Absolute Great Teacher
444 If Life Was as Beautiful as First Sigh
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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444 If Life Was as Beautiful as First Sigh

Chapter t

“Sun Mo!”

Seeing the girl’s condition, Sun Mo sat across her and tried his best to maintain a distance. If not, he might really be mistaken as someone trying to do something indecent to her.

After all, when executing the ancient massaging technique, he would come in contact with some body parts that were considered private.

Mei Ziyu repeated this name in a low voice. She then stood up and solemnly bowed to Sun Mo. “Sun Mo, thanks!”


Favorable impression points from Mei Ziyu +100. Prestige connection unlocked. Friendly (100/1,000).

“You are too polite. It’s just a very slight effort on my part!”

Sun Mo hesitated because Divine Sight wasn’t able to identify this girl’s illness. Hence, he wanted to ask more in detail. However, as this was considered a private information, she most probably wouldn’t tell him.

Mei Ziyu noticed Sun Mo’s silence and instantly guessed his thoughts. “Sorry, I also have no idea what illness I’m suffering from. In any case, it’s very troublesome.”

The girl had a pure heart and spirit, hence, if she knew, she would definitely tell Sun Mo because she owed him a favor.

“Let me say something you wouldn’t like to hear. You should stay in bed more to rest!”

Sun Mo suggested. With Mei Ziyu’s body, it would be a burden even if she walked an additional step.

“If that’s the case, I might as well commit suicide!”

Mei Ziyu had a faint smile on her face. After her breathing was stable, she stood up and took up her little shovel, starting to plow the soil as she watered the wilted black peony.

Sun Mo followed over. He took a glance and wanted to say something but hesitated.

“You want to say that there’s no hope for it anymore?”

Mei Ziyu guessed Sun Mo’s thoughts.


Sun Mo nodded. His planting technique was at the grandmaster-grade, and even without using Divine Sight for assistance, he could see that the main root of the black peony had been chewed through by worms. It wasn’t able to absorb any nutrients from the soil and would die sooner or later.

“But what if a miracle happens?”

Mei Ziyu counter-asked. She used the little shovel and cautiously piled some soil under the peony gently, like she was afraid she might hurt the roots if she used too much force. “If one isn’t even willing to put in this bit of effort, there wouldn’t be a chance of a miracle.”

Sun Mo fell silent.

Honestly speaking, he felt that this Mei Ziyu was a little obsessed. If the plant died, one could buy another one. If one’s computer hard disk was damaged, that part should just be replaced. Why was there a need to think about fixing it?

If it was a plant she had been taking care of for many years, one might still say that there were some emotions. But for an ordinary plant in the landscape like this? It was truly not worthy of Mei Ziyu putting in effort with her sick body just to save it.

However, he respected Mei Ziyu’s choice.

“My mother has told me the same thing many times. Indeed, some things aren’t worth the effort. However, I feel that if I abandoned it, it would truly be too pitiful!”

Mei Ziyu touched the black peony’s leaves with tenderness in her gaze.

“Everyone has the freedom to choose how they want to live!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Thank you!”

Mei Ziyu also smiled. This Sun Mo was very interesting and gentle. Other guys would definitely persuade her to take care of her body instead, telling her that a plant was really not worth her effort. However, Sun Mo didn’t do this.

“You know planting techniques?”

Mei Ziyu was curious. After she asked, she saw golden light erupting from Sun Mo’s body.

Priceless Advice activated.

“Are you bragging about your talent?”

Mei Ziyu leaned her head sideways and looked at Sun Mo. Her black hair flowed down like a waterfall, hanging off her shoulders.

Sun Mo also didn’t expect Priceless Advice to activate. Just when he wanted to explain, he saw Mei Ziyu smiling sweetly and knew she was intentionally teasing him.

“Yup, men would naturally want to display their brilliance before beautiful girls to gain their favor!”

Sun Mo replied.


Mei Ziyu’s face turned red again. She hurriedly shook her head, not daring to look at Sun Mo anymore.


Sun Mo felt awkward. His words sounded a little frivolous, but this couldn’t be blamed on him.

This girl had a gentle and quiet demeanor, and she was pretty as well. Although she was slightly skinny and her complexion was pale, she was comparable to Gu Xiuxun in terms of beauty. However, when guys looked at her, they wouldn’t feel what they felt when they looked at the masochist. They would basically neglect this girl’s beautiful appearance as a sense of protecting her appeared in their hearts.

At the very least, Sun Mo would feel some impulse when he looked at Gu Xiuxun. However, he felt nothing like that when he looked at this girl.

Sun Mo felt that he should leave, yet he didn’t feel like leaving. Hence, he could only find topics to talk about. “I have some understanding when it comes to planting.”

“Oh, why are you researching this subject?”

Mei Ziyu felt curious.

Honestly speaking, this was a very minor subject. Even if he mastered it to the grandmaster-grade, it would be of insignificant value.

Hence, if there was a better choice, no one would be bored enough to research planting techniques.

“My hobby!”

Sun Mo could only feign calmness. He couldn’t possibly say that he had opened the skill book from a treasure chest, right?

Upon hearing this, Mei Ziyu’s eyes brightened. She actually met someone here with the same hobby as her.

“Let me take a look?”

Sun Mo squatted down. He first inspected the black peony’s root. Although he didn’t see any worms, he could see tiny bites on it. “Pass me the shovel please!”

When Mei Ziyu passed the shovel over, her finger accidentally came in contact with Sun Mo’s index finger. She blushed again, but after that, she discovered that Sun Mo wasn’t concerned about such a small matter. He was seriously plowing the soil, inspecting the roots of the black peony.

That serious face was really well worth a second look.

Hence, Mei Ziyu couldn’t control but to secretly survey Sun Mo.

“The nutrients in the soil are too little. Although you have added fertilizer, it didn’t help and instead drew a lot of worm larvae. The roots are severely damaged by the worms.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Can it be saved?”

Mei Ziyu suddenly grew worried.

“The chance of saving it is very small!”

Sun Mo spoke and placed his hand on the top part of the plant.


A green light shone from Sun Mo’s hand. The motes of light entered the plant and a few minutes later, quite a few of the originally withered leaves unfolded and shone with a luster.

“Eh? What is this?”

Mei Ziyu was astonished. She had thought that the planting techniques Sun Mo knew were the normal plowing, pruning, and breeding. She didn’t expect that it was this type...

However, the effects were miraculously good.

Mei Ziyu could hear some faint rustling sound. That was the struggle of the worms before they died.

“It’s temporarily fine now. I gave it some nutrients and mended the main root. However, there are plenty of worms in this bed of flowers. You have to remember to use pesticide to kill the worms in a timely manner, or it would be like curing the symptoms and not the root cause!”

Sun Mo inhaled deeply. Sweat could be seen on his forehead.

Although this was just saving a plant, he had to reconstruct its life circulatory system, and this caused Sun Mo to expend a large amount of spirit qi. Hence, he felt somewhat fatigued.

However, he was happy because this was his first time using the planting technique. He was surprised at how strong it was.

“It’s been hard on you!”

Mei Ziyu took out a handkerchief and passed it to Sun Mo.

“Forget it, I would only dirty it!”

Sun Mo didn’t take it and stood up instead. “I have to go now. My companions are waiting for me.”

He had spent quite a lot of time here. Given Gu Xiuxun’s strength, she should have come out.


Mei Ziyu rose to her feet.

Sun Mo waved his hands. After walking out for over ten meters, he suddenly heard the guilty apology of the girl. Because she wanted to save the plant, Sun Mo had wasted much energy. This would surely affect his performance in the exam.

“Sorry, I was too wilful!”

Sun Mo turned his head and saw the girl bowing 90 degrees at him. The gentle wind gusted by, causing her skirt to flutter.

“Don’t mind it, I did so willingly!”

Sun Mo smiled. “If only life was as beautiful as first sight, why should the autumn wind bother to pity deserted painted fans, eh...”

As Sun Mo spoke halfway, he suddenly shut up. His original intention was to console Mei Ziyu and tell her that he was very happy being able to get acquainted with her here. But as he spoke halfway, he suddenly realized that what he was going to recite was actually a love poem!

For modern people when they were reciting poems, the intended meaning of the allegory was presented in the first part, and this was very normal. But the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were different.

In this era, this poem didn’t exist!

And what was more troubling was Priceless Advice had activated.

(May the heavens take pity on me.) Sun Mo truly had no other intentions. He only felt that this girl was not bad. It was like when you occasionally met a beautiful senior school sister in the library. You would feel an impulse to get acquainted with her, and you would also feel that you were quite lucky today for being able to meet her.

Mei Ziyu didn’t expect that Sun Mo would only utter two lines. Also, given her talent, she instantly understood the beauty of the poem. Just when she was waiting for the later part of it, Sun Mo’s great teacher halo activated.

The large and limpid eyes of the girl blinked as she stared at Sun Mo in astonishment. Her fair hands subconsciously covered her mouth.

In this instant, Mei Ziyu’s heart turned chaotic.

(Why did you confess even though we have just met?)

Mei Ziyu wanted to reject him, but she didn’t dislike this man’s look nor his gentleness and attentiveness.

However, Mei Ziyu was ultimately a pure-hearted girl. When she saw Sun Mo’s awkward expression, she understood that she was thinking too much. He was only reciting a poem to express his emotions.

However, that was a really good poem!

“If only life was as beautiful as first sight, why would the autumn wind pity the deserted painted fan!”

Mei Ziyu muttered, a smile involuntarily appeared on her face. She really wanted to know the second part of the poem. It should be very fascinating, right?

Yet in the end, she only saw Sun Mo saying, “Please don’t misunderstand”. After that, Sun Mo turned and ran away.

Sun Mo’s speed was very fast. He soon vanished at the end of the alley.

It was unknown why, but Mei Ziyu suddenly felt somewhat disappointed.

“Actually, I don’t dislike this name ‘Sun Mo’!”

Mei Ziqu then squatted down at the flower bed and continued taking care of that black peony flower.


Favorable impression points from Mei Ziyu +200. Friendly (300/1,000).


Under the teaching building, Gu Xiuxun crossed her arms before her chest. One of her feet was tapping the ground unceasingly, as she had been waiting here for almost half an hour.

(Damn Sun Mo, don’t you know it’s very impolite to let a girl wait for you?)

Besides, because the masochist was too pretty, the examinees would all take a few glances at her. Their eyes would naturally roam at her chest and butt.

If they stared at her butt, it was still okay, Gu Xiuxun could still endure it. But when she noticed them staring at her small chest, this steel-board lady really couldn’t bear it.

“You guys are still looking? Do you guys believe that this old lady will dig your eyes out and stomp on them?”

Gu Xiuxun suddenly roared at a few examinees.

“Who made you angry?” Sun Mo put on an expression of righteous indignation. “I’ll go and punch him!”

“I wish to beat you up!”

After Gu Xiuxun spoke, she stretched out her hand and grabbed Sun Mo’s throat. “Do you know how long I’ve been standing here and being stared at like a gorilla in the zoo?”

“You people from Middle-Earth also know the existence of gorillas?”

Sun Mo was astonished.

“Damn, if you guys want to display your affection in public, just scram back home!”

“I don’t want to see this crap!”

“Should we beat this fellow up?”

When the examinees saw Gu Xiuxun actually bantering flirtatiously with Sun Mo, they were so angry that they wanted to beat someone up.

[1] I take no credit for the translation below. Source: http://www.gathery.com/nalan/001-mrsrz.html

Full poem:

If only life was as beautiful as at first sight, why should the autumn wind bother to pity deserted painted fans?

Frivolously your heart changed, yet you claimed capriciousness of human emotions.

A memory of late-night whispers on Li mountain ended only by the break of dawn, sorrowful sentiments evoked by a chariot’s jingle on a rainy night, couldn’t make him regret. (I still remember those late-night whispers of love when we were together. Now parted, with tears, I have no regret that I once loved you.)

But how can you compare with those fickle princelings, at least once they had vowed to be love birds flying wing-to-wing or to be branches intertwined.

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