Absolute Great Teacher
450 The Start of the Third Round
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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450 The Start of the Third Round


“What the hell?”

Gu Qingyan suddenly slashed his sword out and gave everyone a scare. This was especially so when his aura changed at the moment he pulled out his sword. He exuded a feeling of piercing sharpness.

From this, one could see that Gu Qingyan’s combat strength was extremely high.

Ka! Ka!

The sword qi whistled, slashing on the announcement board and leaving behind a sword scar two thumbs deep.

Everyone turned their heads over. The words ‘full marks’ in parenthesis behind his own name were struck off.

“What does this mean?”

“Is he saying he is inferior to Sun Mo?”

“Or maybe he felt contempt for sharing the #1 place with Sun Mo?”

The surrounding examinees started whispering.

Gu Qingyan retracted his sword. Given his pride, he felt disdain to explain anything at all. However, after hearing what people said in the surroundings, he frowned and still decided to speak out. If not, his actions would surely cause a misunderstanding.

“For the final major question, Sun Mo’s answer is extremely excellent. By comparing both our answers, I don’t feel worthy of receiving full marks!”

After Gu Qingyan spoke, he turned and left.

“So this is the case!”

Everyone was enlightened, but some examinees still didn’t understand.

“But why? I feel that both answers are extremely perfect!”

“Maybe Gu Qingyan’s ego caused this!”

“A genius wouldn’t allow themselves to be inferior to others!”

The examinees discussed, guessing the motives of why Gu Qingyan struck off the words ‘full marks’ beside his name.

“It’s obvious. Gu Qingyan’s answer is about the extreme application of spirit runes in combat. Some great teachers would also be able to think of this answer, but as for Sun Mo, his idea is an unprecedented brand new concept. If I had to choose, I would also give Sun Mo full marks!”

Sun Shao originally came here to see Gu Qingyan’s results. In the end, he coincidentally saw the scene of Gu Qingyan slashing at the announcement board, striking the words ‘full marks’ away from his name. Hence, Sun Shao couldn’t help but feel a little bit of admiration for Gu Qingyan.

“This fellow’s manner is quite impressive. As expected of an opponent I look up to.”

The other examinees frowned. (This fellow is so arrogant!)

“What? You don’t understand? Let me put it simply. Gu Qingyan’s answer is like walking down a pre-existing path, but he made it longer. This answer depends on the wisdom from experts of the past. But as for Sun Mo, his answer opens up a new line of thought to all spirit rune masters.

“Finding a new path is much more difficult compared to extending a pre-existing path.”

Sun Shao shook his head. He had planned to take the study of spirit runes as his second secondary occupation. But now, he was prepared to give it up.

For the next tens or even hundreds of years, the study of spirit runes would be enveloped by Sun Mo’s glow.

Even if he learned it, he would have no way to be the very best in this field. Hence, he might as well not learn it.


Favorable impression points from Sun Shao +20. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (20/100).


In the field, many people were moving through it. Some examinees were wild with joy, and some were wailing in anguish. This was especially so for those who came here for their fifth attempt. Their faces were filled with despair.

Who would have expected that the examination this year would be so difficult?

Liu Mubai stood before the announcement board with an unhappy look on his face. His results were the same as Fang Wuji; they both shared second place. Although this achievement was excellent, they didn’t get full marks.

Above them, there was a person named Tong Tong!

“What the hell, this person actually scored full marks?”

Liu Mubai was extremely depressed, but it was fine. The third round would be the crucial time where they decided victory and defeat. He would surely defeat and suppress everyone.

Upon thinking of this, Liu Mubai walked over to the announcement board for the study of spirit runes. He wanted to check Gu Qingyan’s ranking.

After all, Gu Qingyan was his main opponent!

He directly looked at the top-area. As expected, Gu Qingyan’s name was there.

“Eh, why is there another person who scored full marks?”

Liu Mubai felt even more depressed, but he was somewhat puzzled. (Why were the ‘full marks’ beside Gu Qingyan’s name struck off? Who’s the one who has done this?)

(Isn’t this too audacious?)

After that, Liu Mubai noticed the name at the side. It was Sun Mo and his result was...full marks?

“Did I see wrongly?”

Liu Mubai rubbed his eyes. After that, the amount of depression he felt increased by ten times.

This fact hurt his heart even more than the fact that he got second place. One must know that the examination this year was extremely difficult. Being able to get full marks indicated that Sun Mo’s attainment in spirit runes was nearing the standard of a 3-star great teacher.

“Why is the ‘full marks’ beside Gu Qingyan’s name struck off? Was this done by Sun Mo?”

“No, Gu Qingyan did it himself. He said that he was inferior to Sun Mo!”

When Liu Mubai heard the words of the surrounding examinees, he frowned severely. Sun Mo convinced Gu Qingyan of his superiority?

Was this a joke?

(Gu Qingyan, to think that I’ve treated you as a formidable opponent. You are just trash that can’t even defeat Sun Mo.)

Although thinking like that was purely for Liu Mubai to vent his emotions, his view of Sun Mo had changed. If he continued to underestimate Sun Mo, he would definitely lose very badly.


On the way back to the hotel, Sun Mo received the notification about favorable points from Gu Qingyan. This caused him to feel some surprise, but he soon forgot about it.

Because the third round was about to begin.

This round tested the examinees on their teaching ability, and each examinee would have an hour to give a lecture. The ‘students’ were made up of three groups.

Three examiners, fifty freshmen from Guangling Academy, fifty first-grade students from Guangling Academy who specialized in the same subject as the examinee.

Why did they need to use freshmen?

Because freshmen had just joined the school, they didn’t have much experience, and this also meant that they had not formed their preferences yet.

This way, it would be easier to see if they could be convinced by the examinee’s lecture.

One must know that to higher-year students, if they didn’t go and listen to the lecture of a great teacher, it didn’t mean that the great teacher’s lectures were lousy. Rather, it was because they didn’t like the great teacher’s style, teaching methods, or even voice.

Finding a great teacher that was suitable for oneself would naturally be the best.

For higher-year students, if they couldn’t even find a suitable great teacher for themselves, this meant that they wouldn’t have any future.

Other than this, there were also 1,000 patrolling students and 100 patrolling examiners. These people could enter the classroom to observe. If they felt that the lecture of any examinee was good, they could simply enter at any time. If they didn’t like it, they could also leave and find the next one.

Each of these ‘listening students’ had three votes that were categorized into ‘excellent’, ‘ordinary’, and ‘eliminated’.

The ‘students’ could choose the vote they wanted to give to the ‘teachers’ based on their judgment.

A ‘teacher’ had to obtain over 80 excellent votes before they could be considered to have passed.


Sun Mo’s luck had never been good. This time around, his lecture was set to be 6 p.m. on the second day.

At such timing, many students would already be hungry. And after listening to a day of lectures, their mental energy would surely be sapped and they would feel somewhat fatigued.

When a human was fatigued, they would be more severe and demanding toward things.

It was like after you watched a day’s worth of movies, you would feel somewhat tired. And if you were to watch a movie again during the night, even if the movie’s quality was ordinary, you would still feel it was trash.

Bluntly speaking, if one wanted to ignite the excitement of these students, it would take much more effort compared to the lectures held in the morning.

“Teacher Sun, your luck is ‘godly’!”

Qian Dun sighed. He didn’t need to take the examination anymore because he had failed in the written exam round.

“I’m rooting for you!”

Sun Mo encouraged Gu Xiuxun. Her lecture timing was 10 a.m., so it was relatively not bad.

“Wait for my good news!”

The masochist exuded an imposing manner as she went for the exam.

“Teacher Gu, with your pretty face alone, you would be able to get 30 excellent votes!”

Wang Chao felt envy.

Qian Dun didn’t say anything. He was looking at Sun Mo instead.

In teaching, a beautiful female teacher would always be able to attract male students. There was no need to doubt this. It was just like how a handsome male teacher would also be able to attract female students.

“I feel I won’t be able to make it this year!”

Wang Chao sighed.

Usually, one would pass as long as they could obtain 50 excellent votes. But this year, the requirement soared to 80 =votes. This indicated that they had to impress 80% of the 103 ‘students’ listening to their lecture.

After an hour plus, the masochist came out.

“How is it?”

Sun Mo smiled as he asked.

“I think I can pass!”

Gu Xiuxun flashed a thumbs-up. Actually, she had no idea. The results would only be out five days later after all the examinees finished their lectures.

Time flowed by and evening arrived.

The winter’s nights were unforgiving. Everything was dark when the clock struck 6 p.m.

“Go for it, get a ‘grand slam’ and suppress Gu Qingyan!”

Gu Xiuxun waved her small fists, cheering for Sun Mo.

The volume of her voice wasn’t low, so those in the surroundings could hear her words. All of them involuntarily turned their gazes over.

“Who is this? Aren’t her words too arrogant?”

Many people felt that Gu Xiuxun was very bold.

The so-called ‘grand slam’ could only happen if an examinee managed to get all the excellent votes of everyone on the scene and 2x the number of the seats of the classroom. It was basically an impossible mission.

No one had ever gotten this achievement throughout history!

Because no matter how outstanding these examinees were, they were still new teachers. Their experience and skill level were still not enough.

“It’s Sun Mo!”

Many people recognized Sun Mo. After that, the mocking voices vanished because his written exam results had been circulated so widely that almost everyone knew about him.

In the #301 classroom, the ‘students’ had heard an entire day’s worth of lectures. All of them were already tired. They either went for a toilet break or were slumping in front of their desks, resting.

“One more lecture and we can go to eat!”

Zhang Mai stretched his body. After that, he lifted his flask that was filled with wolfberries tea and drank a large mouthful.

“Who’s next?”

Tang Nian was recording the names of the candidates, and he asked casually.

Su Tai searched through the name list. Then a hint of unhappiness appeared in the center of his brows. “It’s Sun Mo!”


Zhang Mai splurted the tea out.

(What the hell is with my luck?)

Zhang Mai felt depressed. Right now, he truly didn’t want to form any connection with Sun Mo. After that, he cast an ambiguous glance at Su Tai and sighed.

Sun Mo became famous after obtaining full marks. Hence, the incident of how Sun Mo’s great teacher halo caused Su Tai’s face to be covered with dirt also spread out.

Zhang Mai felt that as long as Sun Mo’s performance had some flaws, he would not be able to obtain Su Tai’s excellent vote.

As for his vote...

If he gave Sun Mo the excellent vote, he would be offending the Jiang Clan, right? Now, he could only hope that Sun Mo’s performance was ordinary so he could feel no burden in his heart when he cast the ordinary vote.


Zhang Mai felt like peeing his pants.

Tang Nian noticed the emotions of his two fellow examiners and couldn’t help but sigh. Sun Mo’s luck was really too bad. Unless he performed truly well, he would definitely get ordinary votes from these two.

After Sun Mo reached the third floor, he couldn’t help but take out his pocket watch for a look. He then slowed his steps, wanting to wait for the bell to ring first before he entered the classroom. However, the system notification rang first.


“Congratulations, you have obtained full marks in the written examination. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!”

“Congratulations, you made the talented Gu Qingyan ashamed of being inferior to you. Reward: 1x black-iron treasure chest.”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》