Absolute Great Teacher
459 New Nickname Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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459 New Nickname Obtained!


How many people were there in each lecture theater?

Three examiners, 50 new students, and 50 outstanding students. Then there were 1,000 patrolling students and 300 patrolling examiners.

In theory, an examinee could get 1,403 votes at most. However, that was just the theoretical situation. It was impossible to do that in real life.

How big was the Guangling Academy’s teaching building?

There were a total of six floors, and 100 lecture theaters were used for the examination. This meant that a total of 100 examinees were taking the examination at the same time.

In that one hour, the patrolling examiners and students would go around and check things out. They wouldn’t be able to go through all the examinees. Therefore, to ensure a sufficient coverage scale, the patrolling examiners and students would be split into small groups and would start off from different locations.

They didn’t expect that even under this situation, all of them would gather at Sun Mo’s lecture theater.

How outstanding must this class be to have attracted so many patrolling examiners and students?

Tang Nian knew the reason.

When a class was taught under normal circumstances, no matter how good the great teacher’s class was, the students’ thunderous applause would at most attract students from the same floor.

However, Sun Mo had helped three students as well as him, a 4-star great teacher, to level up, causing too great of a disturbance, which had shaken through the entire teaching building.

Humans were a type of living creature that had great curiosity and liked to gather as spectators. Hence, cultivators would definitely go and watch when someone was striving for a breakthrough.

Therefore, it was very normal for Sun Mo to get such a result.

“1,062 votes!”

Mei Ziyu put her hand into the small wooden box and felt around. This time around, she didn’t feel anymore voting slips. “There’s no more!”

Right now, all the 1-star great teachers in the entire votes-tallying room had gathered over. They stared at Mei Ziyu, not saying a word and looking very nervous. They were akin to prisoners who had been sent for execution, having ropes around their necks.

When Mei Ziyu said the words “There’s no more”, it felt as if the ropes around their necks were taken off and that the executioner announced that they were innocent and were discharged. Their expressions relaxed.

“F*ck your mom, it’s finally over!”

Although Li Yao was a girl, she couldn’t help but curse. She was tallying until her hands were trembling. The book was filled with three pages worth of the word ‘正’ [1].

“Phew, I thought that it’d go all the way to 1,400 votes!”

A great teacher thought that he was being humorous, but after he said that, he realized that no one was joining in on this talk. All of them were looking at Li Yao’s book.

As they were too astonished, everyone didn’t know what they should say. They only had a stunned expression, not knowing what they should do.

However, when Li Yao had finished speaking, the quiet atmosphere was completely broken.

“My god, over 1,000 votes. This record is unprecedented and probably won’t be surpassed, right?”

“Teacher Wang, you’re good with history. Do you know if any examinees had ever gotten such results before?”

“No need to ask him. I know for sure that there’s none even if I were to think with the back of my heels!”

The great teachers discussed amongst themselves noisily. There were astonishment, surprise, and admiration in their expressions. This Sun Mo would definitely have his name engraved onto the Saint Gate’s record.

As for jealousy?

There were almost none.

This was like how an outstanding student would be jealous of the person who scored best in class. They felt that if they were to work hard, they’d be able to surpass that person. However, they’d definitely not be jealous of Einstein because they wouldn’t be able to surpass him even if they were to work hard for ten lifetimes.

It was like how Sun Mo was. His result was so brilliant that even 3-star great teachers wouldn’t dare to guarantee that they’d be able to have this result if they were put through the same situation while having their names concealed.

It was a one-and-only kind of excellence!

“Quickly count how many excellent votes there are!”

Someone couldn’t wait and urged.

Li Yao already knew the answer, but this number was too terrifying to the extent that she didn’t dare to believe it.

“1... 1,061 ex... excellent votes, one ordinary vote!”

As Li Yao was too astonished, her voice was trembling and her tongue was entangled. She couldn’t speak clearly.

There was dead silence.

About seven to eight seconds later, it was like a bomb had been detonated on the ice plains. A huge commotion broke out.

“Over 1,000 votes? If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would definitely not have believed it!

“That’s right. If anyone dares to tell me that someone can get so many votes, I’ll definitely think that the person is trying to toy with me. I’ll then crush his head!”

“That’s too terrifying. Is he still human?”

The great teachers chattered away. It was as if the room was full of ducks.

“F*ck, there’s one ordinary vote. Who voted that? They must be blind!”

“Haha, that’s fine. At least, it proves that Sun Mo isn’t perfect!”

“It’s really a hint of green amongst the flowers! I only want to say that it’s great!”

The great teachers started teasing and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

“It could also be possible that the student had voted wrongly!”

Mei Ziyu frowned and then suddenly said something loud. She didn’t want to see Sun Mo not being perfect.

Everyone was stunned, then shook their heads, and broke out laughing. They knew that there was a very high chance that the student had voted wrongly. However, when there were over 1,000 votes, a mistake like this wouldn’t make a difference.

“Do you guys think that he’d feel awkward if he were to know that just one single person voted an ordinary vote amongst 1,000 people?”

Li Yao teased.

“Haha, I suggest we can call him One-Vote ‘Sun’ [2]!”

A main examiner also joined in. This nickname caused everyone to break out laughing.

To speak the truth, this matter was sufficient for one to boast for an entire lifetime. This was especially so when Sun Mo’s reputation got greater in the future. They’d then get more excitement from boasting about this.

If Sun Mo were to become a secondary saint, they could say (I was the one to tally his votes back in the days. Do you know that the nickname One-Vote ‘Sun’ was what we came up with?)

It’d give them a lot of face to be saying this.

“Let’s break off and continue tallying the votes!”

When Tang Nian saw that it had been a while, he quickly spoke up. He didn’t wish for the important job to be held back.

“I never knew that this voting box can be stuffed with so many paper votes!”

Li Yao was overwhelmed.

“The Saint Gate should be thankful that they had only arranged for there to be 1,000 patrolling students. If there were any more, this voting box would definitely not be enough!”

Bi Tao laughed. If that was the case, the Saint Gate would be made a laughing stock.

“This Sun Mo is really strong!”

After Li Yao got over the emotions, she suddenly turned and called out, “Teacher Wang, how many people were there in the Saint Gate’s history who have received The Grand Slam in the on-site examinations?”


After the great teacher with the surname Wang said this, he shook his head. “But there wasn’t a single one who reached Sun Mo’s results.”

Having 800 votes would be considered The Grand Slam. However, Sun Mo had over 200 more votes.

“I feel that the record for The Grand Slam would be raised to 1,000 votes in the future!”

Someone guessed.

“That won’t happen. This record is too terrifying. No one in the next century will be able to break it!”

Teacher Wang was well-versed in history and knew how horrifying this result was.


Favorable impression points from Wang Tong +200. Friendly (300/1,000).

“Stop chatting and quickly get to work!”

Tang Nian urged.

Everyone returned to their seats. However, the abrupt anxiety followed by relaxing, and they suddenly felt that they couldn’t hold back the urge to pee. All of them ran for the toilet.

“It’s that Sun Mo, right? It must be that Sun Mo, right? I knew that he was very amazing!”

Mei Ziyu suddenly felt that it was the best decision to come and tally the votes. However, she quickly denied it later on. The best decision was to weed the flowerbeds that afternoon.


Favorable impression point from Mei Ziyu +300. Friendly (600/1,000).

Tang Nian sat on the chair, his thoughts wandering.

The fourth round of the examination was too simple. As long as Sun Mo was alright in the head and didn’t say the wrong things, he’d definitely pass. Moreover, there wasn’t a differentiation of superiority or inferiority for this round.

Hence, Gu Qingyan had no more chances to turn the tables around.

This year’s first place would definitely be Sun Mo. Moreover, it was an overwhelming lead.

“Sigh, Gu Qingyan is so pitiful!”

Tang Nian mourned for this examinee.


After Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun had dinner, they returned to the hotel. The results would be out the next morning, and the fourth round of the examination would start in the afternoon.

Qian Dun and Wang Chao were considered to be done with the examination. There was no hope for them to pass.

In the past, they’d have gone back. After all, it cost money to stay in the hotel. Although the school would subsidize them for this, the additional two days would have to come from their own pocket. However, in order to leave together with Sun Mo, both of them decided to stay.

Sun Mo sat on the bed and looked at the two treasure chests. He couldn’t hold it in anymore and thus walked to the window and called out.

“Little Silver!”

“Who shouts so loudly in the middle of the night? Can you show some consideration? I was so scared that I shriveled!”

A rough male voice scolded. (Damn it, it isn’t that easy for me to get hard, okay?)

A short moment later, a silver cloud flew into the bedroom.

“I want to return to the school. Set up a teleportation gate!”

Sun Mo suggested.

Little Silver inhaled and then its cotton candy-like body immediately swelled up. It spat out a small cloud.

The small cloud was glistening with silver light. After it landed on the floor, it turned into a teleportation gate that was glowing with light.

“Help me keep an eye on the bedroom!”

After saying that, Sun Mo passed through the teleportation gate. At the next second, he appeared in the big villa of the Central Province Academy.

Sun Mo didn’t wish to be discovered by Dong He. Therefore, he quietly headed for the guest room. After he left, the papaya girl would sleep there.


“Congratulations, due to your excellent grades, you’ve received the recognition of a group of great teachers, obtaining the nickname ‘One-Vote Sun’!”

The system’s voice suddenly rang out and gave Sun Mo, who was being very careful, a big fright.

“What the hell!”

Sun Mo cursed, “And what is with the ‘One-Vote Sun’? It sounds so ridiculous!”

“They were the ones who came up with it. It has nothing to do with me!”

The system pushed the blame.

“Where’s the reward?”

Sun Mo didn’t care about it. Anyway, it sounded a little better than ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’.

“I’m sorry, there aren’t any rewards!”

The system’s voice was clearly gloating.

“Come out here! I guarantee that I won’t beat you to death!”

Sun Mo was going to be driven crazy from anger. He understood that the system’s congratulation was purely just to make fun of him.

“Haha, goodnight!”

The system laughed loudly and disappeared.

Sun Mo took in two deep breaths and then his annoyed emotion calmed down. (Forget it, I’m a magnanimous great teacher and won’t hold it against you.)

(It’s more important to open the chests!)

“But isn’t it bad if I were to knock on a female student’s door late at night?”

When Sun Mo was standing in front of the papaya girl’s bedroom, he suddenly came to a realization.

[1] Each 正 represents a set of five counts.

[2] The ‘Sun’ here refers to Sun Mo’s surname.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》