Absolute Great Teacher
451 Sun Mo’s Magnificent Performance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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451 Sun Mo’s Magnificent Performance

Chapter 451: Sun Mo’s Magnificent Performance

“Open everything!”

Sun Mo was now sharpening his ‘blade’, so it would naturally be a joyful event if he could open something good. But even if he couldn’t, he could use up his bad luck first for this, leading to being luckier during his lecture.

The two treasure chests opened consecutively. When the light vanished, a clump of dark soil and a 10-year time emblem appeared.

“Not bad!”

Sun Mo maintained his smile, but he was cursing in his heart. He decided that in the future, if he still opened a treasure chest when the papaya girl was not beside him, he would be a dog!

“Use it to upgrade my ‘Model Teacher’!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The time emblem vanished. After that, a vast amount of knowledge flowed into Sun Mo’s mind, taking root and germinating.


“Congratulations, your Model Teacher has been upgraded to the expert-grade. After casting it, it would cause your charm to surge. Duration of effect: 6 hours.”

“Note: After casting this halo, when you display different emotions, the influence exuded would be upgraded. For example, if you smile, you will appear more approachable. When you are angry, you might appear more imposing!”

After hearing the system’s explanation, a smile appeared on Sun Mo’s lips. His charm stat would increase, so he would be more successful in blind dates now, right?

Sun Mo wanted to whistle to celebrate, but after looking at his surroundings, he endured the impulse.

At this moment, he should maintain a steady and earnest impression.

Sun Mo was already at classroom #301’s back door. With his will, spirit qi flowed as he cast Model Teacher.


There was no eruption of golden light, only an invisible hand scattering silvery-white ‘petals’ on his head.

Sun Mo was enveloped by the petals.


A silvery-white light began to glow from Sun Mo’s body. There was even a ‘fragrance’ that would refresh the minds and gladden the hearts of those who saw him.

That was the smell of these flower petals.

Some people might not like the smell, but as long as they smelled it, they would all feel carefree and relaxed.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The bell signaling the start of the lecture rang out.

Sun Mo immediately quickened his steps, but he made it so that he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Rather, he exuded a capable and experienced aura, moving with the momentum of thunder and wind.

One must know that Sun Mo had practiced walking like this privately many many times.

The students were somewhat listless. When they heard the lecture bell ringing, their gazes were filled with laziness as they stared at the classroom’s entrance.

After that, a handsome young man walked in. The students subconsciously sat up and straightened their backs.

This was because they were influenced by the vigorous strides of the young man as well as his energy and spirit.

It was like an old man suddenly saw sexy female bodies drenched in sweat as they mingled together in laughter. He would unconsciously be influenced. His mood would light up like the sun, and he would feel an impulse of performing a slamdunk on the court, going at it with ten of them tonight.

When Sun Mo stepped on the rostrum and faced the entire class, the bell ended just in time.

It was not a second late, not a second early!

“He must have practiced this before!”

Zhang Mai involuntarily nodded. Just from this point alone, it was sufficient to prove that Sun Mo had adequate preparations. Also, his first impression of this young man was extremely good!

If it had to be described with a single sentence, one could say that Sun Mo’s image and aura were the embryonic form of a great teacher. It was a waste if he didn’t want to be a teacher.

“Damnable ‘Model Teacher’ halo!”

Su Tai’s lips twitched. Sun Mo had gained the upper hand by a show of strength. By using Model Teacher to gain a good first impression, he would surely gain 10 excellent votes instantly.


Tang Nian frowned slightly, feeling somewhat puzzled. He was a 4-star great teacher and had an abundance of experience. Besides, he had seen Sun Mo casting Model Teacher before. Hence, he could immediately feel that this time around, the effect of Sun Mo’s halo was about five times greater compared to before.

(Isn’t this rate of improvement a little too fast? Yes, he must have held his strength in reserve back then!)

Tang Nian found an excuse.

At this moment, Sun Mo’s opening was concluded. He officially started the lecture.

“Next, I will be giving a lecture named medical cultivation. This is a brand new subject I came up with after some research. The main point is to allow you students to understand your body conditions detailedly so all of you can come up with proper cultivation plans for yourselves. This would allow all of you to maintain your bodies at the most optimal state.”

After Sun Mo spoke, a commotion rang out among the crowd.

“A subject he came up with after some research? Wanting to lecture about it during the great teacher examination? Has this fellow gone mad?”

“Isn’t he a little too confident?”

“However, it does sound quite interesting!’

The students immediately broke out into discussion. It was still okay for freshmen because they had just joined the school. They were curious about everything. But for those top students who specialized in the study of spirit runes, all of them were caught unprepared and were at a loss for a while.

(We don’t understand this topic at all, how should we cast our votes?)

Sun Mo had long since anticipated such a scene. Hence, he didn’t panic and directly lifted his right heel, tapping it on the floor.



A golden halo erupted, cloaking the classroom in its glow.


The spirits of the students immediately stirred.

“It’s Encyclopedic Knowledge!”

A student called out.

During the lectures today, the students had seen this halo several times. But the combined effects of all the Encyclopedic Knowledge halos today weren’t as impressive as Sun Mo’s one.

The students, who were originally fatigued, felt as though they were force-fed Redbull. They suddenly felt keen and alert. Their mental states were many times better.

(I can attend ten more lectures!)


Zhang Mai was dumbfounded. (Is he really a recent graduate? The effect of his halo is even stronger than mine!)

Sun Mo’s Encyclopedic Knowledge was at the grandmaster-grade, and the effect could last for three days. It was already equal to Tang Nian’s halo.

“The first lesson of medical cultivation is for one to know their own bodies so they can formulate cultivation plans for themselves!”

Sun Mo started the lecture and used simple words to explain his subject.

“Main Examiner Tang, why does he seem so casual?”

Su Tai criticized in a low voice, “His arrogance is simply insulting the great teacher examination. We should stop his lecture.”

“Teacher Su, please maintain silence!”

Tang Nian solemnly spoke, “Deciding a person’s future based on a few sentences, this is too rash. Even if you want to stop Sun Mo from taking the examination, you have to first see what he wants to do!”

Su Tai was unsatisfied. He glanced over at Zhang Mai, wanting to find an ally. In the end, he discovered this fellow was actually listening with keen interest.

This scene simply caused Su Tai to be so angry that his lungs felt like exploding.

“Teacher Su, maintain a normal attitude and listen to Sun Mo’s lecture without biases!”

Tang Nian persuaded.

Sun Mo’s lecture was very skillful. He didn’t try to persuade students and told them to make their evaluations only after they finished listening to his lectures.

Sun Mo ‘zoomed’ in on aspects like the ‘human body’ and ‘injury’, stirring the interest of the students up.

Were there any cultivators who didn’t wish to be healthy? Were there any cultivators who didn’t want a suitable cultivation plan?

Sun Mo spoke frankly with assurance as he had thought about the content of his lecture for a very long time.

He could naturally lecture on the study of spirit runes given his grandmaster-level knowledge. But it was still difficult if he wanted to get a standing ovation. Hence, he might as well choose to lecture about medical cultivation.

Although this would make it seem like he was very arrogant, the effect would be good. At the very least, those students who felt that they had benefitted would surely give him good votes.

Right now, it was very silent in the classroom.

Tang Nian swept his gaze around and discovered that the students were all extremely focused and were listening seriously.

Sun Mo expressed his lecture with short and interesting content.

“His stage presence isn’t bad!”

Zhang Mai marveled, “I don’t feel that his standard is something achievable by a new teacher!”

One must admit that Zhang Mai’s judgment was still very good. Well, counting the time that Sun Mo had spent in the No.2 High School, he had been teaching for ten years.

“If he continues developing, he might become a celebrity teacher!”

Seeing Sun Mo’s handsome appearance, Tang Nian suddenly felt an impulse to poach him over to his school. For such a teacher, even if they failed this year, they would definitely have some achievements in the great teacher world.

(No, what am I thinking? How can such an examinee possibly fail?)

(Well, unless the eyes of us examiners and students are blinded.)

Sun Mo’s lecture continued. Right now, the patrolling students already started walking outside the corridors.

In order to ensure that every examinee was seen by the patrolling students, these 1,000 patrolling students were split into groups of twenty and headed to each level of the teaching building respectively.

Right now, there were twenty patrolling students not far from Sun Mo’s classroom.

Although the written exam had eliminated many people, leaving behind only those top examinees with an abundance of knowledge, a matter like practical teaching was a completely different ball game.

Those who were good at learning might not be good at teaching people. Besides, one had to stand on the rostrum and start their lecture before the eyes of everyone.

Some examinees would feel nervous. Leaving aside them exceeding their limits, it was already not bad if they could keep to their routine and finish their lecture normally.

The patrolling students were all top students from Guangling Academy, and their judgment was very high. For lectures given by new teachers, they would basically not be keen to stop and listen at all.

This was basically the case until they arrived outside classroom #301.

“What is he talking about?”

A student listened to a few sentences but wasn’t able to identify the subject.

“He’s expounding on the connection between one’s body and cultivation!”

“Shh, quiet down a bit!”

The patrolling students whispered to each other. No one chose to leave. Firstly, they were influenced by Sun Mo’s Model Teacher halo. Secondly, they were influenced by the silence from all the students who were listening attentively.

The top students were all very experienced. Seeing this, they knew that this relatively handsome teacher must be doing very well with his lecture.

“Alright, because we only have a period, I can’t explain too deep either. Next, let’s get on with the Q&A segment. I will answer all questions you wish to ask, but the topics are limited to medical cultivation, study of spirit runes, spiritual beast control, and herbology!”

After Sun Mo spoke, before the students could react, those patrolling students already cried out.

“Damn, he’s so confident?”

Even in ordinary lectures, teachers wouldn’t usually take the initiative to add a ‘Q&A’ segment to their classes. Because if they failed to answer any of the questions, they would be the ones losing face.

“Does anyone know the name of this teacher?”

Somebody asked but no one replied.

Both the students in the classroom and those on patrol had stayed in the dorms all this time and had been isolated from the outside world.

This guaranteed that the students wouldn’t be influenced by the fame of famous examinees.

Hence, the examiners didn’t need to worry about Gu Qingyan depending on his fame to obtain excellent votes. During self-introduction, the examinees were not allowed to say their names, their secondary occupation, the school they graduated from, or where they were currently working at. Once the examinees divulged this info, they would be eliminated.

“Haha, isn’t Sun Mo courting death himself?”

Su Tai was happy. (This time around, even if I didn’t give you the eliminated vote, you would still be doomed, right?!)

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