Absolute Great Teacher
454 Excellent Display!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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454 Excellent Display!


“I originally planned to use Soul Imprint and send her some scenes from an inspirational movie, but it seems like there’s no need for that now!”

Sun Mo sighed. One couldn’t help but say that young people were pure indeed. They believed others very easily.

Naturally, those words Sun Mo had spoken earlier came from the bottom of his heart. He truly hoped that the girl would be able to find her path in life.

For things like chicken soup for the soul, it was still pretty good if one drank it occasionally. But if one kept drinking it, it would eventually sound fake.

Sun Mo was the same in the past. He had felt that there was no more excitement in life. At that moment, he had to adjust his own mental state or go out for a walk.

Life was like an old dog, no one could avoid it. If one didn’t want to be bitten to death, they had to rise vigorously and fight head-on to one’s heart content!

In the corridor, the sounds of concentrated footsteps rang out.

More patrolling students heard the commotion here and rushed over. At this moment, the corridor outside the classroom was already flooded with people, extremely packed.

“You are only 15. Your life has just begun. How do you know you have no talent? In any case, working hard and being able to endure suffering are also a type of talent!”

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and patted Ning Ju’s head like how he would pat a house cat.

“Being able to endure suffering is also a type of talent?”

Ning Ju’s eyes brightened. This was the first time in her life that she had ever heard of this. She thought carefully and realized it was true. Many people weren’t able to endure suffering!

“Teacher, thank you!”

Ning Ju bowed. The knot in her heart had loosened. In order not to let her mother in heaven down, she decided to continue working hard!


Favorable impression points +1,000. Respect (1,000/10,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo was a little surprised. The number of favorable impression points contributed by this girl was so much, causing him to feel somewhat guilty. Although his words were sincere, he had no idea how effective they would be.

“Sun Mo, as a teacher, one has to transmit the dao, educate the students, and understand their hearts, dispelling their doubts. Right now, you have successfully achieved the third one. This is extremely rare to come by.”

The system sighed. Wanting to dispel the doubts of others had a very high requirement on one’s own mental state.

Sun Mo sank into contemplation. The education of the modern era was tied to performance. Other than this, modern schools didn’t really care about the situations students might be facing. As long as the student didn’t get into trouble and involve the school, they would be considered a good student.

Sun Mo was thinking about what he should do from now on while planning to use the ancient massaging technique to help Ning Ju. After all, she was at the peak of the sixth level of the body-refinement realm. It was very easy for her to break through.

However, before Sun Mo could take any action, spirit qi suddenly gushed forth from Ning Ju’s body as she started the process of breakthrough.

Very soon, a spirit qi vortex appeared on her head, channeling the spirit qi into her body.

“It can’t be, right? Another breakthrough?”

“Damn, how awesome is this examinee exactly?”

“F***ing impressive!”

The students sighed in admiration while feeling envy. To cultivators, ‘breakthrough’ was the most beautiful term.

The examiners could roughly guess the reasons. This girl should already be at the peak of the sixth level, but because of a problem with her mental state, she had been stuck in the bottleneck phase. Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice was like a ray of sunlight that cleared the gloomy clouds in her heart, causing her mental state to rise and allowing her to break through.

A minute later, Ning Ju completed her level up. She was in wild joy as she bowed to thank Sun Mo again.

“In the future, if you encounter anything that makes you feel overly depressed, you can come to Jinling to look for me!”

Sun Mo smiled.

Ning Ju also smiled sweetly. This girl whose looks were average was as clean-looking as a white-edged morning glory that was basking in the sunlight after the rain.

Although it was ordinary, it was working hard to grow.

Sun Mo waved his right hand, indicating that Ning Ju could sit down now. At the same time, he used Divine Sight and glanced at her data.

Her will had risen to 9 from 3. It was even one point higher than Ning Ju’s peak value in the past. As for her potential value, it actually improved and was now slightly above average.

“Potential value can be improved?”

Sun Mo was surprised.

“Mental attributes can be considered a type of potential too. Some soccer players would be able to unleash a ‘fatal strike’ during a competition to decide victory or defeat. Why was this so? This was because their mental attributes were strong enough, allowing them to display an even more powerful combat strength in a competition!”

The system explained.

“So this is the case!”

Sun Mo understood.


“Congratulations on helping Ning Ju to walk out from the shadows in her heart. She had once again found the value of working hard. You are hereby awarded 1 great teacher emblem!”

“Congratulations on changing the future of another student and also obtaining a huge number of favorable impression points again. You are hereby awarded 1 diamond treasure chest.”

When Sun Mo heard of his rewards, he almost cursed out loud. Wasn’t this too good? This was especially so for the great teacher emblem. Although he still had no idea what it was used for, it was definitely good stuff.

At this moment, the patrolling students in the corridor quickly walked into the classroom and found seats to sit down.

Upon seeing this, Su Tai’s eyelids twitched. This scene indicated that these patrolling students admired Sun Mo’s lecture and wanted to end their current patrol here.

“My heavens, there are close to 300 people now!”

Zhang Mai did a rough count. This classroom that could accommodate 500 people was now two-thirds full. Also, there were about 100 patrolling students left in the corridor.

They had rushed over after feeling the spirit qi fluctuation.

“The Q&A segment continues!”

Before Sun Mo could finish his sentence, nearly 300 arms shot up into the air. All the students had fervent looks in their eyes as they looked at Sun Mo, wanting nothing more than for him to choose them.

When the Q&A segment had just started, everyone had felt disdain. But now, everyone thirsted to get an opportunity.

“This student!”

Sun Mo pointed.


Those students who weren’t chosen revealed looks of disappointment.

“M...my name is Ding Lu!”

A male student, whose mouth was a little crooked, stood up. Although he was one of the top students, it was very rare for him to have so many eyes staring at him. Hence, he grew nervous.

“There’s no need to be so nervous.”

Sun Mo consoled him. “What question do you have?”

“I...I wish to become handsome!”

After Ding Lu finished speaking, he cursed himself for being foolish. Why did he reveal the words in his heart?

“Haha, this question is indeed very challenging!”

“I feel that there’s really no solution to this. After all, your appearance was given to you by your parents, just admit your fate!”

“Maybe you want to consider putting on a disguise?”

“That’s different, putting on a disguise isn’t the same as becoming handsome, right?”

The students broke out into a lively discussion. The atmosphere suddenly became incomparably relaxed. For such a question, even if Sun Mo had no answer, no one would blame him. After all, there were truly no solutions!

“I...I mean I said wrongly. What I wanted to ask is not how to become handsome, rather, I want to break through!”

Ding Lu hurriedly cleared the air. Because his mouth was a little crooked, his speech was a little slurred. Hence, he didn’t have much self-confidence, and he also disliked being in the crowds

Honestly, when Ding Lu raised his hand, he never expected Sun Mo to pick him.

“You want to break through? Just train for two more hours each day in addition to your current training load!”

Sun Mo walked to Ding Lu’s side and touched his shoulder. “You are too lazy!”

After Sun Mo said this, Ding Lu’s countenance turned as red as pig liver.

“I...I’m not lazy!”

Dong Lu explained. He had to make things clear or the title of a lazy bum would stick with him forever. He would never be able to shake himself free of it.

“I know you are very hardworking!”

Sun Mo looked at Ding Lu and gently kneaded his shoulder. “Other than learning, you spend your time in training. You wake up at 5 a.m. daily. Ever since you joined the school, you have never slackened off. You would even continue with your cultivation after dinner every night. You can actually be considered assiduous!”

Ding Lu’s body trembled as his eyes were wide open, staring at Sun Mo like he had just met a ghost. “H...how did you know this?”

Through the past three years, he had cultivated unceasingly every day, be it winter or summer. He had never slacked off for a day. This was something Ding Lu was the proudest of.

“Ah? Teacher is actually correct? He wasn’t blindly speaking?”

“Isn’t this too exaggerated? Did this examinee know divination?”

“His hands...I understand now. It must be his hands. Look, he is touching Ding Lu!”

Right now, the hearts of the students were filled with curiosity. They were extremely interested to find out the truth.

Even a 4-star great teacher like Tang Nian was also filled with curiosity.

“I can feel them through my sense of touch!”

Sun Mo smiled and displayed his hands.

His fingers were long and elegant, and his palms were wide. Not only did they look good, but they also gave people a huge sense of security.


The entire theater’s people were stunned. (Through his sense of touch? Is this something achievable?)

“Your diligence has surpassed many people, but for you, it is still not enough. Your potential isn’t fully excavated yet!”

Sun Mo glanced at all the students in the class. “This is the importance of medical cultivation that I’m lecturing. After mastering it, you would be able to customize a personal training plan according to your body condition!”

“Ding Lu, you are someone strong. You have the qualifications to be in the top three of your year. In fact, you even have the potential to stand at the top!”

Sun Mo encouraged.

“The first in my year?”

After hearing this, Ding Lu’s heart thumped intensely. Before this, he would never dare to have excessive expectations like this.

“I know that you don’t have many friends because of your crooked mouth. You also don’t like crowds and meeting people. This is why you use all your time in training, obtaining the achievements you currently have. This can also be considered a profit from a ‘disaster’.”

Sun Mo understood Ding Lu’s pain. Ugly people didn’t even have an opportunity to even become simps.


Ding Lu felt that Sun Mo understood him.


Favorable impression points from Ding Lu +100. Friendly (300/1,000).

This was a youth that was easily moved. Hence, when Sun Mo lectured earlier, he had already contributed some favorable impression points and unlocked the prestige connection between them.

“Alright, I’m now going to use my secret art to help you break through. Don’t worry, there won’t be any side effects!”

Sun Mo executed his ancient massaging technique.

The genie appeared again. Its appearance still caused the students to cry out in shock and alarm.

One minute later, a spirit qi vortex appeared above Ding Lu’s head, and he indeed succeeded in his breakthrough.

“I...I’ve really broken through?”

Ding Lu was dumbfounded, he broke through because of a massage? Wasn’t this too magical?

The other students were deeply stunned. After that, some fear and respect appeared in their hearts. There was no solution to it, after all, the mysterious and unknown would involuntarily cause such emotions to be invoked in the hearts of humans.

“It should be some type of dark secret arts?”

Zhang Mai guessed.

“Teacher, thank you!”

Ding Lu did a 90-degree bow meticulously.

The students applauded, this was their approval of Sun Mo.

“Wait a minute, don’t applaud or thank me first!”

Sun Mo laughed as he nodded toward Ding Lu. He spoke in a teasing tone, “Don’t you want to become handsome? I have a method, do you want to give it a try?”


Sun Mo’s words caused the entire classroom to quieten down. Over hundreds of gazes turned and focused on Sun Mo. (Was this a joke? Or did I hear wrongly?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》