Absolute Great Teacher
414 Sun Mo’s Charisma
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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414 Sun Mo’s Charisma

Chapter 414: Sun Mo’s Charisma

The Sorrowless Lake during winter, in addition to the night breeze, was very cold. However, hot sweat was trickling down Peng Wanli’s forehead due to his emotions.


Upon hearing these two words, Peng Wanli’s heart violently pounded. But soon after, his dream when he was young, of forging the absolute best sword in the world, appeared in his mind again.

It was unknown why, but this dream was like weeds that would perpetually grow in his heart. He would never be able to forget this.

Lu Zhiruo, who was quietly waiting at the side, watched Peng Wanli in puzzlement. (Why are you hesitating? Even a silly girl like me knows that I should choose the heaven-tier cultivation art.)

To put it in other words, the two choices given by Sun Mo weren’t comparable at all.

Could it be that even though Peng Wanli looked astute, he was actually a fool?

Peng Wanli had a conflicted look on his face. It was so bad that it felt like he had been constipated for three months.

“Teacher, thank you for your favor. I wish to go to the logistics department!”

After he spoke, a crazy roar echoed out in his heart. (I must have gone crazy!)

However, it was unknown why, but he also felt a sense of relief.

Honestly speaking, after being defeated twice by Qi Shengjia, Peng Wanli wanted revenge even in his dreams. But after Sun Mo gave him the two choices, his desire to defeat Qi Shengjia diminished by a lot.

I wish to forge a sword!

I wish to forge a sword right now!

Peng Wanli clenched his fist tightly.

“Eh? Has this fellow gone mad?”

The surrounding students were directly stunned when they saw this scene. They didn’t know what Peng Wanli was doing.

One must know that given Sun Mo’s current prestige, he would definitely not run his mouth off. Since he said he would give a heaven-tier cultivation art, he would definitely do so.

However, this Peng Wanli actually didn’t want it?

“It isn’t a favor, it’s just assistance!”

Sun Mo said, “If you showcase some talent in the path of weaponsmithing, I will sponsor you with at least 50,000 taels of silver per year!”


After hearing this large sum, Peng Wanli’s heart failed to remain calm and violently lurched.

Honestly speaking, he had been worrying about where he should get the money. After all, weaponsmithing and alchemy were two occupations that burned the most money. Moreover, beginners who just started would surely fail in their experiments and waste many materials.

“Wanli, whether you are able to succeed or not, it would have to depend on your performance.”

Sun Mo smiled and patted the young man on his shoulders. “Doing what you like and being able to accomplish something out of it will make your life have value. You don’t really have to follow the crowd and cultivate to become an expert.”

Sun Mo’s words were from the bottom of his heart.

He felt that learning was a journey of self-improvement, for one to know themselves. Secondly, it was to allow one to have more choices in the future, not to simply obtain high marks in tests.

Sadly, the students of the modern era learned a subject for the sake of passing the college entrance examination. The schools would usually make them do a lot of mock exam papers for the sake of gaining high points.

They didn’t care about the future of the students. What they cared about was whether or not the students would drag their school’s passing rate down.


Priceless Advice was activated.

A golden light shot out from Sun Mo’s body, enveloping Peng Wanli.

Peng Wanli was initially filled with trepidation and unease. After all, he had once managed to join the battle hall and was a genius looked up to by others. If he gave up everything and started to learn about smithing, wouldn’t it be too late?

But after he heard Sun Mo’s words, his expression became resolute.

“Esteemed teacher, this student has benefited from your guidance!”

Peng Wanli bowed.


Sun Mo smiled. “If you have time, don’t simply focus on cultivation. You should take walks outside the school, taking a look at the world and thinking about your life!”

Sun Mo stopped when it was appropriate. If he said too much, Peng Wanli wouldn’t be able to remember it. Since this logic was too deep, Peng Wanli had to comprehend it himself.

Peng Wanli left after bowing once again. He didn’t return to his dorm but chose to stroll around the campus. During this time, he thought of many things.

From the time when he was young and learning smithing from his father, to when he joined the school and his experiences of four years...

Peng Wanli felt that he was simply muddling around in the past. But right now, he could already see his future path.

“Qi Shengjia, it seems that I no longer have a chance to defeat you.”

Peng Wanli sighed.

He had wanted to beg Sun Mo to guide him so he could improve his strength. He would then take his revenge. But now, he actually had to go and learn weaponsmithing?

However, Peng Wanli didn’t feel the slightest bit of discontent.

“Life is truly magical!”

Peng Wanli was filled with a myriad of emotions. Sun Mo was very imaginative.

The other teachers would definitely guide students on how to cultivate when they came to them with their problems. Yet, Sun Mo wanted him to change his profession. This suggestion was not only gusty, but it was also life-changing.

However, Peng Wanli didn’t feel that Sun Mo was being perfunctory because Sun Mo had pointed out the mistakes he had from the get-go.

His comments on the essence of the Arhat Eighteen Palms were completely on-point.

“How good would it be if I went to Teacher Sun even earlier?”

Peng Wanli felt some regret about wasting half a year of time.


Favorable impression points from Peng Wanli. Friendly (800/1,000).


At the Sorrowless Lake, after Peng Wanli departed, An Xinhui and Wang Su walked out to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun!”

An Xinhui smiled. Because there was an outsider, she felt embarrassed to address Sun Mo as Little Momo.

“Teacher Sun!”

Wang Su nodded and greeted. His gaze was filled with curiosity as he surveyed Sun Mo.

“Greetings, Teacher Wang!”

Sun Mo’s impression of Wang Su wasn’t bad.

“Teacher Sun, I have a question!”

Wang Su’s character was simply like that, straight-spoken. Also, this involved a student, hence, he had to understand things clearly.

“Teacher Wang, please speak!”

Sun Mo still remained calm.

An Xinhui glanced at Sun Mo, silently musing that he was really confident and at ease. Wang Su’s words clearly meant that he was about to interrogate Sun Mo.

“With regard to your guidance of that student, I can give full marks to the first half of it. This is because your understanding of the Eighteen Arhat Palms is very accurate.”

Wang Su’s tone was filled with admiration. He verified Sun Mo’s teaching standard once again. After that, he changed his tone, “But why do you have to add the second-half?”

“Teacher Wang, are you worried that my words would delay student Peng Wanli’s progress?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.


Wang Su nodded. “From your conversation, I can be sure that he has never learned proper smithing before. If he couldn’t achieve any results, wouldn’t that be a waste of time?”

Peng Wanli couldn’t be considered young. What he needed most was to quickly break through his bottleneck and enter the spirit-refinement realm.

“Teacher Wang, given his current state...Let alone three months, even if he used half a year and cultivated assiduously every single day, there wouldn’t be much improvement to his strength.”

Sun Mo sighed. The information from Divine Sight had stated this point clearly.

“He could change to a different cultivation art!”

Wang Su could naturally see Peng Wanli’s potential value as well.

“And after that? Should he just change to another cultivation art every time his cultivation slows down?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Wang Su fell silent. After all, there weren’t so many cultivation arts suitable for Peng Wanli. Besides, his aptitude also wasn’t good enough to learn the higher-tier ones.

“Teacher Wang, we all understand that Peng Wanli’s limit is the divine force realm.”

After Sun Mo spoke, An Xinhui involuntarily cast a glance at her childhood sweetheart. Her judgment was the same as well.

She didn’t expect Little Momo’s judgment to be so high!

An Xinhui was a little curious. What had Sun Mo learned in the Songyang Academy when he was studying there?

“He might meet some rare encounters that enable him to enter the Longevity Realm!”

Wang Su shook his head. “I admit that your judgment isn’t wrong, but life should be filled with hope. Could it be that just because it’s determined that your future is dark, you should just give up on working hard?”

Wang Su could also see Peng Wanli’s potential, but this shouldn’t be the reason for convincing Peng Wanli to give up cultivation for smithing.

“I feel the same way. But if you put your hard work in the wrong area, wouldn’t you simply suffer more?”

Sun Mo gazed into the distance. “Hence, I want to let him give smithing a try. Maybe, new hope would be born!”

Wang Su no longer spoke. He was deep in contemplation.

He had no way to refute Sun Mo’s words.

Because in this world, there were many people who had to take detours. In fact, some were so unlucky to the extent where they couldn’t find their paths despite using their entire lives.

“The best thing to do for a year is to sow grains; the best thing to do for ten years is to plant trees; the best thing to do for a hundred years is to educate people and train talents.”

Sun Mo spoke.

Upon hearing this, both the spirits of An Xinhui and Wang Su stirred. They revealed an attentive look as they continued listening.

“When nurturing others, it’s best to cast your sight far and think long-term!”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully. “Teaching others has never been a simple task. It’s easy for a teacher to move his lips, but his words might very well influence the entire life of a student!”

Priceless Advice was activated again.

Sun Mo had no intention to cast this, but this great teacher halo would automatically be cast based on one’s will and emotions.

“Teacher Sun’s words are extremely true indeed. Our words have the ability to influence a student’s life. We have to remember our responsibility deeply to not let down the name of great teachers.”

Wang Su complimented him greatly.

Sun Mo’s words were too well-spoken. It fitted in with his teaching concept.

A student trusted you so they sincerely sought education from you. This was why you should take out 100% of your effort to guide them.


Favorable impression points from Wang Su +500. Friendly (650/1,000).

“Teacher Sun, it’s me who was too bothersome!”

Wang Su apologized. Since Priceless Advice had been activated earlier, it could already prove that Sun Mo was sincerely thinking for the sake of Peng Wanli.

“Teacher Wang is too serious.”

Sun Mo hurriedly stopped Wang Su. This matter was a discussion between great teachers, and no apologies were needed. However, Wang Su was truly supportive and directly contributed 500 favorable impression points to him.

Wang Su smiled. Sun Mo was so talented and humble, making Wang Su admire this young man very much. The old headmaster’s decision was truly excellent.

“Headmaster An, we will settle Zhang Hanfu’s matter according to your way.”

Wang Su agreed.

Joy immediately appeared on An Xinhui’s face. She looked for Wang Su because she wanted to lend the momentum of them becoming the champion to fire Zhang Hanfu.

Naturally, this matter needed Wang Su’s support. This was why she came to negotiate with him. However, she didn’t expect that they would be present just at the right time and saw Sun Mo’s guidance of Peng Wanli.

(Sun Mo is really my lucky star!)

An Xinhui sighed emotionally. If she didn’t take this walk with Wang Su and encounter this, Wang Su most probably wouldn’t agree so quickly. Also, Little Momo’s performance and his words were simply fabulous.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1,000. Respect (6,502/10,000).

“Teacher Sun, I haven’t had time to congratulate you yet!”

Wang Su smiled, his gaze was filled with admiration. “Congratulations on helping the school win the championship. This is something really glorious!”

“Teacher Wang is praising me too much. This is only possible because of the collective effort everyone put in!”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to claim the credit.

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