Absolute Great Teacher
437 Sun Mo Becomes Famous
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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437 Sun Mo Becomes Famous


The 100 examinees who were waiting outside the Jiang Manor would make even a servant of the Jiang Clan feel proud.

What was this?

This was status, this was glory! This meant that the Jiang Clan’s prestige was the number one in Guangling.

Just like the saying ‘trees live for their ‘skin’, humans live for their face’. Why would everyone make a huge commotion out of weddings and funerals, wanting them to be as impressive as possible? Wasn’t it because they were afraid of being looked down on by others?

Wasn’t it because of face?

The more examinees that came to wait outside the Jiang Manor, the greater the Jiang Clan’s face would be. But now, all of them actually left.

“If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you don’t have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!”

This sentence of Sun Mo was truly too piercing. Also, with the augmentation effect of Priceless Advice, even the examinees with the thickest face wouldn’t dare to stay behind.

Actually, there was a mirror in the hearts of these examinees. Everyone came for the same purpose, and no one would ridicule another. If they really only came to show sincerity, their actions should be the same as Sun Mo. They could leave after handing over their visiting cards.

“Sun Mo from Jinling. This fellow will definitely be famous now!”

“That Wei Lu is such a poor thing. He became a foil and only served to enhance Sun Mo’s brilliance. If Sun Mo manages to pass this exam, Wei Lu won’t be able to lift his head up high his entire life.”

“Truly, young and impetuous. After he suffers some losses, he would understand that it isn’t easy to make a living in society.”

The teachers who departed were all in a discussion. The first-timers envied Sun Mo’s tyranny. However, those second and third-timers had all been bitten by the old dog that was society. They had already learned to compromise.

From their point of view, the life of a human was a process where one had to bend their waist and compromise. As they did it more often, they would get used to it.

After all, standing all the time up-right while living was so tiring!

The butler looked at the empty space outside the manor as well as the ordinary folks who were pointing their fingers at the manor. His countenance turned ashen as a deep look of embarrassment appeared on his face.

“Sun Mo, this matter isn’t over yet!”

The butler turned and prepared to report this to his old master. In the end, before he could enter the house, he saw Jiang Zhitong sending Gu Qingyan out.

“Noble nephew has to work hard. In this batch, there are plenty of impressive newbies who have the strength to seize the number one spot!”

Jiang Zhitong smiled and encouraged Gu Qingyan with the attitude of a senior. In the end, the moment he stepped out and saw the empty space, he was completely stunned.

“Are my eyes okay?”

Jiang Zhitong subconsciously blinked. After ascertaining that there was really no one here, he began to frown.

“Uncle Jiang, there’s no need to see me out!”

Gu Qingyan bade his farewell. Actually, there was no familial connection between the two of them, but since Jiang Zhitong addressed him as nephew, Gu Qingyan didn’t dare to reject it.

After Gu Qingyan departed, Jiang Zhitong’s countenance sank. “What happened?”

“It is that Sun Mo!”

The butler reported. Without adding extra details of his imagination to spice things up, Jiang Zhitong was already angered to the point where he was trembling.

“He ought to die. Using my Jiang Manor to boost his fame? We must absolutely not allow such a scheming person to become a great teacher!”

Jiang Zhitong cursed and went to report this to his father Jiang Wei.

In the great teacher world, there was a method called nurturing prestige.

What did it mean? It meant to nurture one’s fame. After all, an occupation like great teachers didn’t simply look at one’s strength. It also depended on one’s fame. The greater one’s fame was, the more convenient it would be for them to do things.

(The others were begging for a visit and waiting outside the Jiang Manner, yet you are excellent indeed. Wasn’t your fervent speech designed to drive everyone away because you wished to give prominence to yourself, being the only one that is different from the crowd?)

“Father, this person is too scheming and pragmatic. Even if he has the capabilities to pass the exam, we must not allow him to become a great teacher!”

Jiang Zhitong suggested.

“Zhitong, what is more important? The reputation of our Jiang Clan or nurturing rising stars among the teachers?”

After Jiang Wei heard his son, he didn’t feel annoyed. Instead, he drank his tea and asked a question.

“Naturally, our Jiang Clan’s reputation is more important!”

Jiang Zhitong’s tone of voice was as it should be by rights. His grandfather was a 7-star great teacher, his father was a 6-star great teacher, he was a 3-star great teacher, and his younger brother was a 2-star great teacher. Also, the children of his clan were currently studying in very good schools, and some of them had the aptitudes to become great teachers as well.

One could say that the Jiang Clan was a clan of great teachers. They were also one of the top clans of Guangling.

“Zhitong, I hope that you can remember one point. Place being a great teacher first and our Jiang Clan second. The precepts of our clan are to educate others and develop elites!”

Jiang Wei understood that because his son was the current clan leader, he wasn’t able to speak too strictly to him. However, there was still some disappointment in his tone.

Ever since his son went to the Saint Gate for work and no longer taught students, it seemed that his path had somewhat gone astray.

“So, we have to properly discipline that scheming fellow!”

Jiang Zhitong persisted.

“How do you know if he is scheming and not really thinking about this?”

Jiang Wei counter-asked.

“If he didn’t want to pay a visit to our Jiang Manor, he could have simply left. Why must he get everyone to depart as well?”

Jiang Zhitong was extremely infuriated. “Father, do you know what he said? He said, ‘If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you don’t have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!’. His words clearly implied that our Jiang Clan treats all of them like dogs!

“If word of this was to spread, how would others view our Jiang Clan?

“Also, that sentence ‘You guys will never be able to understand the pride of some people’. What did he mean exactly? Did he mean that our Jiang Clan was bullying and humiliating them?

“I feel that for a young man, the first thing he must learn is respect for others. He should learn the rules!”

Jiang Zhitong wanted to make his clan the number one in Guangling. The 1-star great teacher examination was a chance for him to build up the Jiang Clan’s prestige.

Before the exam started, there would be roughly a hundred examinees waiting outside the Jiang Manor wanting to visit his father every day. The passersby of Guangling would all be able to see it.

How great of a glory was this?

However, in the end, everything was destroyed by a single sentence from Sun Mo. If one had the label of a ‘dog’ on them, no matter how shocking their talent was, everyone would simply remain at a respectful distance and not get close to them.

This was the greatest reason why Jiang Zhitong hated Sun Mo. Regardless of whether he was a scheming fellow or not, his way of doing things had harmed the reputation of the Jiang Clan.

No matter what, Jiang Wei was still a 6-star great teacher. He instantly understood his son’s intentions.

Bluntly speaking, it was like an ant offending the prestige of a dragon and caused the dragon to suffer losses. Regardless of whether that ant did so intentionally or not, it had to be punished.

Only by doing so would the remaining ants and even ferocious beasts continue to feel reverence toward the dragon.

“Alright, since you think this way. Just do what you want to then!”

Jiang Wei waved his hand. He couldn’t be bothered to say anything more.

This son of his was indeed talented and had many achievements. But because his path of rising was too smooth, this led to his ego swelling and he was too arrogant.

However, for humans, who hadn’t had times where their ego swelled? As long as one could change their character in time, it was fine!

“I can only feel sorry for that Sun Mo!”

Jiang Wei sighed. He decided that when his son caused Sun Mo to fall to the bottom of the valley, he would silently lend Sun Mo a helping hand.

Just being able to say out a phrase like ‘You guys will never be able to understand the pride of some people’ made this young man worthy for him to nurture.

“Father, I will take my leave first!”

Jiang Zhitong was also one of the examiners for this great teacher examination, and he was very busy.

“Go on!”

Jiang Wei drank his tea and thought of Gu Qingyan again. That young man was really a hero. Sadly, a good student already had a master. This truly caused him to feel somewhat jealous.

Actually, Jiang Wei knew that he was the one at fault today because he had met with Gu Qingyan.

For arrogant and prideful examinees, this differential treatment was something they were unwilling to see.

Jiang Wei had tried to remedy the situation. After meeting Gu Qingyan, he immediately got the butler to summon twenty examinees who came the earliest this morning. However, he didn’t expect that everyone had left.

“Sun Mo from Jinling?”

Jiang Wei chortled. “He couldn’t be a teacher from the Central Province Academy, right?”


Morning Dew Hotel.

Liu Mubai was sitting in the backyard and revising. After that, a familiar good friend of his walked over.

“Mubai, is there someone in your Central Province Academy named Sun Mo?”

Liu Mubai frowned. He felt a little uncomfortable whenever he recalled the name. But even so, he nodded.

“Is he a scheming individual?”

His good friend was curious.

“He is a very honest and upright man.”

Although Liu Mubai was surpassed by Sun Mo in the ‘D’ grade league tournament and he also didn’t like Sun Mo because of An Xinhui, he wouldn’t stoop so low as to slander Sun Mo.

“Is he very impressive?”

The good friend continued to ask.

Liu Mubai nodded.

“I knew it. For someone who dared to cast Priceless Advice outside the Jiang Manor, that person would definitely be capable. Mubai, can you introduce him to me so I can be acquainted with him?”

His good friend pleaded.

Liu Mubai frowned. “Sorry, I’m not too familiar with him.”

“You are actually not familiar with such an interesting person?”

His good friend started. He then hurriedly spoke about the matter of Sun Mo. There was admiration in his tone.

Honestly speaking, if one had a choice, who would be willing to wait an entire day outside the Jiang Manor?

This act was truly a little servile.

Sun Mo’s words had said out the words from the hearts of many. Could there be fewer of such ‘rules’? Everyone wished to speak based on their capabilities and talents.

After Liu Mubai heard it, he was stunned for a time. A moment later, he felt some unhappiness and disappointment because when he asked himself what he would do if he was in Sun Mo’s shoes, he might be unhappy that he had to visit Jiang Wei, but he absolutely wouldn’t dare to say such a stimulating thing.


Favorable impression points from Liu Mubai +30. Neutral (90/100).


“Sun Mo, I knew you were an iron-head when you dealt with the wealthy Zhou Clan back in Jinling. But isn’t your iron-headedness a little too over the top when it comes to this?”

During dinner, Gao Ben looked at Sun Mo with shock on his face. “You even dare to trample on the face of a 6-star great teacher?”

“I didn’t trample on it!”

Sun Mo’s actions were only targeted at Wei Lu.

“Stop lying. In that case, why do you have to say things like everyone is a dog waiting at their front door? During these two days, there isn’t a single teacher who went to pay a visit to the Jiang Manor.”

This matter caused such a huge commotion that even someone like Gao Ben who stayed in the hotel every day to meditate knew about it.

“Teacher Sun, this time around, you really became famous!”

Wang Chao sighed. “However, it isn’t due to your strength but due to your iron-headedness. The bet between you and Wei Lu has spread everywhere.”

Sun Mo was astonished, not expecting something like that to occur. But after thinking carefully about it, this was only normal.

In this world, there were two occupations that regarded moral character extremely highly. One was a doctor, and the other was a teacher. If their moral characters weren’t good, no matter how high their abilities were, they would still be viewed in contempt by others.

However, Sun Mo wouldn’t regret it. In any case, what he did wasn’t wrong.

“Teacher Sun, you have to be more cautious. After all, there are two examiners from the Jiang Clan. Besides, they have many students, and the exam location is also in their territories. If they wished to make things difficult for you, you would really suffer great losses.”

Qian Dun reminded in a low voice.

Sun Mo shrugged.

The first round of the 1-star great teacher examination started under this atmosphere.

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