Absolute Great Teacher
426 Live Guidance, Astonishing Everyone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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426 Live Guidance, Astonishing Everyone


Facing everyone’s doubtful and questioning gazes, Sun Mo smiled calmly. He wasn’t going to answer these spoiled brats.

However, these people were really so arrogant. If they came to look for trouble, there wasn’t a need for them to find out about you in advance since there was no way that your family background would be more amazing than theirs.

This case was one where Sun Mo was strong. If it was any other new teacher, there was no knowing how they’d be humiliated today.

“Speak up. Why would Xu Rui fail twice?”

Mingyu was curious. Usually, people with extremely high aptitude would be smooth-sailing in their cultivation. There might be occasional mistakes, but it’d only be once.

“Why do you cultivate?”

Sun Mo asked.

“To surpass one’s own limits and incessantly climb up to higher peaks!”

Bai Ziyu chuckled. (Do you really think we are that ignorant and incompetent? Who doesn’t know that?)

“That’s right, but these aren’t enough!”

Sun Mo explained, “Cultivation isn’t just tempering the body. What’s more important is to temper one’s will. A strong will is the true strength.”

“Then based on what you say, a person who hasn’t cultivated before can be a strong person just because they have a strong will?”

Mingyu smirked. This was clearly a fallacy!

Qi Siyuan and Bai Ziyu sank into deep thought, while the other young men and young ladies were a little stunned, not really understanding what Sun Mo’s words meant.

“Usually, the body and the will complement each other. However, there are exceptions. The way of tempering the will doesn’t just include cultivation, but also incessant hard work in studying through the winter and summer.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Saint Scholars, Saint Artists, and the prime ministers in the imperial court that are above everyone else might have weak bodies, but their will must be very powerful.”

“I don’t understand!”

Mingyu shook his head.

“To say things more simply, there are some people whom you can defeat physically, but you’ll never get them to submit mentally. No matter how many times they fall, they’ll eventually stand up in the end.”

Sun Mo changed his way of explaining things.

“So that’s how it is!”

Mingyu was struck by comprehension. He recalled how his father had led 800 cavalries to the north to save his Master. He had then received injuries in 126 parts of his body but continued to battle incessantly.

It was through that battle that his father received the noble rank of Count Yong An, allowing the Zhang Clan to enter the aristocratic circle, completing the leap from a small family to a great wealthy one.

One thing his father often said was ‘you can die, but when you die, you must stand.’

Zhang Mingyu had always thought that when his father got hurt in the past, he must have hurt his brain. Otherwise, who could still remain standing after dying? But now, he suddenly understood his father a little.

“Xu Rui, your greatest problem is not having the strong yearning toward leveling up like seeking for survival while drowning. You don’t have a strong enough resolution!”

Sun Mo looked toward Xu Rui. “Cultivation is surpassing and breaking through oneself. It is repeatedly winning against the current self and climbing up toward greater heights.

“What about you? You only leave things to fate and have never put in hard work before. You only rely on your aptitude for a living!

“Cultivating is like scaling a mountain. What everyone says will always be what they see. Only the scene that you see after you climb up to the peak truly belongs to you!”

“Xu Rui, go check out the scenery up there!”

As a teacher, what Sun Mo hated to see the most was a genius student wasting their talent. Therefore, Sun Mo was saying these words from his heart, evoking Priceless Advice.


Golden light lit up on Sun Mo’s body and then radiated out, encompassing everyone’s body.

The group of second-generation noblemen became spirited, their hearts filled with motivation. They had a strong urge to immediately start a demonic training.

“A scenery that belongs to me?”

Xu Rui mumbled, her eyes lighting up.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve benefited from your teaching!”

Qi Siyuan bowed slightly. Sun Mo’s words inspired him, bringing an elevation to his mental state.

“Teacher Sun, thank you for your guidance!”

Xu Rui quickly thanked him, contributing another 100 favorable impression points.

Bai Ziyu felt that what Sun Mo said seemed to make sense. However, he couldn’t express his thanks.

“Teacher Sun, could you give me some guidance?”

Mingyu stopped hollering. He didn’t even mind his finger that was broken by Sun Mo and looked at Sun Mo with great anticipation. This was the benefit of being the son of a general. His temperament came and went quickly.

Sun Mo walked up to Zhang Mingyu’s side and then pressed his hands on his body. His Divine Sight was also activated at the same time.

Zhang Minyu. 17 years old. Level nine of the body-refinement realm. He is currently at a bottleneck.

Strength 9. Close to limit. Extremely courageous.

Intellect 5. Average level.

Agility 7. A pair of quick legs traveling around the world.

Endurance 7. Although he is the son of a noble, enjoying great riches, he often tempers his body and his endurance isn’t bad.

Will 5. He hasn’t been tempered before. To speak it bluntly, he has only lived a peaceful life.


The potential value is in the slightly higher range of average.

Note: He has great ambitions but lacks strength.

Note: He cultivates heaven-tier superior-grade cultivation art, the Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade, which leads to his body getting damaged. If this goes on, he’ll die young.

At the sight of this data, Sun Mo’s brows furrowed.

“What... what’s the matter?”

Zhang Mingyu felt very unsettled. Sun Mo’s expression didn’t seem right.

“The cultivation art that you cultivate is too good!”

Sun Mo tried to put it a little more vaguely. After all, peak-grade cultivation arts were something that others would covet.


Zhang Mingyu was surprised and his heart plopped. He subconsciously looked toward the others. He was cultivating the Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade, but this was an absolute secret in his clan. Other than core descendants, outsiders had no idea at all.

There was no helping it. As someone from a martial clan, strong cultivation arts were the foundation of their clan’s establishment. Therefore, they must keep it a secret.

The Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade was a heaven-tier superior-grade cultivation art. If this was auctioned, the important characters of the various major powers would put up an intense fight over it. Therefore, the Zhang Clan would always say that they cultivated heaven-tier inferior-grade cultivation art.

“Hmmm? Your judgment isn’t bad! The cultivation art that Brother Zhang’s clan uses is indeed very good!”

A young man praised!

“It’s not his judgment. Mingyu didn’t perform his cultivation art at all!”

Bai Ziyu looked toward Sun Mo’s hands. Could he have found out with his touch? (No, that’s impossible. I must be out of my mind. How could there possibly be anyone who can find out about another person’s cultivation art like this?)

“This isn’t what’s important, is it? For a cultivation art, isn’t the greater the better? Why does it sound like it isn’t good?”

The young man who had a crush on Xu Rui had his doubts.


Zhang Mingyu smiled awkwardly. He had been too worried. This teacher might be scamming him.

“You might not like the sound of what I’m going to say next. It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not.”

Sun Mo said this as a preventive measure, “Your body is considered average and isn’t as good as Xu Rui’s. However, the cultivation art you practice is a lot better than hers. What does this mean?

“Your body isn’t able to support the depletion of this cultivation art when it is being circulated!

“When you exercised, did you feel that your spirit qi has depleted a lot in at most 15 minutes and that your stamina wasn’t holding up?”

Everyone heard Sun Mo’s words and couldn’t help but look toward Zhang Mingyu with astonished expressions.

They were all friends and had sparred with each other before. Therefore, everyone knew that Zhang Mingyu had this weakness. They even teased him for being a weakling.

They didn’t expect that Sun Mo was able to tell even this!

“I... I just visited the brothels too often and it has hurt my body. It’ll be fine as long as I take some nourishment.”

Zhang Mingyu argued.

There was no helping it. The blow was too great for a person to admit that their aptitude wasn’t good.

“Good cultivation arts are good, but not just anyone is able to cultivate them!”

Sun Mo advised, “The cultivation art that your practices, the Six Yang...”

Hearing this, Zhang Mingyu felt as if he had been stung by a scorpion. He straightened his back and had his eyes and mouth wide open as he looked at Sun Mo, stunned.

(Do you really know the cultivation art that I am practicing?)

It seemed that Sun Mo wasn’t speaking rubbish just now. If that was the case, it was true that Sun Mo knew the true grade of this cultivation art.

Zhang Mingyu’s next thought was (Don’t say it, please don’t say it!)

“It’s fine if it’s other cultivation arts. The most that will happen is that you won’t be able to succeed in mastering it. But things are different with this cultivation art. It pursues strong attacks, fierce strikes, and great damage. Using it would require a tremendous amount of spirit qi to be depleted. However, your spirit qi isn’t enough. Then what will happen? Your qi and blood will start to be depleted. As time passes, your body will go into decline.”

Sun Mo looked at this thin Zhang Mingyu. “You’ve become a lot thinner in the past year, right?”

“Seriously? You even know about this?”

“Is the reason because of his cultivation art? I thought that he just grew taller!”

“So you’re just impressive looking but turns out to be useless!”

The group of second-generation noblemen mumbled, then their recognition of Sun Mo was refreshed. It could have been a fluke if he had guessed it correctly once. But with so many correct guesses, this meant that he had some capabilities.

“Scram! You’re the one who is impressive-looking but is actually useless!”

Zhang Mingyu cursed.

“Stop practicing it. Otherwise, based on your intensity, you won’t live past the age of 20.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

Zhang Mingyu fell silent. (I’m the direct descendant. If I don’t practice it and don’t have strength, how am I going to inherit the family line? How will I be able to sustain the clan’s glory and riches?)

“Oh, right, this is also the reason why you’ve been stuck at level nine of the body-refinement realm, unable to attain a breakthrough!”

Sun Mo then added.

Zhang Mingyu wasn’t agitated anymore. It was because Sun Mo’s guesses were all correct. However, Bai Ziyu was stunned. He looked at Zhang Mingyu then asked.

“Level nine? Is that for real?”

“It’s true!”

Zhang Mingyu replied in a bad tone. He had wanted to say it after reaching the spirit-refinement realm, showing off to others, but he hadn’t expected Sun Mo to expose it.


Bai Ziyu gulped after hearing this. He then looked toward Sun Mo.

The other second-generation noblemen also fell silent uncontrollably, assessing Sun Mo and wondering if they should seek his guidance.

No one would mind having too much strength!

“Some of you guys have good aptitude, some of you don’t. But there’s no need to feel discouraged. Given your family background, the cultivation resources that you have would be sufficient to bring you to quite a good realm.”

Sun Mo’s thoughts were very simple. Go and cultivate. If they were to spend their time on cultivation, there wouldn’t be a need to worry that they’d go around creating trouble.

However, heaven was really unfair. If Ying Baiwu was born in Qi Siyuan’s family, or even Zhang Mingyu’s family, given her aptitude and the resources she could receive from her family, she’d have reached an extremely great height.

The stubborn young girl wouldn’t need to consider how she could get into the Nine Greats. It was because they’d definitely take the initiative to approach her once they were to get their hands on her information,

After all, great geniuses were far and few in between.

“Siyuan, I heard that Li Yue had suddenly improved in leaps and bounds in the past year or so. Would you be able to win against him now?”

Bai Ziyu asked softly.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》