Absolute Great Teacher
462 Headhunting Crazily
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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462 Headhunting Crazily


When Qian Dun saw the old man’s expression, he couldn’t help but feel envious of Sun Mo’s good luck. A great character had taken a liking to him. But this was a norm in every year’s examination.

Human talent was an important resource at any given time. Therefore, the various famous schools would all send people to watch the examinations. Once they had discovered outstanding examinees, they’d extend an invitation to them.

The price of headhunting a 1-star great teacher who had just received his title was a lot lesser than headhunting a 3-star great teacher.

Of course, there were also risks involved in headhunting the former. After all, no one would be able to guarantee that this examinee would be able to achieve great fame in the future.

This would all depend on the headhunter’s judgment and boldness.

“Enjoy your meal!”

The old man said politely and got up.

To speak the truth, he was a careful person by nature and thus came over to ask. Otherwise, he’d have approached Sun Mo directly. After all, Sun Mo’s results for the written examination and the on-site lecture were too exaggerating. They were so good that it was unbelievable.

There had been so many teachers and students watching the third round of the examinations, and the Saint Gate didn’t order the 1-star great teachers who were in-charge of tallying the votes to keep quiet about the results. Therefore, the influential characters who had great news sources had already received the results of the third round of the competition.

Given Sun Mo’s overall abilities, he was the most worthy examinee to be headhunted.

“Vice-headmaster, please hold on.”

Qian Dun got up and called out.

“What’s the matter?”

The old man frowned. Was this young man going to recommend himself? If that was the case, he could only say sorry. The Springflower Academy wouldn’t want a mediocre person like him.

“You’re thinking of headhunting Teacher Sun, right? Pardon me for being forward about this, but you won’t be able to do so!”

Qian Dun smiled and persuaded.


The old man was displeased. “Is our ‘B’ grade not good enough for Sun Mo?”

In Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces, there were 18 ‘A’ grade famous schools and 36 ‘B’ grade ones. To most young great teachers, being able to enter a ‘B’ grade school to teach was considered the pinnacle of their lives.

Only geniuses amongst geniuses would be able to get into the ‘A’ grade schools. As for the Nine Greats, they would all headhunt from ‘A’ grade and ‘B’ grade schools. As for the ‘C’ grade and ‘D’ Grade schools?

Sorry, they’d consider it a waste of time to even look there.

This was a sense of superiority!

“Uhh, I don’t mean it that way. I’m saying that Teacher Sun won’t leave!”

Qian Dun was given a shock and quickly explained.

“Heheh, do you know what is the price I’m going to offer?”

The old man smiled confidently, “The Springflower Academy is very generous!”

“It’s useless even if you’re generous!”

Qian Dun mumbled.

“What do you mean by that?” The old man was showing traces of anger. “Does the Central Province Academy belong to Sun Mo’s family?”

“You’re really right on that. At least half of the Central Province Academy is Teacher Sun’s asset!”

Qian Dun chuckled. He could tell by now that even if he were to offer smiles or maintain a low position, he wouldn’t gain the admiration of someone influential like him. Therefore, he might as well keep his spine straight.


The vice-headmaster was stunned.

“You should know our Central Province Academy’s headmaster, An Xinhui, right?”

Qian Dun smiled and asked.

“Is it that one from the Black-White Academy?”

The old man asked. He was very familiar with this name.

“That’s right! Number five on the Devastating Beauty Rankings!”

Qian Dun smiled, gloating a little. “Teacher Sun is her fiancé!”

“How is that possible?”

The old man was over 100 and had been through many great situations, having been tempered to remain calm in all sorts of situations. However, he was still stunned.

An Xinhui was an amazing genius that Springflower Academy’s headmaster had traveled great distances to headhunt despite knowing that he didn’t have a chance.

She was a lady of great beauty and talent, one whom others wouldn’t dare to taint. How come did she already have a fiancé?

What was with that Sun Mo? Did he have a big p*nis?

He was far too astonished. Even though Sun Mo showed exceptional performance in this examination, the vice-headmaster still didn’t think that a student who had just graduated from Songyang Academy could match up to An Xinhui.

“It’s arranged by their parents, right?” An Xin... Headmaster An is definitely not agreeable to it.”

The old man guessed.

“It’s true that this is a marriage arrangement decided by our old headmaster. However, Headmaster An should not be against it. It’s because Teacher Sun is now our school’s Logistics Department Head!”

Qian Dun said.

“Who? Sun Mo? Is An Xinhui crazy?”

The old man was speechless. The Logistics Department Head was one of the top five most sought after positions in a school and was one of the departments with power. To think that An Xinhui let a 20-year-old young man take on the position? Was she thinking of destroying the Central Province Academy, a famous school with a history of 1,000 years?

“Of course, Headmaster An isn’t crazy. She is very wise. Ever since Sun Mo assumed the position of department head, our school has shown great prospects. I believe that we’ll be able to attract many new students in this year’s student recruitment meet!”

Qian Dun felt very proud, and his tone gradually regained a sense of superiority.

(I’m also a teacher of a ‘C’ grade famous school now. Moreover, if we can get into the top five of the ‘B’ grade league tournament at the end of next year, then the Central Province Academy will be able to get into the ‘B’ grade. I’ll then be a teacher of a ‘B’ grade famous school. Why do I have to curry up to this old guy?)

Thinking this, Qian Dun felt even more confident.

The old man’s brows furrowed together. This surprising news had messed up his plans. However, he still didn’t give up. “May I ask for your name?”

“Qian Dun!”

Qian Dun sat down, peeled a garlic, and started eating his noodles.

“Teacher Qian, I have a proposal. If you’re able to bring Teacher Sun to our school, then we’re willing to nurture Teacher Qian and give you a chance to prove yourself.”

The old man smiled brightly and sat down again.

Although he didn’t say things outright, his meaning was very clear. If you can headhunt Sun Mo over, then we’ll employ you in our school.

Qian Dun felt excited upon hearing this. His heart palpitated intensely. This was a great chance of getting into a ‘B’ grade famous school.

If he were to miss out on this chance, given his capabilities, he’d take at least ten years to be able to apply to be a teacher in one, after becoming a 3-star great teacher.

The old man looked very confident when he saw Qian Dun’s agitated expression. To a young teacher like him, the title of a ‘B’ grade famous school was too tempting.

Putting things into comparison, which professional soccer player didn’t wish to get into a reputable team? Even if they couldn’t get into Real Madrid or Barcelona, it’d be good if they could get into Manchester United or Arsenal!

However, one minute later, Qian Dun calmed down and started eating his noodles.

“What does Teacher Qian think of this?”

The old man asked.

“Vice-headmaster, I think that you should just call me Qian Dun. After all, I haven’t received the title of a great teacher and isn’t fitting for this title yet!”

Qian Dun said.

Only great teachers would address each other in this manner [1].

The reason the old man had addressed Qian Dun in this manner wasn’t out of courtesy, but it was on Sun Mo’s account. If it wasn’t to find out about Sun Mo, he wouldn’t even sit down to talk with Qian Dun.

-star great teachers were very busy as well.


The old man frowned, sensing the changes in Qian Dun’s attitude.

“I know well how much I am worth. I’m also a person with dignity. If I wish to get into the Springflower Academy, I’ll use my own capabilities to apply there and not rely on Teacher Sun’s connections.”

Qian Dun slurped on his noodles and explained. He then peeled another clove of garlic, tossing it into his mouth.

If it was in the past, he’d have started avoiding spicy food from one month ago if he were to meet an important character like this. He’d want to avoid having an unpleasant taste in his mouth, causing the important character to feel displeased. But now, he didn’t care anymore.

If one was capable, they’d be respected no matter what they did. If one wasn’t, they’d be worse off than a watchdog even if they were to lower their stand.

“Are you sure? This might be the only chance in your lifetime to get into a ‘B’ grade famous school!”

The old man’s tone turned solemn as well.

“Haha, I remember Teacher Sun saying this before: Never give up! Never underestimate your potential! I feel the same way as he does!”

Qian Dun picked up his bowl and finished up all the soup inside. “Vice-headmaster, see you next time!”

After saying that, Qian Dun got up.

“Waiter, I’ve left the money on the table!”

Qian Dun left.

“Sir, please wait. This old sir has already paid for you!”

The waiter came chasing after him with the money.

“I have money. Why do I need someone to pay for me?”

Qian Dun didn’t stop walking. He had planned on heading to the Guangling Academy and checked out the results. But now, he changed his mind.

He planned on packing up his luggage and headed back to Jinling. After all, he’d only be able to establish his own standing through cultivation!

To speak the truth, it’d be impossible for him to not feel envy toward Sun Mo. Look at how that vice-headmaster was willing to give someone unworthy of entering their school a chance in order to headhunt Sun Mo.

What kind of offer would the vice-headmaster make to headhunt Sun Mo?

It’d definitely be an offer beyond his imagination!


Qian Dun let out a long exhale then clenched his fists. “One day, I want to become a great teacher who is frantically fought for like Sun Mo is!”


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +300. Respect (3,500/10,000).


When the old man’s attendant saw Qian Dun’s attitude, he was immediately infuriated, wanting to reproach him. However, the old man raised his hand and stopped him.

“Teacher Qian, if you were to show me this attitude from the first moment you saw me, I’ll view you more highly. I look forward to your performance next year!”

After saying this, the old man couldn’t help but smile. The current Qian Dun showed the air and conduct that a great teacher should have.

“Master, what should we do?”

The attendant asked.

“I’m even more curious about that Sun Mo now!”

The old man looked at Qian Dun’s back view. He knew that the change in this young man’s mentality should have been influenced by Sun Mo.

This was how a good great teacher was. They not only taught and educated people, but their every word and action would also influence the people around them.


“How did Gao Ben and Zhang Lan do?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

“I’m not sure about Gao Ben, but Zhang Lan should have no problems.”

Gu Xiuxun said this and glanced toward her right because a middle-aged man who had been seated at a tea stall by the roadside was walking over rapidly.

“Teacher Sun, please hold on!”

The middle-aged man ran straight toward Sun Mo, going straight to the point without any polite talk. “I’m Yuanbo Academy’s head of teaching department. I admire your talent a lot and would like to invite you to take a look at our school.”

Gu Xiuxun’s eyes lit up. Was this the rumored headhunting during the examination? A treatment that only geniuses would get?

‘Taking a look’ was just a roundabout way of ’employing’. After all, they were all great teachers and wanted their face. They couldn’t just go straight to saying crude things like benefits and negotiations.

“Of course, we also hope that Teacher Gu can do us the honor!”

The middle-aged man then looked toward Gu Xiuxun. This girl was also very amazing. Although she wasn’t as outstanding as Sun Mo, she was also a top-notch talent.

“Oh? There’s me as well?”

Gu Xiuxun smiled and asked.

“Teacher Gu must be joking. We value your talent a lot as well!”

The middle-aged man praised, but his gaze was still on Sun Mo. After all, this was his main target.

[1] The difference between terms of address for teachers/great teachers can be found in c420.

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