Absolute Great Teacher
435 I Depend on My Capabilities for a Living!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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435 I Depend on My Capabilities for a Living!


“What do you mean?”

Zhang Lan frowned and glared over.

The tone of the young man was unfriendly, but he didn’t mean to ridicule Zhang Lan. He was very unhappy with the current situation as well. Having waited for two days here, he couldn’t even see a strand of fine hair of Great Teacher Jiang. But when Gu Qingyan arrived, he could enter immediately, causing this young man to feel extremely unhappy.

He was being looked down upon!

The gatekeeper allowed Gu Qingyan to enter. What did this mean?

This meant that even if Great Teacher Jiang didn’t instruct the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper also knew that a character like Gu Qingyan was someone his master would want to meet.

There was clearly a difference in treatment.

With regard to Zhang Lan, the young man knew he was in the wrong. If it was in usual times, he would apologize, but there was no way he would do so today. There were roughly 100 examinees here. If he apologized now, wouldn’t everyone feel that he was a coward?

“It means whatever you think it means!”

The young man angrily retorted.

The majority of people wanted face. Hence, there would often be verbal conflicts like this especially so under the heat of the sun. Actually, there might not be any major matters. The two parties only started quarreling due to the matter of face.


Zhang Lan directly pulled out her curved blade. The shiny edge shone dazzlingly under the sunlight.

“What are you doing? Do you want to fight?”

The young man was Wei Lu, and he came here with a bunch of colleagues with whom he had a pretty good relationship. Right now, they were here as well. When they saw this, they immediately rushed over. Clearly, they were planning to advance and retreat together with their friend.

“Everyone, calm down.”

Qian Dun stood out. “Teacher Zhang, this is just a minor matter. Don’t hold it to heart!”

“What do you mean by calming down? If they want to fight, let’s just fight!”

Gu Xiuxun also had a bellyful of anger from waiting here for over half an hour. This young man was unhappy, but she was unhappy too. She was currently lacking someone she could vent her anger on.

“Teacher Gu, don’t make things chaotic!”

Qian Dun was helpless. (You guys are geniuses and don’t know fear, but I can’t handle this. If a fight really started, should I join in or not? If I didn’t join in, how would I be able to show my face around the school in the future?)

(But if I joined, there was an 80 to 90% chance I would be injured. Wouldn’t that affect my examination?)

“Teacher Sun, why don’t you say something to persuade them?”

Qian Dun glanced at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didn’t expect he would see a group fight here. Somehow, he missed such a feeling. The last time he had participated in a brawl like this was back during junior high school.

“I know you guys are not angry toward us, but your tone is simply too provocative. Just apologize and we will forget about this matter.”

Sun Mo spoke.

He could be considered the group leader of this ‘great teacher circle’. Since something had happened, he naturally had to take responsibility and step out.

“You want me to apologize?”

Wei Lu ridiculed. He patted the long blade strapped to his waist. “Ask my blade first!”

The people in the surrounding began to crowd around to observe the situation.

“Eh, Great Teacher Jiang?”

Sun Mo suddenly turned his head and looked to the left. After that, he revealed a respectful expression.

Wei Lu’s group had been initially glaring at Sun Mo. However, upon seeing this, they hurriedly retracted their expression and turned to look at the gate, preparing to greet Jiang Wei.

“Teacher Sun, this location is right outside Jiang Manor, we can’t fight...”

Wang Chao knew how iron-headed Sun Mo was, but sadly, Sun Mo already acted the moment he finished speaking.


Sun Mo rushed out.

“Oh no!”

Wei Lu was also quite intelligent. The moment he turned his head toward the gate, he cursed silently because he just realized he didn’t hear the sound of the gate opening.

One must know that given Jiang Wei’s identity, if he headed out, he would use the main front gate instead of the side gate.


Wei Lu subconsciously brandished his weapon, but when his right hand grabbed the blade’s hilt, a palm strike knocked his hand away.

“It’s too late!”

Sun Mo followed through the momentum and tugged out the long blade strapped to Wei Lu’s waist. After that, he exerted force with his wrist and unsheathed the long blade half-way, placing it on Wei Lu’s neck.

How swift!

Upon seeing this, all the spectators were stunned. Half of them silently understood that they wouldn’t be able to handle Sun Mo’s sneak attack.

This indicated that if they encountered Sun Mo in the examination, they would inevitably lose.

“He most probably is at the sixth level or seventh level of the blood-ignition realm!”

“He might be very proficient in movement arts!”

“But that attack was really impressive!”

The surrounding teachers mumbled and started to survey Sun Mo seriously.

Wei Lu’s group all had extremely ugly expressions. This was especially so for Wei Lu. His large face directly flushed from anger as he roared, “You used a trick!”

“It’s clearly because you are stupid!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke in disdain. But Sun Mo was really inwardly evil to actually pull off such a scheme. (I have to be careful in the future and mustn’t be swindled by him.)

Zhang Lan was unable to restrain a smile on her face. Black Doggy Sun, as expected of his reputation. His heart was so ‘filthy’!


Gu Xiuxun was very pretty. Although her chest was a little small, she had a pair of long legs. Being held in contempt by such a beauty made Wei Lu so angry that he wanted to kill.


Wang Chao sighed.

“Just admit it, I’ve never seen Teacher Sun blasting people before, but following him is so satisfying!”

Qian Dun sighed emotionally. By following Sun Mo, he would surely not be the one suffering a setback. How satisfying.

“It seems that I have to ask for your opinion if I want your owner to apologize!”

Sun Mo made a gesture at the long blade on Wei Lu’s neck as though he was listening to it. “What do you think?”

(Are you mocking me? You are definitely mocking me, right?)

Wei Lu’s lungs were about to explode from anger. This was especially so when he heard everyone in the surroundings laughing. He completely had no face left.

“This teacher, your blade doesn’t seem to know how to speak!”

Sun Mo shrugged. “In that case, there must be something wrong with your brain. You should go and treat it, or it would be too late for regrets if you became a retard.”

“You are then the retard, your whole family are r...”

Wei Lu wasn’t able to complete the sentence because the long blade was now placed directly on his throat. The ice-cold feeling of the blade’s edge caused his fine hairs to stand at their ends. He even felt the urge to urinate.


The spectators burst out in laughter.

“Wanting to fight me? No problem, but you have to apologize to my colleague first!”

Sun Mo’s expression turned solemn.

“Sorry, I was in the wrong!”

After Wei Lu spoke to Zhang Lan, he turned to Sun Mo. “Is that fine now?”


Sun Mo moved his finger and turned the blade around, handing it to Wei Lu by its hilt.


Wei Lu grabbed the blade hilt and roared, “Wei Lu from Liang City, please guide me!”

“Teacher Sun, this battle is mine!”

Just when Zhang Lan stood out, before anything else could happen, an imposing-sounding voice echoed out loud in reprimand, along with the trotting sounds of hooves.

“What are you guys doing?”

Jiang Zhitong tugged at the reins and stopped his horse before the gate.

“Teacher Jiang!”

The group of people hurriedly bowed.

This thirty-nine-ish-looking man was Jiang Wei’s second son and he was already a 3-star great teacher. He was currently employed by the Saint Gate and had outstanding strength. Moreover, he was one of the examiners for this exam.

“You guys are so young yet so keen to duke it out? What do you think this place is?”

Jiang Zhitong reprimanded.

“Teacher Jiang, we know our mistakes!”

Wei Lu’s group hurriedly bowed and lowered their heads in apology.

Over at the Central Province Academy’s side, Qian Dun and Wang Chao also apologized. Gu Xiuxun lowered her head but didn’t admit her mistake. As for Sun Mo and Zhang Lan, they didn’t even lower their heads.

Jiang Zhitong’s eyes narrowed slightly. He naturally wouldn’t berate Sun Mo and Zhang Lan because of this bit of impoliteness, but he definitely would feel a bit unhappy.

“Being able to change yourself when knowing you are in the wrong is good!”

After Jiang Zhitong spoke, he immediately got off his horse and returned home. There was a stablehand who came out to lead his horse in. As for that middle-aged gatekeeper, he opened the side gate and respectfully welcomed Jiang Zhitong home.

“As the gatekeeper, what the hell are you doing? There was a conflict right outside our manor’s gate, don’t you know how to scold them?”

Jiang Zhitong was very angry.

(My Jiang Clan is also considered a major clan. In the end, a bunch of young people are fighting outside our manor? What would others make of this? Where is the prestige of my Jiang Clan?)

“This slave knows his mistake!”

The gatekeeper hurriedly knelt and apologized.

“Half a month of your salary will be deducted. If something like this happens again, you can go and kneel at the back gate!”

Jiang Zhitong was very strict in disciplining the people of his manor. This was especially so recently. Because of the 1-star great teacher examination, many virtuous and prestigious great teachers came to Guangling. Hence, Jiang Zhitong didn’t want anyone from his clan to screw things up, or others might feel that he wasn’t able to control his subordinates well.

“Clan leader, Gu Qingyan is here!”

A maid came over and reported in a low voice after taking off Jiang Zhitong’s outer coat.

“Got it!”

Jiang Zhitong stood up and walked to the living room.

“Clan leader, should we get those teachers to head back first?”

The gatekeeper asked.

If it was during ordinary times, Jiang Zhitong would have sent them back, but not today. “Let them continue waiting!”

If these examinees really revered the Jiang Clan in their hearts, they wouldn’t have made trouble here and would have waited solemnly and silently.

“They really don’t know the rules!”

Jiang Zhitong shook his head. The current generation of youngsters was even worse than the previous generation’s.


The people of the two parties split apart.

“Why did Teacher Jiang have to see that?”

Wei Lu felt so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood. This time, he had truly suffered a huge setback in the hands of Sun Mo.

The others also had worried looks on their faces. Although they knew that Jiang Zhitong most probably wouldn’t make things difficult for them in the exam, they still couldn’t help but feel worried!

“Teacher Sun, you are really iron-headed!”

Gu Xiuxun watched the closing gate and couldn’t help but tease, “Lowering your head and putting up an act wouldn’t have cost you anything. Who told you to be so iron-headed? Are you not afraid that Jiang Zhitong will remember you?”

“It’s fine.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Well, I depend on my capabilities for a living!”

Sun Mo was used to it. When he attended university, he had seen teachers with even worse tempers.

If you made the slightest mistake, those teachers would unleash a torrent of abuse on you.

Sun Mo understood why Jiang Zhitong was so angry. People from major clans naturally wanted some face. (By fighting outside their residence, doesn’t that mean that you have no regard for them in your eyes?)

“You people from the Central Plains have so many rules!”

Zhang Lan’s lips twitched.

“Is that Gu Qingyan very famous?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“He is the number one graduate from Skyraise Academy this year and a candidate to be their future headmaster. He is qualified to train in the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, and he is already confirmed to hold the number one ranking in the Great Teacher Heroes Ranking. Tell me, is he famous or not?”

Wang Chao stated a few titles and all of them were weighty enough to scare someone to death.

“If you want to hear all his titles and glorious deeds, we have to spend five minutes to properly tell you everything!”

Qian Dun then added, “Is he impressive or not?”

“Impressive, impressive... but he isn’t as handsome as Sun Mo!”

Gu Xiuxun giggled.

“That’s true.”

Zhang Lan nodded. Gu Qingyan wasn’t ugly and could be said to be a little good-looking. However, this was in comparison to normal people. If he stood beside Sun Mo, there was no need to compare them at all.

Also, Sun Mo’s appearance when he had acted earlier was truly cool. He showed the spirit a group leader ought to have!


Favorable impression points from Zhang Lan +50. Friendly (350/1,000).


Qian Dun was speechless. As expected, women were shallow creatures. They completely didn’t understand that a man was charming only because of his talents.

Qian Dun couldn’t help but look toward Sun Mo. After that, he immediately retracted his thoughts. There was no solution to it. Comparing talents, Sun Mo wasn’t in any way inferior either.

“Which one of you wants to leave?”

Sun Mo no longer wanted to wait.

Qian Dun was badly frightened and hurriedly stopped him. “We can’t leave now or trouble will definitely happen!”

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