Absolute Great Teacher
441 Full Ten Points, Perfect!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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441 Full Ten Points, Perfect!


“Uh, I’ll take, I’ll take, I’ll take!”

Zhou Qing mumbled and quickly ran up.

The number one candidate had been extremely nervous but felt a lot more relaxed now. However, the rest of the people started to feel nervous.

As the number was called randomly, this meant that one wouldn’t know when their turn would be. They’d lose their preparation time.

“This examination is a little interesting!”

Sun Mo was amused.

Such examination wasn’t just testing one’s strength. It also included one’s mental strength and the ability to withstand pressure.

The main examiner had been building up a high-pressure atmosphere all this while in order to add more pressure to the examinees. He wanted to see what extent they could go to.

This was how it was like for some students. They might be good at the studies, but during the examinations, they’d often be off their game and thus weren’t able to get high scores.

“Can... can I start now?”

Zhou Qing asked softly.

“You can start from the moment you go up. You’re now wasting the examination time!”

The main examiner’s word scared Zhou Qing so much that he almost spurted out blood. His countenance turned pale and he quickly released great teacher halos.

Encyclopedic Knowledge.

Complete Focus.

“I also know Ignorant and Incompetent!”

Zhou Qing looked toward the main examiner, his meaning clear. (How can I release it without any target? I can’t possibly target other examinees, can I?)

“Release it at me!”

A female examiner stood up.

Many guys immediately looked over. There were two females amongst the examiners, one of whom was slightly younger, approximately in her twenties. However, she looked too ordinary. She belonged to one of those people who couldn’t be found if placed in a big crowd.

The person who spoke was in her thirties and had an outstanding disposition. She stood there like a peony flower. Even though she was wearing ordinary teacher attire, her dignified aura and her graceful movements were very strong.

This was definitely an upper-class lady from a great clan.

The examinees looked at her and all of them felt respect and adoration as if they were looking at their mother. Of course, a few male examinees were secretly assessing her with a gaze they’d look at a member of the opposite sex.


Zhou Qing was surprised.

After the target was struck by Ignorant and Incompetent, their eyes would become slanted and they would drool. Their mind would turn blank as they became like idiots.

“Since Teacher Mei asks you to do it, just do it. If you drag on any longer, you’ll be deemed as having failed!”

One of the examiners reproached.


Zhou Qing put his palms together and then bowed toward this dignified lady. “I’m sorry!”

After saying that, Zhou Qing released the Ignorant and Incompetent!


Golden light spots condensed together and shot toward Mei Yazhi’s chest. However, at the instant it struck, she received it with a swing of her right hand.


Zhou Qing instantly turned pale. This meant that the halo had failed.

“The effect of the halo is alright. Give him six points. Considered a pass!”

Mei Yazhi commented.

The Saint Gate’s examination was ten points in total, with six points as the passing score.

Hearing this, Zhou Qing let out a long breath. He quickly bowed. “Thank you, Teacher Mei!”

“Pass! You can leave now!”

After the main examiner said that, he pointed to the next person. “Wang Meng!”

Zhou Qing didn’t dare to stay for too long. When he left the lecture theater, he took in a few deep breaths. He was really frightened to death.

Wang Meng wasn’t as lucky. The Priceless Advice that he could usually use without any problem couldn’t succeed even after three attempts. It seemed that he was too nervous or not very confident.

“Time’s up! Eliminated!”

The main examiner held onto a brush and crossed off Wang Meng’s name on the list.

Wang Meng was dejected. He wanted to beg the main examiner to give him another chance. After all, he felt that it was too unfair to use 20 seconds to conclude the hard work he had put in for the past year.

“If you don’t leave the examination hall immediately, I’ll forbid you from taking the great teacher examinations for the next three years!”

Once the main examiner said that, Wang Meng quickly ran off without even daring to let out a fart.

The examination went on very quickly. The atmosphere in the lecture theater was especially serious and suppressed. It was as if dark clouds were covering the sky and a thunderstorm was coming soon.

Each candidate had 20 seconds. They would either pass or be eliminated. This scene that quickly brought out the results was really filled with a sense of apprehension.

Sun Mo saw that couple—who seemed to be called Mo Fei and Little Pomelo—passed successfully.

“Sun Shao!”

The main examiner called out.

“Is it finally my turn?”

A young man with a birthmark on his forehead stood up excitedly. After performing three great teacher halos in one go, he asked the main examiner.

“Will there be additional marks given if I perform a few more?”

Sun Shao wore an expression that showed his strong yearning to perform.

“There won’t be additional marks, but we’ll add a note behind your name!”

The main examiner explained.

His tone had just ended when Sun Shao raised his brows and performed another three halos. Out of three, two were Ignorant and Incompetent and Misleading Students, and they headed straight at Mei Yazhi.


A commotion broke out. This examinee was so strong.


The main examiner didn’t show any exclamation but reproached outright.

“Hmmm? Didn’t you say that I can do that?”

Sun Shao scratched his head, sounding a little displeased.

“I did say you can do it, but where is your courtesy?”

The main examiner frowned.

“Teacher Tang, forget it!” Mei Yazhi spoke up, “It’s just a small matter!”

“Go out!”

The main examiner, who was called Tang Nian, reproached. He didn’t like this Sun Shao. (I understand that he anxiously wants to display his talent, but the show of disrespect toward Mei Yazhi shows that his character isn’t good.)

It was one thing if he were the first to go up and didn’t know what should be done. However, there were already over 50 examinees who showed him what should be done.

All the examinees who wanted to release a targeted halo would first bow toward Mei Yazhi.

“He must be jealous of my talent!”

Sun Shao mumbled. His voice wasn’t loud, but given the examiners’ standard, they heard what he said. Tang Nian’s eyelids twitched, but he bore with it. He wasn’t going to reproach an examinee over this little bit of defamation.

“It’s definitely over for this guy!”

“Your emotional intelligence can’t make it!”

“But he seems very strong. To think that he has grasped six great teacher halos!”

The examinees were all astonished by Sun Shao’s great talent. After all, he looked like he was only 22 or 23 years old. He was terrifyingly young.

Even Gu Qingyan, who had been keeping his eyes closed, couldn’t help but take a look at Sun Shao.

“Next! Zhang Lan!”

Tang Nian continued to call out.

Zhang Lan went up. Within 20 seconds, she released four great teacher halos. This girl had a straightforward character and wouldn’t try to fawn on others or say flattering words. However, she would show respect when facing great teachers.

Tang Nian was very satisfied and gave a nine. The examiners were too strong and had good judgment, along with plenty of experience. They could assess the examinees’ standard just by seeing how strong or weak the effect their great teacher halos was.

Sun Shao marked a start. After all, some examinees had failed a few times before. Their accumulation over the years also allowed them to comprehend over three great teacher halos.

Right now, hearing that good performances would be noted, all of them started to show off their capabilities.

Tang Nian didn’t stop them and just allowed them to perform the great halos freely.

This was also the first time the examinees had seen so many great teacher halos being erupted. With comparisons, they could realize the difference between themselves and others.

Some of the examinees who were more meticulous even started to observe the other examinees’ expressions and gestures, pondering how they could make the effect of the great teacher halos stronger.

“Gu Qingyan!”

Usually, when Tang Nian called out names, he couldn’t be bothered to check which examinee it was. However, after he called out this name, he looked up and glanced around, his gaze then landing on Gu Qingyan.

The other examiners were no exceptions.

As the Skyraise Academy’s top graduate, Gu Qingyan was worthy of this treatment.

Although there were so many gazes on him, Gu Qingyan remained calm and walked up, looking as if he was taking a leisurely stroll in the park!

After bowing at the five examiners, he erupted four golden halos from his body. Then, two targeted halos shot out toward Mei Yazhi.

This was done very skillfully.


Tang Nian couldn’t help but praise. Other people would try their best to extend their reach to the greatest when releasing great teacher halos, fearing that if the range was too small, they might get disqualified. However, it wasn’t the same for Gu Qingyan.

The edges of his halo just nicely covered the lecture theater, not a bit more or less.

This control was really astonishing.


After Tang Nian said that, he labeled a ten behind Gu Qingyan’s name then added the word ‘perfect’.

(As expected of this year’s top graduate from the Skyraise Academy! Amazing!)

Then there were another six teachers. Although their performance wasn’t bad, their ability was sub-par if compared with Gu Qingyan.

Tang Nian couldn’t help but pout. Looking at Gu Qingyan displaying his great teacher halos was an enjoyment, like eating a big meal. As a result, when Tang Nian looked at these people, he felt as if he was chewing on wax!

“There probably won’t be any other geniuses!”

Tang Nian looked at the name list and couldn’t help but frown. “Sun Mo!”


There were still over 300 examinees in the lecture theater. They had been adjusting their mental state, preparing to go up for their turn. However, when they heard this name, they immediately looked over.

Sun Mo got up and walked to the stage.

“Is it that ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ Sun Mo [1]?”

“Tsk, he’s just a schemer who wants to gain a reputation!”

“Don’t say that. He might really be quite capable!”

The examinees assessed Sun Mo, wanting to see if this guy really had three heads and six arms.

The Jiang Clan was one of the few reputable clans in Guangling, and Jiang Wei was a reputable 6-star great teacher. Sun Mo had made such a big ruckus in front of his door, so it was no wonder that everyone would find out about it.

Moreover, Sun Mo had said ‘If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you don’t have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!’. This line’s damaging prowess was far too great. Although he had no intention of belittling the Jiang Clan, all great teachers valued face and reputation a lot.

Therefore, after Sun Mo had left the other day, almost no one had gone to pay Jiang Wei a visit. No one wished to be given the label of being a fawning dog.

Sun Mo went up and a layer of golden light immediately flashed on his body.

Model Teacher!

At the sight of this, Tang Nian’s brows raised uncontrollably. (How many days have you been a teacher? How could you have the mentality and sense of responsibility to comprehend a halo of this level?)

This halo wasn’t as commonly seen as Encyclopedic Knowledge. In the great teacher world, it would generally take at least five years or more after becoming a great teacher before they could comprehend this.

[1] Reference to what Sun Mo had said previously: ‘If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you don’t have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!’

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