Absolute Great Teacher
471 New Reward, New Mission, New Connections!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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471 New Reward, New Mission, New Connections!


“If everyone is fine, let’s go to the Gazeriver Inn and have a meal together!”

Jiang Wei spoke.

After the ceremony ended, it was customary for there to be a meal together.

“Teacher Jiang, is there a mistake about the location?”

A staff member reminded him.

The Saint Gate approved a sum of money for the meal, but the location was at an ordinary inn. After all, the number of great teachers who had passed exceeded over a thousand pax. The cost was relatively high.

“There’s no mistake. If there’s not enough money, I will make up for it!”

Jiang Wei’s voice wasn’t loud, but those people in the front area heard it.

After hearing this, the great teachers immediately felt happy.

Gazeriver Inn?

That was one of the top three inns in Guangling. Their food was good and the scenery was excellent. Naturally, the prices were also exorbitantly expensive. Even if an ordinary person saved a year of his salary, he wouldn’t be able to afford a pot of tea there.

“Many thanks, Great Teacher Jiang!”

Some examinees thanked him. Although they had just passed the examination and had the right to refer to Jiang Wei as ‘Teacher Jiang’, they didn’t dare to do so.

“Just a minor matter, there’s no need to mention it!”

Jiang Wei chortled, his expression was casual and relaxed.

This incident soon spread to all the examinees. These young great teachers had seemingly forgotten all about the Saint Gate and started to respect Jiang Wei, having a good impression of him.

Honestly speaking, everyone would crave respect. And Jiang Wei’s generosity was also undoubtedly a type of acknowledgment.

“Compared to Jiang Zhitong, Jiang Wei’s conduct is much more brilliant!”

Tang Nian sighed.

Investing some money to build good relationships was a very good action!

As for spending money?

Please, Tang Nian heard that Jiang Wei was one of the shareholders of the Gazeriver Inn.

For this gathering, there was basically no one who missed it.

“Just drink with no worries. Even if you are drunk, I will carry you back!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke and then stepped away with a hint of rejoicing in his misfortune.

Very soon, Sun Mo understood the reason. As the top ranker and the holder of the most terrifying exam result in the history of Saint Gate, his fame had basically exploded.

The newly qualified great teachers and examiners would come and toast him the whole day.

They didn’t really have any intention to fawn on him and merely wanted to take a look at his character. If not, if someone asked them about him in the future, they might not know how to reply.

Sun Mo didn’t like to entertain people. But since he was someone that had been bitten several times by the old dog called society, he still knew how to handle things appropriately. What made him even happier was that the system started to give out the rewards.


“Congratulations on obtaining victory in your bet against Wei Lu. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!”

Sun Mo was startled. Wei Lu? He had long since forgotten about this. However, he didn’t see Wei Lu at the scene now. Most probably, he must have been eliminated.


“Congratulations, you have defeated Liu Mubai and suppressed Gu Qingyan. You are hereby awarded 1 golden treasure chest and 1 diamond treasure chest!”

Two dazzling treasure chests appeared before Sun Mo. They were so bright that he wanted nothing more than to open them immediately.


“Congratulations on completing three chained missions. There’s an extra mysterious reward, 1x a part of the [Darkness Continent Great Plants Encyclopedia]. Proficiency level: expert-grade.”

“Note: This book contains the detailed information of 10,000 types of plants on the Darkness Continent. After learning it, you will become a genuine botany grandmaster.”

Even before the system finished speaking, Sun Mo’s lips curled into a smile. If it wasn’t for the venue being incorrect, he even wanted to cry out in happiness.

The information about 10,000 types of plants. Wasn’t this a little too much?

As long as he learned them, Sun Mo would be able to start a botany class and could speak with utmost confidence. However, he had a question.

“What’s the difference between a botany grandmaster and a herbology grandmaster?”

“All herbs are plants but not all plants are herbs. In other words, the number of plants botany scholars know would surely be more than herbology scholars!”

The system explained, “However, in Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces, herbology earns more money compared to botany!”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. In the modern world, herbology would also earn more money compared to botany. After all, the former one had a very high value.

Naturally, Sun Mo’s cognition wasn’t so shallow.

Before humans could confirm whether a plant had value, they first had to understand it. The purpose of botanists was to do research on the ecology and environment of an area, as well as the living habits of the plants.

“In any case, I’ve profited!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied with this extra reward.


“Congratulations on obtaining first place in the 1-star great teacher examination. There was a mission issued earlier where I stated that the higher your ranking, the better your rewards would be. Hence, you are now awarded with 2 mysterious treasure chests!”

The system was very generous.

The mysterious-level treasure chests were the most difficult to obtain. They would surely open good items. Sun Mo’s great teacher halos were all opened from treasure chests of this level.

“Teacher Sun seems to be very happy. What are you thinking about?”

Jiang Wei walked over and asked in a warm tone. It was as though there was no conflict between him and Sun Mo.

“Nothing much!”

Sun Mo smiled.

A few teachers had originally come over because they wanted to toast Sun Mo, but they hurriedly halted when they saw this. They didn’t dare to interrupt Jiang Wei’s conversation with Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, do you have any interest in coming over to the Guangling Academy to teach?”

Jiang Wei didn’t beat around the bush. “I know An Xinhui works very hard, but teaching students and managing a school belongs to two different areas. To put it unpleasantly, the future of the Central Province Academy will already be considered not bad if they can stand stably in the ‘C’ grade. However, it is different for my Guangling Academy. Our goal is to enter the ranks of the Nine Greats.

“Teacher Sun, join Guangling and fight together with us!

“Once this is achieved, your name will be memorized by everyone in Guangling and you will become the hero of this city. They would also build a statue of you and place it in the field of the Guangling Academy, allowing people to revere you.”

Although Jiang Wei’s words weren’t loud, his intonation had a way to stir the emotions of people.

“Teacher Jiang regards me too highly. I don’t really have much ambition, and I only want to teach students well.”

Sun Mo tactfully declined.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no harm in considering it a little!”

Jiang Wei persuaded Sun Mo once again. However, he discovered that Sun Mo was as calm as an old monk who could no longer ‘get hard’.


Sun Mo laughed and no longer spoke.

Honestly speaking, Guangling held no attraction for him. In Jinling, the famed courtesans were countless. Even if he didn’t visit a brothel, it would still be very good if he could smell the rouge in the air when he took a sniff.

Jiang Wei really admired Sun Mo a lot. However, he was a 6-star great teacher and could be considered a major character, so it was impossible for him to ask repeatedly. Hence, he simply patted Sun Mo on his shoulder and left.


“New mission issued. Please lead the Central Province Academy to the ‘B’ grade to prove how bad Jiang Wei’s judgment is. After you succeed, there will be huge rewards!”

“Note: The earlier you complete the mission, the better the reward will be. If you fail to achieve this within three years, this mission will be abolished!”

The system suddenly spoke, giving Sun Mo a scare.

“Why are you so petty?”

Sun Mo mocked.

“To put it more appropriately, I’m a gentleman. When I take revenge, I do it from morning till night!”

The system coldly snorted.

“Oh right, why didn’t you let me leave the Central Province Academy back then. Could it be that you have some connection with this school?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Host’s authority level is too low. The answer is withheld.”

The system’s voice was ice-cold.

“Can I change to another school now?”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.


The system earnestly spoke, “Although it looks like I’ve blocked your way out, in the future when you know about those things you ought to know. You would surely thank me!”

“Do you know that people like you who intentionally keep people in suspense would usually end up having their limbs broken?”

Sun Mo didn’t really think about leaving.

After all, there was the saying ‘a dilapidated home is worth millions’. The Central Province Academy was considered the place where Sun Mo began his rise no matter what.

In the past year, although Sun Mo didn’t really interact closely with An Xinhui, he roughly understood what sort of woman she was.

She was kind, soft-hearted, and indecisive when it came to management.

To put it unpleasantly, if Sun Mo was blackhearted enough. He could gain control over the Central Province Academy after he married An Xinhui. He would be able to get both the beauty and the school.

Naturally, Sun Mo wasn’t so vile. He only felt that his current lifestyle wasn’t bad and had no intention to change it.

After Jiang Wei left, Wang Song came over. This caused those low-ranking great teachers in the surroundings to halt their steps again. They could only feel envy.

Look at Sun Mo’s connections, these people coming to speak with him were all major characters.

“If you have the time, come and give some lectures in our Black-White Academy!”

Wang Song issued an invitation. “I have just learned that you have the title and reputation as the ‘Gods Hand’ in the Central Province Academy. Zeze, this is much better sounding than ‘that Sun Mo who said something about being a dog’.”

“I don’t deserve your praise!”

Sun Mo replied humbly.

“Sadly, I have to leave in the afternoon or I would definitely want to try your God Hands!”

Wang Song felt regret.

“You can try it now!”

Sun Mo laughed. He naturally wouldn’t want to give up a chance like this where he could earn favors.

“Forget it, others might laugh at me!”

Other than acting reserved, Wang Song didn’t understand Sun Mo’s temperament yet. What if he caused this genius to hate him if he really made Sun Mo give him a massage?

“Old man, if you are afraid of being laughed at, I’m not. Teacher Sun, I have to trouble you then?”

Wu Peiling walked over and directly held Sun Mo’s hands. “Come, give aunty a massage. Do you mind doing so?”

“It will be my honor!”

Sun Mo mentally mused at how open-minded women from the Yue Province were. After that, he tracelessly glanced at Wu Peiling’s body. It had the ripeness of age that was as expected of a matured woman.

Honestly speaking, he had never given a massage to women of such age before. He had no idea if the tactile sensation would be any different.

“What are you waiting for?”

Wu Peiling was happy and pulled Sun Mo away. “Let’s enter the room at the side. We can even admire the scenery of Linjiang!”


Sun Mo mentally mused, ‘Later when I give you a massage, let alone admiring the scenery, even if a heavenly deity descends and stands before you, you won’t have the mood to admire him.’

After seeing Wu Peiling bringing Sun Mo away, the younger great teachers all felt envy. As expected, being handsome really would have some benefits!

“What’s wrong?”

Mei Yazhi noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with her daughter’s expression.

“Nothing much!”

Mei Ziyu shook her head and cast a glance at Sun Mo’s back view.

“Teacher Wu, might I be so bold as to ask a question. Was that Sun Shao eliminated?”

Just when Sun Mo asked as he stepped out, the system’s voice rang out once more.

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