Absolute Great Teacher
425 God Hands Showed Its Might Once Again
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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425 God Hands Showed Its Might Once Again


“I don’t believe it!”

Mingyu, who had his finger broken, suddenly shouted.

(If this teacher was this amazing, then why would he come to the Central Province Academy, which is on the verge of having its title removed?)

(He could have gone to an ‘A’ grade famous school or even one of the Nine Greats to seek employment there!)

People tended to head for greater heights. There had been no precedents of people who sought the lower grounds!

“You want evidence?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “The championship flag is in the Honor Hall. Feel free to go and check it out any time!”

The hearts of a few young ladies kneeling on the ground started to palpitate and throb when they saw Sun Mo’s suave and confident smile.

What kind of man was the most charming?

Those who were confident, talented, and able to bring out brilliant achievements!

Sun Mo had all of these, and he was quite good-looking as well. Therefore, he had a strong killing prowess toward these young girls.

Qi Siyuan fell silent. Although they were both young men, he wasn’t as impulsive and brainless as Mingyu. He knew that there was a high chance that Sun Mo wasn’t lying.

It was because it’d be easy to find out about such things.

The Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces were like ancient China. There wasn’t even a bicycle let alone phones or mobile phones. Therefore, the dissemination of news was very slow.

Furthermore, it hadn’t even been a week since the competition ended. It’d be at least one month later before the news was to spread completely through Jinling.

“Teacher Sun, even if it is true, you’re still not fitting of her Highness. Rather than having his Majesty flying into a rage after finding out about this matter and wanting to behead you, why don’t we settle this quietly now?”

A young lady persuaded, sounding a little sincere.

To be honest, whose parents would agree when they saw that their child, who had been able to acknowledge a 7-star great teacher and study in a good school, ended up acknowledging a teacher who wasn’t even a great teacher?

(You may say you have bright prospects! But I can also say that I can become a saint!)

After all, promises were the most worthless thing there was.

Sun Mo looked toward this young lady.

She had a small face and was wearing light makeup.

Xu Rui, 16 years old, level six of the body-refinement realm. She failed twice to level up and is currently at a bottleneck.

High potential value.

Note: Being a girl and having a good background, your parents don’t have high expectations of you. For them, it’s fine as long as you are happy. Therefore, you haven’t put much effort into your cultivation and often slack off.

You’re wasting your aptitude!

Note: The reason for the two failures is because you don’t have a strong determination to succeed. You just think that it’d be good if you can succeed, but it doesn’t matter even if you don’t.

Sun Mo couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw Xu Rui’s data. She was really wasting her talent.

To speak more bluntly, she was a typical girl from a rich family, born to lead a superior lifestyle that others might not be able to enjoy even if they were to work hard their entire life. There wasn’t a need for her to put in the effort.

Xu Rui felt a little shy to be assessed by Sun Mo. Her face flushed up and she couldn’t help but lower her head.

“What... what are you looking at?”

A young man felt anxious. It was because Xu Rui was his crush.

“You have very good aptitude. If you were to be a little more hardworking, you’d have been able to reach the spirit-refinement realm!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Haha, Xu Rui has good aptitude? You must be blind!”

Mingyu couldn’t help but sneer. They had been friends for a few years and they knew each others’ talent very well.

Sun Mo didn’t pay Mingyu any heed but walked up to Xu Rui instead. Pulling her up, he then placed his hands on her shoulders.


The young man became anxious. “Let go!”

Xu Rui was the daughter of an official. Although it wasn’t exactly improper, it was a little overboard for Sun Mo to recklessly touch her shoulders like this.

“Be quiet!”

Qi Siyuan let out a low bellow. He was sharp and could sense that the surrounding spirit qi had become denser.

At this moment, a loud boom rang out and spirit qi seethed on Xu Rui’s body. The spirit qi from the surroundings immediately gushed into her body.

A spirit qi spiral formed above Xu Rui’s head.

“This... this...”

All of the noblemen were stunned. (What the hell? Why did she level up just like that? Moreover, the density of this spirit qi is so high that light speckles are flashing.)


Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.

Xu Rui, who had sunken into the tidal waves of exhilaration, shuddered and came to her senses.

“Take in deep breaths and discard all distractions! Focus on leveling up!”

Sun Mo spoke extremely quickly.

“Breaking through?”

Xu Rui was stunned. If other students were to hear this, they’d definitely be excited and unsettled because striving for a breakthrough meant that they’d be able to improve further. However, Xu Rui had no such desires. Even if she reached a high cultivation level, there wouldn’t be much impact on her life.

“You’re different from these people around you. You’re a genius. Strive for breakthroughs! Strive to reach a very high realm! With that, you’d be able to lead a life you want to live!”

Sun Mo let out an explosive bellow.

“A life that I want to live?”

Xu Rui’s eyes lit up. As a girl, how could she not have imagined a life that she wanted? She didn’t wish to stay in a home that was like a birdcage. She wanted to fly out of it!

“Go all out in absorbing the spirit qi!”

Sun Mo’s hands pressed on a few acupuncture points on Xu Rui’s body. “This is your last chance. If you fail, you won’t have any more hope in the future. Discard all your distractions and absorb the spirit qi!”

Sun Mo was only scaring Xu Rui, but she didn’t know that.

Xu Rui was immediately struck by a feeling of anxiety. She quickly did as Sun Mo advised, absorbing the spirit qi crazily.

The rate at which the spirit qi gushed over went up another notch!

Qi Siyuan and the others’ countenances changed. One measure of whether or not a student had aptitude was the amount of spirit qi they could absorb when striving for a breakthrough.

Usually, the greater the amount of spirit qi absorbed, the greater the person’s aptitude.

“Xu Rui is a little amazing!”

Bai Ziyu was astonished.

“She’s very amazing!”

Qi Siyuan corrected him.

Two minutes later, the spirit qi on Xu Rui’s body erupted. The breakthrough attempt ended.

Xu Rui lowered her head and looked at her body. She then turned to look toward Sun Mo. “I... I leveled up?”


Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

Xu Rui was stunned for a moment and then broke out in joy. However, a hint of hesitation appeared on her face. She only threw a glance at Qi Siyuan before she bowed toward Sun Mo.

“Thank you, Teacher Sun!”

Although Xu Rui didn’t put much effort into her cultivation, it didn’t mean that she didn’t like to level up.

After all, after leveling up, one’s body would become stronger, and the chances of falling sick would lessen.

“Your aptitude is very good and your family can also support you in giving you the cultivation resources that you need. It’d be a pity if you don’t cultivate.”

Sun Mo advised.

“My... My father hopes that I can play the role of a good wife and mother, living my life safely!”

Xu Rui explained.

This was how some parents were. They didn’t wish for their children to achieve great things in life and only hope that they could leave a peaceful and safe life.

“You can make the decision yourself.”

Sun Mo wouldn’t interfere in someone else’s family matters.

Xu Rui fell silent for a few seconds. However, she couldn’t help but look toward Sun Mo, asking, “If my cultivation level really becomes higher, will I be able to lead the life that I want?”

“I should put it this way. When your cultivation level gets higher, you’ll gain power and thus have more options!”

Sun Mo teased, “At the very least, when your father doesn’t give you a living allowance, you’ll be able to support yourself. Moreover, when there’s something you want to do, you won’t give up just because you lack the ability to pull it through!”

“Something I want to do? Lack the ability to pull it through?”

Xu Rui repeated what Sun Mo said and her eyes gradually lit up.

She had spent every day going with the flow, taking things as they came. But right now, Sun Mo’s words seemed to be like the morning bell or evening drum, ringing in her ears. She suddenly found a goal, a target.

It turned out that a peaceful life could have another direction!

Xu Rui bowed. This time around, her bow was almost at a 90 degrees angle.

“Thank you, Teacher Sun! Thank you for your guidance!”


Favorable impression points from Xu Rui +100, prestige connection initiated. Friendly (100/1,000).

Sun Mo felt very consoled. This was a girl who knew what gratitude was. Although it took no effort for him to help her, he didn’t wish to teach an ingrate.

Qi Siyuan and the group saw this scene and didn’t know how they should react.

“Xu Rui, what level of the body-refinement realm are you at?”

Bai Ziyu was curious.

“Level six, uh, it should be level seven now.”

After Xu Rui said that, the sounds of people drawing cold gasps rang out. (She is at level seven of the body-refinement realm? It turns out that there is a genius around me, but I had no idea at all?)

The young man who had a crush on Xu Rui suddenly felt a little inferior amidst his astonishment.

“Xu Rui, you’ve wasted your talent all these years!”

Qi Siyuan sighed.

“What technique is this? Why were you able to let her level up from just pressing a little?”

Mingyu suddenly cried out, having an unconcealed yearning in his gaze. He was the son of a general and if he wished to make a military achievement, he’d require strong personal martial powers to kill on the battlefield!

“Why don’t you make a guess?”

Sun Mo decided to keep him in suspense.


Xu Rui still had a question.

“I know. You want to ask why you failed to break through twice even though I said that you have great talent, right?”

Given Sun Mo’s inference skills, it was too simple for him to guess this.

“Huh? Failed twice?”

“Is he talking about Xu Rui?”

“It should be the case. But why would he know?”

“He must be spouting gibberish, right? He couldn’t have found out about Xu Rui’s cultivation level just from touching her a little, could he?”

The bunch of second-generation noblemen mumbled amongst themselves, assessing Sun Mo dubiously. This guy seemed very strange.


Xu Rui was stunned, her heart filled with astonishment. (Not only does Teacher Sun know what I want to ask, but he even knows that I failed twice at level six of the body-refinement realm? Could he be a god?)

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