Absolute Great Teacher
423 Teacher for a Day, Father for Life. Everyone, Kneel Down!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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423 Teacher for a Day, Father for Life. Everyone, Kneel Down!


Men didn’t have much resistance against beautiful women.

In the great summer, if ten men were to encounter a beautiful girl dressed in stockings, short skirts, and high heels, nine of them would sneak a peek. The remaining one just didn’t have the guts to do it.

This was the reproduction instinct that living creatures had. There was nothing to feel embarrassed about. The males would often get into a fight in order to woo their mates.

Why would there be people currying up to women?

It was because beauties were rare resources. The more beautiful a woman, the greater the yearning for men to marry them, and the price they paid would be increasingly bigger as well. This was a never-changing law.

An Xinhui was very beautiful and her figure was great. Other than that, she was also extremely talented, a top graduate of the Heavenly Mystery Academy, one of the Nine Greats. She was a talent of the century and was recognized as the school’s top beauty. Right now, she was a 3-star great teacher whose reputation had spread through the entire Jinling and also the Headmaster of the Central Province Academy.

With so many positive traits added together, many men would feel inferior in front of An Xinhui. Other than secretly sneaking a few looks to satisfy themselves, they didn’t dare to confess to her in person.

Even a genius like Liu Mubai would only dare to woo An Xinhui officially after clinching the honor of obtaining three stars in a single year.

Right now, An Xinhui had taken the initiative to kiss Sun Mo. Her face was also filled with embarrassment, looking like someone who was just exposed to the feelings of love.

To be honest, there was a throb in Sun Mo’s heart. Then, his heart was filled to the brim by the feeling of superiority.

There was no other way out. Even a saint had seven emotions and six desires, let alone an ordinary person like Sun Mo.

“If I were to take a selfie of An Xinhui kissing me and post it online, there’d definitely be a big bunch of people eating lemons. No, they’d instantly turn into a lemon spirit, having a strong urge to crawl along the network and come to chop me, right?”

Sun Mo’s mind was in a disarray. He then despised himself strongly.

“Coarse! Extremely coarse!”

After Sun Mo cursed, he was stunned and looked toward An Xinhui. He suddenly realized. (Did I just freaking lose my first kiss?)

It just happened that An Xinhui was sneaking glances at Sun Mo. Their gazes clashed, and then An Xinhui’s gaze escaped like a small rabbit, panicking.

“Judging from how clumsy Sun Mo looks, this should be his first time as well!”

After noticing this small detail, An Xinhui couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Her lips also curled up into a hint of a smile. At the very least, Sun Mo was still pure. (He should still like me. Otherwise, given how handsome and talented he is, how could he possibly not have a girlfriend?)


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +100. Respect (7,602/10,000).

Sun Mo was stunned. (I didn’t do anything. Why would you contribute favorable impression points? Could it be that An Xinhui really likes me?)

Due to this little intimacy, neither of them knew what to say. Amidst the awkward atmosphere, there was a hint of warmth.

“This can’t do. I’m a guy! I can’t cower!”

Sun Mo encouraged himself and was about to say something to break the awkward atmosphere when he suddenly heard a heavy thud.

The two of them turned their heads and saw the guardian warrior’s head rolling out like a ripened watermelon. It then darted behind the bookshelves with a swoosh.

A few seconds later, the guardian warrior probed his body out to observe the situation once again. It didn’t expect Sun Mo and An Xinhui to still be looking in its direction, and it darted back with another swoosh.


Sun Mo broke out in heavy sweat. What guardian? He was clearly just a fool!

“I... I’ll be making a move first!”

An Xinhui’s face flushed up. At the thought of how she had kissed Sun Mo, and it was very likely that the guardian warrior had witnessed the entire thing, she felt so embarrassed that her face was red. She couldn’t stay any longer and quickly turned to leave.

The guardian warrior crawled out, assuming an OTL pose. Then, it started searching around again. When it found its head and pressed it back, it held the katana on its waist and left in big strides once again.

“Do you think that I’ll forget the earlier scene just because you assumed an impressive manner?”

Sun Mo’s mouth twitched.


The guardian warrior’s body trembled slightly, but it didn’t stop moving. It turned to disappear behind the bookshelves.

After this incident, Sun Mo had no interest in reading anymore. He went back to the villa to rest and study the darkness illusion gemstone. He didn’t want to fail and waste this precious secret treasure.

There weren’t many sceneries in the cold winter, so Sun Mo walked very fast. When he arrived at the villa, he realized that over ten young men and women had gathered on the stone path. Judging from their age, they were only about 15 to 16 years old. The oldest of them weren’t older than 18 years old.


When they saw Sun Mo, the gazes of Qi Siyuan’s group turned over.

Sun Mo was very calm. However, he knew that these people were looking for him because this villa belonged to the old Headmaster and had a very good geographical location. The other few villas around were a bit further away.

A young man with a big nose walked over and called out at Sun Mo arrogantly, “You’re Sun Mo?”

“Mind your words. Call me Teacher Sun!”

Sun Mo reminded.

“Tsk, Teacher Sun? Do you have any stars?”

The big-nosed guy looked toward Sun Mo’s chest with a disdainful expression. It was because there wasn’t a single star there.

“Not even a single star but still asking people to call him teacher? How much face does this guy think that he has?”

“What a joke!”

“Teacher Sun! Teacher Sun! Are you satisfied now?”

A few young men said mockingly.

Qi Siyuan was a little prince and had a dignified status. Only those from top aristocratic families would be able to get close to him. Since young, he assumed a position of superiority.

That was why he didn’t think much of Sun Mo as a teacher. After all, their private tutors all had stars. Moreover, just one star wasn’t enough either.

Almost all the schools issued teacher attires that had been embellished with the teacher’s star grade on their chest. It was because this was a symbol of honor and strength!

There weren’t any stars in front of Sun Mo’s chest. This meant that he wasn’t even a 1-star great teacher.

Of course, the reason why these few young men ridiculed Sun Mo was to help Qi Siyuan vent. They had already found out about things.

Her Highness Li Ziqi really did acknowledge Sun Mo as her teacher.

After all, given how famous Sun Mo was, the little sunny egg was considered to have a bit of a reputation in the school as his first disciple.

Qi Siyuan was very angry, so everyone had to help him teach Sun Mo a lesson.

“I’ll warn you guys one last time. Shut up!”

Sun Mo’s countenance sank. Who would feel happy to have a bunch of youngsters pointing at their nose and scolding them?

“What? You’re angry?”

The big-nosed young man mocked, sticking out his index finger and trying to poke Sun Mo’s chest. “When you deceived her Highness, you should have expected this day to come!”


Before the big-nosed young man could poke his chest, Sun Mo suddenly put out his hand and grabbed the man’s finger. He then bent it up hard.


A crisp sound of bone breaking rang out.


The big-nosed young man cried out agonizingly. He was then kicked in the kneecaps by Sun Mo, which sent him up into the air and made him kneel onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Let go of him!”

“How dare you beat someone up? Do you believe that I’ll tell An Xinhui to have you fired?”

“Come and take a look! A teacher is beating up someone! Are there any laws here?”

The group of young men started shouting, especially Bian Yuanshan, whose tone and expression looked very disgusting.

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly together that they could clamp a crab to death. He then activated his Divine Sight to observe these young men. Without exception, all of them had noble statuses.

And judging from the data, although these people weren’t considered school bullies in their school, they were people who had their way with things. After all, with their family background, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to offend them.

“What? You want to beat me up? Come on!”

Bian Yuanshan clenched his right fist. “If you dare to make a move, I’ll go to An Xinhui and the Saint Gate to report you for beating up students without any reason. You can just wait to have your rights of being a teacher taken away from you!”

“Don’t cower, beat him up!”

Someone mocked. However, the person had just finished saying this when a golden halo erupted from this extremely young teacher’s body.


The light halo radiated out in all directions. The legs of all the students who were encompassed by it stopped listening to instructions.

Plop! Plop!

All the second generation noblemen dropped to their knees without any exception, and the force in which they did so was almost going to smash the floor.

“What the hell?”

“Teacher for a Day, Father for Life?”

Their countenances changed. How could this guy have a great teacher halo of this level? Didn’t they say that this was a Rest in Peace halo that only the old men would have?


Bai Ziyu’s lungs almost exploded from fury and he felt like cursing. However, he wasn’t able to say a word. He wanted to get up, but it felt as if there was a big mountain pressing down on him. He wasn’t able to budge.

“Since your parents didn’t teach you how to treat people, then I’ll do it on their behalf!”

Sun Mo spoke up and then looked toward Qi Siyuan.

Qi Siyuan knelt on the ground, looking stunned. He was a little surprised at how powerful Sun Mo was.

After coming to the Central Province Academy and ascertaining that his cousin had indeed acknowledged a teacher called Sun Mo as her personal teacher, Qi Siyuan was so angry that he felt like killing someone. He felt that his younger sister had been tainted.

(You’re a teacher without any stars. Who are you to teach my cousin? You’re clearly wasting her talents!)

After finding out Sun Mo’s residence and in the time taken to wait for him, Qi Siyuan started to think about how he could absolve this teacher-student relationship, and how to minimize the negative influence to the lowest degree.

No matter what status a person had, changing a teacher was something extremely detrimental to their reputation.

Qi Siyuan allowed these people to mock and create trouble for Sun Mo, wanting to see how Sun Mo would handle the situation. He wanted to test out Sun Mo’s character before coming up with a plan. However, he didn’t expect Mingyu to have his finger broken and Sun Mo to use Teacher for a Day, Father for Life to force the entire group to kneel on the floor.

This attitude was very imposing!

Sun Mo walked over to the side and sat on a long bench.

“Alright, you guys can speak now!”

Sun Mo removed the restriction on their speech, but the group still couldn’t move their bodies. They continued to kneel there.

“F*ck your mom!”

Bian Yuanshan immediately bellowed, his eyes staring wide in fury. He had a strong impulse to bite Sun Mo to death.

Sun Mo remained calm, raising his right hand and snapping his fingers.


Ignorant and Incompetent activated!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》