Absolute Great Teacher
417 Opening Chest, Getting Reward!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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417 Opening Chest, Getting Reward!



The door opened. When Gu Xiuxun saw the papaya girl, she immediately blushed and felt an awkwardness that was hard to put into words.

“Cough, cough. I’m discussing academic matters with your teacher!”

Gu Xiuxun explained.

“I know!”

Lu Zhiruo blinked her large and limpid eyes. (If not, what else could they be doing?)

“Zhiruo, come in!”

Sun Mo was preparing to open his treasure chest, and he also wanted to get the papaya girl away from the door so Gu Xiuxun wouldn’t feel awkward.

After seeing Lu Zhiruo enter the bedroom and also close the door, the masochist suddenly didn’t feel like leaving.

(Should I eavesdrop or should I not?)

Gu Xiuxun sank into conflict.

On the other side, at the corner of the corridor, Dong He was hiding there and secretly observing the situation.

“Ah, teacher, your face...”

Upon seeing the two scratches on Sun Mo’s face, Lu Zhiruo was shocked.

“Oh, I accidentally scratched myself when washing my face!”

Sun Mo feigned calmness as he explained. After that, he pressed his finger on the scratch wounds and used the skin-beautifying technique.

A sensation of heat was generated. A few minutes later, Sun Mo shifted his finger away and Lu Zhiruo exclaimed in surprise.

“Ah, the scratch wounds are gone?”

The papaya girl moved in front of Sun Mo and even used her hand to touch his face. After that, a look of envy could be seen on her face.

“The ancient massaging technique is truly too magical.”

For girls, the thing they cared the most was naturally their appearances. Everyone was training every day and there would also be sparring frequently. Who wouldn’t have a few scars or wounds on their body?

Even if they said they didn’t mind, that would surely be fake.


Lu Zhiruo acted coy.


Sun Mo heard the system notification.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Wang Su has improved. Reward: 1x bronze treasure chest.”

“Note: Because Wang Su is a 4-star great teacher, the quality of the treasure chest is upgraded and has become the silver-grade!”

Now, Sun Mo roughly understood the system’s standard. If his prestige connection with his superiors, major characters, famous people, and those close to him improved, the quality of the treasure chests would be better.

If the target was an ordinary student, the system would basically just give him a lucky treasure chest.

“Teacher, I have a scar from when I sparred against others in the past. Teacher, can you use the ancient massaging technique to remove it?”

The papaya girl’s clear and large eyes stared at Sun Mo. She was like a kitten waiting to be fed.

“Can the scar be seen by others?”

It wasn’t that Sun Mo didn’t want to help, but the scar was in a sensitive position.


The papaya girl didn’t request this again. She lowered her head as her lips curled downward. She felt a little like crying. (As expected, I’ve troubled Teacher again.)

“Aiya, it’s just a minor matter.”

After Sun Mo spoke, he realized how wrong it would sound if others heard it. Things would definitely be chaotic.

“Hehe, I know that teacher is the best!”

Lu Zhiruo smiled.


Sun Mo felt that this was a bit inappropriate. He should get a third witness or if he was accidentally seen by others, he wouldn’t be able to wash his reputation clean even if he jumped into the yellow river.

And at this moment, the door was opened.

“Eh, I think I left my handkerchief here!”

Gu Xiuxun casually found an excuse. When she saw Lu Zhiruo, her gaze froze.

(Earlier when I was outside, I thought I heard wrongly. But it turned out that I didn’t?!)

Hence, the masochist cast an aggrieved look toward Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, I know you guys are innocent, but Zhiruo is still too naive and you should pay more attention to these interactions. If this matter was to spread, it wouldn’t be good to both your reputations!”

Gu Xiuxun earnestly persuaded.

“Just when I’m thinking about you, you came in!”

Sun Mo was speechless. “Speaking of which, you haven’t left?”


Gu Xiuxun blushed and shifted the topic. “That’s a minor matter, don’t mind it. In any case, what are you guys doing?”

“Teacher’s God Hands can remove scars!”

Lu Zhiruo excitedly bragged.

“Ah? Is this true?”

Gu Xiuxun was shocked. After that, she grew agitated.

Hence, Sun Mo started to be busy again.

“Was I a masseuse in my previous life? Did I only become a teacher after I took an arrow to the knee?”

Sun Mo laughed self-mockingly.

“You might be a gigolo in your past life!” said the system.

“Stop talking crap. Quickly give me the reward!”

Sun Mo urged.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Gu Xiuxun has improved greatly. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest.”

Just when Sun Mo was preparing to touch his lucky mascot to get some luck, the system’s notification rang out once more.

“A few months ago, the system gave a mission to you. If you manage to defeat Gu Xiuxun in terms of teaching ability within a year and cause her to be thoroughly and whole-heartedly convinced, you will be rewarded 1 silver treasure chest. At the same time, this mission has an upgraded version. The reward would be 1 mysterious treasure chest.”

“Note: In order to encourage you to work harder and complete this mission, there will be a punishment if you fail. The penalty: the system will randomly arrange a ‘catfish’ for you.”

“Warning: the time limit before the mission expired is arriving soon. Please work hard!”

After hearing the system’s words, Sun Mo became unhappy and involuntarily questioned, “My prestige connection with her has already broken through 10,000 and reached ‘reverence’. Can’t this do?”

“Is she willing to accept that whole-heartedly?”

The system counter-asked.

“Come out right now, I guarantee I won’t crush your dog head!” Sun Mo grew angry. “Are you still human?”

“Sorry, in terms of biology, I cannot be considered a human!”

The system stated.

Sun Mo pointed a middle-finger in his heart.

“In the system’s definition, ‘thoroughly and whole-heartedly convinced’ means she admits that she is inferior and feels worship for you in her heart. Simply speaking, she has to become your crazy fan!”

The system explained.

“I’m a teacher, not an idol. Why would I need fans?”

Sun Mo was speechless.

“This is not within my consideration scope. In any case, please work hard.”

The system’s mechanical voice was emotionless.

Sun Mo looked at Gu Xiuxun who was lying on the bed. His hands which were massaging her involuntarily exerted more force. (This is all your fault!)

“Aiya, it’s so comfortable. This amount of strength is just right, can you knead more to the left?”

Gu Xiuxun suddenly let out some moans that sounded the same as the purring of a house cat when it was being rubbed.


Sun Mo slapped Gu Xiuxun’s body. (You are actually moaning? I’m not pressing anymore!)


Gu Xunxun called out. After that, she hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, I was too nervous. Please continue, I won’t scream anymore!”

(After all, I’m a beauty that hasn’t been touched by guys before. This reaction is normal, right?)


Sun Mo was speechless. He knew that the masochist thought the slap was a part of the ancient massaging technique.

“It has ended!”

Sun Mo got up and went to wash his hands.

“Eh? Are you in a bad mood?”

Gu Xiuxun could see that Sun Mo’s countenance was somewhat unsightly. After that, she began to blame herself. (Yeah, although we are friends, I’ve always been taking advantage of him. This isn’t too good.”

“Wh...why don’t you teach me the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands? I will massage you in the future?”

Gu Xiuxun mumbled.

Sun Mo glanced at the masochist.

“Eh, don’t misunderstand. It isn’t that I want to secretly learn your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. I’m only saying casually. Just pretend that you didn’t hear that!”

Gu Xiuxun explained as she panicked, silently scolding herself for not being considerate.

For such a cultivation art, even in a family, it would only be passed down to males and not females. By saying what she said, she was simply inviting ridicule onto herself, making everyone feel embarrassed.


Sun Mo agreed.

“I was only joking, you don’t have to agree because you are embarrassed. We are still close friends!”

Gu Xiuxun continued to explain awkwardly. But after hearing Sun Mo’s words, she was stunned. “Mn? What did you say?”

“I said sure!”

Sun Mo smiled. This was a good plan. Firstly, he could enjoy a massage by this beauty. But there was a need to sign a contract to determine she had to massage him a certain number of times per month.

Secondly, Gu Xiuxun was a teacher. After learning the ancient massaging technique, she could use it on her students and improve their physical condition as well.

“Hehe, this joke isn’t funny!”

Gu Xiuxun’s smile was a little stiff. (Quick, tell me you are joking!)

Honestly speaking, the masochist was a little scared.

“I’m not joking. I can teach it to you, but there are conditions!”

Sun Mo directly looked into Gu Xiuxun’s eyes.

“No, I won’t learn it. This must be a cultivation art handed down in your clan. I...I...”

Gu Xiuxun stuttered. She wanted to say that even if she was his wife, she wouldn’t be qualified to learn.

“Good knowledge should be circulated out so more people can benefit from it.”

Although Sun Mo put it this way, he was only willing to teach it to her due to their familiarity with each other. He felt that she was quite a good friend.

If it was some other teachers asking him about it, he would definitely refuse.

Gu Xiuxun’s expression turned solemn. She looked at Sun Mo and spoke with a heavy tone, “It’s impossible for me to marry you as a concubine. Firstly, I don’t like you. Secondly, I cannot destroy sister Xinhui’s family.”

After Gu Xiuxun spoke, she felt that her words were too hurtful and inaccurate. Hence, she corrected herself. “Actually, it’s not that I don’t like you. I do like you, but just a bit, a tiny bit.”

As the masochist spoke, she even stretched out her right hand and made a gesture with her thumb and index finger. “Yeah, just a tiny bit!”

Sun Mo felt a toothache. There was no way for him to continue with this topic. “It’s fine if you don’t want to learn!”


After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Gu Xiuxun heaved a sigh of relief. She instantly felt like there was a weight off her mind. (Damn, I feel so stressed and pressured after being trusted by Sun Mo so much.)

Gu Xiuxun was a very traditional woman. The ancient massaging technique was a peerless saint-tier cultivation art. If she learned it, she would own an unimaginably huge favor. How should she pay him back?

Sun Mo treated her as his best friend and wanted to teach it to her. In that case, she should cherish this friendship and choose not to learn it, allowing this relationship to be equal.

“I...I’ll leave first!”

Gu Xiuxun left.

“Teacher Gu is so principled!”

Lu Zhiruo praised. (Being able to maintain her original heart in the face of a saint-tier cultivation art. Teacher Gu is so impressive!)

Outside the door, Gu Xiuxun’s back was facing the wall. One of her hands was clutching the area of her shirt before her chest.

“Boohoohoo, Gu Xiuxun, you stupid woman. Why are you persisting so much? That’s a saint-tier cultivation art. After learning it, it would benefit you for your entire life.”

Gu Xiuxun felt an intense heartache. (Also, Sun Mo, do you have to bring up such a topic? Hmph, if there’s a next time, I will definitely sleep with you.)

(Aiya, it’s a sin, it’s a sin!)

(What am I thinking about? I cannot let my future husband down!)

Gu Xiuxun returned to her room. However, her impression of Sun Mo was much better than before. Sun Mo was definitely a generous and impressive man.

If the situation was reversed and she was the one with such a cultivation art, she absolutely wouldn’t be willing to teach it to others.

(In any case, how many saint-tier cultivation arts does Sun Mo know now?)

(It seems to be six?)

(I wonder where that fellow learned them from. This really invokes so much jealousy that one’s facial expression would contort when facing him!)

Actually, Sun Mo didn’t expect there would be such an ending.

To cultivators, a top cultivation art was like a luxurious car. As long as one could afford it, who wouldn’t wish to buy it?

Yet, Gu Xiuxun actually rejected it?

After coming to the Nine Provinces, this was the first time Sun Mo was impressed by a teacher.

The masochist’s actions had truly taken him by surprise.

“Teacher, I will definitely learn the ancient massaging technique well!”

Lu Zhiruo blamed herself. It was her fault for not being proficient enough with it, which led to the fact that her teacher had no way to enjoy a good massage.

Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl’s head and started to open his treasure chests. There were two silver treasure chests now. No matter what, he should be able to at least get a good item from them, right?


“Congratulations, you obtained 1x time emblem!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. It seemed like Wang Su’s status as a 4-star great teacher didn’t really boost his luck and allow him to open a top-tier item.


A clicking sound rang out. When the light faded, a badly damaged turtle shell could be seen. It was roughly the size of a wok.


“Congratulations on obtaining a mysterious, damaged turtle shell.”

Sun Mo had a look of astonishment on his face. “What can this be used for?”

“When you gather seven turtle shells, you will naturally understand. If not, you can depend on your intelligence to figure it out yourself.”

The system explained.

“Figure your head!”

Sun Mo really felt like biting the system. Matters like this were the most annoying. Right now, he still had that four fragmented map pieces, and he was lacking the last piece. Other than pulling it out from a treasure chest, he had no other way to obtain it.


The atmosphere here was different from the atmosphere of joy in the Central Province Academy. Starting from a few days ago, the atmosphere in the Myriad Daos Academy was extremely heavy, just like a storm.

The results from the ‘C’ grade tournament had been reported back. They failed to ascend to the ‘B’ grade.

One must know that Headmaster Cao spent a vast sum of funds for the sake of trying to ascend to the ‘B’ grade. He even tapped on his favors and hired 4-star great teachers like Yue Rongbo and his great teacher group. In the end, the effect was so insignificant.

“What are those students doing? Their performances are like shit!”

In the headmaster office, Headmaster Cao smashed many vases. Also, Yue Rongbo’s performance was worthy of praise, but it was still not enough.

(I want to ascend to the ‘B’ grade. Since you can’t achieve it, you are trash.)

Naturally, Cao Xian’s original plan was to use three years to ascend to the ‘B’ grade. However, this plan wasn’t feasible now because the Central Province Academy had succeeded in ascending to the ‘C’ grade.

“They actually became the champion for one of the three rounds!”

After thinking of this, Cao Xian felt so angry that his liver felt pain. Originally, the Myriad Daos Academy was clearly on top, suppressing the Central Province Academy. In the end, the Central Province Academy actually caught up to them directly.

In the student recruitment meet next year, the Myriad Daos Academy would no longer have a way to use their ‘superior’ status to attract new students. As time passed, this would result in a vicious cycle.

“No, I definitely cannot allow the Central Province Academy to climb on top of my head!”

Cao Xian’s heart was filled with anxiety. He went and sat before his office desk and started to flip through the information about the Central Province Academy.

Sun Mo’s name kept appearing in the information.

One could say that if there was no Sun Mo, the Central Province Academy wouldn’t be able to win the championship. It would even be a problem for them to ascend to the ‘C’ grade!

“Sun Mo?”

Cao Xian mumbled, he then felt a deep sense of regret. (How good would it have been if I managed to poach him over back then? Should I try it again?)

(Yes, I definitely should try to poach him once more!)

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