Absolute Great Teacher
453 Heavenly Display!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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453 Heavenly Display!


After hearing Sun Mo’s reply, the girl named Ning Ju was startled.

(If I know, why would I still ask you?)

Naturally, Ning Ju didn’t dare to say this. Hence, she lowered her head and fell silent. She was like a lonely daffodil in full bloom.

Sun Mo looked at the girl and checked her data.

Ning Ju, 15 years old. Sixth level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 7. She has done many jobs before and suffered much. As long as I have my hands, I can continue living on!

Intellect: 5. It’s mediocre. However, I will take the initiative to learn!

Agility: 5. Passable.

Endurance: 8. You can endure all suffering and aren’t afraid of hard work.

Will: 3. Your will value used to be 8, but it’s currently declining.


Potential value: Average.

Note: Because your mother has passed away, you have been losing heart recently and have sunk into self-doubt!

At this moment, in addition to the patrolling students and examiners outside, there were close to 200 gazes staring at Sun Mo. There were hints of judgment in those gazes, but some were curiosity and some just wanted to watch a good show. However, Sun Mo remained unmoved. In his eyes, only the skinny and weak girl existed.

“15 years old ought to be the prime of youth. It’s a period where young teenagers should smile and laugh, living life with no worries.”

Sun Mo spoke.

The entire classroom fell silent.

When Ning Ju heard this, a self-mocking smile appeared on her face.

Prime of youth?


Living life with no worries?

(I only feel fatigued!)

Ning Ju was born in a poor family and from the time she was born until now, her deepest memory was hunger, suffering, and fatigue.

In order to fill her belly, Ning Ju had worked many jobs before.

She had followed her mother and done laundry for other families all the way until late at night. She had gone to throw garbage during the later part of the night and had had to force herself to crawl out of her bed at the crack of dawn. For jobs that others didn’t want to do because they were too tiring, Ning Ju not only fought for them, but she would also feel very blessed that others finally quitted so she had a chance to do those jobs. By doing so, she would be able to earn another set of pay.

Ning Ju had felt that her own life would always be like this. However, when she was 13, her mother pulled her along and brought her to the entrance of a large courtyard.

That place was a residence so luxurious that Ning Ju would never be able to afford to stay in even if she worked her entire life.

After that, Ning Ju learned that the residence belonged to a great teacher. It was also due to her mother’s constant pleading that the great teacher finally inspected Ning Ju’s aptitude and made the decision to recommend her to join the Guangling Academy.

Although this sounded simple, her mother had never revealed that for the sake of getting this opportunity, she had to kowtow 1,000 times outside the entrance of the residence.

Ning Ju didn’t want to go to school because the school fees were too expensive.

However, her mother always said that she didn’t want Ning Ju to lead a life of suffering like her, struggling to make ends meet for her entire life. It was better that she worked hard in her studies, and even if she only managed to learn a bit of things, it would be sufficient for her to stay warm and fill her belly in the future.

Ning Ju was obedient. However, her purpose in coming to school wasn’t for herself. It was because she wanted to let her mother lead a better life.

But now, her mother had passed away!

Ning Ju knew that her mother died due to overworking, to let her study in this school!

At that moment, Ning Ju felt like she was the one who had killed her own mother. She clearly had no talent, so why didn’t she tell her mother earlier?

If she had quitted school, her mother wouldn’t have died.

Sun Mo glanced at the classroom, at the young and immature faces of the students. “However, I hope that you guys don’t forget that behind the life of sunshine and laughter in your prime of youth, there are two pairs of sturdy arms blocking the wind and rain for all of you!”

The students fell silent. They knew that Sun Mo was speaking about their parents.

“Why do you think your mother sent you to school?”

Sun Mo looked at Ning Ju. Even before she spoke, he already continued asking.

“Is it to bring glory to your ancestors? Is it so she could live a better life by depending on you? Or is it because she wanted to discard a burden like you?”

“My mother would never think of me as a burden!”

After listening to Sun Mo’s words, Ning Ju felt like her mother had been insulted. She directly roared, “She did so because she wanted me to live a better life in the future, so I need not ever suffer from hunger again!”

Pitter patter!

The tears in Ning Ju’s eyes streaked down her face.

“Since you know her will, why do you still want to let down her expectation?”

Sun Mo wasn’t angry. Honestly speaking, he actually felt gratified when he saw Ning Ju’s reaction. At the very least, her mother’s effort wasn’t wasted.

“B...because I...d..don’t have talent!”

Ning Ju covered her face with her hands. “It’s simply not possible for me. By staying in school and learning here, it’s simply a waste of money. There’s no future for me!”


Zhang Mai sighed. Through so many years, he had seen too many students like this. After all, the vast majority of people were mediocre.

“Yes, you have no talent!”

Sun Mo bluntly spoke.

When his voice rang out, even the students were somewhat shocked. Some were also unhappy. Even if this was the truth, by saying out loud like this, wasn’t this a little too cruel?

“But although you have no talent, can that be your excuse for not working hard?”

Sun Mo berated, “By blaming yourself, you are letting your mother’s hopes down. In this world, who else could give birth to you? Who else would understand you more than your mother who suffered together with you for fifteen years?”

“She knew what your aptitude is like, but she still went through untold hardships to send you to school. Do you know why?”

Ning Ju lifted her head in astonishment. She looked at Sun Mo. “Why?”

“Because she simply wants you to lead a better life, albeit just a little!”

Sun Mo looked at the girl and spoke in a gentle tone.

“In this world, the things you learn will never lie to you. They will become a part of you and allow you to grow into the best version of you!”

“Just think carefully. Even if you left now, would you still do laundry for others? Would you still throw the garbage at night? Even if you needed to make a living, you would definitely be able to find a better job.”

Ning Ju thought about it and this was true indeed. She now had some capabilities and could depend on them to find a better job and earn more money.

“If you stay a few more years to learn more things, your situation would be even better than now!”

Sun Mo looked at Ning Ju and spoke meaningfully.

“This is then the original intention of your mother!”


Ning Ju sobbed silently.

The students fell silent. This was especially so for children from poor families. They were so moved by this.

“Stretched out your hands!”

Sun Mo then held her hands and turned her palms around. “Look at them, they will never lie to you!”

The students in the surroundings stretched their necks. This girl’s palms were full of callus, and there were also differing injuries.

“Since your talent cannot make it, just use hard work to mitigate it!

“In this world, only a rare minority can stand at the peak of the world. You don’t need to be like them. As long as you are standing at the mountain waist, it is already sufficient!

“Naturally, I still hope that you would set the mountain peak as your target. After all, leading a life with no dreams makes a person no different from a salted fish.”

Sun Mo spoke softly, but his voice circulated through the classroom and drifted out into the corridor.


Priceless Advice was activated.

A golden light erupted forth from Sun Mo’s body. After that, the light broke down into motes and seemed like fireflies flying above the rivers in the night.


Ning Ju could no longer control her emotions. As she hugged Sun Mo, she buried her head in his chest.

“It has been hard on you!”

Sun Mo embraced the girl and tenderly patted her head.

“If your mother could see your hands, she would definitely feel gratified. Her daughter has always been working hard and has never let her efforts go to waste at all.”

Pitter patter!

Ning Ju’s tears wetted Sun Mo’s clothes.

“Truly well-spoken!”

An examiner in the corridor sighed and couldn’t help but applaud as he praised.

Mei Yazhi nodded, her gaze was filled with admiration when she looked at Sun Mo. As a great teacher, not only must one guide students in terms of their learning, but they must also be a bright source of light to ‘point the way’ for students in the dark.

The students were young, so it was inevitable that they might ‘get lost’ and feel perplexed. Hence, it was the responsibility of the teacher to help them find the correct direction to advance.

“I heard of a saying before. Do you want to hear it?”

Sun Mo patted Ning Ju’s back.

Ning Ju lifted her head and looked at Sun Mo’s eyes. “Yes!”

“Life is not about muddling along in the present, poetry and distant lands are waiting for us!

Sun Mo continued, “You were born into the world bare-handedly, to quest for that ocean you ought to strive!

“Child, don’t let down the sacrifices your mother made for you. More importantly, don’t let down your own life. You would surely be able to find that distant land and comfort your mother’s soul!”


Priceless Advice was activated again.

The golden light cascaded onto the bodies of everyone again. It was like the sun in winter, gentle and cozy, warming the hearts of people.

There was no noise, no whispers. The entire world seemed to sink into a golden distant land. Over there, there was only harvest, laughter, and birds singing in the sky.

For a long time! For a very long time!

Tang Nian muttered the phrases that Sun Mo said as he started to applaud. At this moment, he saw the dreams that he had already forgotten.


Pak! Pak!

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Sparse applause rang out at the start. After that, the volume grew louder and louder, akin to a thunderstorm in summer. The sound engulfed a total of three floors at the beginning and gradually spread throughout the entire building.

At this moment, the freshmen and top students all felt a deep admiration for Sun Mo. All of them seemed to have found their direction to advance.

“Tens of years later, another secondary saint would appear in our great teacher world!”

Mei Yazhi clapped softly, her gaze was filled with admiration as she looked at Sun Mo through the window.

“Ai~, the Jiang Clan is in dire straits now!”

Zhang Mai sighed, mourning for the Jiang Clan for a total of three minutes.

Su Tai’s mouth was wide open. He didn’t know what he should say. Never in his wildest dreams would he expect such a development. (How can I still retort?)

If he dared to step out and question Sun Mo, the title of a useless great teacher would surely land on his head. He wouldn’t be able to cleanse his reputation his entire life.


Su Tai was depressed to the extreme. After anger, he felt even more depressed and vexed. In the end, all his emotions transformed into intense envy.

As a teacher, he also wanted to be a bright light pointing the way for students. He also wanted students to look at him with worship in their eyes. However, the loathsome Sun Mo had achieved this one step before him.

“What is the name of this teacher? Does anyone know?”

“Those two sentences of his are so well-spoken. There are even poetry and distant lands. Although it sounds simple, the concept is very deep!”

“What should I do? I suddenly feel like transferring school. Those who are able to follow a teacher like that would surely be very blessed, right?”

The students discussed. After the effects of Priceless Advice faded, they were still unable to extricate themselves from the excitement they felt.

Tang Nian knew that it was no longer possible for Sun Mo to fail. Next, all was left was to see what stage he could reach. Could he create a new record and get all the excellent votes in the classroom, achieving a grand slam?!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》