Absolute Great Teacher
449 We Agreed to Retake the Exam Together Next Year, Yet You Secretly Got First Place?!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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449 We Agreed to Retake the Exam Together Next Year, Yet You Secretly Got First Place?!


Although it wasn’t 8 a.m. yet, there were already several thousands of students waiting. They stretched their necks out with a look of anticipation in their eyes, looking like wild ducks waiting for people to toss food to them.

“How many examinees do you think will score full marks this year?”

“With such hard questions, I think there’s only a handful. Maybe five?”

“As long as I can pass, I’m willing to not eat meat for three years. Note: Only pigs, cows, and lambs are considered meat, seafood isn’t considered.”

The examinees were either praying or discussing with each other. Their expressions were filled with trepidation and unease, and they were like baby birds who just learned to fly.

On the field, there were many announcement boards made from wood. Later on, the names of those who passed would be pasted on them.

Very soon, several tens of examiners arrived. They were in groups of four and had in their hands glue and pieces of red paper where the names of those who passed were written. They were waiting beside the announcement boards.

At 8 a.m., the melodious sounds of bells echoed out. The examinees immediately fell silent as the examiners started moving.

They pasted the names of the various subjects first.

A commotion immediately occurred among the examinees. They hurriedly headed to the announcement boards of their respective subjects.

The examiners used a brush and smeared the glue on the announcement boards. Then, they pasted the name list.

According to convention, they would paste the names from the bottom rank to the top. Hence, the person whose name they pasted last was the one who scored best in the written exam.

“Stop squeezing, stop squeezing!”

“I passed! Yes! Excellent, I’ve passed!”

“Damn, it’s over for me!”

The expressions of the examinees were extremely fascinating. In fact, one could see all sorts of expressions here right now.

Those who knew that their capabilities were low directly despaired when they failed to see their names. After all, even if they went all out and did their utmost, they wouldn’t be able to reach the middle-rankings.

But even so, they didn’t leave yet. They maintained the last bit of hope as they continued watching.

Those examinees who had passed continued to observe the names after experiencing a burst of wild joy. After all, the people who passed next would be their opponents.

“Quickly look, it’s the name of the #10 place now!”

Someone called out. The surroundings immediately quietened down.

The names of those in the top ten were written separately on a piece of red paper each. This was an encouragement to them, as well as motivation to the students ranked outside the top ten.

“We haven’t seen Gu Qingyan’s name yet!”

“Are you underestimating Gu Qingyan by saying this? He is definitely the best, alright?”

“Yeah. You should place your focus on whether he can get full marks or not!”

The examinees discussed. After that, they revealed a ‘sure enough’ expression. Because when Gu Qingyan’s name appeared, there were two words – ‘full marks’ in parenthesis behind it.

“The reputation of the top graduate from Skyraise Academy is as expected!”

The examinees sighed, yet they discovered that after the examiners had pasted Gu Qingyan’s name and exam papers, they didn’t stop. Instead, they took out another piece of red paper.

“What the hell? There’s another examinee that scored full marks?”

“From the looks of things, it seems that this examinee could fight against Gu Qingyan for the #1 place?”

“I didn’t hear anything about there being an examinee that’s stronger than Gu Qingyan?”

The examinees had a stunned look on their faces. Their eyes were wide open and they were preparing to see who it was exactly that was comparable to Gu Qingyan. But at this moment, they heard a roar echoing out with excitement not far away.

“YES, I’VE OBTAINED FULL MARKS. YES, I’M THE STRONGEST!!! Haha, I’m the only one who got full marks in the subject I applied for. I’m so happy!”

The examinees turned and saw a young man with a birthmark on his forehead roaring wildly in joy, ignoring the stares from the people around him. Everyone truly felt displeased when they saw his behavior.

“That fellow is Sun Shao. I was in the same classroom as him. During the first exam round, he was even scolded by one of the examiners.”

Someone introduced.

The announcement board was for the weaponsmithing subject. Hence, the examinees for the spirit runes exam took a glance and no longer paid any attention. When they turned their heads back, they saw that the examiners were already leaving, and there was an additional name beside Gu Qingyan’s name.

Sun Mo (full marks)!

“Sun Mo? That Sun Mo who said the phrase about dogs?”

No one replied, their eyes were blinded by the two words- ‘full marks’ in parenthesis. (My heavens, that Sun Mo was so strong?)

After that, the gazes of everyone fell onto his exam papers and started to read through his answers, with a hint of critique in their eyes.

However, the more they read, the more depressed and convinced they felt.

Because as long as one wasn’t a fool, he or she would be able to see the difference between Sun Mo and themselves.


“Can you walk a little quicker?”

Gu Xiuxun urged.

“In any case, the results wouldn’t change. What difference does it make if I walk quicker or slower?”

Wang Chao spoke. But there was a look of nervousness on his face.

“Che, I wonder who was the one crying in their sleep last night!”

Qian Dun teased.

Very soon, they arrived at the field. They then parted ways and went to look for their respective announcement boards.

“Damn, how can Sun Mo act like this? I thought all of us agreed to retake the examinations again next year, yet he secretly got first place? Is he still a human?”

A student wailed in anguish.

“Are you very close to Sun Mo?”

Someone was curious.


The examinee started. He braced himself and nodded. “Still passable!”

He was one of the examinees who handed in his exam papers after Sun Mo. After exiting the classroom, he still encouraged Sun Mo not to feel discouraged. He didn’t expect Sun Mo to get full marks...

(This...is there still justice?)

“Are you guys colleagues? Or fellow schoolmates?”

That curious teacher continued to ask.

(I only spoke randomly to brag a little, do you have to keep questioning me?)

The examinee felt a headache, just when he was thinking of what to reply, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Sorry, please excuse me!”


The examinee stepped aside, after seeing the person who walked past him, he was completely stunned.

“Tell me quickly!”

The curious examinee urged.

“I...I...have a stomachache!”

The examinee clutched his stomach and almost peed his pants. What a joke, the person they were talking about was already here. If he continued to brag, wouldn’t it be the same as him looking for trouble?

However, no one paid attention to this examinee because someone in the crowd recognized Sun Mo.

Very soon, the gazes from the surroundings all landed on Sun Mo. There were gazes of probing, of curiosity, and also of envy.

Full marks, what an impressive result!

One would be able to boast about this forever, alright? Besides, with such good results, although it was not certain that one would be able to join the Nine Greats as a teacher, there would definitely be no problem if Sun Mo wanted to join an ‘A’ grade school.

Sun Mo saw his name, but he was unhappy because he was ranked at the top with another person.

The top graduate of the Skyraise Academy did have some capabilities indeed.

“Wow, full marks!”

Gu Xiuxun’s voice suddenly rang out. After that, her right arm went up as she hugged Sun Mo’s neck. “No way, I’m too jealous. I have to make you die!”


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +500. Reverence (14,300/100,000).

Gu Xiuxun’s heart was already boundlessly impressed by Sun Mo. The written exam this year was the toughest one in the recent twenty years, yet Sun Mo managed to get full marks?

(Do you have to be such a genius?)

(How can us mortals still live?)


The eyes in the surroundings looked over with unkind expressions. Gu Xiuxun was teasing Sun Mo, but at this moment, everyone really felt like making Sun Mo die.

(You already scored full marks and got #1, yet you are publicly displaying affection? Do you have any morals?)

(The most important thing is that your girlfriend is actually so pretty. My heavens, check out the little perky as* and her fair long legs. I’m simping to the ends of hell for her!)

“Did you get into the top ten?”

Sun Mo asked. As for the case of the masochist failing the exam, he had never considered it before.

“You should ask if I managed to get into the top three instead.”

Gu Xiuxun released Sun Mo. She lifted her chin and snorted in a complacent manner.


Sun Mo laughed. “Let’s go, I will treat you to lunch. We must have a sumptuous meal to celebrate!”

“That’s for sure, I want to kill you after all!”

Gu Xiuxun bared her teeth. Her ruby lips and sparkling white teeth actually made Sun Mo feel a sudden impulse of kissing her.

Qian Dun and Wang Chao also arrived. Qian Dun had a look of disappointment on his face. From the looks of things, he didn’t manage to pass.

“Just work harder next year!”


Qian Dun sighed and asked, “What about Teacher Sun?”

“F...full marks?”

Wang Chao passed. He initially felt a little happy but after he saw Sun Mo’s ranking, he was completely stunned. He had guessed that Sun Mo’s results would definitely be good. But he was still shocked when he saw Sun Mo getting full marks.

(Do you have to be such a monster?)

(I will feel very self-inferior if you are so excellent, okay?!)

“Full marks? What full marks?”

Qian Dun was puzzled because there wasn’t such a concept in his heart. Hence, his gaze turned to the direction Wang Chao was pointing at. When he saw Sun Mo’s name, he gulped and almost drowned from the large mouthful of saliva he had just swallowed.


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +500. Respect (2,100/10,000).

Other than being deeply impressed, Qian Dun’s mind was blank. No, he felt something else and that something was that he definitely had to hug Sun Mo’s leg tightly.

His father was a constable and ever since young, his father taught him that one could be mediocre, but one must not lack judgment. As long as you followed the right person, even if you were trash, there was no need for you to worry about food and clothing your entire life.

“Sun Mo should be the person I must follow!”

Qian Dun also had his ambitions and he wanted to bring glory to his ancestors. However, the results of this examination gave him a huge psychological blow and made him understand that when reality bit, one would definitely be severely wounded.

Sun Mo’s group then departed, but there were even more examinees who came to look at the announcement boards.

Gao Ben and Zhang Lan stood within the crowd. They sighed, truly unable to see a hope of winning against Sun Mo.

“Gu Qingyan is here!”

It was unknown who shouted, but the originally noisy scene immediately fell silent.

As the top graduate from Skyraise Academy, a legendary character like Gu Qingyan was known by everyone.

Gu Qingyan who was used to being the focus of everyone had no change to his expression. He walked to the front of the announcement board and immediately glanced at the top.

This was his confidence.

After that, he laughed.

(Excellent, I got full marks!)

Gu Qingyan’s expression remained unchanged, but there was wild joy in his heart. (I’ve succeeded in breaking through my limits and reaching a higher level.)

(I’ll go and have a drink to celebrate then!)

Gu Qingyan turned and prepared to leave. Looking at the results of others? Sorry, there was basically no need for this. But when his glance swept past the exam papers, he started. He discovered that there were actually twenty sets instead of ten?

Gu Qingyan was astonished. His gaze shifted, wanting to find the name of the other examinee. After that, he saw Sun Mo’s name as well as the ‘full marks’ beside it.


Gu Qingyan forcefully broke the index finger of his left hand.

However, he felt no pain. He only felt humiliation and reluctance.

“I’m not comparable to Sun Mo?”

Although he didn’t want to admit it, logic told Gu Qingyan that he was inferior to Sun Mo because Sun Mo finished the exam papers in just two hours.


Gu Qingyan drew in a deep breath and suppressed the complex emotions in his heart. He took a few steps forward and started to read the answers on Sun Mo’s exam papers.

“What is he doing? Is he trying to find a mistake?”


“It’s a waste of time, the people grading the papers are all great teachers. How can they make a mistake?”

The examinees mumbled.

Gu Qingyan naturally wasn’t as shallow as what these people thought. He wasn’t looking for mistakes. He only wanted to ascertain Sun Mo’s standard.

Three minutes later, he suddenly pulled out his sword and slashed the announcement board.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》