Absolute Great Teacher
465 Three Kneels Nine Kowtows, Acknowledging Teacher On the Spot!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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465 Three Kneels Nine Kowtows, Acknowledging Teacher On the Spot!


Near the notice board of the school’s field.

Sun Mo stood in front of Gu Xiuxun and looked at this nervous-looking young man who was about 12 or 13 years old. He suddenly smiled in self-mockery.

(I’ve been overly anxious. This is Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces, but it won’t be to the extent that a violent slashing incident would take place, right?)

Sun Mo had lived in China for over 20 years after all. He had heard of many slashing news in schools, hospitals, and kindergartens. Therefore, when he saw a guy dashing over with an anxious expression, he instinctively protected the masochist.

There weren’t any laws protecting underage youngsters in the nine provinces, right?

Sun Mo was still lost in his thoughts when the young man dashed up to him, dropping to his knees with a plop. He then did three kowtows.

Bai Zao and Jiang Mu exchanged glances. What was he doing? Acknowledging a teacher?

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo reached out his hand to help the young man up.

“It’s all my bad. I harmed Teacher!”

The young man was tear-streaked, looking troubled and regretful, refusing to get up.

Sun Mo’s brows furrowed slightly. After being stunned for a short moment, he guessed the reason and then consoled, “Get up first. We can talk properly!”

“Teacher, it’s all because of me that you’ve lost your perfect record!”

The young cried very sadly, his chest filled with a strong sense of guilt.

He was called Zhou Qisen and he was one of the new students in Guangling Academy. He had been lucky to have been selected as one of the students participating in this examination, in-charge of assessing the examinees.

Zhou Qisen valued this job very highly, and thus would pay attention to every class very seriously. He had been very excited during Sun Mo’s class.

It was because Sun Mo had done an excellent job in teaching. Having entered the school for close to a year, Zhou Qisen had attended some great teachers’ classes before. There were a few 3-star great teachers who did a very good job of teaching. He thought that it was how great teachers should be. However, after having attended Sun Mo’s class, he realized that there was always someone better out there.

Sun Mo had an overwhelming victory against those 3-star great teachers.

Back then, Zhou Qisen was very agitated, even having the thought of transferring schools. Therefore, his mind was in a chaotic mess. In addition to there being a lot of people discussing amongst themselves noisily, he gave the wrong vote without paying attention.

He should have used the excellent vote but ended up giving an ordinary vote instead.

Zhou Qisen had felt a little unsettled and wanted to go to the administrative building to look for the examiners, telling them that he had cast the wrong vote. However, his good friend consoled that given the commotion of Sun Mo’s class, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to get a pass.

Only then did Zhou Qisen calm down. He came to check out the results early today, hoping that Sun Mo could pass.

If there were only 79 votes, then he’d have sinned greatly. He didn’t expect that Sun Mo’s result turned out so outstanding, sufficient for him to establish a great standing for 100 years.

,061 excellent votes!

This was a result that was even scarier than The Grand Slam. Zhou Qisen had heard from the examinees that this was a number that hadn’t appeared in 100 years in the Saint Gate’s 1-star great teacher examination!

Because of this, Zhou Qisen felt so terrible that he almost banged his head into the wall. There wasn’t a need to ask. That one ordinary vote was definitely the one he had cast.

“If I didn’t cast the wrong vote, you’d have a perfect record!”

Zhou Qisen felt that he was a sinner who had destroyed this record.

The commotion here was very big. Some examinees came over to watch the scene. After hearing Zhou Qisen’s words, they couldn’t help but feel extremely surprised.

“I thought that the person who used the ordinary vote was blind. So, it turns out to be a wrong vote!”

“Sigh, it’s really a great pity! A perfect record is wasted!”

“Haha, do you guys think Sun Mo would be driven to death?”

The examinees mumbled between themselves. Some of them who felt jealous of Sun Mo started to gloat. It was because the results couldn’t be changed.

“Get up. I want to thank you instead!”

Sun Moc chuckled and pulled Zhou Qisen up with force.


Gu Xiuxun was staring at Zhou Qisen with a displeased gaze. After all, he had destroyed Sun Mo’s perfect result that was hard to come by even in 100 years. However, when she heard Sun Mo’s words, she was stunned.

(Are you someone so magnanimous? If I were the one who encountered this, even if I might not do something like killing Zhou Qisen, I’ll definitely break his two legs, connect them back, and then break them once again.)

“The one ordinary vote can let me forever remember that I’m not perfect and flawless, that I still have room for improvement. I’ll constantly remain alert!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Without your one ordinary vote, I might end up being complacent!”


Zhou Qisen blinked his big eyes. When he heard Sun Mo’s words, not only did his feelings of regret not disappear, but they became even more intense. (It’s all my fault. I caused such a good teacher to lose his perfect record.)

“Alright, guys shouldn’t shed tears easily. Don’t cry anymore!”

Sun Mo put out his hand and wiped off Zhou Qisen’s tears, patting him hard on the shoulder. “But I still hope that you can remember this ‘lesson’. Life is like voting, it cannot be redone. Therefore, when you make an important decision, you must give more thought to it!”


Sun Mo’s body emitted golden light. Light spots then splattered out.


At the sight of this scene, the surrounding spectators were surprised.

“Priceless Advice?”

Does he have to flaunt like this?”

“But what he said is really good!”

The examinees who were seeing Sun Mo for the first time were all convinced by him. Look at him. He didn’t get angry because a student had caused him to lose his record because of a mistake. Instead, he was nice to the student, consoling and teaching him, saying something very philosophical.

And this great teacher halo had radiated through the entire field, within a radius of 1,000 meters. It was really terrifyingly strong.


Bai Zao clapped, his gaze filled with admiration as he looked at Sun Mo. He then sneaked a glance at Jiang Mu and secretly made a decision.

(No matter what offer you made, I’ll offer three times more. I must headhunt Sun Mo successfully.)

“It’s over. The difficulty to headhunt has increased again!”

Jiang Mu was smiling but secretly cursing in his heart. Sun Mo’s performance was probably going to lead a fight of the ‘C’ grade schools over him.


Gu Xiuxun couldn’t help but roll her eyes, nudging Sun Mo with her elbow. (I already told you to stop flaunting your great teacher halo.)


Zhou Qisen stood up, feeling very touched. Teacher Sun was really nice. He then knelt again.

“Teacher, I want to transfer school. I want to go under your wing and learn from you!”

After Zhou Qisen said that, he started kowtowing. Then, he remained on the ground, his entire body not moving.

Several examinees started to feel envious of Sun Mo. They had just become teachers and what they wanted the most was to have students, nurturing them into talents!

“Young man, what did I say earlier? When you encounter a great matter in life, you should put more thought into things!”

This time around, Sun Mo didn’t help Zhou Qisen up again. Instead, he looked at him, his tone sounding solemn, “You only made this decision while being affected by the great teacher halo.

“Let me ask you. What do you wish to learn from following me? Do you know what I excel in? Do you know how my character is?

“What if I turn out to be someone with a bad temperament and like to scold and beat people. What would you do then? After you acknowledge a teacher, you’ll have to bear with it for life!”

Zhou Qisen was stunned by Sun Mo’s consecutive questions. His countenance also turned anxious and grim.

He gave Sun Mo’s questions some thought and realized that he couldn’t answer any of them.

“You’re still young and haven’t seen much. After you attend my class, you admire me and thus have the idea of acknowledging me as your teacher. You should look around and listen more. Some great teachers are better than me at teaching!”

Sun Mo’s voice stopped sounding stern but became gentle instead.

“Moreover, would your parents feel at ease if you traveled far away to study? Will your family be able to support this expense? And you, will you be able to bear with the hardship?”

Zhou Qisen felt as if he was completely soaked by a basin of ice water, the enthusiasm in his heart rapidly cooling down. That was right. After thinking about it in detail, it was really troublesome.

“Wait a little more. If you still want to acknowledge me as your teacher in another two years, I’ll take you in!”

Sun Mo helped Zhou Qisen up. He had wanted to use Divine Sight to take a glance at this student’s data but dismissed the thought.

He wasn’t a saint who had no desires. He was worried that if he saw that Zhou Qisen’s potential value was too high, he might not be able to hold back and would take him in.

“Teacher, I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

Zhou Qisen bowed and greeted, having an additional hint of stability between his brows. It was because Sun Mo’s words made him more mature.


Favorable impression points from Zhou Qisen +100. Friendly (900/1,000).

Zhou Qisen left, but more examinees gathered over to assess Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, I didn’t expect that you have comprehended the true essence of being a great teacher despite your young age.”

As Jiang Mu said this, he looked around. “Not only must we nurture students’ abilities, but it is even more important to be their guiding light and not let them take a wrong path in life!”

The examinees quickly bowed to show that they had benefited from the teaching. A person like this was clearly a great character whom they couldn’t afford to offend.

Bai Zao felt even more satisfied with Sun Mo’s performance. Sun Mo didn’t feel proud just because a student had asked to acknowledge him as his teacher in public. Instead, he analyzed things for the student, allowing him to ponder about his choices.

Thinking from the students’ perspectives was the basic attribute of a good teacher.


Favorable impression points from Bai Zao +50. Friendly (350/1,000).

“Teacher Sun, I’m the Flying Eagle Academy’s head of teaching!”

A middle-aged man went up to greet Sun Mo, but before he could finish his words, he was interrupted.

Seven people introduced themselves, wearing amicable smiles and walking up to Sun Mo.

“F*ck your mom! There are so many competitors!”

Jiang Mu felt gloomy, having the urge to pick up a whip and chase these guys away!

The examinees’ eyes were red from envy.

“I’ve always thought that it was just a case of similar names, but I didn’t expect it to really be Sun Mo!”

An examinee who had graduated from Songyang Academy last year looked at Sun Mo, his face filled with astonishment.

“You guys should be from the same batch, right? Let’s go over and say hi?”

There were a lot of benefits if they knew someone like Sun Mo.

The Songyang graduate had been on the job for a year, and after having been bitten a few times, he knew how hard life was. When he heard his colleague’s words, he felt tempted and was about to go over. However, when he saw the leaders from the various schools around Sun Mo, he felt unsettled.

“Forget it!”

The Songyang graduate shook his head. “I don’t know him well!”

They really didn’t. In the school, this graduate had been a top character who ranked in the top 20 of the cohort. As for Sun Mo? Sorry, he was just an invisible character.

The reason why the graduate knew Sun Mo was because he looked handsome. The most beautiful girl of their cohort had wooed Sun Mo before but was rejected.

It was said that Sun Mo had a fiancée from the Black-White Academy. But no one took it seriously!

After all, even if this was the truth, this marriage talk would probably not go through in the end. It was because students from the Black-White Academy were destined to have great prospects. Sun Mo, being merely a student from Songyang, wouldn’t be a match for her.

“What kind of heavenly and earthly treasures did this guy eat? Why has he become so amazing within a year?”

The Songyang graduate couldn’t understand this. After all, Sun Mo’s name wasn’t in the top 100 of the graduation examination at all. Should he try to find out more about this? Why did Sun Mo go through such tremendous changes?

Regardless, Sun Mo had soared to fame through one examination. If the headmaster were to hear of this, he’d probably be elated.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》