Absolute Great Teacher
447 The Two Words ‘Sun Mo’ Are Written with Vigorous and Fascinating Strokes
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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447 The Two Words ‘Sun Mo’ Are Written with Vigorous and Fascinating Strokes

Chapter 447: The Two Words ‘Sun Mo’ Are Written with Vigorous and Fascinating Strokes

Great teacher Bai’s original intention was to let Tang Nian look at the final major question. However, he didn’t expect Tang Nian to start all the way from the first examination paper.

(What are you trying to do?)

Teacher Bai didn’t understand.

Zhang Mai felt depressed. “Teacher Tang, it’s impossible for me to be mistaken. Also, look at the writing, it’s as smooth as flowing water. This indicates that when Gu Qingyan was answering the questions, he did everything in one go without hesitation. What does this mean? This means that he was extremely confident!”

All the great teachers nodded because all the examinees had used writing brushes. Hence, they could tell whether the answers were written in one go or with pauses in between.

There was absolutely no way to fake the ink traces.

Tang Nian didn’t reply. Instead, he was attentively checking each question, wanting to find a mistake.

It wasn’t because he wanted to prove that Sun Mo couldn’t make it. Rather, he wanted to know if there was really such a shocking genius!

(Under such hell-like difficulty, you finished the exam within two hours. Are you a devil? Even 2-star great teachers might not be able to do this!)

Fill in the blank questions, all correct!

Judgment questions, all correct!

Recitation questions, all correct!


The more Tang Nian saw, the deeper the shock on his face was. As a 4-star great teacher, his experience was very abundant. Just from looking at the quality of answers and the writing, he was able to deduce Sun Mo’s realm.

Tang Nian was also a great teacher that specialized in spirit runes.

“The latter waves of the river are catching up with the earlier waves!”

Tang Nian sighed. Just by reading the answers in front, he knew that Sun Mo’s understanding of spirit runes was deeper than Gu Qingyan’s.

“I’m not wrong, correct?”

Zhang Mai felt joyful. “You should quickly look at the final question. That is the essence!”

“How good can it be?”

Su Tai felt contempt. He stretched his neck and leaned over. But after taking two glances, his face turned pale.

Su Tai was famous ever since he was young. He was a bit frivolous and arrogant, but he did have the talent. This was why he grew nervous and revealed a few hints of reluctance when he saw Sun Mo’s answer.

It was extremely outstanding. No, it should be said that his answer was unprecedented.

The great teachers in the office all gathered over, no longer grading their own papers. Their excitement was ignited by Sun Mo’s answer, and they started a round of fervent discussion.

The final question asked about what they thought of the future of spirit runes.

Almost all the students wrote about the application of spirit runes in combat. Gu Qingyan was no exception.

Naturally, given Gu Qingyan’s horizons and talent, his answer far surpassed everyone else and contained far-sightedness.

Then what about Sun Mo?

What he wrote about was the application of spirit runes in everyday life.

This was a way of thought no one had ever considered before.

One must know that ever since spirit runes were created, it existed for the sake of assisting one in combat. The goal that spirit rune masters pursued was to use spirit runes to make themselves stronger, to control the battle and gain victory!

However, no one had ever thought of applying spirit runes into the aspects of daily life.

Look at Sun Mo’s answer.

Design and inscribe a type of spirit rune that would make water swirl in a certain direction under the bottom of a metal pail. Water currents would be formed and by doing this, one no longer needed to wash clothes by hand. They could directly toss the dirty clothes into the pail for them to wash by itself.

Also, a tool in the shape of three leaves and a holder could be designed. After inscribing a spirit rune on it, the spirit rune masters could make the three leaves rotate rapidly to produce unceasing gusts of wind. It was definitely a godly item in the hot summer for one to mitigate the heat.


There was basically no need to read further. Just the applications of these two types of spirit runes were enough to revolutionize the entire world.

Although everyone here were lofty great teachers and were heavily respected by others, it didn’t mean that they really stood aloof from the world!

For things like washing clothes, even if they didn’t do it themselves, everyone must have seen it before!

Given the intelligence of great teachers, they just needed to think about it carefully, and they would be able to see that there were many ways to utilize these concepts. Once such a rune was designed and its application was proven effective, how much effort could one save?

Because of his profession, Tang Nian thought even deeper. If one sold the design of such a spirit rune, how rich would they be?

One must know that every single household had to do laundry. Poor families might not be able to afford the rune, but for those who were slightly well off, they would buy it no matter what, right?

Besides, many royal clans in the Nine Provinces had places like washing chambers. In fact, even many wealthy clans had them.

What were these places for?

Naturally, to do laundry!

The staff there had to wash clothes every single moment. With Sun Mo’s idea, many people would lose their jobs.

However, how much money could those rich families spare?

He really didn’t dare to imagine.

Also for that wind-blowing tool, it was simply ground-breaking. Did you know how wealthy people avoided heat in summer? Other than stacking ice in their homes, the only other way was to get a maid to fan them every second.

All the great teachers on the scene stopped talking. They sank into deep contemplation instead. Even Su Tai was able to understand how strong the practicality of these two tools was.

“Genius! Truly a genius concept!”

Tang Nian wasn’t able to control it as he cried out.

Everyone nodded.

Su Tai opened his mouth and wanted to rebut, but he wasn’t able to find any excuses.

“Teacher Zhang, congratulations to you!”

Su Tai had a depressed look on his face. All his hope of building a connection with Gu Qingyan was dashed.


Zhang Mai stroked his beard and praised, “Gu Qingyan’s performance is as expected of the top graduate from the Skyraise Academy. His talent would make everyone bow in defeat, acknowledging their inferiority willingly!”

“Yeah. Although the other set of exam papers aren’t bad, the standards of the two examinees are clearly seen, and the earlier one is somewhat inferior.”

“What a pity, that examinee would definitely be first if he took the exam last year!”

“I wonder whose exam papers are those?”

The great teachers discussed, feeling a pity for the examinee whose papers were marked by Su Tai. After that, they started to praise the papers Zhang Mai had marked. They were filled with compliments at Gu Qingyan’s capabilities.

At this moment, Tang Nian wanted to tell everyone to stop lauding. That set of exam papers weren’t done by Gu Qingyan. However, he didn’t know how he should speak.

He felt that he might be beaten up if he revealed it!

“Everyone, everyone, please listen to me. The content of this last question must absolutely not be leaked out!”

Zhang Mai’s expression turned solemn as he reminded everyone strictly.

Everyone started. After that, they nodded.


“Teacher Zhang, you are thinking too much. We are all great teachers, not thieves!”

“Once this concept of Gu Qingyan succeeds, it’s unknown how much money he would be able to earn!”

The great teachers hurriedly guaranteed to keep this a secret. After that, they revealed expressions of envy. If Gu Qingyan really managed to design two runes like that, he would earn so much that even his coffers were filled to the brim.

For something like money, no one would feel that they had too much.

However, the people of this era still had moral integrity. Even though they wanted money, they wouldn’t stoop so low as to steal the creative idea of another!

“Since this is the case, we shouldn’t publish this exam paper, right?”

Teacher Bai frowned.

According to the examples of past years, once an examinee that scored full marks appeared, their exam papers would be displayed. This was to prove that the Saint Gate’s marking system was fair and fraudless, and there wouldn’t be any suspiciousness internally. At the same time, it was a type of glory and encouragement to examinees.

Just think about it, becoming famous in a single day. How great of an influence would it have on one’s future?

“That’s for sure!”

Zhang Mai nodded. He didn’t dare to guarantee that the examinees wouldn’t steal the concept.

“What a pity, this is a very glorious thing!”

Several people sighed.

“What’s there to be sorry about, would Gu Qingyan lack this bit of fame?”

Zhang Mai couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s right!”

Everyone laughed. The atmosphere suddenly became incomparably relaxed. Only Tang Nian had a bitter look on his face.

“Eh? Teacher Tang, what’s wrong with you? Do you have a stomachache?

Su Tai was concerned.


Tang Nian really wanted to say he had a stomachache.

“Oh right, since the results are out, why don’t we tear the name seal to see who’s the other examinee that scored full marks?”

Zhang Mai stroked his beard. “Honestly speaking, that fellow is also a talented individual!”

“Let’s take a look!”

All the great teachers turned to Tang Nian. Because he was the main examiner, he should make the decision.

According to the rules, they could only tear off the name seals after every set of exam papers were graded. However, there would be some exceptions for full marks exam papers.

“Teacher Tang!”

Su Tai sincerely implored. He also wanted to know about the owner of his exam papers.

Tang Nian felt a headache. Seeing the looks of anticipation on their faces, he could only brace himself and wave his hand. “Up to you guys then!”

“Teacher Su, please do the honors. After all, you were the one who graded the papers!”

Zhang Mai suggested, exuding a transcendent attitude.

Su Tai smiled, mentally musing about how good Zhang Mai’s luck was to actually get Gu Qingyan’s papers. However, the examinee Su Tai marked was also able to get full marks. Since this examinee shouldn’t be too bad either in terms of talent, Su Tai didn’t mind making the junior an acquaintance.

For the sake of fairness, the names of the examinees were sealed on all exam papers the moment they were handed up.

Su Tai held the corner of the paper and pulled.


A part of the name slip was torn, revealing a word ‘Gu’.

“Eh? This student also has the surname ‘Gu’?”

Zhang Mai was curious. “Seems like the Gu Clan has produced many geniuses this generation!”

Tang Nian glanced at Zhang Mai, mentally musing at why he didn’t realize Zhang Mai was such a simp in the past.

Su Tai exerted some force and tore the rest of the slip. After that, he was stunned. (Am I seeing things wrong?)

Su Tai subconsciously rubbed his eyes.

“Let me take a look who it is. Ah?”

Zhang Mai lowered his head and called out. The shocked look on his face was as though he saw a giant dragon being pinned down on the ground and had its as*hole r*ped by a rabbit.


Zhang Mai’s mouth mumbled, but he wasn’t able to finish what he wanted to say.

The other great teachers had dumbfounded looks on their faces as they sank into silence. Why did this set of papers belong to Gu Qingyan? In that case, the other set of exam papers...

All of them turned their gazes onto the set of exam papers in Zhang Mai’s hands without prior consultation to each other.

Tang Nian kneaded his forehead. (As expected!)

Su Tai was hoping badly that he would be able to get Gu Qingyan’s exam papers. Logically speaking, Su Tai had gotten his wish and should feel happy, but he didn’t know what expression he should make.

This set of exam papers scored full marks, but it wasn’t the best one!

Many people might feel like it was not bad. But to Gu Qingyan, there was an 80 to 90% chance that he would feel ashamed to mention it.

“T...Teacher Zhang, tear the name seal!”

Teacher Bai urged.

Zhang Mai’s hands were shaking. He felt somewhat awkward. After all, he had boasted that his set of papers were done by Gu Qingyan. Now that things came to this, didn’t that mean that he was as blind as a bat?

“Let me do it!”

Upon seeing this, Tang Nian took the set of papers and tore the name seal. Two large words written in a vigorous and fascinating style appeared.

Sun Mo!

An aura of talent immediately gushed forth.

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