Absolute Great Teacher
455 Virtuosic
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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455 Virtuosic

Translator: Lordbluefire

Jiang Zhitong’s patrolling examiner group had just come up from the second floor.

“The commotion above is so great. Gu Qingyan must have performed admirably and stunned the entire crowd, right?”

Bo Rui chortled. The applause from the third floor was just too loud and had caused the ceilings on the second floor to tremble. “Ai, let’s keep silent for three minutes to mourn for those examinees who are on the third floor together with Gu Qingyan.”

“You should simply mourn for all the examinees who take the examination in the same period as Gu Qingyan!”

Jiang Zhitong joked.


Bo Rui nodded.

If an examinee took the exam at a different time, as long as their capabilities weren’t too bad, they would basically be able to pass as long as they got some excellent votes from their classroom and some excellent votes from the patrolling students.

However, if an examinee were to take the exam during the same time slot as Gu Qingyan, there would be an 80 to 90% chance that the patrolling students would be drawn over to Gu Qingyan’s lecture. If the patrolling students gave him the majority of their votes, the other examinees would have lesser votes. Hence, the intensity of the competition would instantly be much greater.

“There’s no solution to it. This is simply luck!”

The other examiners agreed.

Jiang Zhitong’s group of five went up to the third floor. After that, they were stunned because there were simply too many people gathered in the corridor. It was so packed that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

“My heavens, isn’t he too outstanding?”

Bo Rui was shocked. “I know Gu Qingyan is very impressive, but isn’t this too over the top?”

“Are you certain Gu Qingyan is on this level?”

An examiner asked.

“Haha, what do you mean? Other than Gu Qingyan, who could have caused such a commotion?”

Bo Rui glanced at the 2-star great teacher who had just spoken. (You don’t even have this bit of judgment. No wonder you are still at the 2-star ranking even though you are 25 years old.)

The lips of that 2-star great teacher twitched as unhappiness appeared in his heart. However, he didn’t dare to retort against a 3-star great teacher like Bo Rui. He seamlessly slowed down his pace and fell to the back of the group.

Jiang Zhitong didn’t say anything, but he was very happy. (That Sun Mo actually got full marks in the written exam? How ridiculous.)

(But no matter how impressive you are, you won’t be able to escape the palm of my hand.)

Why was Sun Mo’s time slot so bad? Why was he so unlucky as to encounter Gu Qingyan? All of these were arranged by Jiang Zhitong using his father’s authority.

Although the Saint Gate’s examination was said to be fair, as long as humans existed, there would be darkness. It was like places with light would always have shadows.

Naturally, the Saint Gate would not permit things like modifying an examinee’s result. But if one played some minor tricks like arranging the time slots of a few examinees, it was still do-able.

Sometimes, the ‘luck’ of some examinees was simply due to their clans exerting influence from the shadow.

However, nothing could be done about it. Saint Gate was such a large corporation, and the human relationships within were tangled and complicated. In it, there were members of some royal families, major clans, and even the upper echelons of the Saint Gate. No matter what, there would definitely be some string-pulling.

It was like when a child went to a college, he would definitely be able to go to a famous one. However, was it really because his results were good? The few top schools of America all had rumors and scandals surrounding them.

“There are so many people flooding the area, let us not go over?”

An examiner felt a headache. There were simply too many people here.

“A lecture given by Gu Qingyan during his first great teacher exam is full of commemoration value. We would lose out if we didn’t go over to take a look!”

Bo Rui felt that they should go and take a look, becoming witnesses to Gu Qingyan’s success. In the future, if they had a need to work together or anything like that, it would be more convenient to speak.

“Let’s not go over to look.”

Jiang Zhitong smiled. The lecture time was about to end, and he wanted to witness Sun Mo’s expression of despair after knowing that he was destined to fail.

“It would surely be very beautiful!”

Jiang Zhitong smiled joyfully when he thought of the scene.

The patrolling examiners had wanted to see which examinee was currently lecturing in that classroom. Although it was a ‘discussion’, the main examiner of the group was naturally the decision maker. Hence, that 2-star great teacher Wu Xin was merely a follower. Although he was able to vote independently, as long as one’s EQ wasn’t low, who would really dare to do so without giving some face to the main examiner?

Hence, he would follow the vote of the main examiner.

Naturally, there wouldn’t be his name on the vote, but that didn’t mean that he would dare to vote casually. Who knew if there were other markings on the votes?

“Sigh, why didn’t I enter the same group as Teacher Mei back then?”

Wu Xin felt very disappointed. Teacher Mei was not only beautiful and charismatic, but she was magnanimous and generous as well. Her demeanor was top grade and even if nothing happened between them and he simply followed her around and listened to her, it would already be a type of enjoyment.

“Forget it, let’s endure a little longer. In any case, the lectures are about to end!”

Wu Xin wished to listen to Gu Qingyan’s lecture. After all, Gu Qingyan was too famous. However, when his gaze casually swept across a classroom nearby, he was stunned and froze on the spot.

“Teacher Wu, what are you doing? Let’s go quickly!”

Bo Rui urged.

“G…Gu Qingyan!”

Wu Xin stuttered. He then subconsciously glanced at the flood of patrolling students outside the other classroom.

“Yeah, the classroom ahead of us is the place where Gu Qingyan is giving his lecture!”

Bo Rui frowned. Was there still a need to doubt this?


For a time, Wu Xin didn’t know what to say. He glanced at the classroom at the side again. Gu Qingyan was clearly here. Since that was the case, who was in the classroom ahead of them?

Who could be more impressive than the top graduate of the Skyraise Academy?

It was impossible, right?

“What do you mean ‘no’?”

Jiang Zhitong frowned. He didn’t like unsteady great teachers like this guy.

“It’s Gu Qingyan!”

Wu Xin pointed to another classroom. “He’s over there!”

“Haha, Teacher Wu’s sense of direction isn’t that good, right? You are pointing in the wrong direction.”

An examiner teased. But as he spoke half-way, he couldn’t continue any longer. He subconsciously glanced over to the classroom Wu Xin was pointing at and saw Gu Qingyan standing on the rostrum with a solemn expression.

“Damn, what’s going on?”

The examiner was stunned.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone glanced over. After that, their expressions became water-logged with heaviness.

“How is this possible?”

Bo Rui was stunned. He rubbed his eyes forcefully. “Why is Gu Qingyan there?”

Everyone was silent. (If you ask me, who should I ask then?)

Jiang Zhitong’s countenance completely darkened. He glanced over and saw roughly 150+ people in Gu Qingyan’s classroom. This number wasn’t bad, but when compared to Gu Qingyan’s fame, it was somewhat lacking.

“In that case, who is the one giving a lecture in that classroom?”

Bo Rui questioned.

No one answered him, but everyone accelerated their steps and headed forward. At this moment, their hearts were filled with curiosity.

Usually, Jiang Zhitong would behave like a strict great teacher. But at this moment, he pushed the students before him aside and squeezed his way through.

(It shouldn’t be Sun Mo, right? I must be worrying too much. How can he win against Gu Qingyan? It should be some other top graduates from one of the Nine Greats.)

Jiang Zhitong consoled himself. After that, he was completely stunned the moment he lifted his head.

Sun Mo was standing beside a student and currently speaking. All the gazes in the classroom were focused on him.

Even a farmer, who had no prior experience in school, would be able to tell that the current atmosphere in the classroom was extremely good. There was curiosity and a smile on everyone’s face.

Not only so, but even those students in the corridor were extremely focused as they looked at Sun Mo.

“My heavens, it’s practically filled to the brim?”

Wu Xin was stunned.

“H…how is this possible?”

Bo Rui was dumbfounded. (Am I dreaming?) He had been an examiner for five years and had never seen a scene like this before.

Everyone was looking at Sun Mo who was punching Ding Lu’s face with both his hands.

“Was your performance too good to the extent that you forgot where you are?”

Tang Nian was speechless, wanting to remind Sun Mo to pay attention and stop playing around. However, he was the main examiner, and he wasn’t able to say anything.

“His ego is swollen now, it’s definitely swollen!”

Su Tai coldly laughed. What was digging one’s grave? This was precisely it!

Sun Mo knew some people were waiting for him to screw up. (Sorry, you guys are destined to be disappointed.)

Although Sun Mo had a heavy expression on his face, he was actually very relaxed. But if he didn’t show a heavy and serious expression, how could he show others that he was using all his effort? How could he make the student feel gratitude?

Truthfully speaking, to do ‘plastic surgery’ for Ding Lu was extremely effortless.

His mouth was crooked because he had had a huge bout of sickness when he was a child. Because it wasn’t treated in time, it caused the muscles near his mouth to warp, ‘disfiguring’ him.

Right now, Sun Mo was using his circulation technique to restore Ding Lu’s meridians to their original shape. After that, he would use the muscleforge technique to rebuild the muscle. For the final step, the skin beautifying technique could remove the wrinkles on his external skin.

Five minutes later, Sun Mo removed his hands, and the entire class exploded with cries of shock and surprise, so loud that they could shake the heavens.


This was a release of their pure emotions!

They felt excitement after witnessing something so magical.

They were stunned because they saw Sun Mo achieving something that was considered impossible.

Because Sun Mo succeeded, Ding Lu’s crooked mouth was restored to the original appearance. Moreover, he was actually quite handsome!

“H…have I really become handsome?”

Ding Lu’s body was shaking. He was an intelligent kid and had guessed the results from the expressions of the students in the surroundings. However, he still didn’t really dare to believe.

“Is there anyone who has a mirror?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I have!”

A girl passed over a palm-sized mirror. It was an imported good from western countries and was much more expensive compared to bronze mirrors. The reflection was much clearer.

Ever since Ding Lu’s mouth became crooked, it was very rare for him to look at his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t want to be reminded of the way he used to look. But now, the young man in his memories had returned.

An instant later, tears flowed down Ding Lu’s face.


Ding Lu directly knelt in front of Sun Mo and kowtowed. “Teacher, I, Ding Lu, will remember your great kindness my entire life!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ding Lu no longer wasted time talking. He directly kowtowed ten times to the point where his forehead became bruised.


Favorable impression from Ding Lu +1,000. Respect (1,300/10,000).

“Get up. It’s just a very slight effort on my part. There’s no need for you to mind it too much!”

Sun Mo helped Ding Lu up. It wasn’t that Sun Mo was humble, but to him, what he did was truly quite effortless.

“Teacher is awesome!”

It was unknown who shouted, but this shout directly broke the silence. After that, heaven-shattering applause rang out. All the students were clapping with all their might and were whispering excitedly to each other.

A matter like ‘plastic surgery’ was too magical for these people. They could at least brag about this incident for three years when they returned.

“The atmosphere now is so fanatical. I’m afraid Sun Mo might break the record!”

Bo Rui subconsciously spoke, but he hurriedly shut up as he snuck a glance at Jiang Zhitong’s expression. As expected, Jiang Zhitong’s face was extremely unsightly to behold. It was like someone had just stuffed shit into his mouth. Moreover, the shit was the type that only passed out after someone had been constipated for a month.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》