Absolute Great Teacher
472 Sudden Change, an Expert at the Longevity Realm!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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472 Sudden Change, an Expert at the Longevity Realm!



“New mission issued: Please pass the 2-star great teacher examination three months later. If you succeed, there will be ample rewards. If you fail, you won’t be exterminated as a punishment, but before you become a 2-star great teacher, the price of everything you purchase from the system will be increased by 3x.”

After Sun Mo heard this, he frowned.

The 2-star great teacher examination was held once a year. If he failed it, it meant that he would have to spend a lot more favorable impression points to purchase items. In that case, the speed at which his strength grew stronger would instantly slow down.

“Limited reward-type mission issued: The higher your ranking in the 2-star great teacher examination three months later, the better the reward would be!”

After the system spoke, it laughed. “After all, I’m not a devil. I will surely give you some benefits!”

“Stop talking nonsense, just go and rest.”

Sun Mo wasn’t keen to hear the system talking nonsense. He then followed Wu Peiling into a room next door.

“Oh, he was eliminated.”

Wu Peiling shook her head. “That Sun Shao is too arrogant. Even before we asked any question, he was impassioned and spoke a lot of things. After that, he even said that he will become one of the most important characters in the Saint Gate in this century.”


Sun Mo suddenly felt some admiration for Sun Shao. One must know that such words weren’t something everyone dared to say.

“Naturally, the greatest reason why he was eliminated is because his thoughts were impure. He actually said that his reason to become a great teacher was to earn big money so he could live a better life. After that, he wanted everyone in the world to know his great name.”

Wu Peiling shrugged. (Even if you really think like that, you shouldn’t have said it out loud, right?)

Through the conversation, the seven great teachers discovered that Sun Shao had paranoid schizophrenia. Also, he had a very one-tracked mind and refused to listen to advice. Hence, they wanted him to cool down for a year and suffer some setback to nurture his heart and mind.

“His results are very good. By doing so, wouldn’t it be somewhat of a pity?”

Sun Mo frowned.


Wu Peiling didn’t say anything. If a great teacher didn’t understand how to conduct themself, what was the point of allowing them to pass even if they were a genius?

“Alright, let’s not talk about him anymore. Teacher Sun, what do I need to do? Do I need to remove my clothes?”

Wu Peiling asked with a smile.

As a 6-star great teacher, her social connections were very wide. If she wanted to investigate Sun Mo’s information, it was as easy as flipping a palm to her. Hence, she knew that Sun Mo had the title ‘God Hands’.

“There’s no need for that. Just find a chair and get seated!”

Although the effect would be better if the clothes were removed, Sun Mo didn’t want Wu Peiling to misunderstand. Moreover, since it was their first session, it was better if he didn’t make any ambiguous requests.


Wu Peiling sat down and surveyed Sun Mo. “I heard that you summoned a muscular dude when you were giving a lecture and it allowed Tang Nian to break through from his bottleneck?”


Sun Mo walked behind Wu Peiling and placed his hands on her shoulder as he gently kneaded. There was basically no need to conceal such a matter.

(I hope those major characters wouldn’t covet my massaging technique or treat me as a private masseur, summoning me to give them a massage every day!)

A few thoughts flashed past Sun Mo’s heart. If that was really the case, he would really fall out with them.

There were no solutions to this. After all, not all great teachers were people of good moral standing. When the jungle was large, there would be all types of birds. There naturally would be some old fellows who were selfish and wanted to take advantage of others.

In his past world, Sun Mo had a few good friends who had successfully graduated. They all thought they were winners in life, but who could have known that their lives after graduation were extremely miserable. They were simply like dogs who had to do the bidding of bosses, and their bosses would feed them ‘chicken soup’ every day, saying that their suffering now was all for their own sakes and that they would be able to handle everything in the future.

Those bastards all said that they should be thankful instead.

A friend of his confessed that most probably before that day came, they would all be squeezed to death from exhaustion.

“Can you allow me to see it?”

Wu Peiling was curious.

“I already plan to summon the genie to give you a massage!”

Sun Mo laughed. With a lively atmosphere, if there was an ppropriate amount of contact between a male and female, it could cause their relationship to improve. If not, Sun Mo would never touch this middle-aged woman.


Wu Peiling grew joyful.

“It’s just a name I gave it.”

After Sun Mo spoke, spirit qi was circulated.


The spirit qi coalesced into the form of the genie. It then glanced at Wu Peiling and hugged its chest before drifting to the side. Clearly, it wasn’t preparing to take action.

“It doesn’t seem to like me?”

Wu Peiling surveyed this muscular dude with a purple turban on its head, having a smile that was not a smile on her face.

“More accurately, it isn’t fond of females!”

Sun Mo was helpless.


Wu Peiling started, she then started laughing uproariously. “Interesting! Interesting! Oh right, does it have its own consciousness?”

“I’m not too sure!”

Sun Mo really had no idea.

“From the looks of things, it seems to be a spiritual servant.”

As Wu Peiling spoke, three green dots suddenly shot out from her body and landed on the genie. Before the genie could move, explosions rang out. This caused her to exclaim in surprise as a look of astonishment appeared on her face.

“Teacher Wu, what do you mean by this?”

Sun Mo frowned and stepped back from Wu Peiling.

“I’m only concerned for you.”

Wu Peiling explained, “From this muscular dude, I sense a strange soul fluctuation. Hehe, anyway just to let you know, I specialized in puppetry and gu poison!”

After hearing this, Sun Mo suddenly felt a sense of discomfort. This was especially so when he recalled that he had touched her earlier. He suddenly felt an impulse to rush out to wash his hands.

“What? You are scared?”

Wu Peiling had a mocking smile on her face. “However, this is normal too. After all, I constructed puppets from dead people and used the living to rear my gu bugs!”

“Teacher Wu, what do you mean by this?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand. He only felt that the atmosphere had changed.

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

Wu Peiling smiled mysteriously. “In that case, do you still want to give me a passage?”

Sun Mo looked at the genie and got it to act. At such a time, he didn’t dare to massage her personally. He had heard before that the gu poison of Nanyue could enter a person’s body seamlessly and one would be poisoned without knowing why. The victim wouldn’t even know how they died.

Sadly, the genie remained unmoving. It crossed its arms before its chest and turned its head away, avoiding Sun Mo’s gaze.


Sun Mo cursed. He saw Wu Peiling staring at him with a smile that was not a smile on her face. Hence, he could only act and start using the ancient massaging technique.


Wu Peiling moaned and revealed a look of enjoyment. (Not bad, this massaging technique is really good.)

After Sun Mo focused on the massage, all sorts of distracting thoughts vanished. He also calmed down and started to think. This Wu Peiling should be a major character that had a weird personality. She had said all of that just to probe him. After all, there were no real grudges between them.

Sun Mo, who had planned to give a hasty massage, ended up doing it for 20 minutes.

“Mn? It ended?”

Wu Peiling glanced to the left and right and stretched her body.


Sun Mo retreated.

“Not bad!”

Wu Peiling stood up and felt very satisfied. “You were not perfunctory to me. You also don’t fear or dread me. Very good! Very good!”


Sun Mo subconsciously stepped back again. He looked at her while feeling some anger. “What are you doing?”

“This is your punishment. Who told you to tease us, girls from Nanyue, when you were answering a question that day?”

Wu Peiling stretched out her tongue and licked her lips.

Sun Mo clenched his fist and activated Divine Sight.

Wu Peiling, an expert at the Longevity Realm.

Strength: 312. She isn’t someone who is focused on strength. This can be considered a flaw of hers.

Intellect: 469. Her degree of brain development is very high. She is relatively intelligent.

Agility: 512. She is skilled in guerrilla warfare, the queen of mountainous terrains.

Endurance: 567. She has a special secret art that can replenish her endurance.

Will: 612. Almost unbreakable!


Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: When she was young, she was abandoned by a handsome guy. Hence, she has an innate dislike toward handsome men. And because of the cultivation art she practiced, her mind is a little abnormal.

Remember to keep a distance and don’t get near her. Once she sticks herself on you, you won’t be able to shake her off.


Looking at Wu Peiling’s data, Sun Mo was speechless. Wasn’t this a case of someone with slight mental issues? After playing with bugs and puppets every day, it would be strange if she was mentally sound.

Wu Peiling frowned. The robes on her body fluttered without wind and they started to swell up.

BOOM! Green dots of light burst forth from her clothes, instantly enveloping her.

An imposing pressure radiated from Wu Peiling.

Sun Mo wanted to retreat even more, but he endured the impulse.

At such a moment, he mustn’t be afraid!


Because Sun Mo stood his ground, Wu Peiling began to look at him in a new light. “Your guts are pretty big. However, what did you do earlier?”

“Huh? I didn’t do anything?”

Sun Mo had a blank expression, but he was extremely wary in his heart. An expert at the Longevity Realm truly had sharp senses. In the future, unless it was at a crucial moment, it was best for him not to use Divine Sight on them.

“Although I don’t know what you’ve done, these children felt a sense of danger just now!”

Wu Peiling surveyed Sun Mo. The children she was talking about were her gu bugs.

At this moment, the door to the room opened and Mei Yazhi walked in.

“Teacher Wu, it wasn’t easy for the Central Province Academy to produce a genius. Don’t play him to death.”

Mei Yazhi warned.

Mei Ziyu stood behind her mother and stretched out her tiny head for a peek.


Wu Peiling laughed. “Teacher Sun’s massaging technique really isn’t bad. You should give it a try!”

After speaking, Wu Peiling departed.

“Are you alright?”

Mei Yazhi waved her sleeves and the door to the room closed.

“Teacher Mei!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“You can still smile? Do you know Wu Peiling is a cold-blooded woman that refined her husband into a puppet? You most probably don’t know that she has a nickname called the Smiling Serpent, right?”

Mei Yazhi wasn’t in a good mood as she grumbled. “All you men are the same. When you see a girl’s pleasant countenance and if she smiles at you, you would feel that they have good will toward you.”

“I didn’t!”

Sun Mo wanted to explain. He actually felt that Wu Peiling had looked at him in a new light.

“Wu Peiling is exerting dominance on you because your results are too good. One must know it has been a very long time since Nanyue produced a genius. Hence, it made Wu Peiling worried that a hundred years later, Nanyue might be suppressed.”

Mei Yazhi went straight to the point. Although the Jiang Manor and Sun Mo had a conflict, Wu Peiling was the most unhappy one about Sun Mo. After all, disputes would always occur in places where humans existed.

“Ziyu, come and greet Teacher Sun!”

Mei Yazhi called out.

[1] Gu – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gu_(poison)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》