Absolute Great Teacher
470 Award Ceremony, Life’s Peak
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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470 Award Ceremony, Life’s Peak

Chapter 470: Award Ceremony, Life’s Peak


After hearing everyone shouting ‘Marry him!”, Sun Mo felt very awkward. This was especially so when Gu Xiuxun was staring at him. Her gaze seemed to contain something fishy, making him feel very nervous.

After being single for so long, who didn’t want a girl to accompany them?

When Sun Mo was young, he had once seen a classic french film [Fanfan] in Central 6th Broadcasting Station. There was a sentence in the film ‘At your age, I’d have fucked an ostrich!’.

It was somewhat tragic to speak of this because Sun Mo only understood the meaning of this sentence when he was nearing 30. Hence, he couldn’t help but lament for all the missed opportunities in his youth!

However, at this moment, Sun Mo was fretting. He did feel some good will toward Gu Xiuxun, but he wasn’t in love with her. Besides, he had a marriage engagement, and it was absolutely impossible for him to propose to Gu Xiuxun.

If he directly changed the topic, he would hurt the masochist. After all, in the eyes of the spectators, he and Gu Xiuxun seemed to be a pair.

Just when Sun Mo was racking his brains on how to resolve this crisis, Gu Xiuxun suddenly acted. She really acted.

A punch landed in Sun Mo’s stomach.

“I treat you as a friend, yet you are thinking about bedding me?”

This sentence had once been said by Sun Mo. Right now, she was ‘returning’ it to him.

The surrounding great teachers were startled. After that, they started laughing uproariously. This sentence was truly too humorous. After that, they started to applaud.

They could all tell that the relationship between the two of them should be above friendship but hadn’t reached love yet.


Sun Mo thanked her.

“Hmph. Ten massages or this matter isn’t over!”

Gu Xiuxun feigned anger. In her heart, she didn’t know why, but she felt somewhat disappointed.

In truth, even she was very surprised. Earlier, she had felt some anticipation for Sun Mo to propose to her?

“Teacher Sun, thank you!” Fang Wuji laughed self-mockingly. “I’ve let you see a joke!”

“This is nothing. A man is always standing upright, supporting the heavens with his shoulder. Hence, there would be times where we feel fatigued. In the future, when you are tired, you can always look for me for a drink!”

Sun Mo laughed and gently punched Fang Wuji’s chest.

At this moment, Sun Mo was pitying Fang Wuji as a fellow single-dog.

“If there’s nothing else, just go back to your rows to line up.”

A few minutes ago, Tang Nian had walked over. After seeing the matter was concluded, he spoke, “Teacher Sun, later on, after we gave out all the certificates, we need you to head up to the stage and give a speech as the representative of 1-star great teachers of this batch. You should prepare yourself!”

Tang Nian basically didn’t give Sun Mo a chance to reject. After speaking, he left directly.


Gu Xiuxun lifted her hand and punched Sun Mo in the stomach again.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Mo rubbed his belly. There was a puzzled look on his face.

“You spoke of something impressive again. Can’t I be jealous a little?”

Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo with curiosity in her eyes. “I really want to open your brains up to take a look. Why are you always able to say so many emotionally-touching things?”

“There’s no solution to this. I’ve been force-fed chicken soup too many times!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Not far away, Gu Qingyan and Liu Mubai both saw this scene. Gu Qingyan fell silent, while Liu Mubai’s lips twitched. He only felt that Fang Wuji was really foolish.

Under Tang Nian’s instructions, the great teachers started to line up.

Sun Mo stood at the front of the line, and there was a beautiful woman behind him named Tong Tong, the top graduate of the Jixia Learning Palace.

However, Sun Mo had no interest in her. Instead, he was looking at Sun Shao, the fellow with a birthmark on his forehead. He heard that Sun Shao’s results weren’t bad, but why didn’t he see him around?


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 1,201 favorable impression points!”


“Congratulations, you have obtained favorable impression points from over 200 great teachers in one sitting. Reward: 1 bronze treasure chest!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

On the ceremonial stage, Jiang Wei gave a speech as the representative of Saint Gate.

He first gave an introduction to the Saint Gate’s history. After that, he encouraged and warned the examinees, telling them that they had to always remind themselves, to adhere to the standard of a great teacher at every single moment. They mustn’t walk the wrong path and blacken the reputation of their title.

Sun Mo grew increasingly sleepy as he listened to the speech. As expected, regardless of the era, the speeches of leaders would always be similar, long and tedious. Other than the leader himself who felt that his speech was good, everyone would surely feel annoyed at some points.

“Next, we will begin the ceremony and give out the certificate and seal of 1-star great teachers. Those whose names are called are going to get up the stage!”

After Jiang Wei spoke, he stood to the side.

Because Jiang Wei, Mei Yazhi, and the other 6-star great teachers had to give out the certificates and seals, minor matters such as calling the names out fell to Tang Nian.

“Sun Mo, please head up the stage!”

As the sound of Tang Nian’s voice faded, applause rang out.

The first-ranked would be the one to get up the stage first. This was the glory belonging solely to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations!”

Jiang Wei passed a certificate which sides were embedded with gold to Sun Mo. After that, the female great teacher carried a tray over and took a square-shaped seal and passed it to Sun Mo.

The certificate was too large, and it wasn’t convenient to carry around. However, this seal that was made of copper was square-shaped and only the size of a mahjong tile. It was very thin, and one could either put it in their pouch or hang it at their waists.

The officials and scholars of the Middle-Earth all loved to wear jade on their bodies. As for great teachers, they would wear their seals. It was considered a type of custom.

“I hope you will be able to get a golden seal as soon as possible!”

Mei Yazhi encouraged Sun Mo.

The great teacher seals for each rank were all different. The seals of 1-star and 2-star great teachers were made from copper, 3-star and 4-star from gold, 5-star and 6-star from jade, and great teacher seals above 6-star were made from ore extracted from the Darkness Continent, and they contained a magical effect.

However, although this was a small squarish copper seal, there was a voice-type spirit rune inscribed on it. As long as one channeled their spirit qi into it, the great teacher’s voice would be amplified by more than ten times.

At the same time, there was a ‘Perceptive’ halo effect imbued on the great teacher seal. It could allow great teachers to maintain a state of high perception at every moment, increasing their learning efficiency.


Sun Mo bowed slightly.

After that, Sun Mo got down the stage and the second batch of great teachers headed up.

“Tong Tong, Mo Fei, Zhou Lan, Liu Mubai...”

Tang Nian read the names out. This time around, there were a total of nine people.

Because they didn’t hear Gu Qingyan’s name, everyone under the stage subconsciously cried out in alarm. However, they soon closed their mouths because they already knew the reason.

Because Gu Qingyan’s lecture time slot was the same as Sun Mo, the number of excellent votes he could get was greatly lowered. If not, even if he didn’t get second place, he would still be in third place.

The names continued to be read out, but all the way until the last batch of great teachers, Sun Mo hadn’t heard Sun Shao’s name. This caused him to feel very surprised.

This shouldn’t be the case, right? Could it be that Sun Shao was sick? If not, did he screw up in one of the rounds? But how stupid would he have to be to screw up an examination round to the extent where all seven 6-star great teachers wanted to remove him?

“Next, the top ranker of this batch of examination, Teacher Sun, will be the representative of the group and come up to the stage to deliver a speech!”

Jiang Wei announced and applauded.

Sun Mo retracted his thoughts and walked up to the ceremonial stage. After that, he held his great teacher seal and infused spirit qi into it.


Sun Mo coughed once. The sound was instantly amplified and circulated through the entire place.

No one laughed. Over 600 great teachers were staring at Sun Mo curiously, waiting for him to make some shocking speech. After all, he was a genius that broke the hundred-year record.

“Everyone, what I want to say is this. Let go of those happy and unhappy matters and simply cheer. Go and enjoy this victorious moment to your utmost, enjoy the joy of becoming a life winner. Lastly, don’t forget all of your original hearts, always temper yourselves and continue to advance!”


After Sun Mo spoke, he walked down the stage.

Jiang Wei and the other few major characters were stunned. The newbies at the bottom of the stage were stunned as well. Just this? Wasn’t this too simple?

But after that, they slowly understood.

Although Sun Mo’s speech was short and not even ten seconds long, everything that was needed to be said was already said. Also, his speech was filled with charm.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Applause rang out.

“Teacher Sun’s elegant manner isn’t bad!”

“Yeah, in his shoes, I would definitely recite a long speech to display my talents!”

“Being able to simplify his speech while retaining the marvelous essence is also a type of talent. I’m impressed!”

The great teachers discussed. As long as one wasn’t a fool, they could see the self-confidence, elegance, and calmness exuded by Sun Mo in all his casual actions.

The demeanor he exuded just by standing there would cause people to involuntarily pay attention to him. Every word he said would cause people to instinctively believe in it.

“A very wonderful performance!”

Wu Peiling exclaimed in admiration.


Favorable impression from Wu Peiling +50. Friendly (160/1,000).

Jiang Wei smiled and glanced toward his son who was standing not far away.

Jiang Zhitong was applauding, but his brows were heavily furrowed with unhappiness. He truly didn’t imagine that this Sun Mo would be so outstanding to such a degree.

“No wonder the old headmaster of the Central Province Academy wants An Xinhui to marry him. However, why would someone like Sun Mo attend the Songyang Academy?”

Jiang Zhitong couldn’t understand this. He had investigated Sun Mo’s origin.

With his standard, he could go to any school he wanted!

Sun Mo returned to the line very calmly. It wasn’t that he was indifferent to favor or disgrace, rather, his mind was wandering.

“This moment should be my life’s peak, right? My luck value should be boosted, right?”

Sun Mo mumbled and started opening treasure chests. He felt that opening them now would surely give him something good.

“System, let’s open the bronze chest first to test my luck!”

A thick green glow vanished, leaving behind a skill book!

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened.


“Congratulations on obtaining a skill book. A part of the Darkness Continent Great Plants Encyclopedia – 1,000 types of species. Proficiency level: Expert-grade!”

The system congratulated him, however, its voice was machine-like and emotionless.

“Open again!”

Sun Mo continued.

The silver treasure chest clicked open. After that, a bright green glow almost blinded Sun Mo’s eyes.


“Congratulations on obtaining five 10-year time emblems!”

Sun Mo wanted to whistle. As expected, his luck value was off the charts today. (In that case... let’s open more!)

The last silver treasure chest opened and he still obtained something!


“Congratulations, you have obtained the most fertile dark soil, a huge load of them!”


Sun Mo cursed in his heart, wanting to shout some vulgarities. These clumps of dark soil before him could be stacked into a small mountain, but what the hell could this be used for?

“Isn’t this the phrase ‘don’t celebrate too soon, things could still go wrong!’, that’s always spoken by you humans?”

The system teased.


Sun Mo angrily berated.

Mei Ziyu stood at a corner as she applauded, silently looking at Sun Mo while feeling envy. She also wanted to compete with these geniuses, but her body was just too weak. It basically wouldn’t permit her to do so.

“Living in the same era as so many geniuses, yet I can only see them rising into the sky. As for myself, I don’t even have the chance to be in the audience. How tragic!”

Mei Ziyu was disappointed because she had no idea how long she could live for. She would definitely not be able to see the day when Sun Mo became a 3-star great teacher.

“Unless...he could obtain 3 stars within a year!”

However, even if one was a genius, it was exceedingly difficult to achieve this!

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