Absolute Great Teacher
429 A Wave of Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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429 A Wave of Rewards


If an outsider were to ask someone from Jinling what famous people there were in this city, there was no doubt that the first name to be mentioned would be An Xinhui.

Even a three-year-old boy would say that they’d want to marry An Xinhui as their wife, let alone the adults.

An Xinhui’s talent, looks, achievements, and her status as the Central Province Academy’s headmaster made her the most perfect woman.

For families with sons, the daughter-in-law that they yearned to have the most was An Xinhui! For families with daughters, they hoped that their daughters could be as outstanding as An Xinhui.

To sum it up, An Xinhui was like the child next door, so outstanding that others liked her and were even jealous of her.

Why was it that when Bai Ziyu had asked about the most famous teacher in the Central Province Academy, no one had replied that it was An Xinhui? It was because she had surpassed this category.

“I feel that not even Liu Mubai can be a match for An Xinhui. Why would it be Sun Mo?”

Zhang Mingyu couldn’t understand. He suddenly felt gloomy and jealous.

This was like seeing a female celebrity suddenly announcing that she was going to get married, and her other half was an ordinary white-collar worker who wasn’t that much better than ordinary people. Who would be able to accept the disparity?

“They said that it was an arranged marriage decided by the Central Province Academy’s old headmaster!”

Bai Ziyu shrugged and couldn’t help but exclaim, “He really has gotten it lucky!”

The group fell silent. The young men, especially, started to chug down wine, feeling as if a precious treasure that they craved for had been wasted.

“Oh right, didn’t the Zhou Clan get their possessions confiscated previously? Do you know who was the one who did it?”

Bai Ziyu recalled another matter.

“Who? It couldn’t be Sun Mo again, right?”

Another young man’s lips twitched.

“It’s him!”

Bai Ziyu chuckled. “The clause is that the Zhou Clan’s direct descendant bullied someone in school. Sun Mo couldn’t stand to see it and taught him a lesson. However, this guy wanted to teach Sun Mo a lesson instead, making things difficult for him. His few assassination attempts failed, and out of fury, he kidnapped one of Sun Mo’s students.

“That Sun Mo was very amazing, managing to find his student in half a day. He also uncovered the Zhou Clan’s dealings with human trafficking.”

“Human traffickers deserve to die!”

“Tsk tsk, this Sun Mo is really headstrong. To think that he even dared to offend the Zhou Clan!”

Zhang Mingyu felt some admiration for Sun Mo.

The Zhou Clan had been a wealthy clan ranked in the top ten in Jinling City and had had Li Zixing as their backing. Sun Mo was really forceful to dare to reproach them.

Usually, newly hired teachers would turn a blind eye to these school bullies as they couldn’t afford to offend them.

“Hehe, who was the one who broke your finger?”

Xu Rui teased.


Zhang Mingyu was speechless, suddenly feeling that his finger was a little painful again.

“Don’t mess around with him for now.” Qi Siyuan warned and stood up. “I’ll be heading back first!”

“We’re fine. I’m only worried that Bian Yuanshan wouldn’t be able to take this lying down!”

Bai Ziyu was worried. The second-generation noblemen were all unbridled. They were usually the ones bullying others, and others would never get the chance to bully them.

“Go warn him!”

Qi Siyuan was worried that things would blow up and his cousin would be harmed in the end. Moreover, the impression he had of Sun Mo wasn’t bad either. He didn’t wish for Sun Mo to be harmed as well.

“What warning? I feel that Teacher Sun is very capable. If Bian Yuanshan were to mess with Sun Mo, he probably wouldn’t know how he died.”

Xu Rui also had a very good impression of Sun Mo.

Qi Siyuan waved his hand and went back. He wanted to look for a famous doctor and get rid of the poison in his body first.


When Zhang Mingyu got home, he went to the martial hall to greet his father.

“Why are you back so late again. Where did you go?”

Zhang Yong swung his great saber, wearing an unfriendly expression.

“The Little Prince came back today. We brothers welcomed him back.”

Zhang Mingyu smiled and explained.


Hearing that it was to accompany Qi Siyuan, Zhang Yong’s expression turned a bit better. “Scram. Go greet your mother.”

Zhang Mingyu dawdled, not leaving.

“Is something the matter?”

Seeing how hesitant his son was behaving, Zhang Yong felt a gush of anger. “You’re a child of a militant, so why are you so sloven when you talk and act?”


Zhang Mingyu clenched his teeth and asked the question, “How is my aptitude really?”

“Why did you suddenly ask this?”

Zhang Yong frowned. “You lost in a spar? That’s not right. There aren’t any traces of it. Moreover, your Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade has developed very well. Only a few people of your age are stronger than you. You couldn’t be that foolish to have challenged them, could you?”

“There’s a teacher who said that my aptitude is mediocre!”

Zhang Mingyu pouted.

Zhang Yong’s brows raised. “Then?”

“Father, why aren’t you angry?”

Zhang Mingyu felt curious. Even though his father was especially strict, he was overly indulgent toward his son in public, always praising him. If anyone were to say something bad about him, his father would definitely want to duet that person. However, why didn’t his father show any reaction to this?

“I’m asking you what happens after that!”

Zhang Yong looked as if he had the urge to beat Zhang Mingyu up.

“He then said that my aptitude is mediocre, while the Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade is too good of a cultivation art. It’s not suitable for me to-.”

Before Zhang Mingyu finished his words, he was interrupted by Zhang Yong.

“You bastard. You told other people about our clan’s treasured cultivation art?”

Zhang Yong charged over, raising his hand to slap his son. “How many times have I told you that it is the foundation of our clan and shouldn’t be told to outsiders?!”

“Father, I didn’t say it. He figured it out after touching me!”

Zhang Mingyu felt maligned.

“Touch? You think that your father is a 3-year-old kid and is easily fooled?”

Zhang Yong scolded him, giving Zhang Mingyu a beating.

“It’s true! The Little Prince and the others can vouch for me!”

Zhang Mingyu held onto his head. “Moreover, even if something has gone wrong with my head, I wouldn’t tell anyone the grade of the Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade.”

Zhang Yong’s expression was unsettled and he stopped. “What else did that great teacher say?”

“He says that if I were to continue practicing it, I won’t be able to live past 20 years old.”

After Zhang Mingyu said that, Zhang Yong was given a big fright.

Zhang Mingyu was no fool. When he saw his father’s reaction, he was a little astonished. “Father, is what he said true?”

Zhang Yong fell silent, not knowing how he should explain things to his son. However, his silence also gave Zhang Yuming an answer in a way.

“Is my aptitude really bad?”

Zhang Mingyu was disappointed.

“No, in my eyes, you’re the greatest.” Zhang Yong consoled him. “Don’t care about other people’s assessments.”

“What you say doesn’t count!”

Zhang Mingyu sighed.

“What is that great teacher called? Tell me everything that happened today in detail.”

Zhang Yong urged.

“He isn’t a great teacher. He is just a regular teacher!”

Zhang Mingyu corrected him.


Zhang Yong was surprised. This meant that the person hadn’t received a great teacher title. However, how could a person like this have such a sharp judgment?

He thought that his son had been fortunate to have received the guidance from a high star-level great teacher!

“Let me tell you something even more unbelievable. He is her Highness Li Ziqi’s teacher!”

Zhang Mingyu divulged.

“Hold on!”

Zhang Yong pinched his forehead. “Let me sort things out for a moment!”

Half an hour later, Zhang Mingyu told his father about the things that had taken place today.

“God Hands? Fiancé? The princess’s teacher?”

Zhang Yong mumbled, his brows furrowed increasingly deeper.

“Father, should I still continue to practice the Six Yang Soul-breaking Blade?”

Zhang Mingyu was undecided. He enjoyed an extravagant life and didn’t wish to die young.

“Stop practicing it!”

Zhang Yong sighed. “Go greet your mother. I want some quiet time to myself!”

Very soon, Zhang Yong was the only one left in the martial hall.

“Mingyu is my direct son and I can’t let him die. But if he doesn’t have any strength, how will he be able to protect our family?”

Zhang Yong was troubled. It seemed that he had to settle the work he had on hand and quickly pay a visit to Sun Mo. That teacher might have a way to stimulate his son’s potential.

However, he hoped that the Eldest Princess wouldn’t chop off Sun Mo’s head over her Highness Li Ziqi’s matter. Otherwise, it’d be a pity. A teacher like him definitely had some capabilities.


Favorable impression points from Zhang Yong +100, prestige connection initiated. Friendly (100/1,000).


Sun Mo lay in bed and was reading a spirit runes manual when he suddenly heard the name ‘Zhang Yong’. He should be Zhang Mingyu’s relative. However, Sun Mo didn’t pay it any heed because he had received a lot of favorable impression points today.

In the afternoon, Sun Mo went to the place that An Xinhui had drawn out. After the darkness illusion gemstone was buried into the ground, he stimulated it with spirit qi.

There was no need to control it. The darkness illusion dojo would be like a plant, growing out.

He had to say that secret treasures of darkness were both mysterious and amazing.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Qi Siyuan, Xu Rui, Zhang Mingyu, and Zhang Yong has improved. You’re rewarded with four lucky treasure chests.”

“Additionally, you have the chance to upgrade them into a bronze treasure chest. Would you like to do that?”

The system’s robotic voice rang out.


After Sun Mo said that, a treasure chest that glowed with a green glow appeared in front of him.

“Open it!”

As it was a low-grade treasure chest, Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to get the help from the lucky mascot.

A few seconds later, a time emblem appeared before Sun Mo.

“Use it. Improve the Teacher for a Day, Father for Life’s proficiency index!”

Sun Mo used it immediately. The effect of this halo was amazing. It’d definitely be the right choice to increase its proficiency index.


“Congratulations, your Teacher for a Day, Father for Life has been raised to the grandmaster-grade. The range is now 1,000 meters, and the duration is able to sustain for one day. Please continue to keep up the good work.”

“Note: Under the effect of this halo, the students would be forced to kneel. if you don’t remove the effect, they’ll continue kneeling.”

“1,000 meters? This range is really big!”

Sun Mo felt happy.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Xuanyuan Po has increased. You are awarded one silver treasure chest. Your prestige connection with Peng Wanli has passed 1,000. You are awarded one bronze treasure chest.”

The system continued to congratulate.

“Open them all!”

Sun Mo wanted to try out his luck. He couldn’t be unlucky all his life, could he?


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained one portion of dark soil.”

“F*ck your mom!”

Sun Mo felt so upset that he had the urge to puke blood. Soil coming out from a bronze treasure chest? Did it have to be so bad? He didn’t wish to open the silver treasure chest anymore. However, it was too late for regret. He had said ‘all’.

After the treasure chest was opened, there was a pleasant surprise.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained one-fifth of a tattered map!”

Hearing this, Sun Mo became spirited. With this, wouldn’t it mean that he’d be able to piece out a complete map?

Suddenly, Sun Mo felt a little agitated.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》