Absolute Great Teacher
424 Li Ziqi“s Identity
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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424 Li Ziqi“s Identity

Chapter 424: Li Ziqi’s Identity

Tiny light spots shot out from the friction of Sun Mo’s fingers. Before they dissipated, they gathered to form a golden arrow that shot into Bian Yuanshan’s forehead with a swoosh.


Bian Yuanshan’s head inclined back and after it returned to its original position, his eyes were in a blurry state, completely lost focus.

After that, he turned his head to the left and then to the right, with drool coming out from his semi-opened mouth and dripping onto his clothes.

These angst students, who had wanted to curse Sun Mo, saw that Bian Yuanshan had turned into an idiot. They felt as if a sharp silver needle had pierced fiercely into their coccyx and they shuddered. Their butt holes tightened up and they subconsciously shut their mouths.

They were all holding their breaths, afraid of angering Sun Mo.


Bai Ziyu cursed.

“What do you want?”

Sun Mo immediately looked over.

“Uhh, you heard wrong. I... I’m not doing anything!”

Bai Ziyu’s brain hadn’t reacted, but his mouth was already giving an explanation. By the time he finished, he felt that he was acting really cowardly.

Sun Mo found this a little amusing. (Your desire to live is really strong!)

“They won’t ridicule me, right?”

Bai Ziyu felt unsettled, worried that he’d lose face. However, he had thought too much. Everyone couldn’t even help themselves at this moment. They were all suppressed by Sun Mo.

“F*ck your mom! To think that it’s Ignorant and Incompetent!”

All the students looked at Sun Mo, feeling their scalps turn numb. Didn’t they say that this was a new teacher? That he hadn’t even gotten a single star?

However, things f*cking turned out with him first performing Teacher for a Day, Father for Life—something that only a great teacher who had several decades of teaching experience would be able to comprehend. Then, followed by another Ignorant and Incompetent that one could only comprehend after correcting many bad students...

(Damn it, are you a demon?)

These people’s gazes couldn’t help but land on the big-nosed young man, filled with hatred and complaints. This guy was the first to come up with the idea of finding trouble for Sun Mo to put him in his place.

“Can we talk properly now?”

Sun Mo asked.

No one replied. As second generation noblemen, to speak the truth, these young folks had their fair share of fighting. They weren’t scared of trouble, but they were scared of losing face.

Being turned into an idiot by Ignorant and Incompetent, even if it was just for a few minutes, would make them look pathetic and embarrassing.

Looking as Bian Yuanshan roamed around, falling down and climbing back up without knowing what pain was, all the students felt even more wary.

Rather than being turned into an idiot, I’d rather die!

“No one is replying? It seems that you guys don’t want to talk properly?”

Sun Mo’s lips curled up as he looked at Bai Ziyu. He raised his right hand, pressing his thumb against his middle finger, looking like he was going to snap his fingers.

“Why is it me again?”

Bai Ziyu howled in his heart. However, his brimming desire to live made him squeeze out a smile immediately and he explained, “I want to! I want to talk!”

After saying that, Bai Ziyu had a strong urge to thrust his head into a hole in the ground.

“Look, you’re being so polite. If your mother were to see this, she’d feel very consoled!”

Sun Mo praised.

(Consoled your head! You’re a lousy and horrible teacher!)

Bai Ziyu wasn’t the only one thinking this. The rest of them were also dismembering Sun Mo in their hearts. However, even if they didn’t wear any smiles on their faces, they at least remained respectful.

“Alright, let’s talk about what’s going on.”

Sun Mo had a rough guess.

“Teacher Sun, can you let us get up first?”

Qi Siyuan spoke up. As the core character in this group, he had to take on responsibility when trouble occurred. Moreover, the reason these people had come was to support him, even though he might not need the support.

“No need. I think that it’s quite comfortable to talk like this.”

Sun Mo smiled.

“But I don’t!”

Bai Ziyu wanted to crawl up, but the prowess of Teacher for a Day, Father for Life was too great.

This great teacher halo was used to tell students that they should show respect toward teachers. If they didn’t do so, they’d be forcibly restrained.

Of course, if the students weren’t too overboard, the great teachers wouldn’t use this halo. After all, great teachers relied on their morals and talent to get people to submit to them, not their halos.

Sun Mo looked toward Bai Ziyu. “You have objections?”

“Why is it me again? Do we have any feuds?”

Bai Ziyu felt like crying. (Could you ask someone else?) However, he didn’t dare to not reply. He squeezed out another smile.

“I have no objections!”

“But your smile looks uglier than if you were to cry.”

Sun Mo was perplexed.

“No, I just have a stomach ache. I ate something bad yesterday and am having the runs!”

Bai Ziyu instantly found an excuse. However, when he saw Sun Mo looking at him, he was so anxious that he was about to break out in tears.

“I really feel good like this. The stone here isn’t bad. When kneeling, there’s a massaging effect, making me want to kneel for the entire day.”

After Bai Ziyu said that, his face turned red, not daring to look at his companions’ gazes. He felt that from today onward, his face wouldn’t be worth a penny anymore.

“There’s no need to kneel for an entire day. Your kneecaps will get swollen!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

(F*ck you!)

Bai Ziyu was so infuriated that he had an urge to kill. (This guy seems to be called Sun Mo? He’s clearly a black dog. His heart is utterly black.)

Bai Ziyu wasn’t a fool. He knew that this black dog was toying with him.

Through this small problem, Qi Siyuan managed to find out that although Sun Mo was a teacher without any stars, he was extremely confident and his character was headstrong.

Judging from the current situation, it was impossible to use authority to pressure Sun Mo. Since that was the case, then he should work on emotions!

“Teacher Sun, the reason for my visit is for my cousin, Li Ziqi!”

Qi Siyuan’s tone wasn’t that of a superior one but was in the capacity of a guardian.

“Get up and talk.”

Sun Mo stopped letting Qi Siyuan kneel. Even though Qi Siyuan was young, since he was speaking in the capacity of Li Ziqi’s guardian, then it was considered a family visit. Hence, Sun Mo should show him some respect.

Qi Siyuan was stunned. This Sun Mo seemed to be a guy with principles!

“You’re thinking of letting me take the initiative to remove our teacher-student relationship?”

Sun Mo asked.

This was very clear. There could be contradictions between family members, let alone between teachers and students. It was impossible for everything to be harmonious. There’d be times when contradictions escalated to a point where it was impossible to resolve. Therefore, there were acts of expelling students.

This was a great blow to both the reputation of the teacher and the student. However, in comparison, it’d be more harmful to the student, as it’d be extremely hard for them to acknowledge another teacher in the future.

No one liked fickle-minded people who kept on jumping ships.

Qi Siyuan wanted to let Sun Mo absolve their teacher-student relationship before the news spread out. This way, they’d be able to firmly say that Sun Mo was incapable and was worried that he’d bring waste to Li Ziqi’s talent.

“I’d like to seek Teacher Sun’s help on this!”

Qi Siyuan bowed. “After this matter ends, I’ll give Teacher Sun sufficient compensation!”

Sun Mo had been very displeased toward this second-generation royal family member at the beginning, but after seeing how much this person thought for Li Ziqi, he didn’t feel angry anymore.

It was the little sunny egg’s blessing to have a cousin who loved her so much.

“If Teacher has any thoughts on this, you can raise them!”

Qi Siyuan had readied himself to pay a big price.

Sun Mo smiled and said without any hesitation, “I’m sorry, I can’t give you my promise. That’ll disappoint Ziqi.”

Qi Siyuan became anxious. “Do you know Ziqi’s identity?”

“I have a rough guess!”

Sun Mo did not deny it.

“My cousin is the princess of the Great Tang Empire. Teacher Sun, I have no intention of humiliating you. But given your status, are you fitting of my cousin?”

Qi Siyuan asked.

“I am!”

Sun Mo’s reply was short and concise but revealed strong confidence.

“Shameless boasting!”

“Who gave you this courage? How dare you say such arrogant words?”

“Do you know the meaning behind the words ‘Great Tang Empire’s princess’?”

Bai Ziyu and the group immediately shouted. Although they were scared of Sun Mo’s Ignorant and Incompetent halo, they couldn’t hold back the fury in their hearts.

The Great Tang Empire owned vast and boundless land, having several ten million citizens and over a million military troops. They were the strongest and richest country in Central Province.

Li Ziqi was the daughter that the Tang Emperor doted on the most. When she had just been born, the Tang Emperor had conferred her with three lands.

This didn’t adhere to the ancestral regulations. The prime minister had persuaded him against it, but the Tang Emperor ended up dismissing the prime minister from his position, exiling him 3,000 lis away, never to return to court. He even increased the number of conferred lands to five!

Over so many years, the bestowals that Li Ziqi received had never stopped. When she turned 12 years old, the Tang Emperor even personally went to help her acknowledge a secondary saint as her teacher.

This was a great affection that even the Crown Prince didn’t get.

Sun Mo’s reply of being fitting of her was equivalent to how a stinky beggar by the roadside wanting to marry the prettiest, richest, and noblest woman in the world.

Please, this wasn’t even possible in daydreams.

“Teacher Sun...”

Qi Siyuan frowned.

“There’s no need to say any further!”

Sun Mo interrupted Qi Siyuan, looked into his eyes, and said in a solemn tone, “Ziqi trusts me and admires me. That’s why she acknowledged me as her teacher. If I’m not confident, won’t I be bringing disgrace to her judgment?”

“Confidence isn’t equivalent to strength! You’ll hold her up!”

Qi Siyuan argued.

Sun Mo smiled, not putting up an argument. He might not be the most suitable teacher for Li Ziqi, but he was definitely not the worst of them all.


Qi Siyuan wanted to say more but was interrupted.

“If Ziqi wishes to leave me, I won’t say a word. I’ll also admit that she hasn’t made any mistakes, and I’m worried that I’ll hold her up. However, if Ziqi doesn’t say anything, I’d like to ask you to shut up.”

Sun Mo’s tone turned solemn as well.

“You sound so pompous. Aren’t you just coveting the resources that her Highness holds? Aren’t you just thinking of relying on her to enjoy a superior life compared to others?”

The guy called Mingyu, whose finger had been broken by Sun Mo, shouted, looking at Sun Mo furiously.

“I’ve become an official teacher in the Central Province Academy just one month into the job. Moreover, I’ve also led this batch’s new students to clinch first place in the Saint Gate’s ‘D’ Grade newbie competition. Don’t you think that I’ll be able to enjoy a good life with these achievements?”

Sun Mo asked.

Everyone was speechless and looked at Sun Mo in astonishment. First place in the newbie competition? He must be boasting, right?

They were students and knew well what this first place meant! It meant that Sun Mo was at the very top amongst all the participating teachers in the 108 ‘D’ Grade famous schools.

“That can’t be true, right?”

Bai Ziyu subconsciously retorted. Was this guy that strong?

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