Absolute Great Teacher
468 Only Achieving Success By Not Forgetting One“s Initial Intent!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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468 Only Achieving Success By Not Forgetting One“s Initial Intent!

Chapter 468: Only Achieving Success By Not Forgetting One’s Initial Intent!

The room instantly fell quiet.

Sun Mo didn’t notice the system’s notification at all. It was because he was deep in thought.

His initial intent of becoming a teacher?

Sun Mo had considered this question before.

He was a late bloomer, and he just docilely attended middle school, applied for high school, then went with the flow and attended university.

As his family lived in a village, they had limited education and didn’t know what opinions to give Sun Mo. Therefore, when he applied for the schools he aspired to go to, he selected them based on his scores. He didn’t consider if he liked this profession or not!

Therefore, Sun Mo entered the normal university [1] and became a teacher!

When he had just started working, he wasn’t familiar with everything and felt especially tired. He really wanted to quit and go travel the world. However, without any savings, he was worried that he’d starve to death while traveling.

Therefore, he could only work hard. After all, the higher his class’s ranking, the more bonuses he’d get.

As his work duration increased, Sun Mo came into contact with more students. There were students who got into a relationship at a young age, students who committed suicide by jumping off a building, students who took days as they came by, as well as students who faced financial difficulties at home and were forced to drop out of school...

Sun Mo thought about those students a lot. He wanted to help them, but his strength was really too small.


At this moment, the famous lines by Zhang Zai ‘To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth’ [2] should be used. After all, it had been passed down for over 1,000 years. It’d make him look very cool to say it in a situation like this.

However, Sun Mo didn’t think of saying this at all. His lips curled up into a smile and he spoke up.

“I don’t have lofty aspirations. I only want to do what little I can and let the students be able to live with a clear understanding of their life, living a life of great value. I want the things that I’ve taught them to be able to support their pride when they wanted to prove themselves and when they were being doubted. I hope that several decades down the road, when they looked back on their lives, there wouldn’t be any regrets!”

Sun Mo looked toward the window. There was a blue sky, floating clouds, as well as a white pigeon that flew past.

“It’s fine as long as I don’t let down this life!”

The instant Sun Mo’s last note fell, a golden light lit up from his body. Light spots then splattered out, radiating throughout the entire room.

Priceless Advice erupted!

However, the room remained as silent as it was earlier.

None of the seven 6-star great teachers said a word. They just looked at Sun Mo quietly. There were astonishment and pleasant surprises in their gazes, but these eventually turned into strong admiration.

This question was too broad and people tended to say empty words as a reply. For example, for the sake of students or to become saints. But Sun Mo didn’t do that.

He said his true feelings, simple and uncomplicated!


Wang Song suddenly shouted, clapping loudly. His face was filled with smiles.

The other great teachers also broke into a smile, giving him their applause. No one doubted Sun Mo because Priceless Advice had been activated.

Mei Yazhi looked at Sun Mo, her heart filled with emotions. This was a guy who liked to think and have his own ideas. Many great teachers couldn’t make sense of this reasoning even in their entire life.

Many youngsters wanted to become saints, but what they didn’t know was that saints didn’t just need to reach a high cultivation realm and be strong. Most importantly, they needed to become giants with lofty thoughts.

At this moment, Sun Mo showed the signs of standing on the giant’s shoulder!


“Congratulations, you’ve received +510 favorable impression points!”


“Congratulations, you’ve received the favorable impression points from seven 6-star great teachers in one go. You’re specially rewarded with one silver treasure chest!”

The system’s congratulations rang out again.

“Alright, Teacher Sun, we’re done with our questions. You can leave now!”

Jiang Wei smiled and got up.

At the sight of this scene, everyone felt a little surprised. They knew how strict this guy was. There were almost no junior teachers whom he would show deep respect for. Hence, his act of standing up to see Sun Mo out was a great sign of his extreme admiration.

Sun Mo got up, bowed slightly, and then left.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t display any arrogance at all.


“It’s been so long, but why isn’t he coming out yet?”

Gu Xiuxun was a little anxious. Sun Mo’s question and answer segment was clearly ten minutes longer than other people’s.

“He couldn’t have flunked, right?”

An examinee guessed.

“Stop dreaming. Scoring full marks for the written examination and breaking the record for the live lecture... A genius like Sun Mo would definitely be put through a detailed round of questioning by the main examiners!”

Mo Fei’s lips twitched. This entire process was also one to establish connections. After all, after today, the main examiners wouldn’t have many opportunities to meet Sun Mo.

Just then, a round of applause rang out in the room. Wang Song’s ‘excellent’ rang out and almost half the people along the corridors heard it.

Gu Xiuxun let out a long exhale. Sun Mo’s result was a done deal.

The door opened and Sun Mo walked out. After exchanging a glance with Gu Xiuxun, he left. It was because the Saint Gate had a regulation of not allowing the people who were done with the segment to have exchanges with those who weren’t.

“Next! Sun Shao!”

A staff member called out!

“Haha, it’s finally my turn. Just watch, you guys shall bear witness to the birth of a legend!”

Sun Shao was very confident. He tidied his hair, especially making sure to reveal his birthmark, then entered the room.


Mei Ziyu held onto a small wooden bucket and a spade and stood in front of the field’s notice board, wanting to check out Sun Mo’s results for the written examination in the second round. She then realized that there wasn’t a need to search for his name at all. It was because he was ranked in first place.

“I heard that Sun Mo had handed in the papers for the written examination one hour in advance!”

“That’s right! He was a lot faster than Gu Qingyan!”

“Therefore, his full marks have a lot more value than Gu Qingyan’s!”

“That might not necessarily be the case. They are both full marks, but he just did it a little faster. Is there any difference?”

A few examinees were discussing.

Hearing this, Mei Ziyu really wanted to tell them that the reason Sun Mo had received full marks was because there were only so many marks on the paper. On the other hand, Gu Qingyan had gone all out to get his full marks.

In Sun Mo’s eyes, this knowledge had become tools for him to explore the study of spirit runes. On the other hand, Gu Qingyan was still learning. He was still treating the knowledge as knowledge.

Of course, Mei Ziyu wouldn’t debate with other people. Therefore, she left with the small wooden bucket. She had walked for a distance away but could still hear their discussion.

“Gu Qingyan’s teacher is the Skyraise Academy’s headmaster, but no one has heard of Sun Mo’s teacher before. This proves that Sun Mo’s aptitude is higher!”

Mei Ziyu enjoyed the winter’s sunlight and walked along the small path. Suddenly, she came to a stop. She looked up and saw that Sun Mo was standing not far away in front of her.

“Hello, we meet again!”

Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.


Mei Ziyu’s face flushed up, her voice as soft as a mosquito’s buzzing.

“Are you feeling better?”

Sun Mo walked over.

“Yes, a lot better!”

Mei Ziyu withstood the shyness and looked up, looking straight at Sun Mo. “I really have to thank you for the other time. And congratulations on becoming a great teacher!”

“Are you sure that I wouldn’t flunk?”

Sun Mo teased.

Mei Ziyu’s covered her mouth and smiled. “If you failed the question and answer segment, you wouldn’t be in the mood for a leisure stroll.”

“Haha, I’ll accept your congratulations!”

Sun Mo could tell that a girl like Mei Ziyu wouldn’t take advantage of others. It was almost impossible for her to take the initiative to tell Sun Mo to give her a treatment. Therefore, he was the one who took the initiative.


Spirit qi gushed forth and the genie appeared, starting to give this girl with long black hair a massage.


Mei Ziyu was stunned. She was then immersed in the comfort.

Ten minutes later, the entire set of the ancient massaging technique ended.

“Take note of your diet. Don’t always eat vegetarian food. If you don’t like meat, then eat more fish!”

Sun Mo instructed, “With your constitution, you’ll have to strain your body less!”

“Thank you!”

Mei Ziyu bit her lower lips.

Sun Mo turned to leave. When he heard this, he waved his hand.

Mei Ziyu stood under the shade of the tree, looking at Sun Mo’s back view and feeling that he was very gentle.


After so many rounds of examinations, the remaining people weren’t that many. Moreover, the question and answer segment was very simple, and each examinee would only take around ten minutes to finish it. Since that was the case, all the examinations had ended by the second day’s afternoon.

The name list of everyone who had passed was put up on the notice board. At the same time, the Saint Gate also announced that there would be a certification awarding ceremony held at the Guangling Academy’s auditorium the next morning.

“Teacher Sun, should we have a meal together? Let’s celebrate passing the examinations!”

“Teacher Sun, can you give me some face and have a meal together with me?”

“Teacher Sun, I’ll be seeking your guidance in the future!”

The examinees who had failed had no right to look for Sun Mo. However, it was different for those who passed. From today onward, they were teachers of the same batch, and no one knew when they’d be meeting again next time. Therefore, some examinees who liked to make friends—no, they should be called great teachers now—came to look for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo rejected all of them politely.

On this night, the knocking on his door didn’t stop until midnight.

The next morning, 615 examinees who had passed were dressed in clean and neat teacher attire. They headed for Guangling Academy. After seeing Sun Mo, all of them took the initiative to greet him.

“You’re famous now!”

Gu Xiuxun teased.

“It’s troublesome to become this famous!”

Sun Mo felt helpless. It wasn’t as if he could pretend that he didn’t see others greeting him. Therefore, he had to keep on replying to them. As he smiled too much, the muscles on his face were all stiff now.

“Teacher Sun, other people would want this glory that you have now, but they can’t!”

Gao Ben teased.

There were staff members at the auditorium’s entrance, arranging the seating.

“Your names are stuck on the floor! Queue up according to the names!”

“Ah, Teacher Sun, good morning. Your seat is the first one on the first row.”

“Teacher Sun, nice to meet you! Nice to meet you!”

The staff members took the advantage of their positions to have a chat with Sun Mo. Their attitudes were very amicable and they weren’t trying to curry up to Sun Mo. They were just curious, wanting to see what kind of person this ‘One-Vote Sun’ who had broken the 100-years record was like.

“I’ll be leaving first!”

Gao Ben and Zhang Lan slipped off. As Sun Mo was too famous, he became the center of attention the moment he entered the auditorium. He was surrounded by many people.

“I’ll be leaving too!”

Gu Xiuxun left. She didn’t wish to be treated like a monkey, but it had only been a few minutes when she appeared not far away from Sun Mo again. It was because her overall results were 23rd, so she wasn’t far away from Sun Mo.

Liu Mubai was in the top ten. However, he felt very awkward. He had been working for three years. Despite that, Sun Mo ranked better than him.

“But I’m someone who is going to rise by three stars in a year. I shouldn’t care about this failure!”

Liu Mubai consoled himself.

Sun Mo was hesitating if he should be greeting Liu Mubai when he suddenly heard a loud proposal.

“Zhang Li, please marry me!”

Sun Mo turned and raised his brows. He didn’t expect the guy who was doing the proposal to be someone he knew. However, why did that woman look angry?

[1] Referring to a university that provides training for teachers.

[2] Zhang Zai was a Chinese philosopher (1020-1077). The four lines of this famous quote from him can be translated as ‘To ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for the people, to continue the lost teachings of past sages, and to establish peace for all future generations.’

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》