Absolute Great Teacher
436 You Guys Will Never Be Able to Understand the Pride of Some People!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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436 You Guys Will Never Be Able to Understand the Pride of Some People!


Outside the Jiang Manor, because of Jiang Zhitongs earlier admonishment, close to a hundred teachers no longer spoke. They were all waiting quietly.

The cold wind of winter gusted by, and it was somewhat cold.

What trouble could possibly happen?

Sun Mo frowned.

Teacher Sun, since you have already come, you have to wait until afternoon at the very least. What if Great Teacher Jiang looked at the visiting cards and saw your name, but in the end, you are not waiting here? That would offend him even more compared to you simply not coming here for a visit!

Qian Dun earnestly persuaded.

This action can be considered offensive too?

Sun Mo didnt understand.

Qian Dun didnt know how he should explain because this was common sense! For some people, even if they knew it was impossible for them to meet with Great Teacher Jiang, they would still be willing to wait until the evening.

The duration of your wait represented the degree of respect you had for Great Teacher Jiang.

You people from the Central Plains honestly have too many rules!

Zhang Lan was also impatient now.

Just go, quickly go then!

Wei Lu had been observing Sun Mos side. Upon hearing his words, Wei Lu immediately added, Whoever doesnt leave is a dog!

Teacher Wei, can I ask you a question? If one wants to become a great teacher, does it depend on Great Teacher Jiangs admiration or on ones capabilities?

Sun Mo asked.

Naturally, ones capabilities!

Wei Lu showed an as it should be by rights expression on his face, but in his heart, he also hoped to be summoned in for a meeting with Great Teacher Jiang. If he had a meeting, he would be able to use his talent to move Great Teacher Jiang and gain his appreciation. There would then be more opportunities for him in the future.

The resources of major characters werent something ordinary people could compare to. As long as Great Teacher Jiang was willing to guide him slightly, he would be able to take fewer detours in the future.

Why was there the saying, If one married a fair, rich, and beautiful wife, the duration they have to work hard would be lesser by twenty years?

The logic was the same. The resources that your rich and beautiful wife had would allow you to surpass many of your competitors.

Well spoken. In that case, why are you not making use of your time to revise or cultivate to raise your strength? Why are you willing to wait here the entire day and waste your time?

Sun Mo asked.


Wei Lu started, wanting to say that he was confident and would be able to qualify as a 1-star great teacher. However, after he swept his gaze through the surroundings, he found himself unable to speak.

If he failed, he would definitely become a joke.

One must know that in the great teacher examination, it didnt mean that you would pass as long as your results could make it. There was a limit to the number of people.

In order to maintain the quality and number of teachers, the Saint Gate set the rule that only 300 people could pass the 1-star great teacher examination every year. But how many examinees were there every year?

There were several tens of thousands!

This was already the second time Wei Lu came for the exam. His competitors werent only peers of the same batch as him, but there were also those of the previous and later batch.

You dont even have the courage to say you will pass, yet you still dare to talk about capabilities? Hmph, clearly you are just a bootlicker wanting to suck off to Great Teacher Jiang!

Sun Mo mocked.

Who doesnt know how to brag? Can you pass it in one go?

Wei Lu was embarrassed and started to ridicule Sun Mo.


Sun Mo nodded, there was no hesitation at all.

When Qian Dun heard this, he jumped in fright. He had wanted to persuade Sun Mo and say that one must always leave some leeway when it came to speaking and doing things. But just when he was about to talk, Wang Chao stopped him.

Just ignore it!

Wang Chao persuaded. Dont use your yardstick to measure a genius. Teacher Sun will surely pass and be qualified as a 1-star great teacher!

Qian Dun turned his head and discovered that both Gu Xiuxun and Zhang Lan also had looks of confidence on their faces. This scene made him feel even more self-inferior.

Are these the so-called dragons and phoenixes among humans?

Qian Dun sighed.

Honestly speaking, Qian Dun came here to gather experience. He only fantasized about himself passing in his dreams.

Now, upon hearing Sun Mos answer that was filled with so much resolve, the surrounding examinees all looked over and involuntarily started to whisper.

Who was this fellow?

How brazen!

Do you dare to have a bet then? If you didnt pass it this time, just give up on becoming a great teacher? taunted Wei Lu.

Thats right!

Sun Mo stared at Wei Lu. If I pass this time around, how about you also quit being a great teacher?

Wei Lu hesitated. He was afraid that Sun Mo might really pass.

Che, you dont even have this bit of self-confidence. Why are you wasting my time by talking nonsense?

Sun Mo flicked his sleeve. Just retreat!

Wei Lu was angered by Sun Mos action. Hence, he took large strides and walked over forcefully. Sure, lets gamble then. Let our palms meet to seal the deal!

Sun Mo lifted his hands.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

They struck palms thrice.

Everyone on the scene, please be our witnesses!

Wei Lu clasped his hands and spoke to the surrounding teachers, wanting to force Sun Mo onto a path of no return. With witnesses, there was no way for Sun Mo to refuse to admit that this bet was real.

Wei Lu, you are in huge trouble now!

Gu Xiuxun teased. A joyful smile born from Wei Lus incoming misfortune appeared on her lips.


Seeing a beautiful woman looking down on him, Wei Lu guessed that she was Sun Mos girlfriend. When he thought of how he was a single dog, he immediately felt sadder.

Adulterous couple, just wait and see. This daddy will win for sure!

Wei Lu suppressed the fury in his heart. (When the results are announced, I will definitely ruthlessly condemn you guys in public!)

At this moment, the gate creaked open as a middle-aged man walked out. From his dressing, it was clear that he was the butler of the Jiang Manor.

These examinees who were watching the show immediately retracted their expressions. Excitement appeared in their hearts. Teacher Jiang Wei must be planning to see some of the examinees!

Who could be so lucky?

Everyone understood that Jiang Wei was very busy and wouldnt meet everyone. So, the atmosphere between the examinees was extremely tense, like both sides had daggers drawn. They treated everyone else as their opponents.

Wei Lu was also a scheming individual. Upon seeing this, he immediately jumped in.

Are you not going to leave? Why are you not leaving now?

Wei Lu had a mocking look on his face. (Why dont you try leaving in the face of the butler? I dare guarantee that you will definitely enter the blacklist of the Jiang Manor immediately. Then, you would never be able to meet with Great Teacher Jiang Wei.)

Sun Mo swept a glance at the butler and started to smile.

If you are willing to bend your waist to live and wait here for one day, three days, or even a week just to get the appreciation of a major character, its fine. But dont assume everyone is the same as you!

For some people, they have a backbone and live their lives walking upright!

Sun Mo didnt lower his voice because the butler was here. He wasnt afraid his words might be heard by others.


Upon hearing Sun Mos words, everyone turned over and was dumbfounded.

Has this fellow gone mad? Speaking such words in front of the Jiang Manor, doesnt he want to make a living in the great teacher world anymore?

This fellow is really such an ironhead!

Does anyone know his name? I like him a little!

The crowd whispered among each other.

Hmm, you are speaking so pompously, but arent you here as well? Wei Lus lips curled.

I came to pass my visiting card because of my respect to Great Teacher Jiang. I admired him for his contributions to the great teacher world, and I have no other intention! But what about you? You guys came here to meet him because you all want his admiration? The intentions in your hearts are already errant!

Sun Mo unleashed a nuke.

I waited an entire day, this is then sincerity

Wei Lus expression changed. Sun Mo wasnt pointing at the mulberry tree and cursing the locust tree; he was directly pointing at the monk and scolding him, saying that he was a bald donkey. Wei Lu opened his mouth and wanted to rebut but was interrupted by Sun Mo.

Dont try to dispute this. By sending a visiting card and waiting before Great Teacher Jiangs gate for half an hour is already enough for sincerity. As for you guys? You all waited here for a few days and nights, and if the people of Guangling saw this, they might feel that ordinary people are not worthy enough to pay a visit to the lofty Jiang Manor!

After Sun Mo spoke, that middle-aged butlers expression instantly changed. He hurriedly walked over, wanting to stop Sun Mo from speaking.

One must know that some passersby were already gathering here to watch the commotion. If these words were to spread out, it would definitely be a heavy blow to the Jiang Manors reputation.

Great Teacher Jiang isnt young anymore. You guys shouldnt be bothering him right before the examination. You all should be giving him sufficient time to rest instead. By waiting here for a few days and nights, what is your intention exactly?

Upon hearing Sun Mos scolding, Gu Xiuxun and Zhang Lan exchanged a glance and couldnt help but have a smile on their faces.

(Its starting, its starting!)

Sun Mo was unleashing his divine might like an unchained wild dog going around to bite people. It had been a long time since they saw this scene, so they felt some anticipation for it!

Hmph, do you think our Black Doggy Sun has a false reputation?

Gu Xiuxun could see that other than Wei Lu, the surrounding examinees and the butler had unsightly expressions. She really felt like laughing out loud.

Sun Mo wasnt a virtuously kind person and had waited for close to an hour. He had been fine with it, but after Gu Qingyan came and entered the Jiang Manor straightaway, what was he supposed to feel?

It would be strange if Sun Mo could feel happy upon seeing the treatment he received!

This teacher

The butler wanted to interrupt Sun Mo.

Everyone here is an intelligent person. Theres no need for me to lay clear your thoughts. I will just say a single sentence If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you dont have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!

Look at Gu Qingyan, he didnt even need to wait and could enter directly. Why is this so? Because of his capabilities! Actually, all of you understand that even if you all waited for a week here, there was basically no way for you to meet Great Teacher Jiang!

We are all teachers, and our responsibility is to guide and educate others. What we should be pursuing is to have pupils all around the world. Everyone, do not forget your original intention when you became a teacher!

Could it be that your original intention is to be a dog waiting for someone outside their house? Waiting for them to throw you a bone to chew?

Sun Mos volume grew higher and higher. In the end, he turned to Wei Lu.

What did you say earlier? Whoever doesnt leave is a dog?

Sun Mo laughed in derision and turned to leave. His voice that was filled with vigor and confidence immediately drifted into the ears of these teachers waiting outside the Jiang Manor.

You guys will never be able to understand the pride of some people!


Priceless Advice was activated!

A golden light suddenly erupted forth from Sun Mo. After that, the motes of light cascaded onto the bodies of everyone, stirring their spirits.


The surrounding people exclaimed loudly.

Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo. There was a bright glow in her eyes. This was then a real man, one with pride carved in his bones!


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +300. Reverence (13,800/100,000.)

Zhang Lan applauded, suddenly feeling an impulse to marry Sun Mo. If this was in Lingnan, she would definitely capture him to be her husband no matter what!

Priceless Advice!

The butler stared at Sun Mo with hatred in his eyes. Being able to be the butler of a 6-star great teacher, his experiences were quite broad. Hence, he understood how great the negative influence Sun Mos words would bring to the Jiang Manor today.

Lets leave!

Im not waiting anymore. That teacher is correct. What we should depend on are our talent and capabilities!

If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you dont have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door! These words are so incisive. There will come a day where Ill be like Gu Qingyan. No matter where I go, I would be a valued guest!

Those examinees waiting in front of the Jiang Manor began to leave because of Sun Mos Priceless Advices influence in addition to the fact that many of them truly disliked how Gu Qingyan could enter just like that.

Upon seeing this scene, the butlers expression grew really unsightly. He looked at Sun Mo and asked, What is your name?

The butlers tone was not too friendly, but Sun Mo didnt really care.

Sun Mo from Jinling!

These words were filled with force. They were powerful and resonating!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》