Absolute Great Teacher
463 Announcing the Rankings
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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463 Announcing the Rankings


“I’m sorry, I’m very happy in the Central Province Academy now and have no thoughts of leaving!”

Sun Mo rejected. It hadn’t been easy for him to make a name for himself in the school, accumulating a tremendous amount of reputation and capabilities. It’d be too excessive to be thinking of job-hopping!

“Teacher Sun, don’t be refusing so quickly. Listen to our conditions first!”

When the middle-aged guy heard Sun Mo’s reply, he felt a little displeased. (Why don’t you ask what the conditions we are offering? Do you look down on our Yuanbo Academy?)

“No need!”

Sun Mo refused once again. Even if he were to listen to this guy chattering for eternity, he still wouldn’t be job-hopping. Hence, there was no meaning in wasting both of their time and saliva.

Sun Mo gave the middle-aged guy a smile then quickened his footsteps. He asked Gu Xiuxun, “Do you know Liu Mubai’s results?”

“I’m not sure, but it should be very good!”

Gu Xiuxun’s connections were more extensive than Sun Mo’s. After all, as the beautiful top graduate from the Myriad Daos Academy, she had a lot of people trying to curry up to her.

If it was in the past, Gu Xiuxun would definitely take the initiative to find out the results of that guy, who was one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling. But now, she wasn’t interested anymore.

(No matter how amazing you are, you won’t be as amazing as Sun Mo! Why would I not pay attention to this year’s first place and look at Liu Mubai instead? Please, my brain is working fine. Even if I’m Liu Mubai’s die-hard fan, I’ll change to become Sun Mo’s loyal fan instead at a time like this. After all, there are ten or more people as outstanding as Liu Mubai, but there’s only one Sun Mo.)

The middle-aged guy didn’t expect Sun Mo to refuse so decisively. His countenance changed and he felt like leaving. However, he couldn’t accept this outcome and thus quickly followed after the two of them.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Sun, please hold on!”

The middle-aged guy spoke extremely quickly, “We are very sincere and are willing to offer you the position as the year’s head. At the same time, based on your performance, if you continue to be so outstanding for three years, then you’ll be accepted into the management team. You’ll also have a certain amount of authority to mobilize the financial resources!”

As the middle-aged guy said this, he assumed a hint of arrogance!

Gu Xiuxun threw a glance at the middle-aged guy.

To speak the truth, this offer was considered very good to ordinary 1-star great teachers. After all, many great teachers would live their lives working for others. It was very difficult for them to get into the school’s management level, let alone be given a portion of the fundings.

However, this was not enough for Sun Mo at all.

Of course, there was also a pithole in the middle-aged guy’s offer. He didn’t mention the level Sun Mo’d be at in the management level, if he had any speaking rights, and how much fundings he’d be given. The picture was drawn well, but it didn’t mean it was that good in reality.

After the middle-aged guy said that, he looked toward the stone lion in front of Guangling Academy’s front door, waiting for Sun Mo to reply.

(How is it? You must be regretting that you’ve rejected such a great offer too quickly, right? Sigh, if it isn’t because this guy is too outstanding, I’d really want to refuse him at the moment he agrees!)

The middle-aged guy felt very displeased. (But after he enters Yuanbo Academy, I’ll have to properly teach him the rules as the head of the teaching department.)


Sun Mo laughed and then quickly took a few steps forward, wanting to throw the middle-aged off. The arrogance on this guy’s face made Sun Mo feel uncomfortable.

The middle-aged guy looked very stunned when he saw Sun Mo quickly leaving as if he was avoiding a plague.

(What’s going on? Did I not make myself clear?)

The middle-aged guy stopped in his footsteps, asking with a cold expression, “Teacher Sun, what do you mean by this? The Yuanbo Academy is already making you such a big offer, so why are you still showing me this attitude?”

Quite a number of examinees had gathered in front of the school. Hence, when they saw the small dispute here, all of them looked over.

“Big offer? I only saw your arrogance!”

Sun Mo smiled, then turned and looked at the middle-aged guy. “Although I’m not a person of great talent, I won’t act without integrity!”


Priceless Advice had erupted.

Golden light spots splattered, almost covering the entire small square in front of the school.

“Great teacher halo? Who released it? The range is so wide!”

“What happened?”

“Look, that is Sun Mo over there! ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ Sun Mo!”

The examinees chattered away and gathered over.

The middle-aged guy’s countenance instantly turned dark, not just because of Sun Mo’s attitude, but also if Sun Mo’s words were to spread out, Yuanbo Academy’s reputation would take a hit. It’d then be exceptionally difficult for him to headhunt people as a result of that.

He must turn the situation around.

The middle-aged guy then looked toward Gu Xiuxun. “Teacher Gu, our Yuanbo Academy is also willing to offer you the same compensation!”

“Didn’t you hear what Teacher Sun said?”

Gu Xiuxun’s beautiful brows furrowed so tightly that she could kill a crab. She chided in a cold voice, “You want to use me to deal Sun Mo a blow? No way that’s going to happen!

“And do you think I’m so low? After hearing of your ‘amazing offer’, I’ll definitely be tempted and decide to job-hop? I’m sorry to disappoint you!

“I won’t even care even if you were to let me be Yuanbo Academy’s vice-headmaster!”

After the masochist said that, she turned to leave. Her expression was very tense, but she felt exhilarated inside.

(It is so good to verbally attack someone. Oh my, but I really want to be the one scolded!)

At the thought of this, Gu Xiuxun couldn’t help but turn her head slightly and sneak a glance at Sun Mo.

“You guys...”

The middle-aged stood on the spot, feeling so angry that his entire body was shaking like a sieve.

“Won’t act without integrity?”

Ming Xian, who was in the crowd, looked at Sun Mo’s back view and couldn’t help but clap in admiration. “Well said!”

In this matter, the middle-aged guy was in the wrong for being too arrogant and self-conceited. He felt that just because he had made a great offer, Sun Mo should be offering smiles and currying up to him, agreeing to the proposal.

But in fact, even Gu Xiuxun didn’t care for him, let alone Sun Mo.

Some people’s values couldn’t be measured by money. If it had been for money and better prospects, the masochist’s best option would have been to stay in the Myriad Daos Academy. After all, that was her alma mater.

To put it simply, what Gu Xiuxun pursued was ideals. She admired An Xinhui and wanted to help Central Province Academy return to the ranks of the Nine Greats, or even be at the pinnacle of Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces.

After the praise, Ming Xian then felt a sense of disappointment.

He had lost again.

To win against Sun Mo, Ming Xian, who was from the Liang Province, had traveled great distances to the unfamiliar Central Province to take the great teacher examination. However, he had still lost.

This time around, Ming Xian had accepted his defeat.

He really couldn’t win against Sun Mo!

(What should I do now? Fulfill my promise and not be a teacher anymore?)

Ming Xian sat on the steps by the roadside not far away from the school, looking at the passersby. His gaze looked troubled. If people looked at him closely, he would seem as if he had turned into stone.


Gu Xiuxun entered the school gates and couldn’t help but turn back to take a glance.

“I know you aren’t happy about that middle-aged guy, but there’s no need to toss out the great teacher halo, right? You’ve really offended him thoroughly.”

The masochist was speechless. (Can you change your habit of throwing out halos randomly?)

“I didn’t want to do that either!”

Sun Mo was helpless.

Priceless Advice activated by itself. Every time a great teacher halo had said something heartfelt and extremely influential, they’d release this halo automatically, preaching to the people around them.

Sun Mo had only said things without thinking too much into them, not expecting the great teacher halos to shoot out like that!

“To hell that I’d believe that!”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. Other than saints, who’d be able to release great teacher halos with just a casual word? Given how two-faced Sun Mo was, he was definitely doing this deliberately.

By the looks of it, Sun Mo had become completely famous after the examination yesterday, and there’d be a lot of leaders from many famous schools who would come to headhunt him. After this display, his value would increase by at least one-third.

“He’s really a schemer!”

Gu Xiuxun felt that she should be more careful and not end up being deceived by Sun Mo while still helping him!


The list of names who had passed the live lecture was put up on the notice board as usual.

The rows included would be the examinees’ names, followed by how many excellent votes and ordinary votes they received. Eliminated votes wouldn’t be included.

The ranking would be based on the number of outstanding votes, from the most to the least. If there were people with the same number of votes, then the number of ordinary votes they received would be compared next. If the number was still the same, then they’d receive the same ranking.

It was 9 a.m. and over 1,000 people had gathered around the notice board. Other than the examinees who came to check out the results, there were also some leaders from famous schools wanting to check them out. When they saw the namelist, they were instantly taken by astonishment.

“My god, what is with this result?”

“Over 1,000 excellent votes? Are they sure that there aren’t any mistakes with the tallying?”

“The ones in charge of tallying the votes are all great teachers, and there are multiple rounds of tallying, so there definitely won’t be any mistakes. Therefore, there’s no issue with this number.”

“So scary! This has already broken the records, right?”

The examinees talked amongst themselves, wearing astonished expressions.

“That’s great! I passed!”

An examinee bellowed excitedly, waving his arms around.

In the past, an examinee like him would definitely receive a lot of envious gazes. But that wasn’t the case today.

,061 excellent votes, one ordinary vote!

What a horrifying number this was!

It was clear after looking at the second place.

Tong Tong, 521 excellent votes, 37 ordinary votes. If this was in the past, she’d definitely come up at the top. But now, the one in the first place had twice the number of votes she had.

“F*ck your mom, 80 votes! Thank goodness!”

An examinee who had just rushed over to the notice board found his name on the list. He then shouted out loudly, both in excitement and fear. He put his palms together, praying to thank the gods.

His friend immediately congratulated him.

“Sigh, my luck wasn’t that good and I got assigned to the 5 p.m. slot. Otherwise, I would definitely be able to get ten or more votes!”

This lucky examinee exclaimed, having a little disappointment in his tone. After all, having a good result would increase their value.

Hearing this, an examinee next to him couldn’t hold it in anymore and bellowed furiously, “You should be kneeling down and kowtowing to the goddess of luck, thanking her for giving you great luck! We’re the ones who were unlucky! We got the 6 p.m. slot and even though we could have passed, we weren’t able to!”

“What does that mean?”

The lucky examinee who got shouted at appeared stunned. Someone next to him explained.

“They were really utterly unlucky. They took the examination at the same time slot as that Sun Mo, the person who got the first place!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》