Absolute Great Teacher
421 Living In A Luxurious Manor, Appreciating Famous Tea, One Should Live Like Sun Mo Does!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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421 Living In A Luxurious Manor, Appreciating Famous Tea, One Should Live Like Sun Mo Does!


When Ludi saw that Sun Mo’s gaze darted to the basin at the side, he immediately became spirited. (Is there finally a chance to display my advantage? Although I might not be great as an educator, in terms of braising pig trotter, I’m sorry, I can confidently say this whenever and wherever that everyone else is just trash!)

“Teacher Sun, these are pig trotters that I braised. I used a newly invented recipe that not only increased the texture but also mediated the greasiness. There’s no need to worry about getting fat from eating it.”

Ludi smiled and introduced. As he did so, he opened up the basin and a fragrance permeated.

Jin Mujie couldn’t help but take a sniff.

It smelled so nice!

However, what was more amazing was the fire control. The skin and flesh were soft but not mushy. The fats from the bones had also been brought out from the stewing, and the unique fragrance integrated into the meat, further increasing the aroma.


Sun Mo assessed Sun Mo. (You must be a great chef in your previous life, right? Then you had taken an arrow in the knee and became a teacher.)

“Teacher Jin, would you like to give it a taste?”

Ludi recommended, “Usually, people don’t dare to eat much out of fear of getting fat. However, no matter how much you eat my pig trotters, there’s no need to worry.”

Jin Mujie threw a glance at Sun Mo then rejected. (How can I chew on a pig trotter in front of Sun Mo? It’s too damaging to my image as a woman.)

“Teacher Lu!”

Sun Mo tried to think about how he should say it in order to not hurt Ludi’s pride.

Ludi immediately sat up straight, looking like he was willing to accept guidance. “Teacher Sun, please give me your guidance!”

“Your aptitude isn’t bad. As long as you put in more effort on your path of becoming a great teacher, you’ll be able to succeed.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Teacher Sun, I know what I am like.”

Ludi smiled in self-mockery.

“Teacher Lu, you’ve experienced working hard until you’ve reached your limit, right?”

Sun Mo asked.

Ludi fell silent. He immediately recalled back in the days when his father fell to illness, and he could only take on the family business. Back then, he spent five days without sleeping or resting, only braising countless pig trotters.

It was back then when his skill surged. He was capable of going on by himself.

“Use the time you spend on braising pig trotters on improving yourself!”

Sun Mo patted Ludi’s shoulder. “You’re a teacher after all. Don’t let your talent down!”

Ludi fell silent.

“Teacher Lu, don’t think about all the tricks and dishonest practices. They are useless. Whether or not you can remain in the school will eventually depend on your real capabilities.”

Jin Mujie’s words were a little sharp, but they were the truth.

“Teacher Jin, I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

Ludi quickly got up and gave a bow. He knew that Jin Mujie had only said this in view of Sun Mo’s account.

“Which great teacher are you following at the moment?”

Jin Mujie asked.

“It’s Teacher Zhou, Zhou Shanyi!”

At the mention of this name, Ludi felt gloomy again. This great teacher was a colleague who shared the same office as Sun Mo.

Jin Mujie nodded, no longer saying anything. However, Ludi became excited.

This was how important characters were. They merely touched on the surface of things. Jin Mujie would definitely mention him privately to Teacher Zhou.

Given Jin Mujie’s status in the Central Province Academy, Zhou Shanyi would definitely have to give her face. Ludi would be able to get more opportunities in the future.

At the very least, he could spend more effort into accumulating experience and not rely on braising pig trotters to get into Zhou Shanyi’s good books, thereby receiving good ratings.

The conversation ended on a happy note.

Ludi left the villa, feeling happy as if there was a small bird hidden in his heart. He had a strong urge to sing. Sun Mo was quite easy to get along with!


Favorable impression points from Ludi +100. Friendly (430/1,000).

“I’ll have to buck up so that in the future, I’ll be able to stay in a luxurious manor, have beautiful maids, and live a life above others.”

Ludi swung his fist to cheer himself up. (When I become famous, I also want to chat happily with beautiful female great teachers like Jin Mujie.)

In the villa, Sun Mo looked at Jin Mujie. “There won’t be any problems?”

“I will only be mentioning it to Teacher Zhou, giving Ludi some more chances.”

Jin Mujie no longer took intern teachers under her wing. However, she had been through the phase in the past and knew that it wasn’t easy for intern teachers. If they were to find themselves with a harsh guiding teacher, it’d simply be torture. Not only would they have to be tired out every day, but they would also have to receive scoldings. Most importantly, they wouldn’t be able to gain any experience.

“This is probably a little bit of an unnecessary move. Given your current reputation, if you were to mention something to Teacher Zhou, he would be very happy to take care of Ludi.”

Jin Mujie smiled.

Sun Mo was destined to have a great future. Hence, Zhou Shanyi would definitely grab hold of the opportunity to do a favor to someone like him.

“Thank you, Teacher Jin.”

Sun Mo took a sip of tea. “If you have anything you want me to do in the future, please feel free to tell me!”

“You’re standing too much on ceremony by saying thanks. You can give me a massage!”

Jin Mujie touched her face. “I want that skin-beautifying technique. I’ve overworked recently and I feel that I’ve gotten dark circles.”


Sun Mo nodded. It could be said to be an enjoyment to give Jin Mujie a massage.

Jin Mujie’s eyes lit up. “What about doing it now?”

“Let’s go!”

Jin Mujie couldn’t wait. She took Sun Mo’s hand and headed upstairs.

Sun Mo’s finger bones weren’t bad. They were long and slender, strong, had perfect arches, and were of a suitable toughness. It’d be good if she could collect one of them!

However, it was fine. Jin Mujie suddenly felt a little agitated at the thought of how she’d be able to enjoy a massage from these few finger bones.


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +100. Friendly (3,460/10,000).


Sun Mo was stunned, not because Jin Mujie had contributed favorable impression points, but because this beautiful teacher was exerting strength in her grip. Moreover, she seemed to be pinching and admiring them.

At the next instant, Sun Mo felt a little bit of a shudder.

He hadn’t forgotten that Jin Mujie was a woman who had a hobby of collecting bones.

“She couldn’t be thinking of chopping off my fingers to soak them in formalin, could she?”

Sun Mo wasn’t that much of a narcissist to think that Jin Mujie would fall in love with him.

The ancient massaging technique started very quickly.

Outside the guest room, Dong He had her ears against the wooden doors, listening to the sounds inside. An astonished expression crept up on her face.

“Master is so amazing. To think that he can conquer such a great woman like Jin Mujie. It’s no wonder he doesn’t care about me.”

Dong He’s heart was filled with intense disappointment.

Although it had only been a few days since Dong He became Sun Mo’s maid, Jin Mujie was too famous. As she was beautiful and strong, she was one of the signboards for the Central Province Academy. Therefore, Dong He knew a lot of rumors about her.

“Oh my, I heard that Jin Mujie likes to collect bones. She won’t kill Master and make him into a skeletal specimen due to her overwhelming love for him, right?”

Dong He started to feel worried.


Rest days felt very good. But what was even better?

It was to have rest days after having a lot of money and being able to buy or play whatever one wanted. There wasn’t a need to worry about not having enough money to spend.

Right now, Sun Mo had a few sources of income.

The Wind King’s spirit stone vein was considered a battle resource. They wouldn’t be sold and thus couldn’t be converted to cash. However, Sun Mo invested in An Xinhui.

The Giant Medicine Packet Workshop had started operations, and the demand was more than the supply. Every month, Sun Mo would be able to get several hundred thousands of silver.

Once the workshop expanded, this number would surge on. However, Sun Mo didn’t take this money. He let An Xinhui increase the investment in this. He wanted to rapidly take over the market and expand the Central Province Academy’s influence.


Sun Mo wasn’t lacking in it. What he lacked was talent. As the giant medicine packets’ sales surged, reaching an extent where it was known by everyone, the students of suitable ages would definitely think of the Central Province Academy first when choosing the school to enroll in.

This was Sun Mo’s final goal.

Why would students want to come to your school?

It was because you could bring them practical improvement. Given the Central Province Academy’s current finances and reputation, it was still impossible to headhunt great teachers of a high star level. Therefore, Sun Mo could only entice the students by offering benefits.

Each month, every student would be issued a giant medicine packet for free. Students with outstanding results and ranked in the top few would be given more. This was definitely a huge attraction.

Other than these, Sun Mo also had over two million taels that were all saved in the Central Province Academy’s treasury. One sum was what he had gotten after killing Daoist White Bird, another was money he had received after the Jinling Governor confiscated the Zhou Clan’s assets.

This money was sufficient for Sun Mo to have fun in all the top brothels of Jinling. However, he didn’t let himself loose like that. Instead, he went to the old headmaster’s private library, grasping the time to improve himself.

After all, it was only two months until the 1-star great teacher exam.

The times spent reading alone were happy ones. The only problem was the guardian warrior, who had a height of over two meters. The guardian warrior was always sneaking looks at him.


When it was close to the new year, Qi Siyuan left the school in advance and headed home. On the second day, he wore a light coat, brought along his saber, rode a great horse, and headed straight for the Drunken Immortal Inn.

He had several good friends who were hosting a banquet here to receive him.

“Brother Qi, you’re late!”

“Brother Qi, it’s been one year since we’ve last met. Your demeanor looks better than before!”

“Brother Qi, quick, bottoms up!”

Sumptuous dishes were quickly served up and wine was brought out. They started to drink to their fill.

Qi Siyuan had a great character to begin with. In addition to his mother being the elder sister of the Great Tang’s Emperor, this member of the royal family enjoyed a greater status than some other princes due to his mother’s influence.

Toward the end of the meal.

After Qi Siyuan brought up some trifling matters concerning the school, someone spoke up.

“Brother Qi, I heard that her Highness has been staying at your place recently. Why didn’t you bring her along? You should let us meet the pure and elegant princess!”

After a round-faced young man said this, the countenance of Bai Ziyu, who was sitting next to Qi Siyuan, changed. He let out a low bellow.

“Bian Yuanshan, have you had too much to drink?”

Bai Ziyu secretly glanced at Qi Siyuan’s expression as he said this. He knew well how much his good friend doted on his cousin.

The tone and the way Bian Yuanshan had said it when asking Qi Siyuan to bring his sister out to meet them sounded as if he was choosing a famous prostitute. It was too frivolous.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》