Absolute Great Teacher
443 Flowers Blooming in Winter, Mei Ziyu
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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443 Flowers Blooming in Winter, Mei Ziyu


“What do you think?”

Tang Nian asked Mei Yazhi in a soft voice.

“Not bad. He should be able to get it!”

Given her rich experience, she could tell how outstanding Sun Mo was.

As they were in public, she spoke in a roundabout manner, but she actually felt that Sun Mo had the right to fight for the top ten in this great teacher examination.

Tang Nian nodded then called out the next examinee, “Next, Tong Tong!”

Tang Nian also knew there was a high chance that Sun Mo would be able to pass the examination. The reason he asked this was to remind Su Tai not to give Sun Mo a low score because of his personal feelings.

Su Tai held in his fury and gave Sun Mo full marks. However, he made a note behind Sun Mo’s name that he was self-conceited and treated other people with contempt.

Sun Mo left the lecture theater and saw that many examinees who had passed left very quickly. They were either going to take this time to rest or revise.

Examinees who didn’t have any issues with their brains would be able to tell from these two rounds that the examination this time around was a lot harder than before. The written examination would probably be very difficult as well.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun had agreed to meet up at the teaching building after the examination ended and then go for a meal together.

“She’s not done yet?”

Sun Mo arrived first. After waiting for a few minutes and not seeing the masochist, Sun Mo decided to go take a walk around the school ground since he didn’t wish to stay here and wait. He’d just treat it as a trip, taking the opportunity to look at Guangling Academy’s basic infrastructure and find out if there was anything he could learn from them.

Guangling was a commercial city, and this led to there being a stronger commercial aura in the Guangling Academy. Sun Mo had seen over ten banners that were hung up in very obvious positions, with the names of old shops that had a history of 100 years written on them.

Sun Mo felt that it was a great pity that Guangling Academy’s headmaster didn’t become a businessman. The advertisements from these banners alone would probably cover Guangling Academy’s yearly expenditure.

As they had money, the school’s infrastructure was very good.

It was winter now, but flowers were still blooming beautifully in the flowerbeds. As they were all decorative florals that had been brought back from the Darkness Continent, they could bloom even in the cold winter.

Sun Mo took a stroll amongst the flowerbeds. Suddenly, he stopped in his footsteps.

Not far away, there was a girl about 17 to 18 years old squatting by a flowerbed. She was holding a small spade and loosening up the soil.

Even though it was winter, the girl’s forehead was starting to sweat.

Sun Mo sat by the pavilion at the side.

He could only see the girl’s back view, but it looked very beautiful. Although she didn’t have a hot figure, actually very skinny like a hairtail fish, she gave off a very coordinated feeling.

In addition to the waist-length black hair, she emitted a quiet and graceful aura, making her look like a lily.

“I wonder how she looks like?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt very curious.

About ten or more minutes later, the girl was done with her work. She stood up, wiped off her sweat, and then looked at the flowerbeds that had the soil loosened up, wearing a sweet smile.

Sun Mo managed to get a look at her face. It didn’t matter whether she was pretty or not, but her smile was like a rainbow that came after the rain.

Sun Mo’s mood instantly became better. It was like reading a good book in a bookstore or having eaten a slice of delicious cake at the dessert shop.

The girl saw a black peony that looked a little wilted and wanted to water it. However, in the midst of squatting down, her body suddenly trembled and she looked over in Sun Mo’s direction.

She looked just like a little yellow oriole that was frightened.

Sun Mo felt a little awkward and greeted her, “Hello!”

The girl nodded, picking up the small wooden bucket and planning to leave. However, after she walked for a few steps, she looked toward the wilting black peony again. After some hesitation, she came back.

This time around, the girl’s speed was a lot faster!

“Why do I feel like a pervert?”

Sun Mo smiled in self-mockery and got up to leave, planning to head to somewhere else. However, the girl suddenly swayed and fell toward the ground.

“What’s going on?”

Sun Mo instantly frowned and darted over.

Divine Sight activated.

Mei Ziyu, 18 years old, divine force realm.

After seeing the girl’s realm, Sun Mo’s eyelids twitched fiercely. For a moment, he thought that he had seen wrongly. An 18-year-old girl being at the divine force realm? Wasn’t this a genius amongst geniuses?

Strength 15. You are weak and delicate, plagued with illnesses. You only have the strength to take care of plants.

Intellect 38. You have a pure heart and elegant character. You are pretty and intelligent, understanding many things!

Agility 13. You move gracefully, looking like you’ll fall if the wind blows.

Endurance 12. You’ve always been very tired!

Will 40. You are at the divine force realm. Your spirit is exceptionally strong!


Extremely high potential value!

Note: As you are sick, you aren’t able to unleash all of your potentials. However, you can still have an overwhelming victory against many people.

Note: Life and death are just a part of life. After coming to accept everything, death might just be a relief.

“What sickness do you have? Do you have medicine? Do you know the treatment method?”

Sun Mo helped the girl up and quickly shot out three consecutive questions.

This girl’s body was in a worse state than Tantai Yutang. Therefore, Sun Mo didn’t give her treatment recklessly.

“I... I’ve medicine!”

The girl leaned in Sun Mo’s embrace and was supported by his big hand. She felt so embarrassed that her face had turned flush red. The red hue then extended down her pale neck.

“Is it in the embroidered pouch?”

Sun Mo saw that there was a small green embroidered pouch at the girl’s waist. There was the word ‘fish’ [1] embroidered on it.


The girl’s expression looked like she was in great agony, but she held it in and didn’t cry out. It was because that was unbecoming of a lady.

Sun Mo quickly opened the embroidered pouch and took out a small porcelain bottle.

Before Sun Mo asked, the girl said, “Two!”


Sun Mo opened the lid and a strong fragrance immediately gushed to his nose, making him invigorated. He almost wanted to swallow these pills.

However, there was something more amazing to come. The medicinal fragrance that gushed out didn’t dissipate. Instead, they condensed into the shape of a white lotus, with leaves fluttering as if blown by a light breeze.

Even though Sun Mo wasn’t an alchemist, he knew that these pills were definitely extremely valuable. He didn’t dare to have any delays and quickly fed the girl with them.

“Cough cough! Cough cough!”

Mei Ziyu coughed but didn’t show any signs of turning better. She even spurted out a mouthful of blood, sending them splattering onto Sun Mo’s clothes.

“I’m... I’m sorry!”

Mei Ziyu felt a little bad about it.

“You’re already in this condition, why apologize?”

Sun Mo was speechless. “Do you know what your sickness is?”

There wasn’t any information on Mei Ziyu’s ailment from the data he obtained through Divine Sight. This surprised Sun Mo. His Divine Sight was already at the ancestor-grade. Data that he couldn’t obtain meant that her ailment was extremely rare and trickly.

“Cough cough!”

Mei Ziyu shook her head. It wasn’t that she wasn’t allowed to say it, but more of her not knowing how she should put it into words. Her ailment was too strange.

Sun Mo knew that he wouldn’t be able to find out anything through her. He could only take action and check things out for himself.

“I’ll be offending you then!”

After saying that, Sun Mo supported Mei Ziyu with his left hand and then pressed his right onto her back followed by her four limbs, giving her a checkup.

Sun Mo didn’t dare to use the ancient massaging technique recklessly. It was because Mei Ziyu’s data was too strange. She was at the divine force realm, but her data was still at the spirit-refinement realm in some areas, not even comparable to Xuanyuan Po.

She had a bad depletion of her qi and blood. Her muscles had shrunk, she had little strength, and her heart was weak...

The more Sun Mo checked her, the more surprised he felt. How on earth did this girl manage to survive? She couldn’t be fully reliant on those pills to hang onto her life, could she?

Mei Ziyu had never been touched by a guy since young and was feeling both shy and awkward. Her face was so red that it looked like blood was going to flow out.

“Don’t, don’t touch me!”

The girl wanted to push Sun Mo away.

Sun Mo didn’t say any crap. After a short analysis, he decided to use the living blood technique.

Qi and blood was the foundation of human life. The stronger they were, the stronger one’s vitality.

Sun Mo exerted some force with his right hand, pressing onto Mei Ziyu’s neck.


Mei Ziyu was surprised and shrank her neck back subconsciously. However, she quickly relaxed. The parts where Sun Mo’s fingers touched felt very good.

The piercing pain and soreness she usually felt when her sickness acted up had been reduced by quite a lot.

“Genie, it’s up to you now!”

Sun Mo’s massage technique was very good, but it wasn’t convenient for him to perform it given the current position he was in. Therefore, spirit qi gushed out from his hands.

The genie was formed.


Mei Ziyu’s big and beautiful eyes opened wide instantly. (What is this?)

Sun Mo was very amazed. As expected of someone with a max will. She was able to maintain her rationality even under the ancient massaging technique. Even Jin Mujie would feel so good that she’d temporarily lose her senses.

The genie, who usually didn’t like women, didn’t show any despise this time around. Instead, he started to give Mei Ziyu a serious massage.

This time around, the treatment went on for 15 minutes. After it ended, Sun Mo helped Mei Ziyu to the pavilion.


Sun Mo panted, feeling a little tired. It was because he had depleted too much spirit qi.

“I’m sorry!”

Mei Ziyu apologized, looking troubled. This kind-hearted young man must be an examinee. If he had depleted too much energy from helping her, causing him to fail the written examination in the afternoon, then she’d have sinned!

Sun Mo was stunned for a moment before realizing what Mei Ziyu meant. He instantly had a good impression of her. This was a girl who knew how to think for others.

“Don’t worry, I can get full marks without much effort!”

Sun Mo was joking and hoping that Mei Ziyu wouldn’t dwell in self-reproach. However, her expression didn’t change and she just looked straight into his eyes.


Sun Mo suddenly felt embarrassed. After all, this boast was too great. Just as he was about to explain himself, Mei Ziyu suddenly spoke up.

“I believe in you!”

The girl nodded solemnly. She really felt that Sun Mo would be able to do it.

(You’re so innocent that any big gray wolf will be able to deceive you!)

Sun Mo was speechless.

“Hold on!”

Sun Mo ran off, returning after a few minutes. He handed Mei Ziyu a teacup with hot water. “Have some and moisten your lips.”

Mei Ziyu would never use someone else’s stuff recklessly, let alone something that belonged to an unfamiliar guy. However, this time around, she replied with a soft ‘en’, took the cup with both hands, and had a small sip.

“Your condition is very serious. It’s best that you don’t get exposed to the cold wind!”

Sun Mo suggested.

“I know!”

Mei Ziyu smiled and looked toward the sky. “But wouldn’t I be letting my remaining days down if I don’t look at this scenery?”

Sun Mo didn’t know how to continue the conversation. You couldn’t say that this girl was ‘sick’, having an unrealistic rosy view of the world, since she was really sick.

Or rather, it was a type of open-mindedness.

“It’s no wonder that your will is at full value.”

Sun Mo exclaimed.

“What is your name?”

Mei Ziyu suddenly turned to look at Sun Mo, wearing a crescent moon-like smile, so pure that it felt like springwater had flowed past his heart.

[1] The ‘yu’ in Mei Ziyu’s name can translate to the word ‘fish’.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》