’s mind.

“Master, did I do something wrong?”

Dong He, who was currently kneeling before Sun Mo and helping him to take his shoes off, lifted her head and looked at Sun Mo with tears in her eyes.

“No, I just want some quiet time (jing jing)!”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he heard a teasing voice.

“Who is Jingjing?”

Sun Mo turned and saw the masochist entering.

He then heaved a sigh of relief. If he hadn’t controlled himself earlier and decided to sleep with Dong He, things would be extremely awkward now!

“You didn’t close your door!”

Gu Xiuxun noticed Dong He’s wary gaze. She smiled awkwardly and looked at Sun Mo. “Sorry for entering unannounced.”

Actually, this couldn’t be blamed on the masochist. The relationship between the two of them had become very good through the course of the competition. This made her feel that she was already Sun Mo’s good friend. Hence, she didn’t really care about the politeness between strangers when she entered.

“In the future, you can treat this place as your own home!”

Sun Mo wouldn’t be bothered with such things. Speaking of which, he had many friends of the same gender but never had a female buddy before. This masochist was the first one.


Dong He was frightened. (Would this woman become my mistress?)

Gu Xiuxun hadn’t thought too much about this, but after healing Dong He’s exclaim of surprise, it caused Gu Xiuxun’s thought process to be led astray.

(Is Sun Mo trying to hint at something? No, you can’t do this, he already has a fiancee and she is an elder sister I admire the most. I cannot do anything that will let her down! Also, I can’t let my future husband down!)

Gu Xiuxun took two steps back. “Eh, I still have something on!”

The masochist prepared to leave after finding an excuse.

“What are you guys blindly thinking about?”

Sun Mo was speechless. Seeing how awkward the situation was, he feigned nervousness and spoke, “I treat you as a friend, yet you want to sleep with me?”


The masochist wanted to punch him, but she relaxed in her heart. A smile involuntarily appeared on her face. She always felt happy when she was with Sun Mo.


Actually, Gu Xiuxun came to look for Sun Mo because she wanted to borrow a bathroom and a room to properly rest for a day. After all, this villa of his was very large.

The masochist just came to the Central Province Academy to work, and she also didn’t have much money. Hence, the place she stayed in was the teacher dorm provided by the school.

An Xinhui did arrange a residence for Gu Xiuxun, but Gu Xiuxun was someone with a lot of pride. Before she had any achievements, she wouldn’t take any benefits from An Xinhui.

Gu Xiuxun was not like Sun Mo who didn’t have a lot of friends. Her personality was very good and she had wide connections. If she returned to the dorm now, many teachers would surely come to visit her.

However, she really didn’t feel like entertaining anyone today.

“You can choose any of the bedrooms on the third floor.”

Sun Mo didn’t really mind. In any case, Li Ziqi and the others would occasionally stay here too. There was no difference if there was an additional Gu Xiuxun. “Dong He, can you bring Teacher Gu to the bathroom?”

“Teacher Gu, please come with me!”

Dong He led the way.

“Thank you. I will treat you to a meal some other day!”

Gu Xiuxun waved her hands and went up the stairs.

Sun Mo took the teacup and drank a mouthful. After that, he went to the back garden and sat on his chair. He began to mentally organize all his harvest from this trip.

“System, used that time emblem I saved to upgrade Complete Focus!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The detestable green color enveloped Sun Mo.

“Can you change the color? I feel that I’m being made a cuckold!”

Sun Mo couldn’t accept this aesthetic.


“Congratulations, the proficiency level of your great teacher halo ‘Complete Focus’ has been upgraded to the expert-grade. Its duration will now last 24 hours, and its range will be 500 meters!”

The system’s mechanical voice actually had a hint of beauty after one listened carefully.

“I have won the championship and completed the mission you issued. Shouldn’t you give me a reward now?”

Sun Mo urged.

“No rush, if it’s yours, it will come eventually!”

The system consoled.

“It’s better that you give them to me quickly!”

Sun Mo remembered that the mission rewards were extremely good. He would surely be able to open quite a few excellent items.

Moreover, there was only slightly more than two months before the 1-star great teacher qualification exam started. Sun Mo didn’t want to screw things up. Hence, he had to participate in his most perfect condition.

“I think Liu Mubai must surely be angered to death. Also, Ming Xian would definitely do his best to suppress me during the 1-star great teacher exam!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to be trampled on.


“Congratulations on winning the bet against Zhang Hanfu. You’ve helped the Central Province Academy obtain the championship for the newbie competition and completed the mission. Your reward: 1x mysterious treasure chest!”

“Note: Because you not only led the new student group to the championship, but you did so with excellent results. Hence, the level of the mysterious treasure chest can be upgraded to the limited edition. You can designate a category you want the treasure chest to open.

“However, please note that although the item opened will be in the category you chose, the grade and quality might not be the best. Hence, you can choose not to upgrade the mysterious treasure chest to the limited edition one.”

The system stated.

“What do you mean?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Usually, the mysterious treasure chest has a 90% chance to open an excellent-grade item that’s worth several tens of thousands of favorable impression points! But after upgrading it to the limited edition version, you will be able to open an object of any category you chose. For example, great teacher halo, medical prescription, cultivation arts, etc. However, there’s less of a chance that excellent-quality items would appear.”

The system explained.

Sun Mo understood. If he opened the normal one directly, he would be able to open anything and that thing would basically be a top-grade item. But for the limited-edition version, he could choose what he wanted to open, but the chance of the item being top-grade would be lowered.

“That will have to depend on luck!”

Sun Mo was joyful. (With my lucky goddess papaya girl, who am I afraid of?)

His first reaction was to choose a medical prescription. He wanted the upper portion of the lover protection medicine. But after a while, he discarded this thought.

Bluntly speaking, medicine was only useful if one drank it, but it was very troublesome to concoct them. Hence, the cost-performance ratio wasn’t high.

“Should I choose cultivation arts?”

Sun Mo started to feel conflicted. For saint-tier arts, no one would complain about having a lot. However, it wasn’t a given that he would open a saint-tier cultivation art. After all, to Sun Mo’s current perspective, anything below saint-grade was trash, and he couldn’t be bothered to learn them.

If he set the category to be the great teacher halo, he felt that it would make a loss. After all, he had opened quite a few great teacher halos from the normal mysterious treasure chests.

“I suggest you choose the great teacher halo. It’s said that Liu Mubai is preparing to rise 3 stars in a single year. If you also want such glory, you have to possess nine great teacher halos at the very least.”

The system felt that since Sun Mo was a great teacher, it was naturally better if he could have more great teacher halos. After all, great teacher halos were the foundation of great teachers.

“Alright, I will choose to upgrade it to the limited edition and pick the halo category!”

Sun Mo compromised.

A large mysterious treasure chest shining with a golden-purplish light appeared before Sun Mo.

Before Sun Mo could finish admiring it, the system’s voice rang out once more.


“Congratulations for helping the Central Province Academy ascend to the ‘C’ grade within a year. Reward: 3x diamond treasure chest!”

Three sparkling diamond-level treasure chests appeared before him.

“Where’s my lucky mascot? I need to open the chests!”

Sun Mo was growing impatient!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》