Absolute Great Teacher
433 A Handsome Steed. Heading to Guangling with Lots of Money
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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433 A Handsome Steed. Heading to Guangling with Lots of Money


If a great teacher wanted to live well and achieve some feats to establish his foothold in the great teacher world, they not only needed to have genuine talent, but they also needed a huge social circle to build their network and develop their fame.

For young and inexperienced people who were trying to start out, if a major character was aiding them, they would be able to take fewer detours. Also, those who passed the 1-star great teacher examination in the same batch could be claimed as your peers.

The relationship between peers could be considered a closer one.

Everyone was grinding in the great teacher world, so it was unknown when one might encounter difficult encounters. If one had more friends, they would have more options to choose from.

Gu Xiuxun planned to head to Guangling earlier. Other than getting used to the testing ground and looking at the terrain, she also wanted to get acquainted with some people. If there was a chance to, they could also pay a visit to some major characters.

Sun Mo didn’t like to do such a thing, but he knew that if one wanted to make a good living in society, one must not lack these social connections.

No matter what, he was someone who had been bitten by society before, so he was no longer that naive. He promised Gu Xiuxun that they would set off in two days.

After all, he still had some private matters he had to settle.


“Why are you here?”

Upon hearing Sun Mo came to pay a visit, Zheng Qingfang immediately rushed to the study.

“I’m heading to Guangling to participate in the 1-star great teacher exam and won’t be back for at least three months. So, I came here to use the living blood technique on Uncle Zheng.”

Sun Mo explained.

“I’ve troubled you!”

Zheng Qingfang felt very moved.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +200. Respect (2,000/10,000).

“Uncle Zheng, if you say this, you are treating me like an outsider.”

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo knew that he didn’t come here for nothing. Zheng Qingfang was indeed someone who knew gratitude. He was helping Zheng Qingfang because this old man had an upright and honest character, not because of his status as a major character.


Zheng Qingfang chortled. He noted down this kindness in his heart instead of kept speaking about it. Hence, he didn’t thank Sun Mo and directly took out a wooden box.

“Congratulations on obtaining the championship in this year’s newbie competition. You have led the Central Province Academy to ascend to the ‘C’ grade.”

Zheng Qingfang looked at Sun Mo with admiration in his eyes.

He had been very concerned with Sun Mo, hence, he had sent people out to get news and keep him updated on the league tournament. He knew everything about it and felt very regretful that he wasn’t able to personally witness Sun Mo’s glory.

This was such a good young man. Sadly, he already had a marriage engagement or Zheng Qinfang would surely have thrown his granddaughter to Sun Mo. Any woman that married such a man would definitely have a life of good fortune.


Sun Mo wasn’t polite and accepted the wooden box calmly.

“This isn’t some valuable treasure, just a Southern Lake Pearl. It would emit a weak smell and as long as you bring it along with you, no bugs or snakes would bother you. It can also help you to refresh and clear your mind, maintaining your mental state at its peak.”

Zheng Qingfang casually introduced the origin of the pearl like he was giving some fruit from a roadside stall. However, when Sun Mo used Divine Sight to observe the pearl, he immediately understood how valuable this gift was.

This pearl wasn’t a secret treasure, but it was considered very rare in the nine provinces. It came from the Southern Lake and had a very limited quantity. Hence, these pearls were used as royal tributes.

Therefore, other than the royal clan, no one else was qualified enough to use it. Even if one had money, they wouldn’t be able to purchase it. If they did, it would mean that they had overstepped their authority and had to be beheaded.

This pearl of Zheng Qingfang was bestowed onto him by the late emperor. Even among southern lake pearls, it was one of the very best in terms of quality.

“Is this a royal tribute?” Sun Mo rejected, placing the box back. “This is too precious!”

“You and I are like old friends since our first meeting and are good friends despite our difference in age. If you continue saying things like that, it would mean that you look down on me!”

Zheng Qingfang frowned.

“Alright then!”

Sun Mo was helpless and could only take the item.

“Actually, if we calculate it, I’m the one who has profited. After you used the living blood technique to dispel the poison for me, I can eat and sleep well every day. My body felt a lot better and I’ve stopped feeling dizzy. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to live three to four years longer.”

Zheng Qingfang laughed uproariously. Who wouldn’t have a notebook in their hearts to remember debts of hatred and gratitude?

For someone like Zheng Qingfang, a senior official, what rare things had he not seen before? No matter how important an object was, there was no way it could be more important than human talent.

“The poison in your body has already settled in your blood vessels and marrows, so it’s very troublesome to expel it completely. I will give you a medical prescription later, and you have to remember to eat your medicine on time. Together with me using the living blood technique on you, you would recover completely in one or two years, and the poison should be fully expelled by then.”

Sun Mo stated a longer duration. If there were some unexpected accidents, he would still have room to maneuver. However, Zheng Qingfang was stunned by it.

“One, two years? That fast?”

Zheng Qingfeng grew agitated.


Sun Mo nodded with certainty.

“It’s really very lucky that I’ve met you!”

Zheng Qingfang surveyed Sun Mo. “By being able to live a few more years, I would be able to see more of your famous paintings. Sigh, if it wasn’t for me knowing that you are too busy, I really wish to force you to draw another one for me.”

Sun Mo smiled lightly, he didn’t want to reply.

“Oh yes, do you also understand the medical arts?”

Zheng Qingfang suddenly thought of something. Sun Mo actually knew how to give a medical prescription?

“I don’t know, but under a coincidence, I got to understand quite a few herbs on the Darkness Continent that have the effect of countering poison.”

Sun Mo explained.


Sun Mo used half an hour to massage Zheng Qingfang. However, Zheng Qingfang wanted him to stay for a meal no matter what. There was no solution to this. Hence, Sun Mo could only leave after lunch.

“Xia He, do you feel regret now?”

Seeing Xia He who came to remove the teacups, Zheng Qingfang asked.

“This slave has no regret!”

Although Xia He said this, only she knew how bitter her heart was feeling.

She didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so outstanding.

Once she thought about how Dong He was a follower of Sun Mo now, she suddenly wanted to see Sun Mo failing the 1-star great teacher examination.

“At that time, I must pay a visit to Dong He!”

Xia He decided to do so.


Sun Mo summoned his six personal students. After instructing them to focus on cultivation and not stir up trouble, he went to look for An Xinhui to apply for leave.

“I hope you will get number one!”

When An Xinhui thought of how Sun Mo had to be away for three months, she suddenly felt a slight sense of reluctance in her heart.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo turned and left.

Seeing Sun Mo about to walk away even before saying more than five sentences, An Xinhui grew anxious. “Wait a moment!”

“Is there anything more?”

Sun Mo was puzzled.

“C...close your eyes!”

An Xinhui didn’t dare to look Sun Mo in the eye. She spoke in a low voice.


Sun Mo frowned.

“Close your eyes first and I’ll tell you.”

An Xinhui feigned calmness.

Sun Mo shrugged and closed his eyes. After roughly about ten seconds, he felt a slight sensation of heat on his left cheek.

(What the hell?)

Sun Mo subconsciously touched his face. He opened his eyes and just so coincidentally saw An Xinhui’s beautiful face blushing. She was rapidly retreating.

“Fool, she just kissed you!”

The system was speechless. (As expected of a single dog, you didn’t even know that you got kissed.)

Sun Mo fell silent.

An Xinhui also didn’t know what to say. Hence, the atmosphere in the office froze.


After Sun Mo spoke, he turned to leave.


An Xinhui suddenly felt some disappointment. In fact, she had made preparations in her heart if Sun Mo rushed over and hugged her. But in the end, nothing happened.

“You are really single because of your ‘strength’, right?”

Even the system couldn’t bear to watch anymore. As expected, Sun Mo’s fate was to m*sturbate alone forever.

If it was another man with Sun Mo’s looks, talents, and God Hands, he would have written ten ‘正’ characters on Jin Mujie’s buttocks.

“Little Momo!”

Before Sun Mo could walk far, An Xinhui ran out. “Take the namecards of these people. If something happens, you can pay a visit to these uncles!”

Earlier, because she kissed Sun Mo, her emotions were in a mess and she forgot the important thing.


Sun Mo looked at the words written on the cards. Evidently, these words were written long ago, and it caused him to feel slightly moved.

His childhood sweetheart still cared about him!

One must know that An Xinhui had never sought help from these old headmasters despite suffering so much difficulty. However, for Sun Mo’s sake, she wrote out the names and contacts of her grandfather’s social connections.

After all, things like favors would be gone once they were used.

“I know you are stubborn and have an unyielding character. But now that you are heading out, you have to remember to try your best to tolerate things. When you return safely, I will go with you and right all the injustice you suffered!”

An Xinhui persuaded him. She walked in front of Sun Mo and tidied his clothes for him.

For a time, Sun Mo was in a daze. He had once fantasized about seeing a wife tidying his clothes every morning and listening to her words.

It was a pity that he ended up as a single dog in his previous world!

“What are you thinking about? Have you remembered all the things I told you?”

An Xinhui grumbled.


Sun Mo smiled lightly. “I shall crush the heads of whoever dares to offend me and let them know that people from the Central Province Academy are the strongest!”


An Xinhui suddenly giggled. (Little Momo has really grown up, he even knows how to joke now.)


On a sunny morning, Sun Mo rode a handsome steed and set off. Gu Xiuxun, Gao Ben, and Zhang Lan from his batch, as well as Qian Dun and Wang Chao who joined the school a year ago, traveled together with him as well.

“Teacher Sun, you wouldn’t find that we are coming right?”

Wang Chao’s face wasn’t as thick as Qian Dun’s. He felt trepidation and unease while on their way there.

“Why would I feel so? By traveling together, we can take care of each other!”

Sun Mo gave up the notion of riding Little Silver all the way to Guangling because he suddenly thought of something. Despite him having been in the Nine Provinces for half a year, he had never left Jinling City before.

He might as well cherish this chance to take a good look at the local conditions and customs of the people of the Nine Provinces.

The scenery in the surroundings as they journeyed was roughly the same as Sun Mo’s imaginations. The scenery was filled with an ancient air. There were wives in ancient clothes that bundled their hair up with jade hairpins, there were little young missus from different clans, and there were scholars with their large bags, traveling to the capital for the imperial examinations.

Horse carriages were everywhere, and travelers could be seen all around too. This was especially so at the ferry terminals and relay stations for post horses. There were many people there.

“Are these roadside stalls safe?”

Sun Mo saw a tea stall set up in the grassy area at the roadside. The lady boss was actually quite charming and would occasionally smile mischievously at people passing by.

“They are safe, but maybe the drinks might not be too clean!”

Zhang Lan who had always been silent unexpectedly replied.

“Are there something like fainting drugs here?”

Sun Mo wanted to go over and order some tea, buy a few buns and a few small dishes while shouting, “Waiter, serve the wine!”

However, this tea stall had no waiters, so he could only give up on this thought.

“What are fainting drugs?”

Qian Dun was curious. “From the sound of it, it doesn’t seem like something good?”

“It’s a ‘weapon’ martial artists have to prepare whenever they journey through the pugilistic world!”

Sun Mo laughed uproariously. He whipped his horse fiercely and said, “Let’s go. Do our best to reach Jaderise Town before night falls. When we arrive there, I’ll treat everyone to wine!”

“Teacher Sun, do you dare to compete with me in horsemanship?”

Gu Xiuxun tightened her legs on her mount and chased after him.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》