Absolute Great Teacher
456 Magnificent and Amazing Show
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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456 Magnificent and Amazing Show


“Teacher, do you cultivate some sort of dark secret art?”

A student felt curious and couldn’t help but ask. A five-minute massage that could recover a student’s looks? This was too amazing.

“It’s a secret!”

Sun Mo didn’t say anything much to maintain a sense of mystery. Only then would people be filled with the desire to probe and discuss. With that, Sun Mo’s reputation would spread out even further.

“This is too amazing!”

Zhang Mai was overwhelmed and clapped. He had decided to cast the excellent vote. Although he was worried that he’d offend the Jiang Clan, he was a great teacher in the end and had his integrity. He mustn’t do things that were against his conscience.

“The Jiang Clan is in trouble!”

Tang Nian was gloating a little. He knew that Sun Mo was very strong and had forcibly tanked Jiang Clan’s sinister tricks. Otherwise, Sun Mo would be the one in trouble.

He was a genius of the century. Only people like him would be able to break the great teacher world’s hidden rules and bad practices.

“The lesson is almost over, so I’ll take one more question. Please raise your hand if you have a question!”

After Sun Mo said that, many hands were raised.

Some patrolling students quickly charged into the lecture theater. As there were too many people and too few seats, some arguments couldn’t help but happen.

At the sight of this, Jiang Zhitong’s countenance was indescribably bad.

Right now, the lecture theater that could host 400 people was full.

“Face-changing cosmetic surgery?”

Wu Xin found out about what Sun Mo had done from the patrolling examiners who had come one step earlier. He was instantly dumbstruck.

The other examiners’ expressions were similar.

“Teacher Jiang, there’s the fourth round!”

Bo Rui reminded with a voice that only the two of them could hear. Although he said this, he himself didn’t have much hope.

Sun Mo was sure to break the record for the third round. Hence, it was impossible for him to fail the fourth round so miserably.

(The Jiang Clan can only bite the bullet now.)

Bo Rui looked toward Sun Mo, feeling amazed.

Jiang Zhitong was so upset that he felt like coughing up blood. To launch a sinister move on Sun Mo, he had resorted to using his powers and arranged for Sun Mo’s examination to be in the worst possible timing. Moreover, to ensure success, he had even arranged for Gu Qingyan to be in the same time slot as Sun Mo, applying a double-layered trap.

Anyway, given Gu Qingyan’s standard, he’d be able to pass no matter what timing he was taking the examination. However, his plan still failed since Gu Qingyan couldn’t beat Sun Mo.

To speak the truth, even a 3-star great teacher wouldn’t be able to surpass Sun Mo, let alone Gu Qingyan.

Even if a great teacher’s lecture was good, could it have an immediate effect?

Right now, Sun Mo was able to solve the students’ questions on the spot and help them advance a tier.

This scene was astonishing and couldn’t be surpassed.

People were all selfish. Seeing that there was still a chance to ask questions, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? What if they were selected by Sun Mo?

“Wait a minute. I have a question. Will your dark secret art have a negative influence on students? Although things might seem to be fine now, who’d know what would happen in the future?

Su Tai voiced out his question. “Will it deplete vitality?”

When the excited students heard this, they calmed down a little. Oh, right, such an amazing divine skill might really deplete vitality!

It was like how alchemical pills that helped one to advance might have obvious effects in the short term, but in the long run, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages.

“Students, I actually wanted you guys to be the ones to ask this question. But until now, none of you have asked it. This makes me very disappointed!

Sun Mo sighed.

The students who were doubting Sun Mo were instantly stunned. What was this?

“This is the difference between you guys and great teachers. Don’t just look at the improvements. You must also look at the source behind it.”

Sun Mo preached, “So I hope that when you guys meet some matters, you will think through first!”

Many students immediately appeared respectful.

“I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

“F*ck your mom!”

Su Tai was going to be driven to death. This guy was too scheming. This was supposed to be a crisis, but he took this opportunity to teach students, flaunting another wave of sense of well-being. This was simply outrageous. However, sophistry was useless. It’d still depend on one’s strength. Therefore, Su Tai spoke up once again.

“Please prove that there’s no problem with your dark secret art!”

Su Tai insisted.


Sun Mo smiled. He had long since expected that people would look for trouble. After all, he had offended the Jiang Clan, and it would be very normal for them to mess around a bit.

Under everyone’s gazes, Sun Mo didn’t appear upset after being suspected. He continued to remain calm, and he walked toward Tang Nian.

“Main examiner, may I?”

Sun Mo reached out his hand.


Tang Nian stood up.

Sun Mo pressed on Tang Nian’s biceps and asked, smiling, “Let a 4-star great teacher try the ‘dark secret art’ personally, and then you guys can hear his thoughts on it. You guys should be able to trust that, right?”

At the sight of this scene, Su Tai’s countenance turned awkward, while Zhang Mai secretly praised him for being gutsy. Sun Mo’s honor was tied to Tang Nian now. It’d all boil down to a single word from him. If Sun Mo wasn’t confident that he could convince Tang Nian completely, there was no way that he’d do an act like this.

Of course, Sun Mo was confident. Any student that he had chosen today had actually been at the peak of their realm, picked via the Divine Sight. Even without Sun Mo’s massage, they’d advance in another few weeks.

Of course, Ning Ju might be stuck at a bottleneck for a very long time without his help.

“Sun Mo is very gutsy!”

“That’s right. Teacher Tang is well-known to be strict toward new teachers. It would be too difficult to get him to put in a good word.”

“I want to know what kind of dark secret art he uses!”

The patrolling examiners on the corridors discussed amongst themselves. There was no helping it. The scene at Sun Mo’s side was too interesting.

Mei Yazhi left. After all, there was a need to give other examinees a chance too.

Tang Nian was a 4-star great teacher, and there was naturally a need for him to maintain prestige under this situation. However, once Sun Mo’s hands touched him, he felt that things were amiss. It was a little painful, a little sore and numb. However, there was more of an indescribable comfort.

This made him feel like moaning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was like the spirit qi flowing through his entire body was starting to seethe, as if a torrential flood had taken place. His muscles that were in slumber started to wake up.

The genie appeared and Sun Mo went all-out.

“Hmm? I can’t be leveling up, right?”

Tang Nian was astonished. He had been stuck at the second level of the Longevity Realm for very long. It wasn’t that his aptitude wasn’t good, but that he had too much work as a great teacher. He couldn’t fully focus on his cultivation.

However, right now, he was experiencing the long-awaited signs of striving for a breakthrough!

Tang Nian was a decisive person. He immediately cast away all the distractions, planning on taking this opportunity to strive for the third level of the Longevity Realm. But he couldn’t do it. The muscular genie’s massage felt too good.

How should he describe it as?

It was like the feeling of when he had discovered mast*rbation for the very first time!


The powers in Tang Nian’s cells erupted, forming a spiral. He then started to crazily absorb the spirit qi from the surroundings.

Rumble! Rumble!

This was a breakthrough for a great teacher at the Longevity Realm. It was too great of a scene! A tremendous amount of spirit qi was seething in the lecture theater like tidal waves. All the students’ hair and clothes were fluttering.

The desks and windows were swaying; the papers and notes were rustling.

As the spirit qi was too dense, there were even light spots flickering. This evening became mysterious and brilliant, looking extremely beautiful.

More and more patrolling examiners started to appear on the third floor. Even some students who were staying in other lecture theaters started to scratch their heads in embarrassment, no longer in the mood to pay attention to the class. They couldn’t help but want to come out to see what was happening.

Even though the number of people paying attention to his class didn’t reach his expectations, Gu Qingyan’s expression hadn’t changed. He had been keeping his attention on teaching the class. But now, he finally couldn’t hold it in anymore.

There were only 100 students left behind, and all of them were distracted as well. There was no helping it. The commotion when a Longevity Realm expert was about to level up was too great.

Gu Qingyan finally frowned. He was also feeling suspicious as to why such an important character did this right now.

(No, a certain examinee must be helping a high-star examiner break through their bottleneck right now.)

For some reason, Gu Qingyan thought of Sun Mo.

Tang Nian absorbed spirit qi for five minutes before he completed the leveling up safely.

“Teacher Tang, congratulations!”

Zhang Mai got up to offer his congratulations. At the same time, he couldn’t hide the envy in his tone. The amount of work great teachers had was too much, and they had too little cultivation time. Therefore, the further up they went, the slower they leveled up.

This time around, Tang Nian had really gotten the better end of things!

“We’re still in the midst of the examination. Let’s leave the congratulations for later!”

Tang Nian stopped Su Tai who was about to offer his congratulations. He then looked toward Sun Mo. “I should be thanking you, but the timing now isn’t right!”

After saying that, Tang Nian turned to face the students in the lecture theater.

“I, Tang Nian, a 4-star great teacher, am one of the main examiners in this 1-star great teacher examination. I can vouch that his dark secret art doesn’t have any negative influence on the body. According to my judgment, this is a kind of amazing massage technique.”

After Tang Nian said that, the theater fell quiet before deafening applause erupted. Some students stood up, and more and more of them did the same. In the blink of an eye, none of them was sitting on their chair.

Even the patrolling students along the corridors were clapping, their faces filled with admiration and astonishment.

Was there a stronger proof than a 4-star great teacher’s vouch?

Even if there was, they would still believe it. This teacher could let a 4-star great character level up.

Su Tai looked awkward, having a strong urge to dash out and leave. However, there was an additional hint of admiration and envy in his heart. This Sun Mo was really outstanding.

Sun Mo smiled and walked up. He then looked down and bowed.

“Thank you. My lesson has ended. I hope that you guys have great prospects!”

After Sun Mo said that, he turned to leave.

The applause continued behind him.

The bell that signaled the ending of the lesson had just rung, but the applause was too great. Therefore, no one heard anything.


“Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 6,130 points.”

Sun Mo heard the system’s notification and left the lecture theater. He then saw that the corridor was filled with people. However, when these students saw Sun Mo, they made way for him and let him pass.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo nodded and saw Jiang Zhitong standing in the crowd from the corner of his eyes. There was no need to describe his face. He was on the verge of being driven to death from fury.

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