Absolute Great Teacher
467 Sure to Pass!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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467 Sure to Pass!


The room wasn’t big, but there were seven great teachers seated inside.

This was the last round of the examination, and no one would usually end up failing this section. Therefore, all the main examiners were dressed in their great teacher long robes to show how serious they took this. At the same time, it was a demonstration of their strength.

This was a golden long robe given by the Saint Gate. The word ‘teacher’ was embroidered in front of the left chest, and there were six golden stars on top of the word. These represented the examiners’ star level.

After Sun Mo entered, he quickly took a glance around and couldn’t help but feel slightly astonished.

“To think that they are all 6-stars?”

This formation was extremely strong and brilliant. In the entire Central Province Academy, there were currently only three 6-star great teachers. Moreover, all of them were doing research and had stopped giving lessons.

As Jiang Wei was from Guangling, this was considered his territory and so he assumed the center seat. Mei Yazhi sat to his right.

Sun Mo threw a glance at the other five examiners. He didn’t know any of them, but they weren’t young. He could see wrinkles on their faces.

Mei Yazhi, who had a strong dignified-lady disposition, stood out a lot and sat amongst them.

There was a chair in the center of the room. Sun Mo walked over and sat down, looking very calm and settled.

The seven 6-star great teachers assessed Sun Mo, their gazes filled with curiosity. After all, he was the first person in 100 years to achieve the result he did.

It was sufficient to enter the Saint Gate’s history records.

“His bearing isn’t bad!”

Wang Song nodded, stroking his beard with his right hand as he gave this praise.

There had been quite a number of outstanding examinees who came in for the question and answer before Sun Mo. However, when they saw seven 6-star great teachers, they panicked a little.

-star great teachers didn’t just have great glory but also terrifying strength and great experiences. From them, they had nurtured an impressive disposition. Ordinary people would feel so nervous and frightened when they saw them, until they wouldn’t be able to speak properly.

Their only instinct was to kneel, kowtow, and listen to their teachings!

“He doesn’t look bad either!”

Wu Peiling chuckled. Although she looked like she was in her fifties, her voice sounded very pleasant, like that of a 17 or 18-year-old young lady. It sounded as if a yellow oriole was singing in the forest.

Sun Mo knew that he should be focused at the moment, but he couldn’t help but take a glance at Wu Peiling. Her laughter really caused one’s heart to throb.

To speak the truth, Sun Mo didn’t know whether or not he should feel happy. This cultivation art really would cause one to feel no desires if one were to practice it too much, turning them into a monk!

As a shut-in guy, he had lost his games and p*rn videos. Now, he had lost interest in masturbating as well. What meaning was there in life?

“Teacher Wu, don’t bully him!”

Mei Yazhi warned.

“Haha, what’s the matter? Has our cold and aloft Teacher Mei also developed an admiration for talent?”

Wu Peiling teased.

The other great teachers didn’t think much of Wu Peiling’s improper action. The people in Central Plains cared a lot about etiquette, and that men and women shouldn’t have skin contact with each other. However, Wu Peiling came from a minority ‘other’ ethnic group [1] of the southern mountains. They were open about love and relationships and were unrestrained.

It was said that in Wu Peiling’s ethnic group, there was even the custom of women snatching the groom at a wedding. If they developed a liking for a man, they could snatch the guy.

Mei Yazhi didn’t say anything.

“But I won’t give up a talent like him that’s hard to come by in a century!”

After Wu Peiling said that, she looked toward Sun Mo. “Youngster, are you willing to pursue further studies at our Myriad Spirits Academy?”

The Myriad Spirits Academy was one of the Nine Greats, the sacred sanctum of all people in the ‘other’ ethnic group. All of them viewed enrolling into the Myriad Spirits Academy as an honor.

“Thank you for your great kindness, but it’s too far away from home!”

Sun Mo sighed.

When Sun Mo saw the tattoos on Wu Peiling’s neck, the earrings on her earlobes being bigger than her bangles, he knew that this 6-star great teacher had a high chance of coming from the Myriad Spirits Academy.

This was the typical southern Yue Province’s costume. Zhang Lan was dressed in the same way.

“Hmph, you aren’t honest. If you don’t wish to go, just say so. Why say that it’s too far away from home?”

Wu Peiling’s expression instantly changed and she reproached with a solemn tone.

Everyone’s gazes turned toward Sun Mo, waiting for his reply. If he gave a bad reply, he might be labeled as having a bad character.

Sun Mo finally came to a realization that the question and answer by a 6-star great teacher couldn’t be assessed by rationality. It wasn’t a scene where one asked and the other answered either. The examinees’ character, personality, behavior, and habits would be tested through the seemingly casual conversation.

Although Wu Peiling gave a pressurizing feeling, Sun Mo didn’t panic but smile instead.

“I have a female colleague who is the same age as me, and she came from the Myriad Spirits Academy. I’ve always heard that girls from the southern Yue Province are all very bold and passionate, pursuing freedom and love. I thought that given my looks, I should be able to get a few girls to like me, right? But that wasn’t the case. That female colleague was terrifyingly aloof. She even set off venomous bugs and snakes to bite me. As for whether she used voodoo dolls to curse me, I have no idea about that.”

Sun Mo’s words caused them to prick their ears.

“What happened then?”

Wu Peiling seemed very interested.

“Then I was given a warning! She said that I’m not fitting of her. If I wish to marry a girl from the Myriad Spirits Academy, I’ll have to wait for another ten years!”

Sun Mo shrugged, wearing a helpless expression.

“Haha, that’s right. This is the style of our Myriad Spirits’ ladies!”

Wu Peiling clapped and laughed, no longer as solemn as she was before.


Favorable impression points from Wu Peiling +50. Friendly (110/1,000).

Mei Yazhi broke into a smile. Sun Mo was considered to have passed this round.

Jiang Wei, who had been quiet all this while, couldn’t help but raise his brows. This Sun Mo was really a schemer. If he had explained, then he’d have fallen into a trap.

However, his reply had flattered Wu Peiling, praising the ladies from the Myriad Spirits Academy, giving them a great surprise.

In Central Plains, the impression that the southern Yue Province’s ladies had was that they were free and undisciplined, easy to get their hands on and slept with. Anyway, they didn’t have a good reputation. However, Sun Mo went in the reverse route.

Think about it. If a great genius were to woo a lady from the Myriad Spirits and ended up being rejected, the reputation of the Myriad Spirits’ ladies would raise by a lot.

It was no wonder that Wu Peiling would feel happy about that!

“You sly guy!”

Wang Song glared at Sun Mo, seemingly angry but actually feeling very satisfied with him.

Compared to old-fashioned and inflexible teachers, a newcomer with such flexible thoughts was much better. They were also more willing to get along with people like this.

Sun Mo smiled, maintaining his reserved attitude.

The seven great teachers’ eyes lit up. Sun Mo’s demeanor really stood out a lot. He had the potential of becoming a celebrity teacher.

The reason why Wu Peiling had said those things was just to test Sun Mo. But now, she really wanted to get Sun Mo to join the Myriad Spirits Academy.

(After all, my granddaughter is still lacking a fiancé!)

When Sun Mo brushed his teeth and washed his face in every morning, he’d look into the mirror and practice for a few minutes, looking for the best angle and the arch of his lips.

There weren’t any great teacher halos in the modern world, and a teacher’s charm relied only on their looks and their personal bearing. Back then, Sun Mo had felt unsettled as well.

Now, Sun Mo had handsome looks and was equipped with multiple saint-tier cultivation arts. He even had a divine hall that was filled with spirit stones. Although he couldn’t say that he had too much money that he couldn’t finish spending them, it wouldn’t be a problem to contract all the famous and top prostitutes in Jinling City for a month.

With money, looks, talent, and even some power, it was no wonder that Sun Mo would be confident!

Once a man had confidence, the way they spoke and acted would have a unique charm.

“Teacher Sun, do you want to come to the Black-White Academy?”

Wang Song said solemnly, “This isn’t part of the question and answer segment. It’s a sincere invitation!”

Sun Mo immediately stood up and lowered his head to express his gratitude. “Thank you for your great kindness, but I feel quite good in the Central Province Academy, and my students’ developments aren’t bad either. I have no plans to job-hop now!”

Sun Mo’s impression of this old man wasn’t bad. Given his status, there wasn’t a need for him to address Sun Mo as ‘Teacher Sun’. The reason he did so was purely out of respect.

“You can bring your students along with you. If there’s anything you need, I’ll make sure that they’ll all be taken care of!”

Wang Song extended a strong invitation.

“Teacher Wang, you are being overboard.”

Jiang Wei smiled. “Are you not giving me face to be headhunting someone in our Guangling Academy’s territory?”

“Have you forgotten what this guy has done?”

Wang Song had a tease in his tone. “There’s no way that you’d want to take him in!”

Everyone laughed. They knew that what Wang Song was referring to was the conflict between Sun Mo and the Jiang Clan. Because of this, he even had a nickname ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’.

“I, Jiang Wei, aren’t that petty!”

Jiang Wei looked toward Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, do you want to come to our Guangling Academy to teach?”

“Teacher Jiang, thank you for your kind intention!”

Jiang Wei refused outright. He had wanted to activate Divine Sight and see if Jiang Wei was sincere or if it was just for show. However, he gave up on this thought in the end.

He was still in the midst of the examination. He felt that it’d be cheating to use Divine Sight.

Jiang Wei was an influential character and needed to act in a reserved manner. After being rejected by Sun Mo, he wouldn’t speak up again.

The other few great teachers also asked a few questions. However, the questions they asked weren’t the same as what they had posed to the other examinees. They held greater curiosity toward Sun Mo.

Mei Yazhi watched quietly, feeling very emotional. Geniuses would always get special treatment.

Other examinees would be afraid that they’d make a mistake. However, with Sun Mo, this segment had become a headhunting competition. Mei Yazhi believed that if Sun Mo showed the intention of wanting to job-hop, these few important figures would definitely make a move to fight for him.

Amongst all the great teachers, who wouldn’t want to have many pupils?

Even if they couldn’t be Sun Mo’s teacher, it wouldn’t be bad to nurture him, giving him opportunities because they’d definitely be able to earn back the favor given to him.

Wang Song took out his pocket watch to take a look and then suggested, “I think this should be enough. Shall we end it here?”

“Hold on!”

Wu Peiling looked toward Mei Yazhi. “Doesn’t Teacher Mei have anything to ask?”


Mei Yazhi looked toward Sun Mo with a serious gaze. “Teacher Sun, what is your initial intent of wanting to become a great teacher?”

This question was a little sharp. Everyone looked toward Sun Mo.


“Congratulations, you’ve broken the reward for the live lecture’s results, completing the achievement. Rewarded with one silver treasure chest!”

[1] In the real world, the term is Inorodtsy: Inorodtsy: literally meaning “of other origin,” inorodtsy denoted the ‘aliens’ or ‘natives’ of the Russian empire living specifically in Asia (Slocum, 177). Referring to anyone who was an ‘other’, inorodtsy applied to many different groups depending on the time and definition of a Russian.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》