Absolute Great Teacher
439 Group of Five Examiners, Delineating Failures!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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439 Group of Five Examiners, Delineating Failures!


“These two are formidable opponents.”

Some examinees frowned. If one were to be looked at by everyone, their expressions would turn unnatural, and they would even be nervous. But this young man and woman were so calm that it was terrifying. Every action they took exuded self-confidence.

“If you are worried about being singled out, don’t sit with me!”

After Zhang Lan spoke, she found a nearby chair and sat down.

There were nine provinces on Middle-Earth and the southernmost province was known as the Yue Province of Nanyue. In this place, there were several ethnic groups, and they had very deep knowledge with regard to gu poison, witchcraft, spirit herbs, and beast taming.

The Myriad Spirits Academy was the most famous academy in Yue Province!

For the exam today, the Saint Gate didn’t set a rule that the examinees had to wear their school attire. As long as the attire was appropriate and non-revealing, it was fine. Hence, Zhang Lan chose to wear an attire that was filled with the characteristics of Nanyue.

The material was made from silk with silver blossoms as adornment. All of these, in addition to the tattoo on her face, made it clear to everyone that she was someone from Nanyue.

For things like regional discrimination, it existed no matter the era.

Let alone people from the Central Plains, even the barbarians from the south felt that the people from Nanyue only knew how to rear bugs and perform curses.

“Are you insulting me?”

Sun Mo frowned.

Zhang Lan didn’t reply, but when she saw Sun Mo sitting at her side, a smile appeared on her face.


Favorable impression points from Zhang Lan +50. Friendly (420/1,000).

In the large classroom, all the examinees had different expressions. Some had their eyes closed in meditation, some were secretly surveying others, and some were actually revising their subject.

Naturally, the last category of people would be viewed with most disdain because they were either acting cool or would rank at the bottom. After all, how much could they cram into their heads at such a time?

All of a sudden, a human head stretched into the classroom. As the person surveyed the situation in the classroom, he leaned against the doorframe and sauntered in.

“Little Pomelo, come quickly. I found the place!”

This guy was quite a handsome fellow and his looks caused the girls in the classroom to involuntarily glance over a few times.

“Mo Fei, this is the third time you are saying this!”

A girl grumbled but her tone was filled with doting love.

“I absolutely won’t be wrong!” Mo Fei solemnly spoke, “I checked the classroom number before entering this time around!”

Very soon, a male and a female walked in hand in hand. After glancing around the classroom, they suddenly high-fived and called out in excitement.

“We finally found the right place!”

After that, their fingers intercrossed as they held hands.


The entire scene fell silent, especially so for the guys. They were so angered that they felt like beating someone up. (Do you guys have to display your love so publicly?)

“Where should we sit?”

Mo Fei gazed around and then pointed to a location. “How about there? There are no girls there that would affect your radiance. However, no matter where you are sitting, you will always be the most beautiful girl in my heart!”

“No good. I want to make friends!”

Little Pomelo shook her head.

“How about here then?”

Mo Fei glanced toward a muscular fellow. “I feel this guy can present a sense of security. If this building collapsed, he could block some falling debris for us!”

The muscular guy glared at Mo Fei, really wanting to roar. (Do you believe that I will hammer you to death?) However, seeing that Little Pomelo was really very beautiful, he bore with it.


Little Pomelo went over and sat down.

The muscular guy immediately sat upright and still, waiting for Little Pomelo to strike up a conversation with him. But after this couple sat down, they directly cuddled together side by side and started whispering to each other.

Their lovely-dovey manner would even make Cupid feel like beating someone.

The muscular guy was stunned. (I thought you wanted to make friends with me?)

He had yearned for this beautiful girl to strike up a conversation with him. Yet in the end, the two of them acted like there was no one around them, displaying their affection publicly.

“Those who engaged in a public display of affection would die early!”

The muscular guy muttered. He then rose and walked away, unable to stand this.

Very soon, the examinees near the couple changed their seats. There was no solution to this. Their PDA was too sweet, causing the atmosphere around them to be filled with flowing honey.

Logically speaking, when ordinary people noticed such a situation, they would surely show some restraint. However, this couple didn’t do so and continued with their actions.

Sun Mo glanced over and then retracted his gaze.


“Three missions issued. First, please be victorious over the bet with Wei Lu. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!”

“Second. Please defeat Liu Mubai and surpass him in terms of ranking. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest!”

“Third. Please defeat Gu Qingyan and surpass him in terms of ranking. Reward: 1x diamond treasure chest!”

“If all three missions are completed, there will be a special reward of 1x mysterious treasure chest. Please work hard!”

The system issued three missions in one go. This was unprecedented.


Sun Mo really felt like cursing out loud. Glancing at the rewards, as well as the target opponents, he knew that these missions were considerably more difficult than normal.

“If you are alive, your dreams would be alive. Please work hard!”

The system encouraged him.

“Your chicken soup for the soul sucks!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched, but he started laughing then. “Speaking of which, if Liu Mubai heard this, he would surely be angry. Are you not insinuating that he is inferior to Gu Qingyan?”

“This is a fact!”

The system spoke with a tone that was inevitable and right.

“How do you judge this?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“I judge this according to their data. After adding the intensity of their spirits, wills, and potential into the equation, I got this conclusion. You and Liu Mubai are evenly-matched, but you are a shade inferior when compared to Gu Qingyan.”

The system explained.

“I’m already so impressive, yet I’m only of equal standards with Liu Mubai?”

Sun Mo was shocked.


The system replied in a tone so resolute that it could sever iron.

“Could there be a problem with your calculation?”

Sun Mo doubted the system.

“Please do not use your lousy foresight to judge the system. I’m omnipotent!”

The system spoke with extreme pride.

Sun Mo no longer wanted to discuss this. In the end, a commotion rang out in the classroom. He turned his head and saw Gu Qingyan entering. He paused a little and walked over after he found a seat.

“My heavens, Gu Qingyan is also in the Ren Group?”

“No please, I don’t want to be in the same group as him! What goddamn luck is this?”

“Can you go and ask if he entered the wrong classroom?”

The atmosphere in the classroom instantly turned heavy. There was no solution to it. The pressure of taking the examination with a genius was simply too great.

It was like taking the exam with a weak student. When you saw their helpless actions of scratching their head in bewilderment, you would be filled with confidence. But if you took the exam with the top student, even before you finished the paper half-way, he had already completed it. Such a psychological impact simply caused those with weak wills to feel downhearted.

“Truly, this is a case of speaking of the devil and he doth appear!”

Sun Mo was joyful. He didn’t really mind this.

“Wow, it’s Gu Qingyan. I heard that he learned the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Also, by learning this, it meant that he is qualified to become the future headmaster of the Skyraise Academy!”

Little Pomelo exclaimed in shock.

“How impressive!”

Mo Fei acted as the fall-guy.

“I want an autograph!”

Little Pomela tugged on Mo Fei’s arm and pouted her tiny lips as she beseeched.

“It’s so troublesome to go and ask him about this. How about I sign in his place?”

Mo Fei suggested.

Upon hearing this, half of the people in the classroom rejoiced in Mo Fei’s incoming misfortune. (Do you think your signature can be compared to Gu Qingyan’s?)

“Break up! Break up!”

The muscular guy was roaring wildly in his heart. He felt that Mo Fei’s words would surely trigger a quarrel.

“Alright then, sign on my palm!”

Little Pomelo stretched out a fair hand.

Under the stunned gazes of the crowd, Mo Fei signed his own name on her palm. After that, Little Pomelo gripped her palm and placed it before her chest.

“I can sense it. This is luck, this is your blessing to me. I will definitely be able to pass this time around!”

After Little Pomelo spoke, she suddenly leaned over and gave Mo Fei a kiss.

After that, the two of them started to treat everyone as non-existence as they huddled together, whispering sweet-nothings. From the start to the end, they didn’t even cast a glance at the surrounding crowd.


The muscular guy felt that he was about to cough up blood. This public display of affection was so poisonous!


“New mission issued. Please get into the top ten of this examination. The higher your rank, the better your reward would be!”

“Note, if your score ranks you below the top 50, you will be exterminated as a punishment!”

The system’s voice suddenly rang out, causing Sun Mo to jump in fright.

“What? Exterminated?”

Sun Mo wanted to verify that he didn’t hear it wrongly.

“I did my utmost to nurture you all this time. If you can’t even get into the top 50, you might as well go and die!”

The system explained, its tone was filled with an unreasonable and unfeeling coldness.

If its host was trash, it might as well discard it!

More and more examinees came here. Very soon, the 500-pax classroom was filled to the brim.

After that, the booming sound of a bell rang out.

Sun Mo took out his pocket watch and glanced at it. It was precisely 8 a.m. After that, his ears pricked as he lifted his head and glanced ahead. A total of five examiners in a group entered the classroom as the bell rang out.

They were not a second early nor a second late.

Including Sun Mo, the gazes of all the examinees turned to the five examiners.

There were three males and two females, and all of them were clad in black long robes. There was a sash tied on their left arms, and the insignias of the Saint Gate could be seen in front of their chests. There were no stars above the insignia.

However, the examinees didn’t dare to look down on these examiners. According to the past year’s example, the examiners were 2-star great teachers at the very least.

They didn’t embroider their star ranks on their robes because they wanted to put pressure on the examinees.

The unknown was the most fearful!

Sun Mo could clearly sense the atmosphere turning heavy. He had intended to use Divine Sight to glance at the examiners but decided to give up in the end. He felt that by doing so, it would be unfair to others.

“Let’s win with our actual strength!”

Sun Mo was also a prideful individual.

A middle-aged man walked up the rostrum and immediately gave an instruction. “Time’s up, close the door. Late-comers have already failed!”

His solemn tone contained an intense sense of decisiveness and a lack of emotions.

Each examiner had a name list of examinees. Delineating failures meant that the names of the late-comers would be crossed out in the name list. They could be considered to have failed directly.

“I’m the main examiner for this area. Next, we will conduct the first round of the 1-star great teacher examination and test your great teacher halos!”

The main examiner was that middle-aged man. He didn’t do a self-introduction and went straight to the topic.

“Examinees whose names are read out are to head up to the rostrum and release your great teacher halos. You have to release three at the very least. The range of your halos has to be large enough to envelop this entire classroom. If you can’t do it, it means that you failed!”

After the main examiner spoke, a commotion immediately rang out in the classroom. The expressions of some of the examinees changed. They could cast three halos, but the range of their halos wasn’t large enough.

“Main examiner, I thought in the 1-star great teacher examination, it’s sufficient as long as we possess three great teacher halos?”

Someone asked.

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