Absolute Great Teacher
466 The Start of the Fourth Round, Question and Answer
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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466 The Start of the Fourth Round, Question and Answer


Headhunting was something that shouldn’t be done in public. Moreover, given that there were so many competitors, Jiang Mu and the others shared the same thoughts. After a casual chat with Sun Mo, they bade their leave.

“Be honest. Do you have any plans to leave?”

Gu Xiuxun felt curious because amongst the people who wanted to headhunt Sun Mo, one of them was the year’s head of a ‘B’ grade school. That was quite amazing.

“Not interested!”

Sun Mo said honestly.

“That’s good then!”

Gu Xiuxun was very satisfied with the reply. She then took out a piece of pearflower candy from her pocket and gave it to Sun Mo. “There, a reward!”

“This is very insincere!”

Sun Mo didn’t take it. “You should peel the wrapping for me!”


Gu Xiuxun raised her elbow and nudged Sun Mo’s stomach. But she then peeled open the wrapper and stuffed the milk-colored pearflower candy into Sun Mo’s mouth.

“Only this time. Don’t think about getting this special treatment in the future!”

Gu Xiuxun warned.


Sun Mo was stunned. He was just making a joke and didn’t expect that Gu Xiuxun really did it. Moreover, it was such an intimate act, causing his lips to remember the touch from Gu Xiuxun’s finger.

“Sun Mo, you’re really amazing!”

An abrupt voice rang out and then a hand suddenly patted Sun Mo’s shoulder from behind him.

Sun Mo turned and saw a young man with a birthmark on his forehead. However, this person should be very confident. Usually, people would try to find ways to hide their birthmarks, but this young man didn’t. Instead, he combed his hair back and left it exposed.

“I’m called Sun Shao.”

The young man put out his hand cordially. However, he knew that this wasn’t a good act and thus he drew his hand back midway.

“I thought that I’d be able to stand out in this great teacher examination, but I didn’t expect for there to be a few amazing guys. You, especially, leave me with no choice but to be convinced by you!”

Sun Shao stared at Sun Mo with admiration in his gaze. However, more of it was a sense of desire to excel.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo smiled. He knew this Sun Shao. Back in the first round of the examination, he had been reproached by Tang Nian.

“But I’ll definitely surpass you!”

Sun Shao smiled proudly. “I discovered someone with good potential. Although he isn’t smart, his aptitude is really good. Therefore, I’ve taken him in as my personal disciple, and I’ll be going for this year’s 2-star great teacher examination. I’ll definitely be able to pass it!”

“Really good aptitude? I’m telling you, Sun Mo has six such personal disciples!”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t like Sun Shao’s attitude.

The people in Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces were like those from ancient China. They liked to be reserved and modest, but this Sun Shao was flaunting too much.

“Is that so? Then you must definitely come! Let our students have a fight!”

Sun Shao couldn’t tell the mockery in the masochist’s words and challenged Sun Mo excitedly. “I’ll be going. My question and answer time is in the afternoon, so I have to go back and make preparations!”

The fourth round of the great teacher examination was question and answer. The seven main examiners would ask the examinees some questions that might involve their life and future. It was similar to interviews. Therefore, as long as there wasn’t something wrong with someone’s head, they’d definitely be able to pass.

This meant that the people who had passed the third round of the examination already had half their head wearing the crown of a 1-star great teacher.

After Sun Shao walked out for a short distance, he recalled something again and turned to shout out, “Sun Mo, stop flirting around. It’s not worth it. One only has a rushed 100 years in their life. Don’t waste your time on women. If you really can’t hold it in, then go get it dealt with at brothels!”

“Trust me! Getting into a relationship is a slow suicide!”

Not only was Sun Shao’s tone solemn, but his expression was very serious as well. Even Priceless Advice had erupted. A gold light circle erupted, radiating toward the surroundings.

“What do you mean by that?”

Gu Xiuxun bellowed out. It was because Sun Shao had been staring at her while advising Sun Mo. His meaning was very clear.

When the other women nearby heard this, they didn’t feel happy about it either.

His words made it sound as if women were vipers.

“Did you see that? This is how troublesome women are!”

Sun Shao shrugged and turned to leave, completely in his own world.


Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun left. Their question and answer segment was also in the afternoon. Therefore, they had to go back for preparations. At the very least, they had to take a bath and change into a new set of clean clothes.

They had to avoid leaving a bad impression in terms of their disposition and attitude.

Liu Mubai stood under a pine tree by the roadside, his expression grim. Who’d have expected that Sun Mo would come out like a dark horse, appearing with an astonishing aura.

Even Gu Qingyan had been suppressed to the extent that he appeared dull. As for himself, he didn’t even have the chance to act as a contrast for Sun Mo.

Was Liu Mubai’s performance not good enough?

That wasn’t it. He had obtained 500 excellent votes from the live lecture, coming in fifth place. However, even all of those from the top ten together wouldn’t be a match for Sun Mo, let alone by himself.

Sun Mo’s results were too astonishing, attracting all of the gazes onto him.

In the past, important characters like Bai Zao would be picky when they headhunted, with each of them having different targets. But this year, all of them headed for Sun Mo. As long as they could get Sun Mo, they’d have a top teacher for the next ten years.

This was how sad it was to be born in the same era as a genius!


Sun Mo returned to the hotel and had just entered the hall when he was stopped by an old man.

“Teacher Sun, I’m Springflower Academy’s vice-headmaster.”

The old man smiled, lowering his attitude, unlike how arrogant he had acted when facing Qian Dun.

“If you wish to headhunt me, then I can only say sorry!”

After saying that, Sun Mo headed upstairs.

The old man was stunned. This Sun Mo was so rude. However, it could just be his attempt to raise his value. Therefore, the old man didn’t say anything and was waiting for Sun Mo to regret his words. Despite this, Sun Mo didn’t slow down at all and eventually disappeared at the stairs.


The old man was stunned. Was Sun Mo not trying to scheme?

“He’s really rude!”

The attendant was very angry.

The old man didn’t pay his attendant any heed but just leaped to the third floor with one jump. “Teacher Sun, please hold on. I’m Warm Spring Blooming Flowers Academy’s vice-headmaster!”

The old man added emphasis when saying the words ‘Warm Spring Blooming Flowers’. He was worried that Sun Mo might not know of this school’s status.

“I know. A ‘B’ grade famous school!”

Sun Mo felt a little impatient. This old man’s attitude wasn’t as good as Bai Zao and the others.


The old man smiled, but there was a hint of displeasure in his eyes because Sun Mo’s tone was too frivolous, not having any respect at all.

“Teacher Sun, if I didn’t recall wrongly, the Central Province Academy should be a ‘C’ grade school, right? And it has just risen to ‘C’ grade this year?”

The attendant came up and spurted out right away.

“Shut up! Step down!”

The old man reproached and then looked toward Sun Mo. “This wretched attendant doesn’t know any better. Teacher Sun, please don’t hold it against him!”

Even though the old man apologized, there wasn’t any sincerity to his apology at all. If he was sincere, he’d be able to get that attendant to shut up right away and not reproach him after he was done saying his piece.

“Hehe, to speak the truth, I was shocked. From your attendant’s tone, I almost thought that you’re the vice-headmaster of the Nine Greats!”

Sun Mo feigned nervousness. “I’m just a small character and haven’t seen much. Therefore, pardon me for asking, is the attendant of an ‘A’ grade school’s vice-headmaster also so confident and proud?”


Gu Xiuxun couldn’t hold back her smile. Black Doggy Sun was really like a wild dog who had been released from his reins. This old man was in for it.

No matter how good the old man’s temper was, he couldn’t hold it in anymore when he heard this mockery. “Teacher Sun, I came with great sincerity. You didn’t have to treat me this way, right?”

“I’m sorry, I only see your arrogance!”

Sun Mo said outright.

“Arrogance? We’ve been waiting here to headhunt you since morning!”

The old man explained, “As the first famous school who shows goodwill toward you, don’t you think that you should show me basic respect?”

“I’m sorry, you aren’t the first. Virtuous Academy’s Vice-headmaster Bai was the first!”

Sun Mo retorted.

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. Some people were used to assuming airs, and thus even if they put on a polite attitude, you’d still be able to sense the contempt that came deep down from their bones and reflected through their eyes.

This was how it was for this old man.

Qian Dun also sensed this which was why he regained his pride.

The old man was stunned and then chuckled. “Virtuous Academy? They are just a ‘C’ grade school. Let me change the way I say things then. I should be the first to invite you amongst the ‘B’ grade schools, right?”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this time around, you can be ranked in second place!”

Sun Mo shrugged. “Alright, I still have to participate in the question and answer segment in the afternoon. I shan’t be wasting your time! Goodbye!”

After Sun Mo said that, he quickened his footsteps and returned to his room.

Gu Xiuxun left as well.

The old man stood in the corridors, appearing a little lost. (Are the youngsters these days all so arrogant? I am still a 5-star great teacher, alright? Why are you guys giving me this kind of attitude?)

The old man was in a high position and often received other people’s respect and smiles. It had been many years since he had come across youngsters like Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun who ignored him completely.

“Hehe, interesting. Let’s see if you can continue to act so cool!”

The old man’s countenance turned dark and he gave up on recruiting Sun Mo. “Let’s go!”


The attendant spat in the direction of Sun Mo’s room, thinking that Sun Mo really didn’t know what was good for himself.


After a simple washing up and lunch, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun headed for Guangling Academy to take part in the question and answer segment in the afternoon.

Gao Ben had a narrow pass with 80 votes. Zhang Lan, who was usually quiet and reserved, ended up getting over 100 votes.

After seeing Sun Mo, Gao Ben’s attitude became a lot better than before. He even took the initiative to greet Sun Mo because it wasn’t embarrassing to lose to someone like him.

Please, even Gu Qingyan had been crushed.

There were already quite a number of people along the corridors of the teaching building. Everyone kept quiet, but when gazes met, they’d nod to greet each other.

It was because these people would be from the same batch. It’d be the simplest line of connection.

“Next, Sun Mo!”

As the staff member called out for Sun Mo, all the gazes along the corridor turned over with a swoosh.

“Good luck!”

Gao Ben swung her fist, Zhang Lan smiled, and Gu Xiuxun pounded on Sun Mo’s chest gently.

Sun Mo raised his hand calmly, tidied his clothing, and then entered the office to start the question and answer segment.

“Do you guys think that there’s a chance he’ll fail?”

An examinee suddenly asked.

“That’s impossible. This place shall be the place where a legendary great teacher will be born!”

Mo Fei hugged his girlfriend and said as he looked at the closed office door.

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