Absolute Great Teacher
412 New Mission Issued, Strongest Secret Treasure!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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412 New Mission Issued, Strongest Secret Treasure!


The bright moon cast its white rays down on the ground.


“Congratulations, you have obtained the elementary grade ‘Model Teacher’. After casting it, the duration will last for 30 minutes.”

Sun Mo’s emotions stirred after hearing the notification.

After casting it, there seemed to be an invisible hand scattering flower petals down on his head.


These ‘petals’ were all formed from light and were extremely vivid like they were just plucked. They were bright and glistening with tenderness. They even exuded a dense fragrance.


Lu Zhiruo who was currently staring at the lake suddenly turned and looked at Sun Mo. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt that her teacher was very imposing and dashing.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo smiled.

The papaya girl blushed and lowered her head. Her eyes darted around, and she was like a fleeing squirrel, not daring to match Sun Mo’s gaze.


(Aiya, why did my heartbeat suddenly become so fast after taking a glance at Teacher? Hmm, Teacher’s voice suddenly became much nicer to listen to.)

(I don’t even want to miss a word he says!)


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100. Reverence (22,200/100,000).

“It can’t be right, Model Teacher’s effect is so strong?”

Sun Mo was speechless. (I didn’t do anything, so why did the papaya girl suddenly contribute favorable impression points?)

“You are thinking too much. This is because Lu Zhiruo is already filled with reverence for you. Hence, the effect of the great teacher halo is even stronger on her.”

The system explained.


Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl on her head. “Right now, I should have over 50,000 favorable impression points, right?”

“You have a total of 61,209 favorable impression points.”

The system reported a number that would cause anyone to feel elated.

This was the extra benefit of winning the championship. The better Sun Mo’s battle achievements were, the more the students would admire him and the more they would hold him in reverence!

Why were there so many soccer fans that loved Real Madrid and Barca?

Because they won many championships!

To Sun Mo, this was the case as well. The better his results were, the more his fans would be.

“Open the merchant store!”

Sun Mo was extremely joyful now.

He already had eight great teacher halos. If he purchased ‘Sharp Tongue’, he would then have nine halos.

This was one of the conditions for someone to take the 3-stars great teacher examination. The participants have to have nine halos at the very least, there’s no other way around it.

The merchant shelves appeared before Sun Mo. At its center, there was a piece of merchandise shining with golden light.

“What is that?”

Sun Mo frowned. This item was so bright that it was blinding.

“Dragon seeking pearl. It’s a mysterious and powerful natural secret treasure. After one channels spirit qi into it, it will point to the most precious secret treasure in that region.”

Note: the range of its coverage is extremely wide.

“Giving an example, if you use it now, it will point to the most valuable treasure in areas 150 km around Jinling.”

After Sun Mo saw the introduction, his eyes brightened.

In the past, he wouldn’t understand the usage of this dragon seeking pearl. But after experiencing the third round of the league tournament, he understood that this item was the most perfect treasure-seeking radar in the entire Darkness Continent.

One could say that this dragon seeking pearl was equivalent to an extremely powerful secret treasure.

“Good stuff!”

Sun Mo almost drooled, but after seeing the price, he was stunned.

This item cost 500,000 favorable impression points!

Note: limited-time item. It will only be available for half a day after the host has completed a high-difficulty mission. Also, if you buy it during this duration, you can purchase it for half the price.

“How can this be comparable to ten great teacher halos? Who would be able to afford this?”

Sun Mo grumbled. It was unbearable when one could see something but was unable to eat it.

“Dragons are the strongest and most mysterious species in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. They represent rareness, value, and strength. In this world, they are considered priceless secret treasures.”

“Dragon seeking pearl. As its name implies, it’s a tool used to locate the most valuable secret treasures!”

The system explained. It then also asked a question.

“Think about it. Is the darkness illusion gemstone worth 500,000 favorable impression points?”

“Worth it!”

Sun Mo nodded, there was no need to hesitate about this.

After building a darkness illusion dojo in the Central Province Academy, it would surely become one of the famous representative buildings in the Central Province Academy and become a basis for the school to rise.

“In the future when you head to the Darkness Continent for adventure, when you use the dragon seeking pearl after entering some ruins, you would be able to directly find the most valuable secret treasures in them. So, is it worth it or not?”

The system’s question contained a naked hint of ‘monetary interest’.

“Worth it!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he revealed a bitter smile. “But no matter what, I won’t be able to afford it!”

“You can use the great teacher emblems as collateral first and buy the dragon seeking pearl on credit. After that, you should save up enough favorable impression points within a year.”

The system explained.

Sun Mo started. “There’s such a good deal?”

“You are very impressive and managed to obtain a great teacher emblem. If not, you won’t be able to buy on credit!”

The system’s mechanical voice contained a trace of admiration. After all, Sun Mo’s performance was superb.

Naturally, this was other than the time when he was scolding it.

“What is the great teacher emblem exactly?”

Sun Mo grew increasingly curious. This item was quite difficult to obtain and could only be acquired from accomplishing a great teacher feat.

“Host’s level is too low, so this information is currently withheld!”

The system refused to reply.

Sun Mo immediately became an unchained wild dog as he felt an intense urge to verbally curse the system. “Speaking of which, I led the new student group and obtained the championship, is this not considered a great teacher feat?”

“Nope, as the level is too low. Only if you become the champion of the ‘A’ grade league tournament, or get 3 stars within a year, or nurture a great teacher, etc would it be considered a great teacher feat!”

The system explained, “The so-called great teacher feats are things worthy to be written inside your resume. They are glorious deeds worth to be loudly proclaimed!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Honestly speaking, it just means that the championship of ‘D’ grade league tournament doesn’t have enough ‘weightage’?”

“Smart!” The system laughed. “Just continue to work hard. The path ahead of you is still very long!”

“I don’t understand your evaluation criteria!”

Sun Mo shook his head. Although he shook his head, he knew that the crux of obtaining a great teacher emblem still lay in teaching students according to the experiences he had so far. After all, the main responsibility of great teachers was to teach students.

“Do you want to purchase the dragon seeking pearl?”

The system then sincerely added. “I advise you to purchase it because this is time-limited merchandise. If not, it might be a few years later when you next see it.”

“But I have to spend 250,000 favorable impression points!”

Sun Mo felt a toothache. He suddenly recalled his past experiences when he wanted to buy a house. He had given up after looking at the prices.

If he had really bought the house then, he would have had to eat chaff and wild herbs every day.

Those days were too bitter.

“After deducting what you have now, it’s at most about 190,000 points.”

The system calculated. “Besides, if you can become a 3-star great teacher within a year, that would truly be an impressive feat that allows you to gain many fans. At that time, you might even be able to gain millions of favorable impression points!”


Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. If he really accomplished that and gained so many points, he wanted to purchase the entire merchant store.

“So, host. Do you want to use your great teacher emblems as collateral and purchase the dragon seeking pearl?”

The system asked in an extremely serious tone.

Sun Mo drew in a deep breath and replied.


It wasn’t that Sun Mo was convinced by the system, but rather, he recalled his past experience. He hadn’t taken a loan to buy the house, and half a year later, renting prices had surged crazily to the extent where he couldn’t afford it.

Also, it was indeed as what the system said. Obtaining the dragon seeking pearl was equivalent to obtaining a top-grade secret treasure. As long as it was comparable to the darkness illusion gemstone, he would have profited.

Sun Mo didn’t forget that from what he knew, the Darkness Continent had a total of five levels. The higher one went, the more dangerous and inaccessible it would be. The secret treasures in ruins of such places would naturally be even more valuable.


“3x great teacher emblems have been put up as collateral, and 60,000 favorable impression points have been deducted. Please pay the remaining 190,000 points within a year. If you miss the deadline, the great teacher emblems will be taken away and you will be exterminated as a punishment!”

Sun Mo blinked. “Did I hear it wrongly? Exterminated?”

“No, you didn’t hear it wrongly!”

The system spoke like it should be by rights, “For the people of your past world, if they couldn’t afford to pay the housing loan, wouldn’t the majority of them choose to suicide? Hence, I’ll act personally to save you time from committing suicide!”

“Also, although the punishment of extermination sounds scary, nothing will happen to you if you pay the remaining favorable impression points on time!”

“What if I didn’t manage to pay them on time?”

Sun Mo asked.


This word was concise and comprehensive.

“System, you plotted against me!” Sun Mo cursed. “You shitty system, so freaking bad. I’ve really misplaced my trust in you!”

“Could it be that you don’t even have this bit of self-confidence?”

The system laughed coldly. “To think that I have such high hopes for you and felt that you could become an absolute great teacher. What a waste!”


Sun Mo spat a mouthful of saliva. His emotions weren’t vented yet. He even ruthlessly pointed a middle-finger to the air.

(Do you dare to appear before me? Even if you are machinery, this daddy is going to pulverize you!)

“I’m only encouraging you!”

The system felt that it was accused of wrongly.


“New mission issued: Please pay the remaining 190,000 favorable impression points within a year. A reward would be given according to when the full amount is paid. The shorter the duration, the better the reward!”


“New mission issued. Please achieve the impressive feat of obtaining three stars consecutively. If this mission is completed, there will be a huge reward as well as 1x great teacher emblem for you!”


Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you serious, you still dare to issue new missions to me? I will beat you up so badly to the point where even your mother won’t be able to recognize you!)

“Teacher, what’s wrong?”

Lu Zhirou tugged the corner of Sun Mo’s shirt gently and asked in a weak voice. There was a look of worry on her face. Her teacher seemed to be angry?


Sun Mo squeezed out a smile. It seemed like for the next one year, he had to work hard and give more lectures so he could bear the weight of this ‘housing loan’. (Sigh...being in debt truly feels so unbearable!)

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo stood up. He involuntarily thought of the honest guy. (In the next coming year, you can work harder and generate more favorable impression points.)

He had to properly take care of this ‘point-generating’ student!

Sigh, sadly people like the honest guy were too few. If there were more such people, there would be no need for him to worry about not being able to pay the debt on time.

“Teacher Sun!”

Before Sun Mo walked far, a student that had been waiting at the side suddenly rushed toward Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, student Peng Wanli is sincerely begging for your guidance!”

Peng Wanli spoke loudly and directly kowtowed three times.

Taking on Sun Mo as a master?

Peng Wanli knew his own limits and didn’t dare to do so because he was not worthy. He only wanted to know how he should become stronger!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》