Absolute Great Teacher
461 At the Jiang Manor, They Say, “Like A Dog In Front of the Door“ Sun Mo!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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461 At the Jiang Manor, They Say, “Like A Dog In Front of the Door“ Sun Mo!

Chapter 461: At the Jiang Manor, They Say, ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ Sun Mo!

The papers were in a mess all over the floor, filled with words.

Most people would write freely when practicing calligraphy, writing things that they were familiar with. Usually, they’d be poetry. After all, even children could memorize things like the three tang poems.

At this moment, the charm of ancient poetry from China was fully displayed.

Gu Xiuxun was squatting on the ground and looking for the continuation to the Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, but when she randomly came across another piece, she’d be drawn in after reading one line.

They were really too resplendent, filled with charm, like sipping on great wine!

The masochist instinctively started to pick these pieces of paper up and even smoothen out the creases made by Sun Mo, placing them carefully.

Sun Mo had been immersed in the joy of calligraphy until he saw this scene. Then, he was so shocked that he almost peed himself. He quickly rushed over and snatched the paper from the masochist’s hands, tearing them into pieces.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Xiuxun was angry and she bellowed at Sun Mo.

“They are just some unworthy pieces and not worth looking at!”

Sun Mo chuckled.

Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces were at the peak of feudal dynasties, where poetries were also in the trend. However, there weren’t beautiful pieces like those from ancient China here. After all, people like Li Bai and Su Shi [1] would be great talents no matter which era they were placed in.

Their poetries could win against all the nine provinces’ natives.

If these poetries were to disseminate out, it’d definitely take Middle-Earth by storm and Sun Mo would become famous because of it.

As a teacher, this reputation would add far too great of an impact to his image. However, a ‘reputation’ like this wasn’t something he dared to ask for.

Although no one could call him out for plagiarism, he couldn’t get it past himself for doing it.

To be honest, who wouldn’t want to become famous throughout the world?

After Sun Mo had written half of the story [Journey to the West], his reputation had taken Jinling by storm in just one month, starting to spread out toward the rest of the world. If he were to finish writing the story, he’d be a great writer of the generation.

However, Sun Mo didn’t do that. Even though Zheng Qingfang had begged him many times, he kept refusing on the excuse that he didn’t have time.

Did Sun Mo really have no time?

To Sun Mo who was very familiar with the story, he only needed to write out the content in simple words. However, he was someone with morals.

“Unworthy work?”

Gu Xiuxun assessed Sun Mo dubiously and then thought back on the lines she had read earlier. “Are you being modest? Or are you insulting my ability to appreciate works?”


Sun Mo realized that he had said the wrong thing out of anxiety just now. He quickly explained, “These aren’t unworthy works. I copied them!”

“From where?”

The masochist asked.

“An ancient book!”

Sun Mo tried to push the responsibility away.

“The hell I’d believe that! Sun Mo, you’re really abominable!”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes at Sun Mo and then went to seize the remaining pieces of paper.

She was a young lady who also liked arts. Although she didn’t dare to say that she had read all the poetries in the nine provinces, she had definitely gone through 70% of them. Moreover, great pieces like these would definitely not be hidden in the shadows once they were completed.

However, Gu Xiuxun had never seen these lines before.

“Be nice, don’t scold!”

Sun Mo moved very quickly, wanting to destroy all the pieces of paper.

“What’s the name of that ancient book? Where is it? Can you lend it to me?”

Gu Xiuxun pursued.


Sun Mo was speechless.

“Didn’t you just say yesterday that we’re good friends?”

The masochist was being very sharp with her words. When she saw Sun Mo stuttering and hesitating, she knew that her guess was right. These poetries might have come from Sun Mo.

Otherwise, given how generous he was as a person, he’d definitely not refuse her. After all, what importance would a book of ancient poetries have? He had taught his students the Dharma Skyshock Fist right before her.

That was a saint-tier cultivation art, something many times more precious than ancient poetries.

Sun Mo scratched his head. It was really troublesome to talk with smart people. If he were to lie, he’d have to come up with even more lies to cover up his previous lie. Then, there’d be more and more flaws.

“I understand it now. You want your name to take the world by storm but not as a poet!”

Gu Xiuxun thought that she had discovered an important point. In Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces, master poets would definitely not be as respected as great teachers.

Moreover, there’d be times when poets might be seen by some biased great teachers as an inferior occupation that entertained people. After all, what kind of places would poetries and songs be the most popular at?

It’d be in brothels! They were techniques that prostitutes used to raise their value when trying to draw in customers!

What else could Sun Mo say?

He could only smile!

“What’s the next line for ‘The river flows toward the east, the huge waves washing away all the heroes of the past’?”

Gu Xiuxun asked curiously.

“Past campsites in the west, they say, Zhou [2] from the Three Kingdoms fought a fierce battle at the Red Cliff!”

Sun Mo didn’t hide anything.

Gu Xiuxun made a guess, saying in a soft voice, “Although I don’t know who this Zhou is, judging from the poetry’s vibe, this should be an amazing great teacher!”


Sun Mo said half-heartedly, grabbing Gu Xiuxun’s wrist and wanting to pull her up. “Alright, let’s go eat!”

“Wait a minute. I feel that this line can be changed to ‘at the Jiang Manor, they say, ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ Sun Mo.’ What do you think?”

Before Sun Mo could reply, Gu Xiuxun laughed. To speak the truth, the nickname ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ was used to mock Sun Mo. But now, after the third round of the examinations, who would still doubt him?

“How dare you laugh!”

Sun Mo put out his hand and pinched Gu Xiuxun’s face, causing her red lips to pout.


The masochist was stunned, not expecting Sun Mo to be so daring. Although she wasn’t particular about men and women’s interaction, touching one’s face was considered a very intimate act.

Almost out of instinct, the masochist slapped Sun Mo’s hand.


Sun Mo’s hand was slapped away. He was stunned for a moment before he quickly apologized, “I’m sorry!”

He had taken things too far. Even if this was done in modern society, the guy would also be beaten by the girl!

Gu Xiuxun’s face was a little red. She felt a little regretful after she had hit Sun Mo’s hand. Although it felt a little uncomfortable to be pinched by Sun Mo’s big hand, she felt a greater sense of excitement.

To be honest, this feeling wasn’t bad!

Hearing Sun Mo’s apology, Gu Xiuxun wanted to say that it was fine. However, she immediately thought that if she were to do that, wouldn’t it make her appear not reserved?

(Wait a minute, what am I thinking? I can’t let my future husband down. I must uphold my chastity.) Gu Xiuxun then moved a few steps to the side.

(En, this distance should be alright, right? Is it too far? Would Sun Mo feel that I’m hating him?)

The masochist hesitated, then moved back one step, then another.


Sun Mo was speechless. (What are you trying to do? Some kind of performance art?)

Gu Xiuxun didn’t notice Sun Mo’s expression because she had seen one more piece of paper under the table. She picked it up.

“There are two trees in front of my house. One is a date tree, the other is also a date tree [3]?”

After Gu Xiuxun had read that, she appeared confused and looked toward Sun Mo. “The writing is good, but what the hell is with this content?”

“It’s quite good!”

Sun Mo chuckled.

“To hell that it is good!”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes and crushed the paper up into a ball, casually throwing it aside. “This is trash compared to those poetries earlier! It’ll be too tough to even be used to wipe butt!”

“Lu Xun would feel like beating you up if he heard this!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to fight about this.

“Who is Lu Xun?”

Gu Xiuxun asked curiously.

“Someone who has made many great quotes. Oh right, the one he is most famous for is ‘I haven’t said this before—Lu Xun!’”

Sun Mo destroyed all the paper.

“What rubbish is that?”

Gu Xiuxun frowned.


Qian Dun got up and was about to wash up when he suddenly saw Sun Mo coming out. He had wanted to greet him, but he saw Gu Xiuxun quickly coming out after him.

“My god!”

Qian Dun was astonished. What was this situation? Why was Gu Xiuxun coming out from Sun Mo’s room so early in the morning? Even if nothing had happened between the two of them, this situation was enough to say that their relationship was very close.

Qian Dun then started to envy Sun Mo.

He had wanted to call Sun Mo to have breakfast together with him, but he could only pass on it. Therefore, he went to a roadside stall by himself and ordered a bowl of noodles.

“Waiter, get me two garlic!”

Qian Dun had just slurped up some noodles when an old man sat next to him. He then said, “Add another plate of beef and a plate of vegetarian tofu!”

“You are?”

Qian Dun was baffled. This old man was dressed luxuriously, not looking like someone who’d eat at a roadside stall.

“I’m the vice-headmaster of Springflower Academy. The reason I’ve come to disturb you so abruptly is because I want to find out some things from you!”

The old man smiled, carrying himself with an air of someone capable. However, his eyes were too small and he looked vulgar instead.

Hearing this, Qian Dun quickly got up and bowed.

The Springflower Academy’s full name was the Warm Spring Blooming Flowers Academy. It was a ‘B’ grade academy and was quite well-known. Its vice-headmaster would be at least a 5-star great teacher.

“Sit down and talk!”

The old man waved his hand, gesturing for Qian Dun to not be so reserved.

Qian Dun sat down, but only half of his butt was on the bench. He didn’t dare to eat the beef noodles either. He then wiped his mouth and secretly licked his teeth for fear of showing off an unsightly image.

“May I know how’s Great Teacher Sun Mo’s reputation is in your school?”

The old man smiled and asked.

Qian Dun had guessed the reason why the old man had approached him. After all, Springflower Academy’s vice-headmaster wouldn’t care for an unimportant character like himself. “God Hands!”


The old man was stunned.

“Teacher Sun has the great reputation of having God Hands. In the past, Liu Mubai was the most famous person in the Central Province Academy, having the title of the twin jade annulus of Jinling together with the Myriad Daos Academy’s Fang Wuji. But now, Teacher Sun is the most famous person in our school!

“Ever since he got the job and started giving lectures, all of his medical cultivation classes are full. The students wouldn’t be able to get a seat if they didn’t go two hours in advance!

“He then led the new student group to get first place in the ‘D’ Grade newbie competition this year, helping our school to rise and become a ‘C’ grade famous school!”

Qian Dun spoke very forthrightly, wanting to exaggerate things and make Sun Mo appear more glorious. However, he realized that there wasn’t a need for him to do that since Sun Mo’s achievements were already brilliant enough.

The old man stroked his beard, maintaining a calm expression. However, as he listened on, the astonishment on his face became increasingly intense. At the very end, he was completely stunned.

“You’re lying, right? God Hands? Do you know what this represents? And trying to get seats two hours in advance? Do you think that he is a 3-star great teacher?”

The old man wanted to retaliate, but the words had just reached his mouth when he realized that he couldn’t voice them out. He was a 5-star great teacher after all and had met too many people. He was able to tell at one glance that Qian Dun wasn’t lying.

“Turns out that Sun Mo is a lot more amazing than I predicted!”

The old man was astonished but then felt elated. He had been contemplating about the price he should pay to headhunt Sun Mo, but he was now sure that he should go all out!

[1] Chinese poets from the Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty respectively.

[2] Referring to Zhou Yu. A Chinese military general and strategist serving under the warlord Sun Ce in the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.

[3] Extract from ‘Autumn Night’ by Lu Xun in 1924.

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