Absolute Great Teacher
457 Break Record, The Grand Slam!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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457 Break Record, The Grand Slam!


“It’s really Sun Mo!”

Gu Qingyan, who had just walked out from his lecture theater, saw Sun Mo’s back as he left. He instantly felt conflicted. Since young, he had always been an unparalleled genius in other people’s eyes. No matter where he was, he was the center of attention.

But today, Gu Qingyan had a taste of being ignored.

Close to 1,000 people were gathering along the entire stretch of the corridor, with people bumping against each other. Their gazes were all focused on Sun Mo, and they applauded him. On the other hand, he was an irrelevant passerby.


Gu Qingyan’s lips broke into a self-mockery smile.

(The reason I’ve come to take the examination isn’t just to be a 1-star great teacher. I also want to break the records and create a brilliant history that belongs only to me.)

But now, the results of his written examination had been surpassed, so was their live teaching...

Hu! Inhale!

Gu Qingyan took in a few deep breaths and his expression calmed down. He then turned to leave. This time around, it was his loss. He could just win the next time.

(Sun Mo, I hope that you’ll also come to take the 2-star great teacher examination three months later!)


“Alright, be quiet! Be quiet!”

Tang Nian tried to stop the people, but it was useless. The students were all discussing amongst themselves excitedly. After all, this lesson was too different. Not only the freshmen, but even the outstanding students who had been enrolled in Guangling Academy for a few years had never seen such a thing before.

“Sigh, there won’t be such an interesting lesson again in the future.”

“That’s right, there’s probably only one such teacher in a century, right? I’m really envious of the students in that teacher’s school. They can go hear his lessons at any time.”

“We’re still fine. We’re used to normal teaching methods, but what about the freshmen? They had just started attending school when they came into contact with him. Even if they were to take lessons in the future, they’d still feel that it’s boring, right?”

The outstanding students discussed amongst themselves.

“Enough! Be quiet!”

Tang Nian’s countenance turned black when he looked at the scene that had gone out of control. He even had to use Priceless Advice to curb their voices.

“The examination hasn’t ended. Since you guys like this teacher’s lesson, then show your support for him with your actions!”

Tang Nian, who had walked up, took out a small wooden chest.

“Right now, put your votes into the wooden chest.”

The students immediately ran up.

“Don’t squeeze! Queue up!”

Tang Nian was speechless. What a complete mess!

“It seems that Teacher Tang’s impression of Sun Mo is extremely good!”

Zhang Mai was overwhelmed with emotions. Tang Nian had invigilated so many lessons and would only say that it was time for them to vote. But now, he said a lot more things.

It showed his admiration for Sun Mo.

“Should I vote the excellent vote or the ordinary vote?”

Su Tai sank into a struggle. As for the eliminated vote, it was completely out of his consideration. Casting this vote was a humiliation to himself.

“Forget it, I’ll let you off this time!”

Su Tai sighed and still decided to cast the excellent vote.

“Such an interesting class is extremely rare! Everyone, come to cast the excellent vote!”

After Ding Lu voted, he stood on the rostrum and shouted. He was now Sun Mo’s loyal fan and took the initiative to call for people to vote for him.

“That’s right! Don’t let the talent of a teacher like this be wasted! Everyone, cast the excellent vote!”

“People who cast ordinary votes are definitely blind!”

“What are you guys still standing there for? Quickly vote!”

When some students saw Ding Lu do this, they summoned their courage and started to support Sun Mo. They admired how Sun Mo had carried himself during the lesson, and they absolutely liked his lesson. Therefore, they wanted him to get good results.

At the sight of this scene, Jiang Zhitong turned to leave. He was afraid that if he continued to stay here, his blood vessels would explode from fury.

“Hmm? Teacher Jiang, aren’t you going to vote?”

Wu Xin was surprised.


The gazes of a few patrolling examiners stared over in astonishment. (My god, you really dare to shoot your mouth off. Don’t you know that there’s a feud between them?)

“Oh, if you guys aren’t voting, I’ll be going!”

After saying that, Wu Xin walked into the lecture theater and started to queue up behind the students.

A few patrolling examiners’ countenances turned dark and they had a strong urge to skin Wu Xin. (Do you have negative EQ? What are you expecting us to do now?)

After some hesitation, they still decided to go in and vote.

There was no helping it. Although they didn’t wish to offend the Jiang Clan, they were great teachers and had fairness and glory as examiners.

If Sun Mo couldn’t get their excellent votes despite showing such a performance, then who would?

Upon seeing the patrolling examiners next to him leave, Jiang Zhitong’s expression turned calm instead. He smiled in self-mockery and entered the lecture theater as well.

“It’s really embarrassing that I, a 3-star great teacher, only have so little magnanimity.”

Jiang Zhitong mumbled. However, he wasn’t planning on letting Sun Mo off. (I’ve lost this round. Next time, I’ll defeat you fair and square as a great teacher.)

“Sigh, Gu Qingyan is so pitiful. He might become the Skyraise Academy’s top graduate who gets the worst result in the 1-star great teacher examination in all of history.”

Bo Rui shook his head and sighed. What bad luck did Gu Qingyan have? Why did he encounter a genius dark horse like Sun Mo?

Judging from the number of voters, regardless of what votes were given, Sun Mo was going to break the record.

Tang Nian quietly counted the number of people, but he couldn’t be bothered to take note in the end because it’d definitely break the records. Right now, he only wanted to know if Sun Mo would be able to get The Grand Slam.

The Grand Slam was given when the excellent votes were 2 times that of the seats in the lecture theater. To Sun Mo, this meant that he needed 800 excellent votes.

After Su Tai voted, his hands dangled down and he leaned back weakly on the chair. To speak the truth, he was quite envious.

He was a 2-star great teacher himself, but such a great commotion was something he had never experienced before. This suddenly made him feel a little inferior and disappointed.


Sun Mo left the teaching building and hadn’t walked far when Gu Xiuxun caught up with him.

“Why are you walking so fast?”

The masochist was displeased.

“You’re still waiting for me?”

Sun Mo felt surprised. The sky had turned dark.

“What? Can’t I do that?”

Gu Xiuxun’s beautiful brows furrowed.

“Haha, it’s just that I feel touched!”

Sun Mo looked at Gu Xiuxun and exclaimed from the bottom of his heart, “I’ve finally gotten a good friend after coming to Jinling. Come, I’ll treat you...”

Before Sun Mo could finish saying ‘I’ll treat you to a meal’, Gu Xiuxun kicked hard on Sun Mo’s lower thigh.

“Narcissist. Who did you say is your friend?”

Gu Xiuxun walked off after saying that. When she heard the words ‘good friend’, she suddenly felt unhappy.

“Ssss, why did you have to kick so hard? Seeing how energized you are, you should go hungry for one meal!”

Sun Mo drew in a cold gasp of air and rubbed his lower thigh. However, he quickly went after her. He felt that the masochist was just feeling embarrassed. After all, the people in the nine provinces were more reserved in expressing their feelings.

“No, you treat! I’m going to eat until you go broke!”

Gu Xiuxun pouted.

After a few exchanges, the masochist recalled the serious business. “Oh right, how’re things at the teaching building? There’s such a big commotion, especially toward the end. People were clapping non-stop. Are you the one who did that?”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“It’s really you. Sigh, I’ll mourn for those examinees for 30 seconds!”

Gu Xiuxun shook her head. She had guessed it. After all, she had seen the effects of Sun Mo’s class before. The word ‘fervent’ was insufficient to describe it.

“Only 30 seconds?”

Sun Mo teased.

“That’s right. They should be grateful to be able to get 30 seconds of Gu Xiuxun’s pity!”

Gu Xiuxun raised her fair chin and then bumped Sun Mo with her elbow.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo was perplexed.

“It’s nothing. I just feel like hitting you!”

Gu Xiuxun did it again. “The one I’m bullying might be the first place in this year’s great teacher examination. Just the thought of it feels great. No, this isn’t enough. Put out your head and let me hit you again!”

The masochist was raring to go and Sun Mo was really speechless. He really felt like saying, (Do you believe that I’ll put my little head [1] over and give you two jabs?)

The examinees, especially those who had just walked out of the teaching building, couldn’t help but curse when they saw Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun acting so intimately with each other.

“Disgusting couple!”

It was clear that this couple had passed the test, unlike them who had a high chance of failing.

However, what was wrong with this round? Where did the patrolling students go to? Why didn’t they see a single one of them?

To speak the truth this shouldn’t be the results that these examinees deserved. However, all of them dropped by one tier because of Sun Mo.


Mei Ziyu carried a lunch box and knocked on the door of an independent office.

“Come in!”

Mei Yazhi answered. Seeing that it was her daughter, she became a bit solemn. “I’ve been too busy and have neglected you. How are you getting used to life in Guangling?”

As a 6-star great teacher and one of the ten main examiners, Mei Yazhi had a tremendous amount of workload.

“It’s quite alright!”

To be honest, Mei Ziyu didn’t like this city. As there were too many businesses and people here, it was too noisy. She preferred a city with a slower pace.

However, she still came up with a white lie so that her mother wouldn’t feel worried.

“That’s good then!”

Mei Yazhi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Mother, have some food before you continue with your work!”

Mei Ziyu’s heart ached and she saw her mother working at her desk.

“Alright, put it aside first!”

Mei Yazhi was about to go back to her work when she suddenly looked at her daughter, assessing her seriously. She was stunned.

“Hmmm? You’re looking a lot better now.”

Compared to how pale and frail her daughter had been, there was an additional hue of glow on her face.


Mei Ziyu nodded and subconsciously thought of Sun Mo. Her lips curled up into a smile.

(I wonder how he fared for the examination.)

Mei Ziyu wanted to find out about Sun Mo’s results, but she was a person who liked tranquility and wasn’t good at talking to others. That was why this matter had been delayed.

“Mother, I’ll be off to tally the votes!”

Mei Ziyu planned on leaving.

“If you don’t wish to go, then don’t.”

Mei Yazhi hoped that her daughter could interact more with other people and not become a loner. That was why she got her the role of tallying the votes. However, her heart ached a little at the thought of how boring the job was.

“It’s fine!”

If it was in the past, Mei Ziyu wouldn’t go as there were too many people. But today, she wanted to take a look. She might just get to see Sun Mo’s voting box!

(He should be able to pass the third round of the examinations, right?)

[1] Referring to his p*nis.

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