Absolute Great Teacher
431 Being Able to Meet Sun Mo Is Truly My Good Fortune!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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431 Being Able to Meet Sun Mo Is Truly My Good Fortune!


“A great teacher halo? This absolutely must be one, right? But why are you so proficient in this?”

Qi Siyuan’s brain crashed immediately. It was like he was looking at a monkey that not only stole his wallet but even pointed a middle finger at him and scolded him for being poor.

This was too incredible.

“Why can’t I know it?”

Li Ziqi intentionally lifted her beautiful eyebrows as she smiled calmly.

“How old are you?”

Qi Siyuan blurted out. His cousin was only 13 and just joined a school. Yet, she had comprehended a great teacher halo?

(Sorry, even if I see it personally, I still don’t dare to believe it! If I bragged about this to my fellow friends, they would surely scold me for being retarded. This is simply too unbelievable.)

“13 years old!”

Li Ziqi ate a small grape. It was quite sour, so she couldn’t help but make a sound.

“Do you know what this means? If I told the headmaster, he would surely rush here immediately to poach you over to the Skyraise Academy!”

Qi Siyuan was shocked and filled with envy.


Li Ziqi naturally knew, but she wouldn’t go anywhere. She only wanted to stay by her teacher’s side forever.

“When did you comprehend this great teacher halo?”

Qi Siyuan asked as his eyes shone brightly. The thought of bringing Li Ziqi to the Skyraise Academy solidified in his mind.

He knew that his cousin was very proud and didn’t wish to attend the Skyraise Academy with the status of a princess from Tang Country. However, it was fine now. Just by comprehending a great teacher halo at such an age, headmasters would fight with each other to recruit her.

“About four months plus ago!”

Li Ziqi thought of that night in the Wind King Canyon. She remembered every single sentence spoken by her teacher.

“What halo is that?”

Qi Siyuan was curious.

“Retentive Memory!”

After Li Ziqi spoke, Qi Siyuan drew in a breath of cold air. She then immediately ran to the study and casually flipped through a book. After speed reading for over ten pages, she closed the book and started to recite the content.

She managed to smoothly recite every single thing without missing a word.

“This is just too impressive!”

Qi Siyuan sighed as he stared at his cousin. His gaze heated up. “Cousin, you will absolutely become a great teacher that all students dream about becoming!”

“Thank you for your praise!”

Li Ziqi smiled reservedly.

She naturally knew this.

The comprehension of a great teacher halo didn’t solely depend on luck. There were rules to be adhered to. The more a great teacher used their great teacher halo, the more familiar and proficient they would be with it. Also, the probability of their student comprehending it would be higher.

Encyclopedic Knowledge was a very common great teacher halo.

Why was this so?

As long as one was a great teacher, they would have encountered such a focused state of studying. However, it was too hard to truly have a photographic memory. There might not even be one among ten thousand people, hence, this great teacher halo ‘Retentive Memory’ was very rare.

Even half of the 7-star great teachers hadn’t comprehended this. Yet, Li Ziqi managed to achieve it when she was 13.

“No, I cannot allow you to waste your talent. I have to report this to my headmaster!”

Qi Siyuan stood up in agitation and took a walk in the back garden.

If one wanted to become a teacher, there was an obstacle they had to pass no matter what. And that was they must have comprehended the self-taught halo. How difficult was that?

You had to be widely learned!

You had to have intelligence!

Also, you must have a trace of impulse in you that made you want to educate others.

These were the findings summed up by the Saint Gate. However, findings were findings, it didn’t mean if you followed it exactly, you would be able to comprehend the self-taught halo.

After comprehending the self-thought halo, it was still not enough for you to become a teacher. You had to automatically comprehend another great teacher halo. If you couldn’t do so in the two years after you graduated, it meant that there was no more hope for you.

Like the saying, ‘you can figure out a person’s future from his childhood’, if they struggled so badly just to comprehend a self-taught halo, their future achievements would be limited.

On the other hand, if they could easily comprehend the self-taught halo at a young age, it meant that they were a genius.

As for Li Ziqi, she was a genius among geniuses.

“I will definitely not allow you to waste your talent!”

Qi Siyuan made a decision.

“How many times have I said it? I won’t leave.”

Li Ziqi felt annoyed.

“Because of your teacher?”

Qi Siyuan counter-asked.


Li Ziqi nodded with certainty. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t leave the Central Province Academy, but she would go wherever her teacher went!

“Let me tell you. It was my teacher’s golden words, his priceless advice, that made me see things in a new light, allowing me to become a genius in the eyes of everyone. If it wasn’t for him, who knows if I would be able to comprehend the self-taught halo in this lifetime of mine!”


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +500. Reverence (17,161/100,000).

Qi Siyuan fell silent. He had already guessed this, but even after hearing his cousin personally saying it, he was still shocked and felt very reluctant.

“It might be a coincidence?”

“I even know saint-tier cultivation arts!”

Li Ziqi smiled faintly. “It was Teacher who taught them to me!”


Qi Siyuan’s pitch became high. (I must have heard it wrongly, yup, I must have heard it wrongly. Even a fool wouldn’t hand over a saint-tier cultivation art to others! What a joke, saint-tier cultivation arts aren’t so cheap!)

“He taught three to me!”

Li Ziqi stretched out three fair and dainty fingers, waving them before her cousin.


Qi Siyuan called out, “Even if that Sun...Teacher Sun is fond of you, how did he get three saint-tier cultivation arts?”

“You are from the Skyraise Academy, right?”

Li Ziqi changed the topic.


Qi Siyuan nodded.

“Is your school’s ultimate art the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?”

The little sunny egg smiled mischievously.

“Is there anyone in the Nine Provinces who doesn’t know of this?”

Qi Siyuan had a face filled with confidence. As the number one school in the nine provinces, everyone in the world knew that the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was the saint-tier cultivation art each generation of headmaster had to master.

A faint smile appeared on Li Ziqi’s face.

“What are you laughing at?”

Qi Siyuan frowned, feeling that his cousin was concealing something from him.

“Nothing much!” Li Ziqi teased, “Do you know it?”

“Your words are over-the-top now. Even the top geniuses in my school are not qualified to learn it. Only by having a huge contribution to the school and unyielding loyalty would one have the chance to learn it from the headmaster!”

Qi Siyuan sighed. He wouldn’t have a chance to learn it his entire life.

Li Ziqi stood up and walked to Qi Siyuan’s side, patting his shoulders in consolation.

“Why do I feel that you are pitying me?”

Qi Siyuan felt suspicious.

“Yes, I’m pitying you!”

After Li Ziqi spoke, she added another sentence in her heart. (Because I know the ultimate divine art of your school. I know the saint-tier cultivation art, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, that you wouldn’t be able to learn in your entire life. Sigh, with such an impressive teacher, it really means that I can do whatever I want to!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +500. Reverence (17,661/100,000).

Qi Siyuan’s lips trembled a little. He couldn’t control it and asked Li Ziqi with a face filled with curiosity, “He really taught you saint-tier cultivation arts?”

“Even my junior sister learned them. You can go and spar against her!”

Li Ziqi shrugged.


Qi Siyuan drew in a cold breath of air. He involuntarily blurted, “Is he a fool?”

“Are you asking for a fight?”

Li Ziqi hammered Qi Siyuan with a fist. “If you continue speaking nonsense, don’t blame my fist for punching your chest!

“Speaking of which, because my junior martial sister is proficient in archery, she learned one more cultivation art than me, the Wind King Divine Art.”

Li Ziqi took up another grape and tossed it into her mouth with a depressed look. “I’m really too weak. Even if I learn that powerful cultivation art, I still won’t be able to win against others.”

“It’s truly a waste of heavenly material!”

Qi Siyuan felt regret.


A grape smashed into Qi Siyuan’s head. He turned his head and saw his cousin staring at him angrily.

(You were the one who said that yourself, why did you hit me?)

Qi Siyuan felt wronged.

“Cousin, I was wrong!”

Qi Siyuan hurriedly apologized, but his thoughts had wandered far away. There was an instant where he really wanted to take Sun Mo as his master.


Favorable impression points from Qi Siyuan +300. Respect (1,000/10,000)

At this moment, although Qi Siyuan didn’t say it outright, he was deeply shocked by Sun Mo’s generosity. When he asked himself honestly, if he was a teacher, let alone a saint-tier cultivation art, he would even have to deeply observe a student for a very long time before deciding whether or not he wanted to teach a peerless heaven-tier cultivation art to that student.

“Elder cousin, please help me keep this a secret. My teacher is really impressive. He just needs a year, and his name would be able to shake the great teacher world!”

Li Ziqi pleaded.

(You guys don’t understand how outstanding my teacher is, but this is fine. Time will prove everything. Also, he won’t need that long. One year is enough.)

Qi Siyuan could see a deep sense of worship in the eyes of his younger cousin.

Being able to get a girl to trust and worship you so much...as a guy, you should have no regrets in this life!


Qi Siyuan agreed.

“I always knew that cousin treats me the best!” Li Ziqi smiled sweetly. She peeled a grape and passed it to Qi Siyuan. “There, a reward for you.”

The date of the 1-star great teacher examination was very near now, so the little sunny egg didn’t want Sun Mo to be disturbed as it might affect his performance.


Qi Siyuan ate the grape, feeling that it was very sweet.

“Alright, what happened today? Why don’t you tell me about it!”

Li Ziqi blinked. Her teacher must have used his outstandingness to convince affluent second generations like her cousins. It was so satisfying just by thinking about it.

(Aiya, what a pity I didn’t get to witness it.)

Qi Siyuan told her everything honestly.

After hearing the rood Bian Yuanshan being taught a lesson by Ignorant and Incompetent, as well as her teacher using the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to help Xu Rui break through and rebuild her goal in life, Li Ziqi was in high spirits.

“As expected, my teacher is awesome!”

Li Ziqi happily hummed a little tune. But after hearing Sun Mo’s words to Qi Siyuan, her expression changed.

“Have you looked for the famous Doctor Cai yet?”

The little sunny egg asked in alarm. Doctor Cai was extremely famous in Jinling. He was a doctor the Eldest Princess’s family would consult specifically.

“I haven’t done so yet!”

It was too late and Qi Siyuan was also waiting for Li Ziqi to return, hence, he hadn’t looked for Doctor Cai to inspect his body.

“Do you want to die?”

Li Ziqi scolded her cousin. She was worried as well. “My teacher’s God Hands would definitely not be wrong. If he says that you have a problem, it means that you really have a problem. Don’t delay anymore, go now. Quickly go and look for Doctor Cai and ask him to do a check up on you!”

Four hours later, Doctor Cai said his diagnosis with a heavy expression, “The little prince is really poisoned. If I didn’t do a thorough check, this matter would really not be discovered!”

“Can it be cured?”

Qi Siyuan continued to ask.

Doctor Cai fell silent.

“So, can it be cured or not? Can’t you just let me know the answer?”

Qi Siyuan also grew anxious.

“Little prince, I’ve never seen your symptoms before. Hence, I will need some time to make a definite diagnosis and do some experiments before I can understand what medicine I should use!”

Doctor Cai explained with an unsightly look on his face.

“This means that you have no solution for it?”

After Qi Siyuan spoke, he recalled the casual expression that Sun Mo had when he dispelled the poison for him that morning.

It seemed that he was really extremely lucky to have met Sun Mo, or he would still be clueless when he was disabled.

A bout of lingering fear surfaced in Qi Siyuan’s heart, but this became rejoice after that.


Favorable impression points from Qi Siyuan +500. Respect (1,500/10,000).

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》