Absolute Great Teacher
438 Sun Mo’s Debu
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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438 Sun Mo’s Debu

Chapter 438: Sun Mo’s Debut

Because too many 1-star great teachers had registered for the 1-star great teacher examination, the amount of work needed and the difficulty of conducting the examination was too great. Hence, the Saint Gate decentralized their authority and allowed each province to conduct its own examination during March every year.

Naturally, the content of the examination was still decided by the Saint Gate. This was for the sake of fairness.

The Saint Gate ruled that the examinees could choose the province they wanted to take the examination in. This was to increase competitiveness because some geniuses loved competitions of skill with others of the same location.

Speaking of which, doing so was a little unfair because there would at most be 300 people who could pass for each province. If some geniuses went to a certain province, their presence would surely cause some of the examinees from that particular province to be squeezed out of the 300.

Some examinees protested before, but it was useless. The Saint Gate’s reply was this, ‘if you failed to be chosen, you are simply not strong enough.’

During March, Guangling’s air was filled with the smell of rouge and copper coins.

The famed courtesans removed their winter clothes, revealing jade-like hands and necks. They peered out of their brothel’s windows and flirted with the men below on the streets, hoping to seduce someone wealthy. If they saw a young man who seemed like a teacher, their smiles would be even wider.

Maybe, if that young man fell in love with them, they could finally abandon this lowly profession and become a young mistress.

Although the chance was low, a salted fish could have dreams too!

Some prostitutes had even checked out the location of the 1-star great teacher exam in advance to wait for their ‘prey’.

The largest and best school in Guangling was the Guangling Academy. It was a ‘C’ grade school and occupied a vast space, containing a total of 50,000 teachers and students. So, this place was undoubtedly the best place for the examination.

In the early morning, Sun Mo’s group sat in a carriage and headed toward Guangling Academy that was located in the southern part of the city.

“Why are we not split into the same group?”

Qian Dun sighed. If he was in the same group as Sun Mo, Sun Mo might be able to help him out.

Because there were simply too many examinees, the examiners split the examinees using the order of the Ten Heavenly Stems into different groups. Each group consisted of 500 people.

Sun Mo was in the Ren Group, his number was #321.

“Just forget it, you should feel happy that you aren’t in the same group as Teacher Sun. If not, you might be so impacted psychologically by his feats that you become autistic.”

Wang Chao mocked.

There had been similar incidents happening before. The examinees in the group were too outstanding and some examinees despaired directly, becoming psychologically imbalanced and flunking the exam.

There were three more streets to travel through before they arrived in the Guangling Academy. However, the traffic was already so dense. There were various carriages, peddlers, and passersby who came here to watch the show. Hence, this place was so tightly packed that not a drop of water could trickle through.

There were some luxurious-looking sedans with rich young mistresses from wealthy clans stopping at the side. Occasionally, one would be able to see a beautiful face through the slight gap of the carriage’s window.

“Let me tell you guys. If you all want to lose your virginity, today is the best timing. As long as you performed outstandingly, there would surely be women knocking at your door!”

Wang Chao was very excited. He didn’t dare to antagonize girls from the wealthy major clans. If he bedded and did not marry them, there would be too much trouble. Hence, he might as well bed these prostitutes.

“We would have to spend quite a lot of money, right?”

Qian Dun gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“That’s true, the prostitutes of Guangling aren’t the same as the ones from Jinling. They prefer money more than your talent!”

Wang Chao nodded. “However, as long as we have the status of great teachers, the fee we pay would be lesser than normal!”

After Wang Chao spoke, he suddenly turned to Sun Mo and couldn’t help but feel envy. “Naturally, for people like Teacher Sun who is talented and handsome, he might even be able to earn money by sleeping with them!”


Qian Dun laughed, but he knew there had been indeed matters like this. There were some gigolos who depended on prostitutes for a living. For example, that famous courtesan, Lady Dujiu, was swindled of all her money by a gigolo.

Sun Mo laughed. He knew Qian Dun and Wang Chao were merely jesting. As a teacher, although it wasn’t a problem for them to visit brothels, they still had to get their priorities straight during the examination period.

“We’ve arrived, let’s get down!”

Gao Ben took the lead and jumped down from the carriage. He stood at the side of the road and drew in a deep breath.

Sun Mo clenched his fists.

Carriages from the outside weren’t permitted onto the campus. Hence, the examinees all had to get off here. This led to this place being extremely packed.


Qian Dun drew in a breath of cold air. He felt that the sense of pressure just increased many times over due to the solemn atmosphere.

Wang Chao felt the same way as well.

On the main and side paths of the campus, students were everywhere. They were holding boards to guide the examinees to the correct location.

“Sun Mo, the location I’m heading to is #603. I will make a move first!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke and hammered Sun Mo lightly with her small fist. “Wish me good luck!”

“Good luck!”

Sun Mo smiled.

Seeing this, Qian Dun was a little envious. Gu Xiuxun didn’t address Sun Mo as Teacher Sun but by his name directly. It was a display of how close they were.

Earlier, Qian Dun simply spoke nonsense about sleeping with prostitutes, what a loser was he? Look at Sun Mo, if he worked hard, he could even sleep with Gu Xiuxun!

Gu Xiuxun was the top graduate of the Myriad Daos Academy. She was beautiful and capable. After the examination, she would absolutely live up to the reputation of a beautiful great teacher and might even be able to ascend to the Beauty Rankings.

Speaking of the Beauty Rankings, An Xinhui was in it.

So, Sun Mo’s bowl already contained delicious pieces of meat.

As he thought of this, Qian Dun sighed again. This time around, there was an 80 to 90% chance that Sun Mo would pass the 1-star great teacher exam on his first try and become a great teacher. As for himself, it was best that he stopped dreaming. He should just focus on gathering experience and try to pass the exam next year.

“Teacher Dun, what’s wrong with you?”

Wang Chao exerted a little force and pushed Qian Dun slightly. “Teacher Sun is calling for you!”

“Ah? Sorry!”

Qian Dun had an embarrassed look on his face.

“Teacher Qian, don’t blame me for being straightforward. Right now, your mental state is wrong. Don’t think about gathering experience, just think about passing it the first time around!”

Sun Mo looked at Qian Dun and persuaded earnestly, “Life is so short, if you want to become famous, you might as well achieve it early.”


A golden light erupted forth from Sun Mo.

Priceless Advice was activated.

Sun Mo, Qian Dun, and Wang Chao had experienced the league tournament together, and their relationship was relatively okay with each other. Hence, he didn’t want them to have the wrong attitudes and mental states when they participated in this examination. If not, their chance of failure would be very high.

Qian Dun started, his expression turned to one of shame.

(That’s right, the exam is about to start. Why am I still thinking of nonsensical things? Ultimately, I’ve never thought of passing at all. This is why my attitude is so slack toward this!)

(Sun Mo is right. If one wanted to become famous, they might as well achieve it early!)

As long as he became a 1-star great teacher, his future life would be different. At the very least, there would be no risk of him being fired by the Central Province Academy.

“Teacher Qian, Teacher Wang. Either we don’t do it, or if we do it, we will make sure to do our very best. I will only say this much. I wish both of you good luck!”

Sun Mo clasped his hands and turned to leave.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve benefited from your guidance!”

Qian Dun bowed to show respect.


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +200. Friendly (1,600/10,000).

Wang Chao at the side also bowed. He wanted to pass in one go, but he wasn’t confident. But after the reinforcement effect of Priceless Advice, his morale had increased greatly.

When Gao Ben saw this, his lips involuntarily twitched. Sun Mo was truly a goody-two-shoe, he even showed concern to the two trash?

Zhang Lan didn’t say anything. She hastened her steps and caught up to Sun Mo. Both of them were in the Ren Group.

Gu Xiuxun suddenly saw golden light erupting from Sun Mo after she took a few steps. She then sank into contemplation.

“Is this the distance between me and Sun Mo?”

The masochist did discover Qian Dun and Wang Chao’s attitudes, but she had never thought of straightening their thoughts out. In any case, even if they failed, they had nothing to do with her.

As for Sun Mo, he sincerely persuaded them. This was why Priceless Advice erupted forth. Hence, there was no need to doubt that Sun Mo truly hoped for both Qian Dun and Wang Chao to pass at the first attempt.

Originally, the atmosphere here was very noisy and lively. But now, everyone seemed to have frozen. They fell silent instantly and stared at Sun Mo.

There was no solution to this. Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice was at the grandmaster-grade. The range of his halo spanned a thousand meters. There were at least over 2,000+ examinees being influenced by his halo.

“Damn, a great teacher halo of such a huge range?”

“Isn’t this too much of a show-off?”

“F***, who is so idle to do this? He actually cast Priceless Advice at such a place? Come out now, I guarantee that I won’t beat you to death!”

The examinees discussed. There were plenty of people among them who felt resentment.

Because of the radiation of Priceless Advice, the heart states of everyone instantly elevated. Those who were hesitating and not confident in themselves like Qian Dun also changed their attitudes for the better.

As for those who were already confident in themselves, they started to resent Sun Mo for his superfluous actions. Qian Dun and the other examinees like him weren’t a threat to them at the start, but after Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice was casted, they felt encouraged and would do their utmost. Wouldn’t that mean that the competition in this examination just got intensified?

Some examinees who were like Qian Dun glanced over at Sun Mo. Although they didn’t thank him verbally, all of them clasped their hands toward him.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 812 favorable impression points.”

Sun Mo was speechless. There were actually favorable impression points? What a surprise.

A carriage then drove through the huge gate.

The examinees hurriedly moved out of the way. Although the carriage looked simple and unadorned, no one dared to slight it. They knew that only examiners would be able to enter the Guangling Academy via a carriage during the exam period.

“Damn. The one who cast Priceless Advice is that scheming fellow!”

“That’s right. Evidently, he saw the examiners coming over from afar and intentionally showed off, wanting to get their appreciation.”

“However, he does have the capabilities to do so. Just look at the range of his great teacher halo, ai!”

“Why are you sighing? Maybe, he is a veteran who came here for his fifth attempt? Also, it’s just Priceless Advice, a common great teacher halo. Who didn’t know how to use it?”

The examinees mumbled. They involuntarily laughed out loud when someone mentioned Sun Mo might be a veteran who was here for his fifth attempt.

In the carriage, an examiner had a slight smile on his face.

“‘Either we don’t do it, or if we do it, we will make sure to do our very best.’ This is so well-spoken. That’s the sharpness young people ought to have!”

The main examiner kept repeating this sentence in a low voice.

He could be sure that the speaker was an examinee who had just graduated. Only newbie examinees would have such ‘naive’ thoughts.

If he was a veteran who had failed once or twice, how would he be so composed? His heart would have long been filled with nervousness and trepidation.

“Teacher Sun, over here!”

Zhang Lan found the #208 classroom and called out to Sun Mo.

The two of them couldn’t be considered to have arrived late. But after they entered the classroom, they discovered that it was already half-filled. There were roughly about 200 examinees present.


The gazes of everyone turned over.

Naturally, the first person they looked at was Zhang Lan. This was because the spirit rune tattoo on her face was too conspicuous. This time around, Sun Mo actually became an insignificant foil instead.

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