Absolute Great Teacher
427 Sincerely Convinced
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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427 Sincerely Convinced


Jinling’s feng shui was very good and the environment was suitable to live in. It was a perfect city to settle down in.

Many officials and nobles liked to live their retirement life here. Out of which, two with the greatest authority were the Great Tang’s Eldest Princess Li Lin and the Tang Emperor’s cousin, Prince Li Zixing.

Since ancient days, one’s family background had determined their status.

Therefore, Li Lin’s direct son Qi Siyuan and Li Zixing’s direct son Li Yue were two members of the royal family with the greatest power amongst the second-generation noblemen.

Li Lin and Li Zixing were considered relatives as well. However, even though they might appear to be on good terms, they had a competitive relationship in the dark.

A single mountain couldn’t house two tigers. Moreover, Li Zixing had always treated Jinling as his territory. With Li Lin coming in and taking in part of the benefits, how could he possibly feel happy about it?

The clan’s feud naturally implicated the next generation.

Qi Siyuan and Li Yue were rivals. Each of them had one group of followers whose interests were connected to them. Therefore, there were two circles formed.

Although they wouldn’t fight until they were bumped and bruised, completely falling out with each other, small frictions from the rivalry and sparring between them had never ended.

Qi Siyuan and Li Yue were of the same age and were both students of a famous school. Therefore, both of them wanted to step on the other. This was why they’d find all sorts of reasons to get into a fight when they came back every year during the school holidays.

In the past, both of them were of similar standards. However, Li Yue had suddenly improved in leaps and bounds in the past two years. That was why Qi Siyuan kept on losing.

Hearing Bai Ziyu’s words, Qi Siyuan’s countenance sank a little. As the son of a nobleman and a member of the royal family, Qi Siyuan viewed his face above his life.

Qi Siyuan fell into deep thought and threw a glance at Xu Rui, then at Zhang Mingyu, feeling a little tempted. However, he then gave up on this thought.

“The reason I came to look for him was to get him to absolve the teacher-student relationship with my cousin. How can I seek his guidance?”

Qi Siyuan smiled in self-mockery. He was a student from the Skyraise Academy. As his aptitude wasn’t bad and his status wasn’t low, it wasn’t a difficult thing for him to receive guidance from a 3-star great teacher. (Would I still need to lower my stand in front of a guy without any star?)

“You’re poisoned!”

Sun Mo looked at Qi Siyuan and suddenly said.

“What did you say?”

Bai Ziyu was stunned and looked toward Qi Siyuan. “Qiyuan has been poisoned?”

“What’s going on?”

“Who did it? I’ll go kill that person!”

“How dare they provoke our Brother Qi! They must be courting death!”

The other second-generation noblemen were infuriated and immediately asked out of concern, claiming that they were going to kill the person who poisoned him.

“What do you mean by this? Are you trying to seek attention?”

Qi Siyuan’s brows furrowed tightly as he stared at Sun Mo. “I’m a prince. Who would dare to poison me? Do they want their entire clan to be executed?”

“In the past year or so, your right chest would occasionally hurt. Whenever you circulate spirit qi, this pain would increase in frequency and intensity.”

If this guy wasn’t Li Ziqi’s cousin and was also very concerned about the little sunny egg, Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered with him.

Qi Siyuan’s countenance sank and he subconsciously pressed down his chest. It was because Sun Mo was right.

“In the past three months, the duration of your chest pain has become longer, and it acts up about once a week. Most of the time, it’s at night.”

Sun Mo looked at Qi Siyuan.

17 years old. Spirit-refinement realm. He has opened 36 acupoints.

Strength 15. He wants to be a muscular guy but doesn’t have the constitution for it. Your label is that of a frail scholar.

Intellect 14. Ordinary standard. Your emotional intelligence is slightly high, but it’s not recommended for you to go into politics. Stay away from the imperial court strifes and just live a peaceful life as a free and leisurely prince. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you die.

Agility 18. Suave and elegant like a graceful scholar. In addition to your unrivaled family background and your looks that are still considered to be handsome, you can be called a master of picking up girls.

Endurance 15. Even though you came from a rich and noble family, you’ve put in hard work in your cultivation, attaining quite a good endurance.

Will 13. You haven’t experienced big matters and are slightly weaker.


His potential value is in the slightly higher range of high.

Note: Despite having a scholarly disposition, you insist on taking the path of a muscular guy. Do you have the potential of being gay?

Note: Injured by the Purplesmoke Palm one and half a year ago. The poison has reached your tendons and bones. If you aren’t given treatment in time, you might not die, but your body will become crippled. It’ll then be impossible for you to gain further breakthroughs in your cultivation.

Sun Mo hadn’t heard of the Purplesmoke Palm before. But the ancestor-grade Divine Sight was too powerful and provided details on it.

It was a rare cultivation art. Although it wasn’t of a high grade, being only a peerless-grade earth-tier cultivation art and its attacking prowess wasn’t high either, it was too vicious.

The palm force when this cultivation art was performed would carry a poison that wasn’t easily detected. When the opponent was hit, the poison would gradually invade the enemy’s body all the way down to their bone marrow.

They wouldn’t die, but they’d be crippled.

Qi Siyuan’s countenance turned extremely grim because Sun Mo had gotten all the process of the symptoms correctly. This.. this was a little amazing!

Sun Mo raised his hand.

Qi Siyuan didn’t want to let Sun Mo treat him, but he felt worried and also wanted to find out the one who had poisoned him. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and walked up to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo pressed on Qi Siyuan’s chest and activated the living blood technique.

Cough cough!

Qi Siyuan immediately started coughing non-stop. It felt unbearable. After a few coughs, with a pffft, he spurted out a large mouthful of blood that had a hue of purple in it.

“Brother Qi!”

“Little Prince!”

“What did you do? Stop it right now!”

The group of second-generation noblemen was stuck by shock and fury. If it wasn’t because most of them were kneeling on the ground, they’d seem a little impressive.

“Be quiet!”

Qi Siyuan let out a bellow and looked at the blood on the ground. He sank into deep thought.

Sun Mo had no reason to harm him. Moreover, if it wasn’t because of Ziqi, he probably wouldn’t bring this matter out. After all, the person who had the guts to assassinate him would definitely be someone with an extremely big background.

Sun Mo was just an ordinary teacher. He didn’t need to offend a powerful foe for his sake.

“What poison did I get?”

Qi Siyuan asked, his attitude clearly a lot benign.

“Purplesmoke Palm!”

Sun Mo explained it and was secretly praising Qi Siyuan. This was how an elite second-generation nobleman should think and handle things. People like Bai Ziyu clearly hadn’t matured.

“Teacher Sun, from your words, I should have been schemed against during sparring. Do you know of the concrete time?”

Qi Siyuan humbly sought guidance. As a student of a famous school, there would be incessant competitions and sparring. Over a year ago, Qi Siyuan had had exchanges with at least 30 people or more. However, he had a few rough guesses.

After Qi Siyuan asked this, he secretly cursed himself for his foolishness. Sun Mo was already very amazing to be able to tell that he had been poisoned over a year ago. He’d be making things difficult by trying to ask for the concrete time.

“Summer last year, in the upper half of June!”

Sun Mo said.


Bai Ziyu was stunned. (You’re really able to know it? It can’t be a wild guess, right?)

Qi Siyuan’s body trembled and he revealed an expression as if things were within his expectations. He had fought against Li Yue at that time and had lost.

Since that competition, the rate of his growth had slowed down. The year’s head had even approached him to talk to him about this, saying that riches and glory were all external things. Strength was everything. Therefore, he should put in hard work and effort, not wasting his aptitude.

He had been upset over this for a very long time back then, thinking that he had reached a bottleneck. By the looks of things now, that bastard Li Yue must have made an underhanded move!

“F*ck your mom! It wastes close to two years of my time!”

Qi Siyuan’s countenance looked very grim. He was so angry that his hands were trembling. Everyone knew that he was at the prime age of his cultivation, but because he was poisoned, the rate of his improvement had slowed down.

If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, he’d still be walking in the dark. His life would be destroyed. At the thought of this, Qi Siyuan bent over and bowed.

“Teacher Sun, thank you for your generous guidance!”


Favorable impression points from Qi Siyuan +200. Friendly (200/1,000).

Sun Mo nodded. These favorable impression points were acceptable.

“Teacher Sun, I still have something to take care of and will take my leave first.”

Qi Siyuan wanted to hurry back, tell his mother about this matter, and then look for someone to give him treatment. He mustn’t delay this any further.


Bai Ziyu interjected, “Since he can tell your symptoms, this means that he should be able to cure it as well, right?”

Qi Siyuan had been thrown into a disorder from his worry. Hearing that, he turned to look toward Sun Mo.

“I can cure it, but this is a long-term process and it’ll take about three months.”

Sun Mo lied. Given how powerful the ancient massaging technique was, he’d be able to expel all of the poison in Qi Siyuan’s body after three to four massages. It was just that the Qi Siyuan would look down on him if the treatment was so easy, feeling that this was just a small condition that anyone would be able to treat.

After all, a life-saving debt would get even greater gratitude than treating a fever.

Of course, the reason why Sun Mo dragged out the time was so that Qi Siyuan wouldn’t look for trouble and would try to find out more about Sun Mo.

Sun Mo believed that if Qi Siyuan heard more about him, his view would change.

Hearing this, Qi Siyuan heaved a sigh of relief. His attitude also became more respectful. “Teacher Sun, can you please treat me? Later on, I’ll get my father to come pay a visit and thank you for your help.”

“Forget about the thanks. You’re Ziqi’s cousin. Helping you is something I should do!”

Sun Mo thought to himself at how good Qi Siyuan was at talking. Getting his father, who was the head of the family, to come pay him a visit. This showed how highly he valued Sun Mo, and also that the appreciation gift would be presented then.

This way of doing things was a lot more elegant.

Mentioning the gift of appreciation directly was too crude. Moreover, it’d let the other person feel awkward as if they were only helping you for the gift.

After all, teachers valued their face a lot.

“Then I’ll trouble Teacher Sun!”

After Qi Siyuan thanked him, he asked again, “What medicinal herbs do you need? I’ll prepare them as soon as I can!”

“No need!”

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

When Qi Siyuan heard this, his smile stiffened up. He thought, (You can’t be toying with me, right?)

“How are you going to treat him without medicinal herbs... F... F*ck... What is this?”

Bai Ziyu felt doubtful. However, before he finished asking the question, he saw spirit qi gushing out from Sun Mo’s hands. In an instant, they condensed into a muscular genie.

He was wearing a vest and a purple turban on his head, looking very coquettish.

The genie raised both hands high, exerting force in his entire body. The muscles on his upper body bulged and under the sunlight, it seemed as if he was covered in olive oil, glistening.

“What the hell?”

Qi Siyuan took a step back instinctively. Then, after letting out an ‘ata’ sound, he saw the muscular genie flying over and grabbing his arm.

Then, the genie pressed both hands on Qi Siyuan’s body.

Qi Siyuan’s butt hole tightened up and he subconsciously yelled.

“Ahh, get away!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》