Absolute Great Teacher
464 That Sun Mo Is Actually So Terrifying?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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464 That Sun Mo Is Actually So Terrifying?


“They just took the examination at the same time. Is Sun Mo’s influence so great?”

Someone had doubt and felt that this was too much of an exaggeration.

“Take a look at the top ten!”

Everyone then looked toward the notice board once again.

“What’s wrong?”

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem!”

“Can you not keep things in suspense and say it quickly?”

The examinees urged.

“Didn’t you guys notice that Gu Qingyan’s name is missing? I’ll say this then. Sun Mo and him were both in the 6 p.m. slot.”

The person who said this was Gu Qingyan’s loyal fan and felt that it wasn’t worth it.

When everyone heard this, they were suddenly taken by surprise. That was right. Gu Qingyan was a top graduate from the Skyraise Academy. It would be a humiliation for him to not be in the top ten. Hence, they went down the list and only saw his name in the latter half.

Gu Qingyan, 97 excellent votes!

This number was very good to an ordinary examinee. However, when this result was tagged to Gu Qingyan, it was a strong case of him being off his game.

“This is the influence of Sun Mo’s live lecture. He successfully attracted almost all the patrolling examiners and students.”

“I am really down on my luck! I’d be able to pass if I wasn’t taking the examination together with him!”

“Don’t you think that we’re aggrieved?

Those examinees from the 6 p.m. slot felt so miserable that they wanted to spurt out blood. It would be one thing if they weren’t capable, but it was really hard for them to accept the fact that they had flunked because of Sun Mo!

“Thank goodness!”

The examinee who had been complaining about being assigned to the 5 p.m. slot looked so spooked. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “That Sun Mo is actually so terrifying?”


Favorable impression points from Zhang Long +100. Friendly (150/1,000).


Sun Mo didn’t squeeze his way to the front. He stood outside the crowd, tiptoeing to take a glance. After all, the first place was at the very top and wouldn’t be hidden by the moving heads of the people in front of him.

“Hehe, tenth place. Congratulations!”

Sun Mo congratulated the masochist. To think that she had managed to squeeze into the top ten. That was amazing.

“I don’t wish to talk to you!”

Gu Xiuxun was considered to have outperformed herself to get this result. By right, she should feel happy about it. However, after seeing Sun Mo’s exceptional result, she felt very complicated about it.

(We’re all of the same age, but why are you so outstanding? Forget it, I’ll stop with the comparison. Otherwise, I’d have early wrinkles.)


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +500. Reverence (16,800/100,000).

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo called out. However, the two of them hadn’t walked off for too far when they were stopped by a white-haired old man.

“Teacher Sun, my surname is Bai and my name is Zao. I’m the vice-headmaster of the Virtuous Academy [1].”

The old man looked very apologetic. “Pardon me for having disturbed you!”

“Nice to meet you!”

Since the man’s attitude wasn’t bad, he wouldn’t show a bad attitude himself. However, the name Bai Zao [2] was really funny!

“I grew up in a poor family and we couldn’t afford food. I was brought up eating mashed wild dates that my mother picked, and thus was given this name!”

Bai Zao explained.

“She’s really a mother that deserves great admiration!”

Sun Mo felt strong respect.

“Sun Mo, the Virtuous Academy is ranked in the top five of the ‘C’ grade schools. They often are able to rise in the ‘C’ grade league tournament!”

Gu Xiuxun was worried that Sun Mo would give off a bad attitude and quickly reminded him.

A school like this far surpassed the other ‘C’ grade famous schools. However, they weren’t able to establish themselves in the ‘B’ grade and thus were like an elevator, moving up and down repeatedly.

Virtuous Academy’s ranking was actually very awkward. It made them unable to afford headhunting renowned high-star level great teachers. After all, their ranking was low and they could only rely on throwing in a large amount of money to attract the high star-level great teachers to the school.

At the very beginning, the Virtuous Academy had done this a few times, but they were quickly unable to sustain it. After all, it cost a lot of money to keep a high star great teacher. Therefore, the headmaster changed his plan and started to headhunt new talents from great teacher examinations.

With that, they managed to form an escalating team.

Although these people were all youngsters and might not be of a high star level, they had a strong drive and were willing to spend long hours learning and improving themselves. In addition, they had a good aptitude to begin with and thus could produce some results too.

The only troublesome thing was that they weren’t stable enough.

“If we can headhunt this Sun Mo, in ten years, no, five years, he’ll definitely become the top teacher in Virtuous Academy. In addition to having these few batches of young great teachers as the core pillars, our Virtuous Academy will definitely be able to establish a standing in the ‘B’ grade.”

Bai Zao was all smiles. A school’s strength was dependent on the strength of their teachers. Therefore, his admiration for Sun Mo was stronger as he looked at him.

“Teacher Sun, I’ll spare all the polite talk. The reason I’ve come today is because I wish to invite Teacher Sun to be a teacher in our Virtuous Academy. You can feel free to bring up any conditions that you have!”

Bai Zao drew back his smile and said in a solemn tone, “No matter what it is, we’ll do our best to fulfill them.”

Gu Xiuxun was stunned when she heard this. (Isn’t Virtuous Academy being too generous about this? But this is really a lot of sincerity they are showing.)

Bai Zao was a vice-headmaster, yet he was headhunting Sun Mo so openly in public. Hence, he definitely wouldn’t dare to lie, or the Virtuous Academy’s reputation would be soiled.

In the great teacher world, the higher ranking the academy, the more they valued their reputation.

“Thank you, Vice-headmaster Bai for your great kindness, but I have no wish to leave the Central Province Academy for now!”

Sun Mo could sense Bai Zao’s kindness and sincerity, thus his tone also sounded very amicable and respectful. This was how he was like. If you show me respect, I’ll return you in folds.

“Oh? Is it because you have any difficulties? If you don’t mind, please say it. The Virtuous Academy is willing to give our support to help!”

Bai Zao felt that Sun Mo might have owed a debt of favor to the Central Province Academy, causing him to be unable to leave. However, that was alright. The Virtuous Academy could help him with that.

“Sun Mo, they’re really very sincere!”

This time around, even Gu Xiuxun was moved by Bai Zao.

“I’m sorry.”

Sun Mo could only apologize once again.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. But I hope that Teacher Sun can give it more consideration. The Virtuous Academy really hopes that Teacher Sun can come to teach at our school. I feel that in the next 20 years, you will become a top pillar of our school!”

Bai Zao had headhunted too many new talents and was very experienced. One look at Sun Mo and he knew how he could move him.

He should take a soft approach, to get Sun Mo to feel guilty and indebted to him. Sun Mo’d then fall to the bait with that.

However, Bai Zao wasn’t lying either. He really wanted to nurture Sun Mo as a core member of their school for the next 20 years. Look at his results. It was definitely one of its kind in the past 30 years.

The Virtuous Academy was a famous school in the top five of the ‘C’ grade schools and they valued their face. Usually, their headhunting attempts would be done in private. In this way, even if they were rejected, things wouldn’t be awkward.

But with Sun Mo, Bai Zao couldn’t wait anymore. What if such an outstanding talent like Sun Mo got snatched by other schools first?

Even if he couldn’t headhunt him successfully, he must leave a good impression first!

Sun Mo and Bai Zao didn’t try to lower their voices intentionally when they talked. In addition to how great teachers all had a good sense of hearing, some examinees who were closer to them were instantly very astonished when they overheard the conversation.

Sun Mo had soared up to fame with this one examination!

When these people subconsciously stopped in their footsteps, other people also saw Sun Mo. A few teachers and graduates from Virtuous Academy immediately ran over to greet Bai Zao when they saw him.

“Did you see that? That is Sun Mo!”

“F*ck! To think that he’s so handsome? He’s so tall as well?!”

“How are others going to live like that? He’s already so talented, but he turns out to be so handsome as well?”

“Who is that lady next to Sun Mo? Hmph, she looks so frivolous! It’s clear from one look that she’s a b*tch!”

The examinees chattered away amongst themselves. A few ladies started shooting their mouths off because they had flunked the examination and were jealous of Gu Xiuxun.

“Old Bai, this is inconsiderate of you. The hidden regulations of the great teacher world are to headhunt after the examinations are over. Why are you making a move now?”

An old man teased and walked over, greeting Sun Mo, “I’m the vice-headmaster of Wingspread Academy, Jiang Mu. Haha, although my surname is Jiang, I’m not related to Guangling’s Jiang Clan in any way!”

“Vice-headmaster Jiang!”

Jiang Mu smiled. He could sense the favorable impression from Jiang Mu.

“I must say. Your words ‘if one doesn’t have the capabilities, they are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door’ are really good. Many youngsters have started to become opportunistic and toadying for personal gain. There really aren’t many who put their focus on their studies.”

Jiang Mu patted Sun Mo’s shoulder hard when he said this, feeling a little regretful.

Sun Mo felt a little awkward. It was because this praise was too straightforward.

“The Wingspread Academy is commonly ranked in the top ten of the ‘C’ grade schools. Sun Mo, you’ve really gotten famous!”

Gu Xiuxun said softly.

“Old Jiang, your school isn’t good in the spirit rune department. Don’t waste an unpolished gem like Teacher Sun!”

Bai Zao secretly mocked in his heart, (If I were to abide by the rules, Sun Mo would have been headhunted away by someone. Jiang Mu is a great example.)

“It’s because we aren’t good in this area that we need Teacher Sun to come and bring it up to greater heights!”

Jiang Mu said this and then patted Sun Mo’s shoulder. “The future of our Wingspread Academy will depend on you now!”

They were all very experienced in society and what kind of scenes had they not come across before?

Jiang Mu went along with the flow and flattered Sun Mo again.

“This student wouldn’t dare!”

Sun Mo quickly said modestly.

Not only were these two vice-headmasters, but they were also 5-star great teachers. Therefore, it wasn’t wrong for Sun Mo to address himself as a student. On the other hand, it’d make him appear modest and polite.

“Look at his choice of words. It’s no wonder he can take the position of a vice-headmaster.”

Gu Xiuxun thought of that middle-aged man from Yuanbo Academy that they had met previously. Why were there such huge differences between people?

When the examinees in the surroundings saw this scene, they were all very envious.

Even though ‘C’ grade might seem very bad, there were over 100 countries and countless hundred million square meters of land in Middle Earth’s Nine Provinces. Out of which, there were only 72 ‘C’ grade famous schools.

‘B’ grade and ‘A’ grade famous schools rarely came to a 1-star great teacher examination to headhunt talent because they viewed themselves in high importance, had too great a background, and had too strong an appeal to others. They’d just headhunt high star great teachers who were already famous.

Right now, two vice-headmasters of ‘C’ grade famous schools had come to headhunt Sun Mo. What a great recognition and glory this was!

A few other famous schools’ heads and department heads were here to check out the examinees’ results. When they saw this scene, all of them sank into an entanglement.

“Should I go out? Or should I not?”

Their statuses were too low and the ranking of their schools was also incomparable to Virtuous Academy and Wingspread Academy. If they were to go out to headhunt Sun Mo, they’d definitely be seeking their own humiliation and wouldn’t be able to succeed. However, if they didn’t go, what if he was headhunted by someone else?

“Sigh, Sun Mo, why are you so outstanding?”

A head was displeased and after letting out a sigh, he braced himself up and walked over. At the very least, he should go make himself known.

At this moment, a student dashed toward Sun Mo.

“Who are you?”

Gu Xiuxun was surprised and wanted to block in front of Sun Mo. However, Sun Mo’s movement was faster and he had already taken a step forward, looking like a sturdy barrier.

Looking at Sun Mo’s wide back, the masochist instantly felt a sense of security. For a second, she felt like hugging this back and sticking herself against it.

[1] The raws for Virtuous Academy separately is qiu (autumn) and shi (truth/solid) but when two words are placed together, they can mean a person is virtuous.

[2] The word ‘zao’ from Bai Zao’s name translates to jujubes/dates.

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