Absolute Great Teacher
452 Handsome!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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452 Handsome!


Tang Nian took out his pocket watch and glanced at it. Just so nicely, 15 minutes had passed.

If it was other examinees, Tang Nian would definitely feel that they coincidentally met the 15-minute mark. But in this case, Tang Nian was sure Sun Mo had calculated it.

“He actually left 45 minutes for the Q&A segment. It seems that he’s very confident in himself!”

Tang Nian suddenly felt some anticipation for Sun Mo’s performance.

“Silence, maintain silence!”

The patrolling student group leader roared in a low voice, “Don’t disturb the people who are listening to the lecture!”

The commotion in the corridor caused students in the classroom to glance outside. However, because they had received notification from their headmaster, they didn’t feel too shocked to see the patrolling students.

“Whoever has questions about these subjects, you can raise your hands and ask!”

Sun Mo reiterated.

The freshmen were a little shy and weren’t able to feel at ease, but the top students were already used to it. Besides, who wouldn’t have a few questions about some subjects given their age?

A moment later, over twenty top students lifted their hands. (I’ll just ask my questions. Even if this examinee cannot answer them, the one who will lose face is him. It has nothing to do with me.)

Sun Mo smiled, his expression casual. He seemed to be waiting for the top students to ask him questions, but he had activated Divine Sight and was looking at their data.

“This student, you may ask your question.”

Sun Mo pointed to a male student who had a short stature.

“I feel that I’m currently at a cultivation bottleneck and I have no way to break through it. I don’t know what I should do.”

Qu Yong stood up and asked.


Upon hearing this question, Su Tai couldn’t help but laugh. This time around, Sun Mo was dead for sure. He was truly lifting a rock and throwing it at his own foot.


Zhang Mai shook his head. General questions like these were the toughest to answer.

Even the personal teacher of this student wouldn’t be able to find where the problem was without detailed research and insights, let alone Sun Mo.

Moreover, if there was no immediate effect, Sun Mo’s answer wouldn’t be able to convince the student either.

Sun Mo walked down from the rostrum and headed toward Qu Yong.

“Let me inspect your body first, don’t panic!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he placed his right hand on Qu Yong’s shoulder and exerted force as he squeezed. At the same time, he was obtaining detailed information through Divine Sight.

Qu Yong, 16 years old. Ninth level of the body-refinement realm. Cultivating the Windshadow Art.

Strength: 9. Powerful like a wild beast, akin to a muscular boat!

Intellect: 6. Passable.

Agility: 5. Don’t wish blindly that a pair of short legs can run fast.

Endurance: 9. I’ll exhaust you to death via a battle of attrition!

Will: 7. I’m someone who can endure suffering, undergoing a thousand temperings!


Potential value: High!

Note: You are clearly a strength-type hero, but you chose to walk the path of agility. You are simply wasting your talent. But luckily it is still early, or you would have become nothing more than a cripple.


Sun Mo was speechless. (This is a case of you choosing the wrong skill tree!)

The freshmen curiously stared at Sun Mo, wanting to know what he would do. As for the top students, they were shocked stiff because they had asked similar questions to great teachers before but weren’t able to get any concrete answer.

Besides, the opportunity to ask a great teacher was precious. Hence, the top students had all learned something. If they wanted to ask something, they must make sure that their question would be able to get a concrete answer.

“His manner isn’t bad, his lecturing skill is passable, but by putting a question and answer segment in it is simply exposing his own flaws for others to shoot!”

Some top students sighed. They had wanted to cast the excellent vote for Sun Mo, but that didn’t seem possible from the looks of things now.

“Who told you to cultivate the Windshadow Art?”

Sun Mo asked.

Qu Yong, who was originally in an absent-minded state, suddenly stirred when he heard this. His eyes protruded slightly in shock, staring at Sun Mo as he subconsciously asked.

“How did you know?”

Qu Yong was very sure he had never seen Sun Mo before. In that case, how did Sun Mo know the type of cultivation art he was practicing?

Sun Mo smiled and didn’t explain, maintaining a sense of mysteriousness. Only by doing so would the students be more attentive.

As expected, the curiosity of the top students in the class was roused.

“A cultivation art is something that concerns your entire life, so you must not be rash. For example, because you love to be speedy and elegant, you chose to learn agility-based arts. However, you don’t have any innate advantage in terms of agility. By learning it, it would purely be a waste of time as your harvest will simply be too little.”

Sun Mo explained.

“How can you be certain that I have no innate advantage for speed?”

Qu Yong retorted. He was a little unhappy that his choice of cultivation art was questioned by Sun Mo.

“The amount of time you need to ascend to the next level grows longer and longer. This is especially so for the recent half a year. You completely have no way to break through the ninth level of the body-refinement realm to enter the spirit-refinement realm. This is the best proof.”

Sun Mo answered.

“This can be considered an answer? Who doesn’t know that the higher we head up in cultivation, the tougher it would be?”

Qu Yong’s lips twitched

“You are wrong. The prerequisite for these words to be correct is when the person in question is at the blood-ignition realm or above!”

When Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at the students in the class. “Given your talent, if you cultivated a strength-type cultivation art, you would have long since broken through to the spirit-refinement realm.”

“Not only for you, but the majority of students would also be able to enter the spirit-refinement realm if their talent isn’t too bad.”

Although his talent was praised by Sun Mo as being not bad, Qu Yong fell silent. He still didn’t really believe this.

“Qu Yong, if I didn’t guess wrongly, during the first two years when you first joined the school, your improvement speed was godly and some great teachers must have attempted to recruit you. But in the recent one year plus, no great teachers have done so. Do you know why?”

Sun Mo looked Qu Yong in his eyes. “Because they judged that you are not a genius based on your cultivation speed!”

Qu Yong was stunned because Sun Mo’s words were accurate. When he first joined the school, he was considered a legendary character among freshmen due to his cultivation speed. But now, although his strength wasn’t bad, he was not outstanding enough.

“Truthfully speaking, your aptitude is very good. It’s just that you are cultivating the wrong type of cultivation art!”

Sun Mo patted Qu Yong on his shoulder.

“I can understand your thoughts. We are guys after all. Who among us doesn’t wish to be cool-looking? Only then would we be able to attract the attention of girls.”

Qu Yong turned red. He lowered his head and felt embarrassed. Back then, he had chosen to cultivate the Windshadow Art precisely because he wanted to be cool.

He felt that girls would surely admire him as long as he became cool-looking.

“It can’t be, right? This can work too?”

The top students were dumbfounded.

“Examinee, changing cultivation art is a major thing that would affect a student’s entire life. You can’t possibly want him to take the risk just based on a few sentences from you, right?”

Su Tai spoke. This was his authority as an examiner. He could ask questions any time.

“Although I feel that your analysis is accurate, your answer is more like an insight into the psychological aspect of the student’s heart.”

Zhang Mai also spoke. He didn’t view Sun Mo with hostility and was purely saying this based on his analysis from the perspective of a great teacher.

“What if the cultivation art the student is practicing isn’t wrong, but he is merely in the bottleneck-phase? What would happen if he damaged his potential because of a sentence from you?”

Zhang Mai was speaking because he was worried about Qu Yong’s future.

“Very good, the two examinees have asked you their questions. How will you answer?”

Tang Nian stared at Sun Mo, feeling some anticipation from his performance. What was a genius? A genius was someone that could barge through all obstacles and eventually obtain victory.

The students had thought that Sun Mo’s answer wasn’t bad, but after hearing the words from the two examinees, they began to stare at him in suspicion.

“This daddy has long since guessed that you guys want to make trouble!”

Sun Mo’s expression remained unchanged. He was as calm as ever as he continued, “Student, because the cultivation art you practice in is not suited for you, this led to the strength in your body being trapped in your muscles as they are unable to be released. Now, I’ll help you guide them out.”

Sun Mo spoke. He then retreated three steps and crossed his arms.

(I thought you wanted to guide his trapped strength out? What do you mean by taking three steps back? Are you acting cool?)

The students had stupefied looks on their faces. At this moment, spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo.


The spirit qi condensed rapidly into the shape of a genie.


The students near the genie were all shocked. They subconsciously stood up and avoided this muscular genie that exuded a gayish aura.


After the genie displayed its muscles, it lifted a fist and punched Qu Yong in the stomach.


Qu Yong’s expression contorted, but the sensation of pain vanished very quickly, replaced by a front of elation. This caused him to moan involuntarily. “Ooo~”

The genie started to use the muscleforge technique and ‘trample’ on Qu Yong.

The entire classroom, including the corridor outside, fell completely silent. This was because the scene before their eyes was too shocking and too bizarre.

Why would a muscular dude suddenly appear?


Zhang Mai was dumbfounded with his mouth wide open. One could even see the decayed tooth at the back of his mouth.

“A heaven-tier cultivation art?”

Su Tai furrowed his brows and pondered. A thick sense of jealousy appeared in his heart.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, other than the might produced by a cultivation art, if one wanted to judge what tier a cultivation art was at, they would have to look at its effect when it was activated. The more mysterious and more magnificent the effect, the higher the tier would be.

For a cultivation art that could manifest a muscular dude dressed in strange clothings... Well, let’s say its tier wouldn’t be low.

When the genie personally acted, the effect was miraculous. In just a minute, spirit qi gushed forth from Qu Yong’s body. With a booming sound, a spirit qi vortex formed above his head.

“My heavens, he is really going to achieve a breakthrough?”

The freshmen marveled and their eyes were wide open. After all, such a scene was really rare.

With Sun Mo safeguarding Qu Yong, it was impossible for any accidents to happen to him. His consciousness was immersed in the enjoyment brought by the ancient massaging technique and even before he regained his senses, he had succeeded in the breakthrough.

“Alright, wake up!”

Sun Mo exerted force and patted Qu Yong on his shoulders.

“W...who am I?”

Qu Yong blinked and stared at the surroundings with a vacant look in his eyes. “Where am I?”

“Congratulations, you’ve just broken through!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“I broke through?”

Qu Yong jumped in fright. He then subconsciously shouted, “Impossible, I’ve been stuck at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm for more than half a year. How can I possibly have a breakthr...”

Qu Yong wasn’t able to continue speaking because his body wasn’t able to lie. Right now, he felt as fit as a horse. Each of his cells was cheering in jubilation, and there was an immense strength that filled his body to the brim.

“How did I suddenly break through?”

Qu Yong was stunned. His voice was trembling, filled with excitement.

It had been more than half a year...all the conflict, worry, self-doubt, and various negative emotions he felt vanished like smoke in thin air, leaving behind an intense joy.

“I’ve broken through? Haha, I’m at the spirit-refinement realm. Now, I can finally start climbing toward a higher realm!”

Ultimately, Qu Yong didn’t manage to control himself. He clenched his fist and roared!


The roar was from the depth of his soul. He had broken through the bottleneck that had stumped him for more than half a year.

Sun Mo smiled and applauded. As a teacher, didn’t everyone simply want to see a scene of joy like this? A scene where their student was growing.


“Congratulations, you have comprehended one part of the quintessence of being a teacher. Reward: 1 golden treasure chest.”

The system’s congratulations rang out.

Sun Mo was stunned. This could work as well?

Qu Yong roared twice. After that, he hurriedly bowed to Sun Mo deeply, doing a 90-degree bow!

“Teacher, thank you for your aid!”

Qu Yong wasn’t a fool. He knew that he could break through solely because of Sun Mo’s efforts. Hence, he naturally had to hurry and thank him.

(Aiya, my attitude earlier wasn’t too good. Would he be angry at me?)


Favorable impression points from Qu Yong +100. Prestige connection unlocked: Friendly (100/1,000).

“You should really change to a strength-type cultivation art!”

Sun Mo persuaded, “In the past, I was the same as you. I felt what the hell was combat strength? Being cool-looking was something that would last forever. But in the end...”

Sun Mo intentionally paused.

The students whose interests were piqued immediately pricked their ears and listened attentively. One of them asked, “What happened in the end?”

“Oh, that’s a story for another time!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Teacher, you are so loathsome!”

“Just tell us, I really want to know!”

“Teacher, who the hell is that muscular dude?”

The students spammed their questions, causing the order of the class to be disrupted. But despite this, the atmosphere was very good.

Zhang Mai glanced at Tang Nian. There was a look of shock on his face. He didn’t know what to say.


Su Tai’s face had a gloomy look as though it was covered by dark clouds. He was so angry that he snapped the writing brush in his hand.


Tang Nian mumbled. He put a note on Sun Mo’s evaluation form.

“Alright, let’s quieten down. Next, who wants to ask a question?”

As the sound of Sun Mo’s voice faded, all the students in the class instantly raised their arms high. For a time, the number of arms in the air looked like trees in a forest.

“This female student, please ask your question.”

Sun Mo pointed to a female with an ordinary appearance.

In the corridors, two more groups of patrolling students were alerted by the commotion.

“What’s going on there? Why is the commotion so huge?”

“Is it because the examinee performed below average and is being mocked by the students?”

“Quick, let’s go and take a look!”

More patrolling students started to gather outside classroom #301.

The majority of people were like this and loved to spectate the source of the commotion.

The examiner group with Mei Yazhi in the lead also passed by coincidentally and saw the situation here.

“Teacher Mei, should we go and take a look as well?”

An examiner suggested.


Mei Yazhi nodded. After she walked over and glanced inside the classroom, her eyes brightened. It was actually Sun Mo? From the atmosphere of the classroom, the effect of his lecture seemed to be really good.

“Teacher, I wish to ask if I would be able to have some achievements in the future?”

Ning Ju asked in a low voice.


When Ning Ju’s words came out, a commotion immediately occurred in the classroom and the corridor. What sort of question was this?

Let alone Sun Mo who was an examinee, even a secondary saint wouldn’t know things like your future achievements. After all, no one could predict the future!

“Good question!”

Su Tai was so happy that he almost cried out in excitement. A philosophical question like this was the toughest to answer. No matter what Sun Mo said, Su Tai would have 100 reasons to question him.

“What answer do you want to get?”

Sun Mo counter-asked. He could see a lack of spirit in the eyes of this girl. It was as though she had lost her hope. This made Sun Mo’s heart ache very badly.

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