Absolute Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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Dawn just arrived and Sun Mo woke up. After looking through the window, he closed his eyes again, preparing to sleep longer. However, he wasn’t able to fall asleep anymore.

“Could it be that I was born to lead a tiring life?”

Sun Mo self-mockingly laughed.

The chirping of the birds rang out from outside the window elatedly. Evidently, they caught some worms and would have a sumptuous breakfast.

Sun Mo turned over.

The soft blanket and the large bed caused Sun Mo to inhale deeply.

Although he wasn’t able to game or watch movies in this world, his current quality of life really wasn’t bad.

In the modern era, even if he worked every day for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t be able to afford such a huge villa. There was no need to mention the fact that there would be maids to serve him every time he returned home.

Sun Mo was still too kind after all. If he was slightly more ruthless, he would have bedded Dong He already.

After all, they were in an era where feudalism was at its peak. In the Nine Provinces, if Sun Mo slept with a maid, not only would it not be considered bad conduct, but everyone would think that he was giving special favor to the maid.

If Dong He got pregnant and gave birth to a son, she would be able to overturn her situation as a servant!

To Dong He, the goal of her entire life was this. She basically didn’t dare to dream about being someone’s official wife. Being a concubine was already good enough.

“Feudalism is rubbish!”

Sun Mo spoke ruthlessly in disdain. After that, he pondered whether he should head to a brothel for a stroll. After all, he had arrived in Jinling for more than half a year. This palace was filled with brothels and famed courtesans, but he had never experienced something like that before.

(Really, what’s the use of my iron rod*?)

Then again, there ought to be someone leading the way for something like this, right? If he went alone, wouldn’t he be ‘slaughtered’?

Sun Mo thought about it and realized that he didn’t even have a male friend. No, Zheng Qingfang could be considered one, but given his status, how was it possible for him to visit prostitutes so openly?

In addition, given his age...what if he died in ecstasy on the bed?

Yue Rongbo was another friend, but as a 4-star great teacher, he probably wouldn’t do such a thing either.

“Yeah, I better go now when I’m still young. In the future, after I become famous, how would I dare to behave like this?”

Sun Mo’s thoughts flew wildly about and he couldn’t fall asleep even more.

There was no solution to this. Right now, he was at the divine force realm, and his body was as strong as a horse. Looking at the blanket covering his lower body, he could see something resembling Mt. Everest. It was his morning wood.

After that, Sun Mo got up from the bed and prepared to head to the backyard, to cultivate and vent his excess energy. In the end, he discovered that Qi Shengjia was sitting in the living room.

After seeing Sun Mo’s arrival, the honest guy quickly stood up and greeted him.

“Good morning, teacher!”

The honest guy had a very respectful expression.

Every morning, he would go to the Wind King Divine Hall via the teleportation gate to cultivate. Today, because Sun Mo had returned, he decided to wait here to greet him.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight as he swept his gaze over Qi Shengjia’s body.

Although the honest guy had improved a lot, his stats were still unsightly. Anyone else with such cultivation resources would have stood out brilliantly in the Central Province Academy.

“Being hardworking to this extent is already enough. You must not fall behind in the cultural classes.”

Sun Mo guided.

Other than alchemy and weaponsmithing, the Central Province Academy also had cultural classes where the students had to study things like the Hundred Schools of Thought. Although they didn’t need to be proficient in it, they had to understand a little at the very least.

“I understand!”

Qi Shengjia didn’t like those classes, but he would do whatever Sun Mo told him to. In any case, Sun Mo would never harm him.

“Training is to strengthen your body, while studying can develop your intellect. In the future, I don’t want you to end up as someone in the legendary realm with the intellect of a retard.”

Sun Mo didn’t want Qi Shengjia to suffer in the future due to not learning about cultural stuff.

Qi Shengjia respectfully listened as he did his best to remember every word Sun Mo said.

“Alright, you can head to the backyard and wait for me first. I will teach you a set of cultivation art!”

Sun Mo also called Lu Zhiruo. In any case, teaching one person and two had no difference at all.

The sun rose slowly, casting its golden rays down.

Sun Mo cast Encyclopedic Knowledge to boost the conditions of the two students. After that, he executed a slowed-down version of the Dharma Skyshock Fist with a serious expression on his face.

Presenting Borrowed Flowers to Buddha!

Ancient Buddha Oil Lamp!


What was a saint-tier cultivation art?

It meant that each and every move contained a powerful aura. Besides, this set of moves was executed by a genius like Sun Mo. Hence, it was really as though Dharma had come back to life, and his fist shook the entire world.

Let alone a student like Qi Shengjia who didn’t have much experience, even Dong He, who had no inkling about cultivation, was deeply shocked.

As Sun Mo executed the moves, Dong He’s legs trembled. She felt fear and an impulse to kneel in worship toward him.

This divine buddha seemed to be vanquishing evil and subduing all demons!

When Dong He stood before Sun Mo, she felt like a weak flickering flame in the midst of a raging gust of wind. She was tiny, inconsequential, and pitiful and could be extinguished at any time.

Ordinary people who didn’t cultivate wouldn’t be able to withstand the aura.

“Look seriously!”

After executing it one time in slow motion, Sun Mo started the second round of execution at normal speed. This time, his aura was even more shocking.

The gusts created by his punches were too strong. Dong He wasn’t able to bear it. Her legs gave up as she sat down on the ground and panted. Even the tea she brought over was now spilled.

Lu Zhiruo hurriedly ran over to help her up.

“When I’m training, it’s better for you not to come over!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“This slave was wrong. I shouldn’t sneak a peek at Master guiding his students!”

Dong He, who just stood up, hurriedly knelt again. There was a tragic look of pleading on her face. “This slave knows her mistake. Master, please administer my punishment!”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. You can just leave first!”

Sun Mo waved his hands.

Seeing Dong He retreating, Gu Xiuxun smiled. “Your heart is so vast. Are you not afraid she would secretly learn your cultivation art?”

The masochist was very curious. (This is a saint-tier cultivation art, don’t you know how valuable it is?)

“She has no talent in martial arts.”

Sun Mo had long since used Divine Sight and inspected Dong He. If her talent was enough, he would also be willing to teach her a few defensive moves.

“Also, it doesn’t matter even if she learns it.”

Sun Mo suddenly thought of a sentence – ‘cleaning’ one’s household*. He wondered if he would have a chance to do so in the future.

“You are too magnanimous. If Dong He knew that the cultivation art she saw earlier was a peerless-grade saint-tier one, she most probably would be frightened to death!”

Gu Xiuxun laughed while sighing emotionally in her heart. By possessing so many saint-tier cultivation arts, one could do anything they wanted. Sun Mo didn’t even mind if others secretly learned a few.

Right now, the masochist finally believed that Sun Mo had truly intended to teach her the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands last night.

One must know that she wasn’t Dong He. Her talent was very high. When Sun Mo was teaching his students and explaining the critical parts of the Dharma Skyshock Fist, she only took a few glances and could already understand many parts of it.

However, Sun Mo seemed to have no intention of concealing the art from her.

“Are you not worried that I would learn it?”

Gu Xiuxun was so curious that she wanted to die.

“Are we not good friends?”

Sun Mo chortled. This Dharma Skyshock Fist was too easily obtained, hence, he didn’t really mind it. If it was the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art or Immemorial Vairocana, Sun Mo would definitely not allow the masochist to watch.

“‘Good friends’, these two words make me feel as though I’m worth a thousand gold!”

Gu Xiuxun bitterly smiled. “In any case, I’ve already seen it. If I still try to avoid it, it would mean that I’m pretentious!”

“Just learn if you want to.”

Sun Mo shrugged. “But don’t blame me for not reminding you. You are most suited for learning swords, with spears as a close second. As for punches and kicks, you won’t have too high of an accomplishment if you train in them.”

Simply speaking, Gu Xiuxun was a weak girl and didn’t have enough punching and kicking force. Unless she was willing to stuff herself with food and became a ‘tank’, ehh muscular girl, she wouldn’t be able to unleash the might of Dharma Skyshock Fist.

“You really like to lecture others!”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. “I know my flaws.”

Although the masochist was joking around, she was impressed and admired Sun Mo from the bottom of her heart.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +1,000. Reverence (13,500/100,000).

“Gaining 1,000 favorable impression points just from allowing the masochist to watch a saint-tier cultivation art. I’ve profited!”

Sun Mo was joyful.

As the two of them spoke, Qi Shengjia was frightened.

(T...this is actually a peerless saint-tier cultivation art?)

(My heavens, I’m actually so lucky to learn such a powerful cultivation art?)

(Am I dreaming?)


The honest guy directly knelt to Sun Mo. After that, he started to kowtow with force.

Other than doing this, he didn’t know how to display the agitation and gratitude in his heart.

(Teacher Sun really treats me too well!)


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +10,000. Reverence (25,900/100,000.)

Sun Mo was badly frightened by the humongous number of favorable impression points contributed by Qi Shengjia. (How much can you trust someone? Are you not suspicious that Gu Xiuxun’s words might be false?)

(With your intellect, I’m afraid you will become a ‘picker*’. Even if the child isn’t yours, you would accept it. That’s truly terrifying.)

“Get up!”

Sun Mo instructed, “You only know how to kneel, what do you think you look like?”

Although Sun Mo was berating the honest guy, when he saw Qi Shengjia’s forehead was bleeding and swollen, he was very grateful in his heart.

At the very least, the honest guy knew gratitude.

“Teacher, how am I...worthy?”

Qi Shengjia cried, his tears were simply unceasable. (I am so stupid, so why is Teacher treating me so well?)

Amidst his bewilderment, the honest guy was also worried that he might not live up to Sun Mo’s expectations.

That was a peerless saint-tier cultivation art after all. (How would I, a salted fish, be qualified to learn this?)

“Shut up!”

Sun Mo frowned and scolded. “If you even look down on yourself, how would others look up to you?”

Priceless Advice was activated. The light of the great teacher halo illuminated the surroundings.


Gu Xiuxun was speechless. (You would really grab hold of every opportunity to use Priceless Advice, right?) She then recalled the ‘exchanging 500 glances in the past life, for a brief encounter in this life’ spoken by Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was speaking golden words every day, and this really caused her to be jealous. But Gu Xiuxun also admitted that the sentence he spoke to Qi Shengjia was exceptionally correct.

One must first grow a spine and look up to oneself before others would do so!

The honest guy immediately lowered his head.

“Puff out your chest and lift your head. Open your eyes and look at me!”

Sun Mo roared.

“Right now, you are someone who won twice at the battle hall test and a member who stayed there for six months. In the eyes of others, you are a target worthy of envy. Can’t you be a little more confident?”

“This is all thanks to Teacher. If it wasn’t for Teacher’s meticulous guidance, I would definitely not have such achievements!”

Qi Shengjia was terrified.

“Shut up!”

Sun Mo had no choice but to be angry. It was very rare for him to meet someone with such a weak personality. “If it wasn’t for you putting your life on stake and working hard every single day, sweating so much sweat, how could you have your current achievements?”

“All the sweat you perspired would feel reluctance and cry just by looking at your behavior!”


Priceless Advice was activated again!

[1] his p*nis

[2] It’s usually used when someone wants to clean (kill) their clan/sect of traitorous/rebellious people.

[3] picker – for e.g. a girl is pregnant, she got a new boyfriend that’s not the father and the boyfriend doesn’t mind.

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