Absolute Great Teacher
442 Loud Finger Snap, Teach You How to Act!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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442 Loud Finger Snap, Teach You How to Act!


The higher a great teachers star level, the more halos they comprehended and the stronger their will. They would also possess a stronger resistance toward other teachers halo.

To put things simply, it meant that they wouldnt be suppressed on the mental level.

Therefore, it was still fine for the examiners. They were just surprised that Sun Mo had actually comprehended Model Teacher, which wasnt commonly seen. However, the examinees couldnt take it.

In that instant, they felt that Sun Mo had exceptional bearing and demeanor, having a disposition that would make one gasp in admiration and hold great reverence. The entire theater was silent, waiting for Sun Mos teaching.

Not bad!

Mei Yazhi, who had always acted as a target, praised.

Sun Mo threw a glance at the lecture theater. He hadnt had the chance to use this halo during lessons yet, so he didnt expect the effect to be so good.

Once released, the students concentration would increase. It would make them think that the chance of listening to a teaching was very precious. Hence, they wouldnt be absent minded anymore.

You can continue!

Tang Nian gestured.

The last note of his words had just ended when two beams of golden halos suddenly erupted from Sun Mos body.

Encyclopedic Knowledge!

Complete Focus!

Although they were very common, Tang Nian saw the profoundness behind them because Sun Mo had done the same thing as Gu Qingyanthe range of his great teacher halo encompassed the lecture theater nicely.

It wasnt a bit more or less!

Since the start of the examination, only Gu Qingyan and Sun Mo had managed to do this,

This Sun Mo is a little amazing!

Tang Nian secretly praised.

The examinees had a lot of thoughts on their minds. However, as they were affected by Model Teacher, none of them said anything, and the lecture theater remained quiet.

As expected of the Jinlings Like A Dog In Front of the Door Sun Mo. Do you know any other great teacher halos?

A young examiner suddenly spoke up.

Sun Mo frowned slightly and looked over. This examiner had placed an additional emphasis on the word dog, and his words seemed to have a hint of a sneer in them.

Tang Nian threw a glance at Su Tai. This examiner had graduated from Guangling Academy in which Jiang Wei was the vice-headmaster. Therefore, although Su Tai wasnt Jiang Weis personal disciple, he had received guidance from Jiang Wei before and was considered to be one of his students.

Su Tai said this because he wanted to test out Sun Mos capabilities, wanting to know what right he had to speak such impudent words in front of the Jiang Manor.

Please go ahead!

Su Tai put up an inviting gesture.

Tang Nians brows furrowed then relaxed. Before waiting for Sun Mos reply, Su Tai had said please go ahead. This was a little pushing it. Itd be embarrassing if Sun Mo only knew three great teacher halos.

Of course, Tang Nian wouldnt stop this either.

If Sun Mo could retaliate against Su Tai and pass this easily, itd prove his talent. However, if he embarrassed himself, itd be considered a lesson as well. It would let him know that some words couldnt be said recklessly.

Im sorry to be offending you!

After Sun Mo said that, another beam of golden halo burst out from his body, extending past Su Tai.

Before Su Tai could react, a golden chain appeared on his body, binding him up. He immediately felt weak and extremely empty as if he had been drowned by tidal waves.

Su Tais eyes instantly opened to their widest extent as he looked at Sun Mo. His expression was that of confusion and perplexity. (What halo is this? It feels so bad! Thats not right. Im a 2-star great teacher. I should be immune against Sun Mos halo!)

Su Tais expression then turned into astonishment.

He instinctively wanted to say something, but when he opened his mouth, he was unable to make a single sound. What horrified him the most was that he had lost control over the spirit qi in his body, unable to mobilize them at all.

A tremendous feeling of death assaulted Su Tai, causing his body to tremble ever so slightly.

The cultivators in Middle-Earths Nine Provinces had long since gotten used to the existence of spirit qi, and it was also the foundation of strength. For the past 20 years, this was the first time Su Tai couldnt feel the existence of spirit qi, like how a boxer suddenly lost physical strength when he was competing in a ring. It was like a majestic lion on the plains suddenly losing its sharp claws. Itd be weird for them not to feel horrified.

The examinees were also in a state of astonishment. To think that Black Doggy Suns great teacher halo was effective against an examiner. (My god, could it be that he is comparable to the examiners?)

Of course, due to the influence of Model Teacher, they were forced to remain respectful and didnt burst out chattering amongst themselves.

Misleading Students?

This was the first time Mei Yazhi started to assess Sun Mo seriously.

This halo was one that specially targeted great teachers and thus was considered a punishing-type halo. It was also called the Expropriate Halo.

Great teachers who were struck by Misleading Students couldnt use their spirit qi for a while. That also meant no cultivation arts and great teacher halos.

Moreover, they would be unable to speak and would temporarily forget all the knowledge in their mind, unable to teach any student.

This halo could be said to be more difficult than Model Teacher.

Why was that the case?

Comprehending Model Teacher only required one to teach, being able to remain jovial, free, and calm, understanding the meaning and ideologies as a teacher.

Model Teacher primarily required ones disposition.

Misleading Students was different. It required a great teacher to have absolute strength and confidence in their profession.

Thered only be some chances of comprehending it after teaching students incessantly without making any mistakes at all and having the experience of pointing out mistakes made by other great teachers.

How difficult was this?

Pointing out that other great teachers were misleading students? Doing so in public was an extremely gutsy act.

What if you were the wrong one?

Even if you werent wrong, many great teachers wouldnt do so. One shouldnt go to the extremities to not make the future encounters awkward. Unless the other party was an enemy, many people would choose to remain silent even if they were to see other great teachers making a mistake.

Of course, there werent many chances to do so. After all, one wouldnt dare to speak recklessly if they didnt have the confidence.

Therefore, Misleading Students was something that could normally only be comprehended by great teachers who were 4-star or higher. At this level, they could give guidance to great teachers who had made mistakes.

Even if the other party wasnt pleased, they still had to bear with it.

However, who would have expected that Sun Mo knew it as well?

Are you really 20?

Tang Nian almost asked this. To speak the truth, even he hadnt comprehended this halo yet.

Although it felt very good to be criticizing other teachers, whod do something like this unless their emotional intelligence was ridiculously low!?

Thatll do!

After Mei Yazhi nodded at Sun Mo, a silver halo radiated out from her body. After it came into contact with Su Tai, it immediately dispelled the Misleading Students effect on him.

At the same time, the examinees also returned to normal, not being affected by Model Teacher anymore. Otherwise, if things were to continue like this, itd affect their performance.

Sun Mo returned a smile, having some favorable impression toward this dignified lady. Given her strength and status, she didnt need to ask him for his opinion before using the dispelling light. However, her act of asking was a show of respect.

But this Spring Wind into Rain is used really well!

Sun Mo wasnt the inexperienced guy he was when he first came to this world. He now had quite a bit of understanding of the common knowledge in this great teacher world. This great teacher halo was called Spring Wind into Rain. It could almost eliminate all great teacher halos effects, regardless if they were benefiting ones or punishing ones.

Of course, it was equally difficult to comprehend them. If one wished to eliminate these halos effects, one must first understand them. This meant that one who could comprehend the Spring Wind into Rain must have comprehended at least 20 halos!

In the great teacher world, this was definitely a terrifying number.

Su Tai, who had returned to his senses, wore a grim countenance. Being dealt with by an examinees punishing halo was embarrassing.

Even if news of this didnt leak out, Teacher Mei and Teacher Tang had both seen it. This was such a great blow to his image!

Misleading Students, not bad, its really not bad!

Su Tai was enraged, but due to his status, he wasnt able to make a reckless move. Therefore, he could only say something out of spite, Are there any more? Show me another!

This was like saying Im fine. If you have the guts, stab me again! during a fight.

Mei Yazhis brows furrowed and she spoke to persuade him to stop, Teacher Su, give your rating!

This was a reminder to Su Tai to not go too far. Moreover, she also felt that Sun Mo would definitely know of other great teacher halos. If this continued to carry on, Su Tai might be put in a disadvantageous situation.

It was a pity that she was one step too late.

Sun Mo was the kind of person who would return ones favor in folds. If someone were to forcibly create trouble, then sorry, he could only hammer and crush the persons head!

So what if he was an examiner?

Was it a big deal?

Upon hearing Su Tais challenge, Sun Mos lips twitched.

As you wish!

Sun Mos tone was extremely calm. He then made a loud finger snap.


Amidst the crisp sound, tiny golden light motes radiated out from Sun Mos fingers. The glow was like sparks produced from flintstones hitting each other and was also like fireflies that fluttered about in the evening.

They didnt dissipate but condensed into an arrow that shot at Su Tais forehead.

Su Tai instinctively felt that things werent good and attempted to dodge it. However, the arrows speed was too fast.


The arrow broke through the air and struck Su Tais forehead.


Su Tais head fell back. When it returned to its position, Su Tais mouth and eyes were already slanted, and he was in an idiotic state.

Ignorant and Incompetent, perfect hit!


Everyone broke into a commotion. Three hundred faces looked at Sun Mo, feeling stunned. (Arent you being too stubborn? How could you not even leave some face to the examiner?)

Is this guy alright in the head?

Hes just being self-conceited, looking down on the rest of the world because he has some capabilities!

But its true that his halo is amazing!

The examinees started mumbling.

Not all great teacher halos could be effective, and the effects were also differentiated, depending on the releaser and the targets abilities.

Take Mei Yazhi for example. Even though Sun Mos Ignorant and Incompetent was at the grandmaster-grade, it wouldnt be able to turn her into an idiot. It couldnt even cause her to lose her sense for a short instance.


Tang Nian cursed in his heart, grumbling about Su Tais overbearingness but also Sun Mos insensibility. They should just let things be by giving way to each other. Was there a need to force things to this extent?

Thats enough, you pass. You can leave and prepare for the examination in the afternoon.

After Mei Yazhi said that, her left leg tapped gently on the ground as she released Spring Wind into Rain. Otherwise, if Su Tai were to continue acting as an idiot, hed lose all his face.


Sun Mo walked out.


The countenance of Su Tai, who had just returned to his senses, instantly turned savage. He wanted to chase after Sun Mo.

Teacher Su!

Mei Yazhi spoke up. Her voice wasnt loud, but it was like a resounding bell blasting in Su Tais ears, causing him to instantly wake up from his great fury.

Teacher Mei, I realized my mistake!

Su Tai held his fury in and apologized. After all, this great characters will wasnt something he dared to defy. Otherwise, thered be no end to this matter. (Sun Mo, was it? Just you wait!)
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》