Absolute Great Teacher
432 The Title of Spirit Rune Grandmaster, obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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432 The Title of Spirit Rune Grandmaster, obtained!


Qi Siyuan was still deep in shock all the while until he returned home.

He could choose not to trust Sun Mo, but he had no way not to trust Doctor Cai. Ever since he was born until now, Doctor Cai had been the one treating him every time he was sick.

Qi Siyuan knew how impressive this doctor was. But now, even Doctor Cai wasn’t able to identify what he was poisoned with.

From this, one could deduce how impressive Sun Mo was.

“Each profession has its own specialties. Doctor Cai is someone that treats illnesses to save people, and he isn’t someone who researches poison.”

Li Ziqi spoke a sentence of fairness.

“It’s not the same!”

Qi Siyuan shook his head. “From your words, that Teacher Sun Mo also isn’t a poison researcher, yet after he touched my body, he could diagnose that I’ve been poisoned. I...isn’t this too magical?”

“How can Doctor Cai be compared to my teacher?”

Li Ziqi spoke in contempt.


Qi Siyuan was immediately speechless. (I know you worship your teacher, but I didn’t expect you to worship him to such an extent.)

Doctor Cai was one of the top few famous doctors in Jinling, but from the tone of his cousin, it was as though Doctor Cai couldn’t even be compared to a hair on Sun Mo’s head.

(Earlier when you said that sentence of fairness, you didn’t mean to include Sun Mo. When Sun Mo is included, Doctor Cai is nothing but trash.)

“Cousin, you are really in luck this time around and met my teacher in time, letting you know early that you have been poisoned. If this was delayed for two more years, you would be disabled by then.”

Li Ziqi felt a lingering fear. This Li Yue was truly too vicious.


Qi Siyuan also felt regret now. (If I didn’t suffer this sinister move of Li Yue, given my aptitude, how great would my strength have improved in this one year plus?)

“Oh ya, tell me more about your teacher. Especially about those saint-tier cultivation arts!”

Qi Siyuan continued to ask, his heart was filled with curiosity.

“That was in an aftern...”

Li Ziqi immediately revealed a sweet smile as she sank into her blessed memories.


Qi Siyuan looked at her expression and felt a little jealous. The moment he mentioned the name ‘Sun Mo’, his cousin would involuntarily become happy.

T...This was like the appearance of a young girl falling in love!

Very soon later, Qi Siyuan no longer cared about this because Sun Mo was truly outstanding. Even after ignoring her cousin’s exaggerated praise, Sun Mo was still so outstanding to the extent where one would tremble in fear.

Qi Siyuan asked himself if he was in Sun Mo’s shoes and was in such a disadvantaged position at the start, it would have been not bad if he could become an official teacher a year later. However, Sun Mo actually became the most famous celebrity teacher in the Central Province Academy.

“Super impressive!”

Other than these words, there were no other words capable of describing the shock in Qi Siyuan’s heart.


Favorable impression points from Qi Siyuan +200. Respect (1,700/10,000).

After a night of chatting, Qi Siyuan had a much more detailed understanding of Sun Mo. In addition to what he had witnessed personally yesterday, he decided to keep this a secret for his cousin.

“If mother knew about this, she would surely beat me to death!”

Qi Siyuan bitterly smiled.

“Many thanks, cousin!”

Li Ziqi took a piece of pastry and stuffed it into Qi Siyuan’s mouth. “At most, I will feed you a few more pieces of cake!”

“However, I also have a request. If Teacher Sun failed to pass the great teacher exam, I would immediately tell this to my mother!”

Qi Siyuan also had no solution to this. Despite him already believing a lot in Sun Mo, her cousin taking on a personal teacher was something that concerned her entire life. This matter was exceptionally important.

“Rising three star ranks within a year? If Sun Mo managed to do this, my headmaster would absolutely rush to the Central Province Academy immediately to poach him away!”

Qi Siyuan’s lips twitched!


Sun Mo was in the old headmaster’s private book-collection building and was looking for information about the Greenhaze Forest. He didn’t manage to find anything, but he kept receiving notifications of favorable impression points.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Qi Siyuan has improved, breaking past the 1,000 mark in a single day. Special reward: 1x silver treasure chest.”


“Congratulations, your prestige connections with Wei Ze and Cai Tan have both improved. You are hereby awarded 2 bronze treasure chests. You have a chance to merge them into a silver treasure chest, do you want to do so?”

“Do it!”

Sun Mo took his two silver treasure chests and returned to the villa. After he had a quick shower, Lu Zhiruo was already waiting in the living room, preparing to pay respect to him.

She even brought a sumptuous breakfast along.

“Teacher, I bought your favorite steamed dumplings!”

The papaya girl even placed the bowl and chopsticks before him.

Dong He stood at the side with a look of resentment on her face. She felt that her job had been snatched.

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo on her head!

The papaya girl immediately closed her eyes and was like a kitten being patted by her owner. She revealed a look of enjoyment.

Her teacher’s hands were very large. When she was being patted, she felt a strong sense of security.


Favorable impression points from the papaya girl +50. Reverence (22,150/100,000).


Sun Mo was speechless.

The papaya girl and honest guy were simply like point-generators for him. They would contribute favorable impression points every now and then. If this continued, their prestige connections with him would soon reach the ‘worship’ level.

“Alright, system. What would happen after the prestige connection reached ‘worship’?”

Sun Mo suddenly thought of this matter.

“Host’s level is too low. The answer is withheld!”

The system’s mechanical voice was ice-cold.

Sun Mo shrugged and no longer bothered with this question. “Open the chests then!”

Three seconds later.


“Congratulations, you have obtained 5 time emblems!”

(Look, this is what the goddess of luck can do.)

(Even the time emblems are x5.)

“Sit at the side, let’s eat together!”

Sun Mo waited for the papaya girl to sit on a chair to his left. As he ate his porridge, he instructed the system to continue with opening the next chest.

The clicking sound rang out and after the dazzling silver light vanished, a gigantic book the size of 18 spread-out pieces of paper appeared. It was as thick as two encyclopedias combined.

“Skill book?”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened as his heart was filled with joy. He involuntarily wanted to shout ‘my papaya girl’s luck status is number one in the world!’.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a part of [High-tier Spirit Rune Knowledge Encyclopedia]. Proficiency level: elementary-grade.”

Sun Mo immediately wanted to cheer wildly!

“If you wish to learn this skill book, you have to upgrade your mid-tier spirit rune knowledge to the grandmaster-grade first.”

The system reminded him.

“I’m done with breakfast and will do some meditation in my room. Do not disturb me if there are no important matters.”

Sun Mo rose from his seat.

After returning to his bedroom, Sun Mo impatiently used the time emblems. Hence, he was clad in a bright green glow.

The system’s notifications continuously rang out. His proficiency-level rose to expert and to grandmaster. A vast amount of information instantly flooded into Sun Mo’s mind.

After he cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself, he started to rapidly memorize everything to deepen his impression of them. It was only until afternoon did he finish his learning session.

After that, Sun Mo learned the skill book he had just obtained.

For the 1-star great teacher exam, he had to be an expert in a secondary occupation.

Sun Mo didn’t want to screw things up and wanted double insurance. Hence, he used all the remaining time emblems on his spirit rune knowledge.


“Congratulations, your proficiency level of the high-tier spirit rune knowledge has risen to the ancestor-grade!”

“Congratulations, in the system’s evaluation system, you obtained the title of a ‘spirit rune grandmaster’!”

An unexpected incident occurred.

“Spirit rune grandmaster?”

(I actually obtained a title?) This caused Sun Mo to be very happy, but he still felt puzzled. “Shouldn’t it be spirit rune ancestor?”

“Your mastery of high-tier spirit knowledge has reached the ancestor-grade. Let’s use mathematics as an example. It is like you have mastered maths in senior high school, and no questions could stump you. However, that’s not the case with maths at the university level. Only after you completely mastered it would you become a great ancestor!”

The system explained.

Bluntly speaking, it meant that in the domain of high-tier spirit rune knowledge, there was even more profound knowledge. Only after mastering that would one be able to get the ancestor title.

What was an ancestor?

They were people who could start their own sect. This also indicated that these great teachers had obtained exceptionally high attainments in a certain subject.

In the study of spirit runes, this meant that they had the ability to create new spirit runes and come out with new theories to perfect everyone’s understanding of this subject.

Ancestors were forever as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin’s horns.

“So this is the case!”

Sun Mo understood.

“I have to remind you that at the grandmaster level, if you want to reach an even higher level of understanding, it would be very difficult. It’s already useless to depend solely on time emblems.”

The system’s tone was extremely heavy.

“I know this!”

After all, Sun Mo was a teacher and he had a deep cognition of this.

For all subjects, the higher one climbed, the lesser people there would be. They would usually be alone because it was simply too difficult. Take Einstein for an example. He stood alone at the peak of physics. There were no others capable of standing beside him.

“Speaking of which, what’s my ranking in Jinling given my current standard of spirit rune knowledge?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Ranked #10 in Jinling, ranked #21 in the Central Province, ranked #66 in Jiangnan!”

After the system did some calculations, it revealed the answer.

“I’m ranked so far behind?”

Sun Mo felt his mood dipping. “This is so much lower than my expectations. Even in Jinling, I ranked at the last of the top ten.”

“You should be content. Jinling is a major city in Jiangnan, and many grandmasters are staying here. Being able to be in the top ten is already not bad.”

The system continued in disdain, “Don’t forget that you have only been researching spirit runes for about half a year. Some grandmasters have studied this for several decades.”

Naturally, there was another thing that the system didn’t mention, and that was Sun Mo’s talent in the study of spirit runes. It would only be a matter of time for him to catch up to those people.

“Very well. In that case, for spirit rune masters below 30, what is my ranking?”

Sun Mo changed his question.


The system didn’t want to reply and felt like beating someone up.

“Why? Are you unable to compute it?”Sun Mo mocked, “Are you not omnipotent?”

“#1 in Jinling!”

The system’s voice was filled with a thick sense of reluctance.

“What about in Central Province?”

Sun Mo asked again.


Right now, the system no longer felt like beating someone. It felt like killing.

“What about Jiangnan?”

Sun Mo blinked his eyes.

“Are you done or not?”

The system couldn’t control anymore and roared


Sun Mo was happy now. His thoughts were clear.


On the second morning, Sun Mo went to take a look at the darkness illusion dojo. The base of it had already grown, and it was about half-foot tall. After observing it with Divine Sight, the data showed that the growth rate was very good. This made Sun Mo feel very bizarre. He felt like he was planting a type of plant.

As expected of a secret treasure of darkness, it was mysterious and profound.

During the afternoon, Sun Mo had intended to pay a visit to Zheng Qingfang. But in the end, Gu Xiuxun who went for an idle stroll on the streets suddenly came to look for him.

“Liu Mubai is heading to Guangling today. I suggest we move out immediately.”

Gu Xiuxun urged.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》